Trump: The right "may mobilize" and be "big trouble" for Antifa

What did he mean by this?

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checked and kike-free

What a timeline.

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This is one way of saying right wing political violence isn't really happening subtly so that they get distracted by a fake question. He's once again thrown the ball back into Antifas court.


Hope he eventually goes after paid shitposting shills.

The Right and ANTIFA are both controlled by Jewish overlords. The Right has used ANTIFA to help create Trump's cult of personality along with building-up of other (((right-wing)) ecelebs. The fact Trump is even acknowledging ANTIFA shows his level of desperation.

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Does he mean like how militias mobilized for the caravan and he responded to that by sending the army to the border to (((help))) ?

Wanna know how I spotted you?

Hey there, asses. I'm afraid this statement from Trump may actually conflict with your "all hope is lost" theory (although I still tend to agree for the most part with that).



I'm in.

I want martial law and literal mass deportations at this point.

They broke the laws to change our demographics so we have every right to bypass the "democratic process" to correct for it.

I fully expect him to have his hands tied until the end of 2020 and lose the next election - however I sincerely think some kind of massive, scary change where ICE becomes like the gestapo is within potential

I'm not asses & buttholes.
What I am is a former-Trump supporter who is waking up to the fact that this guy is:

at best - a civnat boomer in over his head

at worst - a pressure release valve for white america

there will be too many to arrest, shill. And we'll have the judges on our side when we come out big enough.

You sound retarded

Make it legal to citizen arrest and shoot those that resist arrest:

- democrat politicians that stole elections

- antifa members that hurt innocents

- marxist professors that organized hate mobs

- anti-white journalists that incite to anti-white violence

- illegals

why did the bike lock marxist professor that attacked a trump supporter get away?

Once antifa faggots are greenlit by the government they're as good as gone.
Already tremendous pussies that get their asses kicked.
Good shit!

This, tbh. If you get into a self-defense situation with Antifa you're the one who is going to be sued and dragged through the legal system. While Antifa has the (((Lawyers Guild))) to run any of their cases probono.

There is not one happy legal story from all the street fights between Trump supporters and Antifa that went in favor for the Trump supporter.

I thought that until I read this statement. IF there was some master plan to continuously expose ALL the rats–and it takes time to do it–then maybe this was Trump's intent all along. He's even exposed the fact that the highest enforcers of all, those watching the watchmen, are totally corrupt. Trump has revealed a lot.

Maybe he's signaling that he cannot fix it himself, and everything beforehand was just exposing all of it. I don't know–just theorizing for fun.

sure, it could be 6million gorillion chess, he could make out of the ones that fought antifa martyrs which would be later released, but that's… so far as a possibility

Antifa always wins, because the kikes always win.
We are the punching bags of the world, and will continue to be so until the end of time.
We will never have our way, and that's a reality that everyone on this board should accept.
Conform to (((them))) or suicide.

SPLC and ADL should be declared terrorists organizations or at least collaborators and accomplices… if Trump truly wanted to take out the swamp

Tell every ZOGBot to stay the fuck out of the way. Say the word. Give the Green light. We need 48 hours for the purge.

What about Popeye-the faggot slayer?

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if the punching bags would eventually start to explode, they would think twice..

Got arrested probably.
(((They))) always win. We are history's greatest losers.

he was arrested in NY with some other proud boys after the fucking mayor of NY asked the public to identify them

>>12423601You are a shit posting shill. Antifa is left wing, paid by Soros and others, and has been considered a terrorist organization for a long time now. Eight years of a bullshit presidency, tearing our country apart, and everybody keep their mouth shut. Do you want everything done in two minutes. Fuck you all. I can wait for eight years of a bullshit presidency, tearing our country apart, and everybody keeps their mouth shut. You want everything done in two minutes. Fuck you all. I can wait for SHTF. When it does, I hope you get over sprayed with all the shit you’ve been posting. Assholes.

Then why the fuck is HIS justice dept prosecuting RAM????

Score one for Antifa, and chalk that up as another defeat for our kind. We are losers. We are done. End of story.

It's corrupt as fuck.

Trump has exposed corruption all the way up to the Inspector General, and you don't get higher than that.

Build the fucking wall. Kick out beaners. Fuck this "may" shit. Do shit. Fuck (((Trump))) until he actually delivers on shit.

He did more for Israel than shit against illegal immigration. Trump loses my vote of he doesn't deliver.

