I love when a plan comes together

Sinema takes the lead in supporting both anti-Zionism and pro-Nationalist policies. So are we Democrats nao? No. Political parties are pieces on our chessboard; we are National Socialists. Democrats can only make three possible moves:

>Redpill the masses on Israel while not securing our borders
In each of these outcomes Zig Forums wins. Whites already oppose open borders, now we need them to resist Zionism. Should Democrats betray us entirely and embrace Israel, everyone will realize both parties are controlled by the Jewish State and real resistance follows. We win no matter what.

I'm willing to forgive mods b&ing me for shilling Democrats during the Midterms.

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nice try Zig Forums

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We know about Hegelian dialectic.

shut the fuck up, retard. they only care about israel because of muh palestinian rock chuckers. the problem with israel is the influence they have foreign policy and the jews currently residing in the usa. if somehow israel was disbanded where the fuck do think those jews would go to anyway? dumb fuck. it won't be dismantled anyway. israel is the perfect scapegoat for the international jew in the usa

I'm gonna check your fives.

Good. Now we need everyone else to know.

t. Patrick Little

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Is this the dyke?


What matters is the views on jews. If you're anti-jew, you're implicitly anti-israel.

True, but check out this user's post:
(((They))) using hatred of Jews to promote Zionism, albeit reluctant Zionism.


I'd kyrsten her simena if you know what I mean

SAGE for electoral politics

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You'd drown her in simena.

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I really think we need to put forth legislation to outlaw by punishment of death anyone who wears those infinite-nigger cock-slurping pathetic glasses.

This is retarded even if the Democratic party became virulently anti-Israel, it's only because they're either:
Why is OP ALWAYS a faggot.

yeah fuck those glasses

The "Globalist" Elite are the very same Zionist Elite.
How so?

Kill yourself, amerimutt moarpheous.


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how come?

I voted straight ticket democrat in 2018. Republicans in my state are actually a lot more anti-white than democrats because they are all in the pocket of the agriculture-industrial complex.

there's an angle i hadnt considered

you will never be white

You are a fucking joke, moarpheus.

Jail cells where, in our own states?

How come?

my OP pics seem to say otherwise?

Why can't every major Nation create a Gitmo just for Zionists, whether they're Jewish or goyim?

Your op pics say republicans are working on border wall, are they?

And why can't every nations kill all jews? How come?

No. We are currently spending more money on illegal immigrant child-care than the border wall.
Because you'll never convince the general populations to allow it.

As for me, NO. The majority of the Demoncrats and Republicans want the same thing, to destroy America and create a global government. I would vote for either party if they had a good candidate. But for right now we need to vote Republican because they are the only ones that will consider supporting Trump, and Trump is the only one actually trying to do some good.

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So your image is bullshit.

Apparently, you cannot convince the population to kill all jews, but just jail them. How come?

iz yew srss

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My image says Sinema will work with Republicans on border wall. I don't see how it's bullshit just because (((Trump))) cant get it done.

yrs I iz

bruh…u want us to support the biggest Zionist to ever be POTUS?

But republicans are not working on shit, thus she is lying.

And how come you cannot answer my question?

See my OP:

In each of these outcomes Zig Forums wins. Whites already oppose open borders, now we need them to resist Zionism. Should Democrats betray us entirely and embrace Israel, everyone will realize both parties are controlled by the Jewish State and real resistance follows. We win no matter what.

what question haven't I answered?

Yes. Do you have a better suggestion? Is their another candidate that would have enacted pro American policies?

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See my OP. The goal I have is to destroy the Left and Right both because they're each impotent.

How exactly do we win by embracing zionism and open border both? How do we win by letting whites be bred out by white genocide?

And the question is why can't you convince the population to kill jews, but just jail them?

What have you done against the left?

Pedophile witch
our girl

I told you the Alt-Kike was the ones trying to push the Democrats now.

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I'll gladly nuke Tel Aviv to defend Palestinians.
It's their fucking land.
Failing that, cease sending 38 billion dollars to IsraHell in addition to 5 billion every year. And when the Palestinians and their Arab allies rise up to cut the throats of these thieving, sneering kikes, let us stand by and laugh at them as they drown in their own blood.

Every jew everywhere must die for their crimes against humanity.

