Islamization of Europe

This Piers Morgan docu may be the answer why the British government is selling its own country at the expense of her own people.

Your mayors and councilors want a piece of that Dubai pie.

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Reminder that Michigan is where islamization of the USA is happening.

well, I wish you had told me about this in 2013

literally calls it a modern tower of babel.

okay lads I'm getting scared now.

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Fuck 'em. Eurotrash deserve it. The USA is the only country that matters now.

why, what's significant about 2013?

And Minnesota.

I hope you faggots realize that the rapid Islamization of the west is a far more greater threat than your Jewish boogeyman.

(pic not related)

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Symptom vs cause.

The Jew caused the muslims to go to Europe. So, you cut out the Jew and the muslims will leave. If they don't, you cut them out too.

The presence of muslims are bad juju for the jewish businesses. The more sand nigger violence in places where the jews do their business (Europe), the less jewish shekels for jews.

so no.

Fuck off divide and conquer kike. Europeans are our brothers

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That was pathetic. You had years of training and that's the best you can do?

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The 14 words are all that matters right now, so go where you belong.

The political elites are all traitors. They have chosen to sell out their own people, their own kinsmen and willingly, knowingly collaborate with the jews.

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Except it's only by the agency of the jewish buggerman that Islamization can occur.

Jew leadership is far far beyond mere "shekels" by now. They own the Bank of England and the Fed. They conjure up trillions out of thin air. You are so far behind, you've got a lot of reading to do if you're going to catch up.

I suggest Eustace Mullins, Secrets of the Federal Reserve.

The nigger/muslim/beaner invasion is 169% created by the kikenvermin.

You can only get so much with money; wide spread castration and catamite creation of young white males so that jews can have infinite numbers of the choicest sex slaves to buggerize can only be attained by full societal meltdown in the manner of the Weimar Republic.

Do you have any evidence to back this stance up? Jews both find means of profiting off a chaos and there is ample evidence that they have no qualms about abandoning a sinking ship once they're schemes have rotted the hull.

I figured this out as early as '73 or '74; the apex jew is a dunghill rat who loves to create a great heap of stinking filth to burrow into where he can hide his iniquity in the darkness of his vile den. Nothing annoys him more than to take a shovel and bust open the dunghill to find him blinking with indignation the broad light of day. The apex jew believes that the most beautiful roses blossom on the dunghill for his delectation.

If the jews are dumb enough to shit where they eat, then who's gonna run their businesses? Who's gonna take care of the Bank of England when it's been bombed to smithereens by Allah snackbar?

Who will buy into their shitty jewish schemes when all their faggot whiteboy customers are all dead?? Who? the muslims? they gonna sell their shit to muslims? The most coward of muslims is more likely to drink pig blood first than commune with a jew and support his business.

Dubai is an abomination and I hope one day it's reclaimed by the desert. The sheer waste of sand alone is insulting (as in sand suitable for concrete, which is in shorter supply than you might think).

You're wrong; in Vancouver BC there are no Kosher butchers; it seems that the rabbis there just don't like getting their hands dirty in that kind of work, so they get their "kosher" meat from Halal muslim butchers whose practices are pretty much identical.

Jews and Muslims are old old partners in crime. This is something you must learn, after you dispense with all the MSM cliches you've been fed and are continuing to be fed.

Try more, Shmuel.

1 -

2 -

3 -

4 -

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If the Jews let the muslims in Europe to have them destroy everything in it, when the time comes when the great cities of Europe has burned to ash because of Muslim barbarism, where will these jews run to? To their beloved Israel? Then what? Are they gonna end up bamboozling each other over there? You really think that's gonna work?

What?? just because there's a small group of jews in Canada who do this weird practice, you do a sweeping generalization that ALL Jews and Muslims are parterns in crime??

You need to brush up on your history lessons, my friend. Muslims and Jews have been at each other's throat's since sliced bread

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If Europe Dies Then There Will Be No More Cows To Milk.

Go spread hasbara somewhere else.

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Why White people should care about infighting beetween goat fuckers and foreskin suckers ?

One will cut our heads, because we are "infidels" then rape and kill our woman.
(((Another one))) will corrupt our minds with degeneracy and marxism, steal our money and backstabbing us in decisive hour.

So, i don't see so much difference beetween two sides of "semitic coin".

You conveniently overlooked the Rabbi Boteach video I posted. The jews have been partners in the slave trade since Charlemagne. The muslims were the mariners the jews were the slave traders.

