"Moarpheus" Changed IP's on Accident: Exposed as An Even Bigger Liar Than Before

For the anons who don't know him, he used to post on cuck/pol/ namefagging himself as "Moarpheus" respectively and at that time he kept on shilling for a "smart African minority" existing somewhere. He used to advocate National Socialism for all but it turns out he doesn't even support it anywhere given how many times he has posted on the QTDDTOT thread and the meta thread. I remember him putting up some very odd claims with no actual further proof, like the time when he said exposing 9/11 as a Mossad front is apparently a "CIA psyop", he considers a whole lot of random shit as a CIA psyop and when it's not it's a "psyop". Also he supported John McCain and Joe Biden at some point and went with the "muh Russians" maymay at the same time as well. Then I found out about his latest posts in the QTDDTOT thread, and it shows that he's not even serious about the shit he posts.

I made a thread about (((Noam Chomsky))) and I mentioned that he was (((anti-gun))) despite calling himself as an "anarcho-syndicalist", Moarpheus replied with yet another very odd claim that firearms were invented by some Jew, along with a pic that says "pol Gun Nut" on the file name. Then his last three posts really surprised me. First he posted that White genocide is a psyop but then his last post on this particular ID "cfe010" is really strange with a picture of "Gregory Johnson", whoever the fuck that is. Out of nowhere an ID known as "5f0a65" posted yet another Gregory Johnson pic saying "I'll remove you homophobic trash from the White Nationalist movement even if it's the last thing I do.". Considering that at a time he once considered White nationalism as a CIA psyop, this is getting interesting.

I don't really have any conclusions for this, just more questions. Is he a pathological lying half-spic mongrel? Is he actually an Alt-Kike representative creating some form of dissent in these threads? I'd say the latter is VERY plausible. Then why is he doing this? We are barely scratching the surface.

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Great fucking thread.

inb4 this thread stays for the next 100 years by (((mods)))

There's surely one or two dead boards out of the all animal pornography 8ch boards you could use for this content.

Almost as if moarpheus has always been a very obvious FUD shill.

yup. If you click around on his wordpress it comes back to a mexican national socialist page.

Literally who?

Explain why we care.

Its called posting ftom mobile, dumbass.


shill deleted his own post

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It was so obvious he was connected to the butt blasted anlokike faggotry going on inside the TRS / Daily Stormer circle. It was directly after Patrick Little blew up on the chans that this "Moarpheus" announced to the world "That's it! I'm going to destroy you!". Patrick Little exposed some of the (((financial ongoings))) of TRS / Daily Stormer / GotNews / Charles C. Johnson / GatewayPundit and the bounty + freestartr crowdfunding platform. They all raged exactly the same way… flailing their arms around helplessly as the real dog pound ripped their limbs off. A bunch of ex-liberal faggots and traitors wanted so bad to play with the big boys after realized they were cucks… but ended up crushed in the end. Typical homosexual, narcissist, mindset… is always wrong, yet still wants to be in charge of things.

What occurred over the following months by Moarpheus amounted to a ranging faggot half-white ethnic manbaby spewing out the most exaggerated amateur propaganda routines of the most desperate "I'm drowning, help me!" hysterical effeminate nature. Moarpheus is around a mediocre 102 IQ on his best day. The guy has so many ethnic slip-ups to his dialog. After 2 to 5 minutes of trading with him any white practitioner can see Moarpheus isn't white. Half the time he sounds like an abused semite. We are talking about a complete lack of white creativity. It was all semite oriented rage and hysteria. A complete drama sensationalized show. His narrassist "chosen one" semite mindset assured himself he would defeat the ebil nahzees with his might internet slingshot just as David did 100,000 years ago.

Spokane, WA huh? well well well… this is going to be fun.

We are smarter than you
We are more creative than you
We are always in the room
We are more motivated than you

You've been GOT….. get GOT…. hahaha

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just stahp posting

Moarpheus does it for free, it is the absolute joke.

Go on. I do what for free exactly?

Your reactions to my post are female. It narrows down WHO you are. A female reaction will explain much much more about an individuals identity, beyond being a homosexual. This is why you amateurs fail so badly. You're no were near our level of insight. You think you are… but you're not.

Based of something as little as a feminine reaction, we can literally track down your Nationality, Ethnicity, Politics, Geographical location, Historical migration routes of your people, Favorite entertainment and much more…

You fucking faggots are no where near our level of power. We are called inquisitors for a reason.