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Yes. Burn down this evil beast.

he doesn't care about that part because he isn't white

That will not happen under democrats.

I never advocated embracing Zionism but claimed Zionism, not open-borders, was the goal. We should therefore oppose Zionism is its every form. Whites already oppose open-borders but they're keen to embrace Zionism thanks to Trump's never-ending pro-Israel rhetoric. Democrats are the ones turning against Israel.

If we jail Jews they die off in a single generation. I doubt you'll convince the majority of people to go on a murderous rampage against Jews. If you can congrats: you're a better propagandists than I.

The Left has not had political power, the Right has. Now the Right is losing it to the Left. First the Right was destroyed and next the Left. Everything in its own turn and place.

I know, I say it to break his kike mind

Well I'll be damned…


basically every single time.

Nor will it happen under Republicans
They're traitors and cowards. They knowingly and willingly collaborate with the disgusting, insane, foaming at the mouth kikes who are murdering our race. They are complicit in White genocide and they know that they are complicit.
Respectable conservatives exist to do just one thing and that is to serve as a fake opposition to the derainged liberals.

The only thing that will stop this evil thing that is the System is to burn everything down and punish these cowardly traitors who are murdering our children.

Nope, Zionism is open border for non jew country, Israel actually fund that. You are wrong.
So how come the population can accept this but not killing jew?
You doubt, yet you believe you can convince the population to jail all jews, how come?
but they do, gun control, sanctuary cities, hate speech laws, constant propaganda.
So what have you done against the left?


Moarpheus samefagging?

Left and Right are ideologies, not political parties. Hillary Clinton is considered a neocon, is that left or right? Bernie Sanders is considered a socialist or communist, is that left or right? They are both Democrats. Hillary Clinton had support from the Bush family, Mit Romney, Paul Ryan, John McCain, and many other mainline Republicans.

Democrats and Republicans in General are both globalists, which I don't think falls into either category. Globalism is certainly not a conservative ideology.

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Source? I'm only asking because I don't think you understand Zionism. Please provide sauce.
Because the laws required to jail Jews already exists. All it will takes is enforcing them.
Watch close:

Republicans and Democrats are both actors playing character-roles; they both exist to benefit Zionism. They are pieces on Zion's chessboard. I say we make them pawns on ours.

I never engage in deceitful shilling but always engage argument.

She's a woman. It wouldn't take much to change her mind.

Dems steal elections with no recourse or consequence.



Zionism is just the jewish word for jewish world supremacy. IsraHell would not exist without the many millions of kikes who have infested our nations and are parasitizing off of our countries. Without these parasites syphoning off more than 10 billion dollars a year from Europe and America, the treacherous state of IsraHell would be consumed by the long repressed Arab patriots of that region.
I don't know if the jews are great warriors or are all conniving cowards who wet their diapers in battle. But without the blood that these vampiric freaks suck from our bodies every year, IsraHell, a country the size of New Jersey would not survive against an all out assault by its Arab neighbors. And without American protection and her support for terrorists, these neighbors would have free reign to destroy this psychotic monster of a country.

Not true. Jews as a People are weak and require non-Jews to support them. Without non-Jewish Zionists aiding these Jews they would not succeed. The Jewish Problem is the Human Problem.

China, Russia, America, and now Brazil are just a few of the goy Nations assisting Jews in their victory. The JQ is very complex and answering it requires a total reset.

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Without jews in control of the media and government, there would be no White Zionists. There would be almost no White liberals either. These sick degenerates are a direct result of jewish control over our media institutions.
So solving the jewish problem solves the Zionist problem, and the liberalist problem, and the immigration problem, and the poverty problem, and the capitalist problem, and the homosexual/pedophilia problem, and the feminist problem, and all problems that originate from these disgusting kikes.

But we really do agree because unlike many more foolish anons, you and I understand that jews are not the only enemies of our race. Personally I believe that the individuals that really ought to be assassinated first are White traitors in Congress who daily betray their own race and collaborate with the jews. Maybe after a few of them are blown up they'll figure out that treason has its consiquences and it'll discourage others from voting for more White Genocide.
In otherwords, in order to solve the jewish problem, we must also solve the traitor problem. That is one of the keys to understand. Though this too is a complex issue.