Masons and jews

Normie-tier Muslims spout hatred for jews which then justifies more special protections and more sympathy, more hate speech laws, which only penalise whites when applied. Win/win.

You all cling to your old hatreds as much as you want. But when the barbarian terrorists all come to the streets of Europe and bomb and shit on them like what the barbarians did in the streets of ancient Rome, all of you living there right now, Jews, Christians, Atheists, will be destroyed all the same.

What's happening right now is just them merely testing the waters, but once they know for sure that the water is good, all of them, with their desert stink, will jump in and it's your women and children who will suffer, because you, faggot, will either be bombed to bits or beheaded.

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Wrong. The Jews let them in, but the Muslims will not leave unless it's in a body bag. The Quran has a death penalty for people fleeing from their little hijra. So we are gonna have to kill every last one of them.

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Europeans will just convert to Islam and become the master race of Islam. Europeans can survive islamization because the religion is tribal.

What is the weather like in Retarded Faggot Land?


It's happening in Maine too, almost much slower. Lewiston and Portland are full of Somalis now.

The US is worse off demographically than any nation in Europe, kike.

One kike is telling us to Ally with the Jews because only Islam is the problem. The other is telling us to convert to Islam. Do you faggots actually think anyone falls for this stupidity?

*only much slower


It's pointless focusing on solely on the muslims.

Only around 30% of immigration to the UK is muslim

Direct democracy could have prevented this..

I'm in Portland, if you can still call it that. It's unrecognizable compared to 20 years ago.

Muzzies are settling the north in an effort to ruin the inevitable white flight. Middle america is being encircled and people don't even realize it yet.

They'll always have christcucks coming to their rescue so long as the economy holds up. Then all bets are off.

I pray for the day it all implodes so whites can remind these subhumans what savages they really are.

Muslims understand brutality. When they see it enacted against the traitors they will get the message and leave.

Which is exactly why everyone should have a dog especially these retarded women who walk around solo. Just claim its a muh feels dog.

Zig Forums really broke them.


Americans can only dream to be white as France or UK. Produce all that globalist anti white trash. Serving Greater Israel. Nigger sports. Even middle east is more white than America.

Americans can't realy talk about times when their countries was white. Europeans still remember. America is run by jews openly. In europe jews still hide they are actualy jews.

If you compare life of Oil Emirates sheikhs and EU cuckold politics you would clearly see advantages of Islam. This movement is natural.

All three countries are on demographic point of no return, its is just cuckod competition of point fingers who would fail first. Ya all doomed without violent breaking of the system solution.

Take 's advice, and fuck off.


What we need is to infiltrate the invading Mussie hordes and redirect their random anti-Western terrorism to be against Jewish targets. Really shouldn't be hard to do, they already hate the kikes, and one only need to point out the facts about ZOG being responsible for Western actions in the middle East, and kikes in general being behind the worst excesses of Western society they despise, like porn and feminism.

The Poles aren't a threat to Western society, dipshit.

About those swarthy "english" that bought their pile of sand, well, I guess that venture didn't turn out that well. No buildings on it at all, according to jewgle maps sattelite images which claim to be from 2018.

Yeah, but the brits aren't too keen about them being there.
If you are a burger, you need to realize that American style white nationalism isn't going to work in Europe.
If a truly nationalist government comes about in England, whites of non UK origin will probably be deported right along side the Pakistanis and blacks.

And lots of the nonwhites in the UK are not muslim (hindus, various blacks etc)

Beware M8. Do you think you that smart? You are falling into Mohamed's trap. To get muzzies trust you need to follow their cult rituals. Do you think you can fake it? You either would be utterly repulsed and easily detected as fake or self hypnotize yourself wit everyday prayer into proper Muslim. Mohamed was too smart and cunning for you.

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What? We've been fucking around in the middle east directly for 60 years at the (((advisement))) of kikes like Henry Kissinger post-vietnam. Desert Storm happened under Bush 1. We were firing Patriot Missles on the sandniggers under Clinton. The entire jewish Neo-Con foreign policy of active interventionism in the middle east for "national security" heavily ramped up since 2001 has been anything but random. They hate the west for all the right reasons, namely because we've allowed our vast wealth to be weaponized against them by kikes.

Every politician in Europe has seen a demographic pyramid. It's a graphic representation of how their population is aging. At the bottom are dependent children, who will mostly grow up into productive citizens. At the top are unproductive seniors, who will die relatively soon.