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Strawman invented by the Alt-Kike for anyone who exposed them. We've all been called Morpheus like 100,000 times.

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to add, this person you chose to shill as the "one guy who doesn't like the (((Alt-Right))) is pretty fucking anti-Jew. Unlike the (((Alt-Right))).

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you're all so stupid lmao

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Destroying right wing community.

shitty bread
u all suck tbh

how many more posts you gonna delete, rabbi?

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Read the time stamp you sperding CIA wannabe. It's 40 seconds difference. That's not enough time to update thread.

You're DUMB!

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Post a female face directly below mine…. such weak entry-level propaganda methodology.

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Moarpheus on the run.

How is he anti-jew?

Well yeah. I've never hid my intentions. Left and Right both must die off before a new alternative can succeed.

Hahaha… look at these ex-liberals getting fucking destroyed. They thought they were so much smarter. Turns out, they're fucking dumb.

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WE CAN NOW DEFEND RICHARD SPENCER AGAINST HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was just reading his comments in OP

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Boo bee gooo bee doooob
Me talk talk talk big pow


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You have never did a single thing against the left. Don't think we don't know.

this "((( )))" shit needs to stop. you faggots are so annoying with you unnecessary echoes that it's actually insulting. it's not funny and it's not clever and most of all it's unnecessary. do you really need to clarify that noam chomsky is a fucking jew? seriously?


Loo at this non-white mental response. The guy thinks non-white… then he proceeds to communicate in a non-white format. It's so 102 IQ.

Great post. You're really showing us all your superior IQ.

The Left hasn't had influence. The Right has. When the Right is destroyed the Left will assume power. Then the Left will be destroyed.

This is my thread. You can see the strategy explained simply.

I have no need to show-off my IQ, user. Ego-baiting doesn't work. I'm only arrogant to troll shills who think they're so much smarter than the dumb goyim they deceive. When you're ready make counter-arguments to my claims. Defeat me that way because it's superior. Or keep failtrolling. I don't care.

Yeah right, which is why Youtube is full of nig music and faggot dancing, you are a huge kike, moarpheus.

You are afraid to show anything of yourself actually, a coward who envies other.

>Patrick Little exposed some of the (((financial ongoings))) of TRS / Daily Stormer / GotNews / Charles C. Johnson / GatewayPundit and the bounty + freestartr crowdfunding platform.
Bring me up to speed, please.

Is not political power. Republicans had political power, not Democrats. But the tables are turning.

What would you like to see?

The person this faggot shill is claiming is morpheus a strawman (((they))) invented is pretty fucking anti-kike. I dont know. Who cares.

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Look how he relishes in the attention. A complete template for the stereotypical feminine natured, west coast usa, non-white ethos.

The guy glows as a massive shitskin with every word his shitskin brain thinks up. Shitskins can never understand how whites notice these things. Like bro….. come on bro…. you stick out so badly. You don't get it.

We can look at your post and see you're a shitskin.
We can see everything about you.
We can see your shitskin personality.
We see it all.

Nope, that is political power, to brainwash people. It is even more insidious than open genocide.

The fact you deny this shows how much you are dumb or playing retard.

How is he anti-kike?

Your fucking face.

Feel free to counter my arguments with your own. I'm afraid ad hominem doesn't generally work on Zig Forums and tends to have the opposite effect. Just a heads up.

The Right has brainwashed people for Zionism. Hyper-Liberal Left was just the controlled opposition used to make the Right look good. Do you disagree? If so, why?

go back to /soc/>>12424196

Assuming ID

Moarpheus's has that west coast mexican personality where they tell whites that they're mexican. Do you know what I mean?


Mexican: "I'm Mexican"
White guy: "Ok"
Mexican: "I'm Mexican"
White guy: "I could see you're mexican within the first .01 seconds looking at you"
Mexican: "I'm Mexican"

It is so much more though… the way he takes every bait tossed out. His shitskin personality couldn't be any more transparent at this point.

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The right has not brainwashed jackshit, meanwhile the left is brainwashing people for white genocide. Do you disagree? Why?

And you attack all right wing people who show their face, yet you don't have the balls to show your own face.

pics related. We can stop white genocide without cucking to Israel. Left and Right must both die off before a new form of National Socialism can grow.
It's not about me. The sole reason I namefagged to begin with was to destroy the concept of ecelebs. I did that and no longer need to use a name; you know who I am based on my political positions because they've remained constant and unchallenged for years. We all have a name on various social media but here I'm just "Anonymous."