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Maybe? Without whites submitting to Jews in control of media and going along with their narrative there would be no white Zionists either. Both Jew and Aryan is to blame for our current state, this is why I say the JQ is the HQ. I think we agree on all of these points tho.
Nah m8. Jail them. This is the Age of Chaos and Lawlessness. Think about it. Our own laws are neglected and in the chaos (((they))) create, Truth is over-looked. The New Aeon will be one of Truth and Justice, not murder and carnality. This is how I need you thinking or we'll never get there.
Yup. Very true.

True. FOX news reminds me of your valid point.

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We do, brother. We come to the same conclusion though we use different terminology.
However, I do disagree with you in part on your faith that we can simply "jail them"
Don't get me wrong, though I personally believe that every scheming traitor who collaborated with the enemy to try to exterminate our people and treated us like cattle, I would settle for simply life imprisonment for all of them if it came to a choice between that or nothing… though I would continuously seek to execute these vile monsters just in case they could possibly escape.
But all of this is irrelevant. Both my "bloodyminded" fantasies of torturing these genocidal freaks to death and yours of peacefully jailing them. They're irrelevant because hey'll never surrender power peacefully. They'll hang on to the death. Especially the kikes.
Also, the punishment for attempted genocide is always the same; death.

And they deserve a hell of a lot worse for their crimes.

*…treated us like cattle deserves to be tortured to death

Indeed. I don't much care if they're jailed or removed from existence by law, as long as the world is turned right-side up again. And I'm thankful anons like you, who recognize the Truth, exist.

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The same to you, brother.
One way or another we will destroy international jewry.

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Absolutely. To Victory!

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Put a prokike in front of her face and she'll sign it in seconds.

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Possibly. That's one move our Enemy can make. But look:

In each of these outcomes Zig Forums wins. Whites already oppose open borders, now we need them to resist Zionism. Should Democrats betray us entirely and embrace Israel, everyone will realize both parties are controlled by the Jewish State and real resistance follows. We win no matter what.

See the huge opportunity anons have been given. The game is already over and won for us. Act like it please and let's strategize the next move.

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Except we know that’s not true.

Whites gave Trump the election win all because they oppose and feared open borders. Now that whites are beginning to realize Trump has and will do nothing to stop white genocide they're turning against him. But let's assume you're right and European-Americans do not oppose open borders. They do this at their own destruction and the remedy is re-educating them. So let's step forward and begin a campaign.

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But they do oppose open borders. Look how far Sweden is swinging. The fact the liberals there have failed to negotiate and work with the "right wing" (They're centre right if anything), will have the people going back to an election. The CR won't win by marginal seats this time though, they will keep taking them from the libs.
The people are fed up with it all. Some are still day-dreaming, but a vast majority is waking.

And yet
1. Nothing has been done about it, by anyone, anywhere
2. Europe exists.
If With Open Gates didn’t do it, and CONSTANT, UNENDING RAPE, MURDER, THEFT, AND ARSON don’t do it, then nothing will. What’s hard to understand about this?

Who are the people leading the charge against open borders? The thought-leaders, I mean. Can you name a few?

Strange times.


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Im not , its retarded

You DON'T UNDERSTAND Zionism then you act like you know the jew master plan. What are you, a kike?
1. Provide the laws.
2. Do this laws exist worldwide.
3. How do you convince the populace to enforce said laws?
Enough bullshit, what have you done against the left?
Yes, yes you do.

In what country?

Little has cutting all funding to Israel as part of his campaign platform.

Why jail cell? Why not just kill them?

Where? To the West?
Yes. It's not merely the Western Jews who engage white genocide but Israel itself. They do not deserve a homeland but jail cells.
Anti-Communist laws, anti-genocide laws, anti-subversion laws.

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Why jail cell? Why not just kill them?
How do these laws apply to all of jews?
but they do, gun control, sanctuary cities, hate speech laws, constant propaganda.
So what have you done against the left?

How come you can convince a population to jail all jews, but not kill them?




your choice

pic related. Israel does not need our funding. This is a carrot on a stick!

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taytay is always relevant :3

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Which are? And are these applicable worldwide? How do you make the populace enforce those laws?

And what you have done against the left?

Those question will keep peddling up.