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it's not even that, but they could at least fucking apply the same treatment to antifa, there are plenty of incidents with video proof, antifa most of the time started the shit and every fucking single right wing group that got arrested acted in self defense.. does trump kike know that? because this is what he proposes now, oy vey goy take care of antifa so I can arrest you and let antifa go

Fuck off Torfag.

So even if the other side do mobilize the antifa will be protected. Like they have been consistently during Trump's presidency and during the '16 election.
"dog whistle"

It's entire reason for being said is to blow off steam. Trump is a pressure release valve. Pressure was just released. Now the goy are all "YEAH IF WE MOBILIZED WE WOULD KICK THEIR ASSES!!!!!!!!!!"

Trump and Kushner have also taken Soros money. Not only this, but every prominent right-wing eceleb has been attacked by ANTIFA which led to their eceleb status. A few pics related. I can post moar.

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The president is over the justice dept. Its part of the executive branch. Is Jeff Sessions was corrupt, why didn't he fire him before the midterms?
Why isn't HIS justice dept doing anything about the rampant election fraud ongoing (particularly in Broward County - I live in FL) ???


I'm not sure how to explain it any better. It's completely corrupt. Imagine the worst corruption you can, and then multiply that. It's that bad. Trump is trying to get that point across, I believe.


Why would RWDS bother with antifags? If you're going to risk a prison stretch, would you rather some poor loser hipster activist or a rootless cosmopolitan? If the violent right mobilizes, there won't be running street battles; there'll be influential people getting bumped in the night.

We still don't have a wall. We still have massive illegal immigration. Hillary Clinton is not even under investigation. Until any of these things(First and foremost, the wall) is done, Trump can fuck himself with a cactus.

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And when is that going to happen? It's nearly 2 years into his presidency and not a single judge has ruled in favor of what he promised on the campaign trail. Even his own fucking judges. Even his own AG or federal department heads.

a bot
and move on

dammit this was meant for

yes, it seems like they would use ANTIFA exactly as a honeypot punching bag to arrest anyone that could harm a "rootless cosmopolitan"

Fuck off both of (((you))).
It's well known his charges were dropped the day he got arrested because of the overwhelming evidence the video produces.

Which lends itself to;
You will ONLY be protected if you have OVERWHELMING evidence to help prove your innocence. Innocent until proven guilty hasn't existed for whites for half a century+.


And he didn't realize any of this until AFTER he won?

Hope you're behind 7 proxies

it happened after that incident, when antifa attacked proud boys in new york

Record breaking, month after month.

The ZOG emperor has no intention of supporting anything to the right of Bush Senior.

Just like unite the right, RAM and the proud boys?

Anyone who listens to this bloated orange faggot deserves everything they get. He's let his own boomer support be attacked on the way to his own fucking rallies since 2016 and has done NOTHING AND NEVER WILL!

citation needed

I don't know. I'm just speculating. I do not take a position on any of this and do not advocate anything whatsoever. This is for discussion and entertainment purposes only. Most of all, I do not advocate any type of violent action ever by anyone for any reason.

So that individual was in another fight/brawl and got arrested?
Proof please.

He means he's going to continue to sic Rosenstein on anyone who dares to fight back.

There is no such plan.

But user he gets real stern and says "GET'EM OUTTA HERE!!!" so his security / police / SS escorted them out of the rally.
It's so baste.

So on top of being a moron while acting like an intellectual, you're also completely useless in any physical/combat role as well.
That about sum it up?

NEW YORK — Three more members of the far-right group known as the Proud Boys were arrested and charged on Monday, more than a week after a violent brawl on the streets of Manhattan. The New York Police Department had already arrested two other Proud Boy members in connection to the melee.

Police arrested Irvin Antillon, 41, of Queens, New York, and Douglas Lennan, 40, of Northport, New York, on charges of riot and assault, the NYPD said Monday. A third man, Maxwell Hare, 26, of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, has been charged with gang assault, assault, riot and criminal possession of a weapon.

The Proud Boys' founder and leader, Gavin McInnes, previously said he had been arranging the surrender of members wanted by the NYPD.

John Kinsman, 39, was arrested Friday morning. He was charged with attempted gang assault, attempted assault, riot and criminal possession of a weapon. At his arraignment, prosecutors called Kinsman the "single most vicious" member of Proud Boys, the New York Post reported.

The NYPD said it had been seeking the arrest of up to nine Proud Boys in connection to the brawl after McInnes' speech at the Metropolitan Republican Club on Oct. 12. Geoffrey Young, 38, was arrested Thursday.