In the middle are two groups: young adults and older adults. These are the two drivers of economic growth. Young adults buy a lot of shit on credit and earn relatively little, while older adults buy relatively little and invest their fat incomes. Thus, an economy with a healthy pyramid will have lots of kids, who have to be bought things by their overconsuming young adult parents. Those things will be made by young adults in factories built on investment capital from older adults. Seniors are a small and dwindling expense. . . ideally.

The problem is that European demographics fucking cratered after the Baby Boomers forgot to have kids. As a result, every white country now has a huge demographic bulge hitting retirement age – no longer buying, no longer investing, but consuming like children the pensions and benefits paid by others.

For Germany, Italy, Ireland, and Japan, these demographics are terminal. Past a certain point, populations can no longer quickly recover on their own. People in their 40s can't have a bunch of kids, after all. So – European cuck politicians now have to make up their minds about how to proceed. On the one hand, they can do nothing and watch as their countries turn into shrinking old folks' homes where both consumption and investment have largely stopped. On the other, they can import shitskins from the healthier breeding races and hope for the best.

This is why we've been getting diversity and inclusiveness crammed down our fucking throats for decades. Our leaders have chosen consumers and investors over the integrity of their cultures, and now we all have to make room for the niggers and spics. To compensate, the propaganda wing has stepped in to convince us all (policy makers included) that everybody is equal, and there's a little white man in every nigger who just yearns to breathe free.

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The Far East is no better off. Burma is just starting its transition now.

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Here's what a healthy population pyramid looks like. Note that these are the savage races exclusively. Contrast these with Ireland.

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Here's the United States. At a glance, it looks okay – no fast growth or shrinkage. But look again – Half of the lower rungs are immigrants, two-thirds of which are spics, with maybe 20 percent niggers from Africa. Low-income, low-education/high-crime, high-Democrat voting populations that will forever be on welfare.

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If our politicians weren't traitorous cuckolds, they would have let feminism/ stronk womynism take hold.
Those graphs also put into perspective how fucked white countries in general are.

This is what we're fighting for. Our white populations must grow under their own power, or we're doomed in a decade or two at most, and nearly extinct in 50 years.

We must act to preserve our people and secure a future for white children.

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15% Italian and 28% German do not count as European. America is melting pot of all races. Overall middle east is more white than America. They are still geneticly closer to whites than American racemixers. You maybe even count people with brown eyes as whites.

UK deserve it for their Empire and WWII. France love niggers even without jewish influence. USA is literaly jewish golem now. Because America rest of world think is cool to have black citizens and hate their own language and nation. Ironicly refuge invasion is best that could hapen because now ordinary normies start to hate islam and nogs. Better to have shock than slow boiling.

If use become officialy non white it would be good. Spics and nogs have no reason to serve Israel. For them it is just white man. Slavs and Russians will be only white people in future. And that is very optimistic scenario. Real future is American model for all european countries.


Your average white American is 99% European, with only a small percentage having non European admixture.
In a way. White americans are made up of multiple European ethnicities. Black americans are made up of several black ethnicities, and American Indians are made up of several different tribes.
However, until 50 years ago, for the most part, blacks mated with blacks, whites mated with whites, and amerinds mated with amerinds.
Mongrels produced from black/white or amerind/white liasons were almost always melded back into the respective nonwhite groups.
They do not cluster with Europeans, dude, not even with some of the more impure branches of the white race like Sicilians.
So, was Joseph Goebbels nonwhite?
If your criteria for whiteness is blond hair and blue eyes, 75%+ of Europe doesn't qualify.

Anyway, don't bother responding, you can barely speak English and are an obvious shill.

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The fuck is that a flag of? Nepal? Bhutan? Cyprus? Are you a turk?


Never heard of it. Is it one of those countries that used to be owned by Turkey?

I can only hope that Americans are more pure than it seems. But even if it that is true, it will be hard to keep it that way today. Maybe is Hollywood did not release anti white racemixing trash.

Obviously there is not many blond people in Europe so i do not expect blond blue eye aryan supermodels.

I did not said middle easteners are white. But they are closer to whites than blacks and mutts.

Goebbels was master of propaganda. I have no right to judge him. Pretty incredible career for cripled manlet. If i see someone white brown eyes i expect some of their ancestor was italian, gipsy or black. Europe have also lot of mutts. I can only judge America by New York and it is babylon.

I only hope all these countries go to shit fast enough so people could wake up fast and reject it. White genocide will not hapen because there is lot of people who know thanks to internet. I fear more some stupid WW3 where whites kill each other for nothing. Muslim will act like religious fanatics and blacks will never move beyond muh dick and overpriced addidas shoes. They are like walking redpills. But some people are realy NPCs who can't be redpilled about them or about JQ.