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Well whoever you are, you just gave yourself away as a massive faggot…

I am asking a question, do you disagree with the left using political power to forment white genocide? If so, how?

And what have you done against the left?

It is absolutely about you, you are trying to defame right wing people, yet you cannot show your face? Why? Because you fear you are even uglier than them.

Mods are covering for moarpheus, as expected.

I don't contest that.

Yes and no. Let me explain:

White genocide as we know it right now was never the goal. Open-border Globalism was never the goal. Globalism and the threat of white genocide was fabricated by Zionists as the threat or crisis they'd use to convince us of their actual agenda: NWO as envisioned by Zionists.
The Elite responsible for these things are not stupid. They know open-borders is not sustainable. They know it would result in a new wave of Nationalism which they were determined to unite with Jewish Nationalism, or Zionism. The real genocide of whites, user, is to come under an International Police State because we, no doubt, would fight back and under controlled conditions, lose.

pic related.

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Is there anyone arguing that the right isn't compromised?
Where the fuck are you coming from with this?
You do realize that your bullshit smells from here, don't you?

You did. See:
You complained I was destroying the right wing community..

White genocide is not the goal, the absolute state of this kike, someone cap his post.

Debunk my claim? Or at least counter it to some degree. Ad hominem and out of context shilling doesn't work here, user.

Hahaha! a 100% shitskin feminine cognitive reaction. He took the IQ bait as they always do. This is so easy.

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that's like your entire MO tho

Debunk my claim, user? Is it not true that open-border Globalism isn't sustainable and resulted in a new wave of Nationalism which Jews tried uniting with Zionism?

Your response tells me everything I need to know about you.
And suggesting that the scare of white genocide and massive immigration/globalism will get "us" to accept the NWO… I would absolutely love to hear the twisted logic that leads to that conclusion.

That quote is more than 20 years old….

Wasn't me saying that. Maybe if you slow down and think you wouldn't make so many mistakes.

Also, conflating right wing community and right wing politicians… Hmmm.

Prove your claim first, kike.

Kikes do not need a sustainable model.

you haven't presented any evidence to back that up
it's purely conjecture

pics related. 20 years is nothing. These Zionists create 100 and 200 year plans. Look: you may not like me or what I'm doing, but I can see where we're heading because I know their agenda and the means they hope to reach it. I've taken this world into my claw and am shaping it how I see fit because no one else has offered a superior solution. Power is being stripped from the Right and given to the Left. Ecelebs and thought-leaders, from Anglin and Weev to Patrick Little exist now only in the waste heap of human thought. This is what I've done and have more planned for this world, because I hate it.

You're right. My apologies Double c's in IDs threw me off. You do see tho there are some ITT who say the right is not compromised.

pic related

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We have mapped out Moarpheus's ethnic personality in full detail. We've been able to uncover a lot of personal insight based off his personality. His mental hyper-activity on the feminine spectrum side of things, can confidently reveal Moarpheus height is between 5'2-'5'4.

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Rhodesia and South Africa look like pretty good examples of the experiment on a small scale. Pushing a hard demographic shift after mentally weakening society here…
Yeah, either you are blind or an absolute dipshit. But, then the two are basically the same thing.

SA genocide is not open-border genocide.

how in the fuck are those pics supposed to be proof of anything, let alone your claim?
is this the subhuman mind at work?

>Jewish shills like (((TRS))) are attempting to unite Zionism with White Nationalism thanks to open-border Globalism

A non-white mind at work. Notice the "sensationalist" drama. Like, omg!, 200 mega years! It is pretty obvious what is going on… we have a shitskin who can't get enough of White attention. This is how he gets it.

Shitskins love White attention. It's like a drug for many of them. They come up with all kinds of way to get their fix.

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How is your pic proof of anything? Explain.

Provide proof.


Yes, it is? Are you dumb?

I claimed Zionist Jews are attempting to unite the sudden surge of White Nationalism, generated due to the migrant crisis, with Jewish Nationalism (Zionism). I then gave examples of this very thing happening. How is my pic not proof of anything? Explain.

Open-border genocide is replacement via birth replacements.