The NYPD told The New York Times last week that it had opened a "regular criminal investigation" into the group.

The altercation between the Proud Boys members and anti-fascist protesters, or antifa, broke out about a block away when six people dressed in black and wearing masks confronted Proud Boys members, NYPD's Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea said Oct 15. One of those dressed in black threw a bottle at the Proud Boys group and a fight ensued for about 38 seconds until uniformed officers intervened.

In a separate incident that night, police said three protesters were arrested after allegedly stealing a backpack from a man.

Slurs and expletives can be heard in video showing the fight, as men kicked and punched several protesters on the sidewalk. The NYPD released footage showing the altercation from an alternate angle in hopes of identifying the participants.

McInnes, 48, who co-founded Vice Media and left the company in 2008, created the Proud Boys in 2016. The club's Facebook event for the speech described him as the "rebel of the right" and "banned from Twitter – this Godfather of the Hipster Movement has taken on and exposed the Deep State Socialists and stood up for Western Values."

But the Southern Poverty Law Center says the Proud Boys and their leaders "regularly spout white nationalist memes and maintain affiliations with known extremists."

The Metropolitan Republican Club has defended their decision to invite McInnes in a statement to BuzzFeed News: "Gavin's talk on Friday night, while at times was politically incorrect and a bit edgy, was certainly not inciting violence."

Ahead of the speech, vandals smashed windows, filled a keypad lock with glue and spray-painted the doors of the Metropolitan Republican Club. A note left at the scene said the damage was "just the beginning."

Trump says a lot of things. Let me know when he does something.

Fuck off boomer.

The only way to fix this is to kill over 50% of this country. That isn't me being ironic, or edgy, or sarcastic. That's how this gets fixed, BUT THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Not even close.

This is what a D&C kike looks like not people attacking the 4D emperor.

Violence is never the answer, friend.

How can the right mobilize when trumps very own DOJ has tarheted the right exclusively?
The Jan20 protesterd where ALL let go after rioting.
Professor bike-lock was let off with a slap of the wrist.
And the doj to this day is still targeting as many people as possible on the right who went to the cville protest.
Really, trump didnt mean anything by any of those words, since after what bowers did, he wants the death penalty for him and anyone who wants to hurt jews.

Lying phone fag. the shock

None of those are the guy in video related which started this discussion.
So fuck right off Tornigger.

I don't advocate violence.

Kill yourself, kike shill.

opposition to Antifa mobilized, and they were arrested for defending themselves

Guess you're right about violence never being the answer dumbass

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We’re already mobilizing calling in domestic violence complaints against avenuttis.

its just another dog whistle, this time to try and get DAILY STORMTARDS to go out and commit more violence. Anglin and the rest of Trump's brothel will no doubt make some 4D chess out of this.

Fuck off boomer. Seriously in my hypothetical post about fixing the situation we're in where more than half the country needs to be killed: that includes you.


He is saying that he will unleash zogbots if Antifa gets over the line, the same ones he would unleash against the right wing for doing the same. Gotta keep goyim on both sides of false dichotomy in check so they don't threaten the (((system)))

Of course, Tel Aviv HQ will spin this as RWDS while he is saying nothing of the sorts.

fuck off Anglin. time to pick up your government paycheck.

They get their marching orders from higher up. They don't go over any (((lines)))

I have repeatedly been telling everyone THIS is our time to strike to burn the inner cities to the ground!

President Trump is sympathetic to our side, and will allow us to charge these anti-American commies.



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If now was the time for civil war, Trump should start it himself by military coup.
He has Mattis and the military at his disposal.

Roundup leaders in the Democrat Party, as well as certain leftist groups.
Pissants like pantyfa/blm DO NOT matter until they riot. Then you unleash hell on them.

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if Trump is /ourguy/ and truly wants ANTIFA and DEMOCRATS gone then he should release Dylann Roof, Robert Bowers and Alex Fields

He is not sympathetic to our side.
The only solution is to go straight in and take over the federal government.

arrest SPLC and ADL


LOL and how the fuck would you even propose to begin on that line of attack

Is this a joke?
That guy with the bike lock should rightfully be charged with multiple counts of attempted murder.
So should the nigger who had and used the make-your-own flamethrower.
Had anyone on the right: including the (((alt kike))); done either of those things they would be in prison or likely murdered by the police.

Or the thousands of people Antifa has physically beaten, battered, assaulted while receiving not even a slap on the wrist?

LOL I busted their asses with "Why doesn't Trump just do a coup?" and the thread goes dead.