Do you know anything about WW2? We wuz first country to host Hitler Great European Tour.

Capped, because I keep seeing these same arguments about "le middle east is whiter then muttland"/"white americans aren't white".
At this point I really don't care.

Long story short-
European americans are around 55 to 60 percent of the American population, which is around 180 million people.
These people are 99% European genetically.
You do realize the united states is a massive country?
We are literally almost two times the size of Europe.
You have the multi racial Babylon areas like new York, Chicago, and LA, and the almost entirely white Midwest, upper new England, plains, and pacific NW.
You also have the black belt of the deep south and the mestizo southwest.

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*which is 180 million people of European descent, out of approximately 300ish million people.

Certain areas have taken in large numbers of Poles in a short period of time, and the locals are pissed off by the impact on employment and local services. (Personally, I would look on it as a price worth paying for the boost to white demographics, but most will likely return to Poland in due time.) Native Brits don't have a problem with Poles in general, many stayed on after WW2 and assimilated totally in one generation. Many of us are right behind Poland on the issue of taking in non-European migrants, and wish the UK government took a similar stance.

These groups come with their own issues, but none are a threat to our societies on the level of Muslims.

>What? We've been fucking around in the middle east directly for 60 years at the (((advisement))) of kikes like Henry Kissinger
And do they target the Kikes in control of our governments? Nope, they attack random Western civilian targets.

the muslims are insignificant ants

you need to get to the root of the problem to deal with the problem and the root of all evil we detest is up to 80% the cause of jews

Please, all of you, get fucked with your "it's da joos" explanation for every shitty thing that happened/happens.

No, the jews are not the cause of mass muslim immigration into europe. They may or not be enabling the current hijrah, but it is not the driving force behind it - that would be allah. Pic related. Muslims have always been migrating to and subsequently taking over new territories.

"But da joos created islam"…
Maybe, but only because the jews of mecca exiled mohammed - if they had killed him in 632AD instead of allowing him to leave and rethink his tactics, then islam would truly have been a religion of peace.

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what do

They are in a sense. "No borders world" was set up after WWII by Jews, who won WWII. Previously nations could prevent jews from settling inside their countries. Jews as winners removed this possibly.

But, but not only jews could use this migrations freedom, other nations and religious groups found they can use it. Muslim here are free riders of open door policy made for jews. This is consatnt thing with Jews, they create Golems who break out of their control and start crushing everything around.

What happened before WWII? Like, 1,313 years before VE day?

Oh, yeah, the first hijrah.
And what have muslims been doing for 1307 years after that?
Well, the first ten years, they conquered Arabia, in a century they were in Spain, and have been knocking on Europe's back door ever since…

…and if /yourguy/ had won the war, how would muslim immigration be any different? Actually, no - better question: If hitler had won, how much worse would muslim immigration be, considering he was besties with the grand mufti of Jerusalem, and there were islamic regiments who fought alongside his armies?

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That's right go-.. guys the Jews are not the reason assorted mud races are being shipped to every white country wholesale in a coordinated international effort to destroy us.

Your pilpil is transparent. Protip to everyone else anyone who ever uses the term 'Joo' is a shill 100%

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You shills aint even trying anymore.

I'm not shilling anything, i'm pretty much anti-everything.

Just be aware, the enemy of your enemy, is also your enemy.

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Nonwhites in the US are all mixed.

The way things work in the US is

white + white = white
black + white = black
indian + white = indian

So whites are 99% white, but blacks are truly african american not african since they are half african and half white american.

Have fun while burgers continue fighting your wars.

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polvol8 is a kike named Lazia Cus

polvol8 is a kike named Lazia Cus

polvol8 is a kike named Lazia Cus

polvol8 is a kike named Lazia Cus

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polvol8 is a kike named Lazia Cus

The problem with your theory is that the coalheads arent producers, they are consumers, and they make the economic balance sheet worse and they also destroy the social and genetic capital of the host nation which is even more serious. Immigration increases the problem caused by an ageing population, it does not alleviate it. This has been known since generations - shithead immigration was just as cost ineffective in the 40's and 50's but following waves of immigration still happened. Its all based on jew lies.

You will not get anywhere here with your neoconservative conspiracy theories. Arabs were useful tools against the british colonial empire, nothing more. Is America a muslim nation because they supported the Afghanistani jihadis in the 80's?


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Confused. What savages whites really are or what savages subhumans really are?