Of course you hate it. Fags are completely out of sync with nature, so they hate the world. You can never know how this world is supposed to function because you deny the primary directive - reproduce… Everything you think or do after that is completely flawed.

I fully realize the time scale that these people think in. I personally call it long-think. As opposed to a jackass like you who is stuck in short-think. Believing that anything you do in your own lifetime can make one bit of difference against those who think in terms of generations. I have plans for my great grandchildren. But then, that goes back to my first point about your limited logical abilities…

Also, the logical leap from someone saying that you are attacking right wing community to you claiming that they meant that the right is not corrupt is laughable. And did you just throw out Anglin as an example. He fell from grace long ago. How is his name even relevant in this conversation?

He doesn't really understand what any of these words mean. I'm not joking. He misuses 'premise' all the time too.

I didn't say I hated Nature, I hate the world. This Zionist shit-hole where Nature is corrupted, perverted, and turned upside-down. There is no Nature in this place, only the memory of it. Do you disagree?

Because your pic has people saying White Nationalism is similar to Jewish Nationalism, how does it link the two? Explain.

And that is exactly what is going on with SA, the whites are a minority and constantly oppressed.

Are you dumb?

So you hate nature, because you hate the world, which is nature. Do you disagree?

Notice how Moarpheus's enthusiasm inside this thread dramatically dropped after he was repeatedly exposed as a west-coast shitskin.

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Are they similar? Of course not. Zionism is Globalism.

The world controlled by evil men is not Nature but it's perversion. We live in a world where Nature is suppressed, not reviled in.

I'm black… I know a west-coast shitskin when I see one. Moarpheus is a shitskin.

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So in short, they are not similiar, so why do you suggest there is a link?

And you think nature is subverted by Zionism? How?

I don't know anything about this morpheus character but if the other is the greg johnson i'm thinking of he's a known homosexual that's been tainting the white nationalist movement with his faggotry for well over 15 years now.

Moarpheus is becoming less talkative as his west-coast shitskin personality is revealed.

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fuck off nigger lel

They are not similar and yet Zionist Jews like Mike Enoch, Tommy Robinson, and others attempt to convince anons they are similar. Again: because that was the goal from the beginning.
Nature, in this context, is the natural course of action required for a healthy and happy society. Nature is not just the trees and rocks. Happiness and health is robbed from society. The world under Zionist control is un-natural and should be hated.

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Attached: super nigger.jpg (630x840, 67.52K)

he's more honest than you at least

like deporting all spics back to their shitholes

The strategy is to use demographics to out number the white population and then turn the darks against us…
So open borders is just a strategy to achieve the end goal. Not sure if you are engaging in pilpul or just really that stupid…
But one thing is for sure. They would have attempted this open attack against whites even 10 years ago. They waited until the demographics were shifting in their favor in both Europe and the US.
So in fact, yes. Rhodesia and SA were small scale experiments.

Proof? All they say is why whites cannot have an ethnostate like jews? How is this a link?
Nope, nature is the world we are living in. Why do you hate nature, moarpheus?

who is doing this?

Whites are like 10% of the entire global population. If that were the goal it would have been finished decades ago, but it isn't, and for very specific reasons.

This implies Jews can have an ethno-State. Whites have historical ties to their homelands while Jews do not.
I defined my context while using the word "Nature." Ad hominem and the twisting of arguments is an inferior strategy.

Yes. Nature is thriving everywhere, you just have to seek it out. It is absolutely indestructible and infinitely regenerative. Believing that man can destroy God's creation is the height of hubris. As, I said, you can never understand this, because it is you who are out of sync.
In fact uncorrupted hetero whites are probably the most in tune with nature. You don't even realize that you are the useful idiot of the Zionist by attacking a bastion of hetero white community…


Like the fact that the other countries were technologically inferior and white countries were nearly homogenous?
Now we have the darks among us in our own lands… That is the difference now.

Do tell why you think they would be holding off if it were so easy to do before?

It's not easy to destroy the Aryan race or the Jews would have already. Their own Torah, as ancient as it is, demands them destroy us. In all this time they have failed to do so. This is only their most recent attempt but also their final mis-step.

I see that not only your logic, but your ability to judge the character of others severely lacking as well…
What the fuck did you mean by that? I said that it is all around and incredibly powerful. you obviously know very little about Nature if you don't see this. And yet you talk about as if you do know something about it.
Other user was right. Speaking beyond your knowledge set is a very feminine way of thinking/behaving.