U.S. Begins Accepting Caravan Migrants In for Asylum Claims



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How do I join Antifa?
I'd like to associate with people that actually have balls plus it would be nice to be on the winning side.

Which is it

Mexican, because they are the only barrier. Anyone the Mexicans let through who makes an asylum claim is entitled to enter and stay in the United States until the claim is adjudicated.

Most importantly:

Note also that many pregnant women among the caravan will certainly be in the US long enough to have an anchor baby.

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Christcucks will defend this

Jesus is Honduran. Who knew?


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Citizen journalists would be very useful there to see just what's going on. Makes it much harder for them to censor and mess with the perception. They could claim anything without 3rd party footage.

Jesus would tell them to suck it up and stop coveting their neighbors property while telling us we should be devoting all our resources to building them better countries.

Is there a bigger faggot in the world of political cartoons than Horsey?

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explain to me why we have military if they dont do shit

Don't worry, here come the reinforcements!

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The US military is solely there to protect Israeli's and their border. DHS is there to ensure that the illegal immig …um, aspiring dreamers get through the asylum paperwork quickly, easily and posthaste

Nobody can do shit unless it's an armed invasion. Look at Africa lefties won't do shit as China just waltzed in and do what they feel like.

What a trash comic. You don't get to piss and moan when you refuse help when it's offered and then demand America help you.

The US military exists solely to fight Israel's wars and create thousands of homeless veterans (who do not receive free, taxpayer-paid shelter like caravan invaders).

Reminder that every actual Zig Forumsack knew they were all going to be let in.
Reminder that paid jewish shills are the only ones who said they would be kept out.
Reminder that none of them have posted since Election Day.

You are a paid jewish shill.

Do you think caravans are an esoteric metaphor for cozy houses?

sup fbi?


Just post your phone number, man. We'll get you in touch with a recruiter. :^)

Sup faggot?
Threadly reminder that little bitch that the proud goy popeye punched is ded

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This. There was never a plan to not accept them. Whe now officially have racial redistribution of wealth. And the caravan doesn't even matter, 30 times their numbers illegally cross every single year.

As I and others have stated, this is all planned. They even had cars waiting for them on the US side. This particular group isn't the most violent but it's full of LGBTBBQ degenerates probably going to San Francisco.

Never mind the 1 million nonwhites that Trump legalizes every single year.

Probably will help to find some means of seeing this as a good thing. US is now riper for organ trafficking, etc. Turn that frown upside down.



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Can I get a source on that? That is meme material friend.

Bump and reported for being a redditor. You have no power here.

What a fucking beauty of a punch. The windmill wind-up. The mid-air, fluid transition. Boom; straight to the vegetable aisle.

Frankly - it was either that he's getting out of that retarded, or dead.

Wait, I just noticed that you posted some lame-ass gif. Here. To whoever didn't see it yet - enjoy.

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It really shouldn't be too difficult for someone to turn this into an anti-pissrael comic. Just change "ICE" into "IDF" and Sessions into Netanyahu, then fiddle around with the wording.
Trump is shit

Where can I read more about the laws regarding citizen militias defending their country from invaders?


What massive cowards you are.

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All the weapons in the world are useless without the balls necessary to rise them.

Its not even a matter of cowardice - many have the courage to act.
What is absent is any sort of organization whatsoever to accommodate such action.

The notion of forming small-cell militias is, at this stage, infeasible - people are too comfortable to take the risks associated therewith. if such organizations existed, people would rally to them and act… But they don't.

All that exists is a disjointed assemblage of small groups, with no shared vision or ideal, impotently waving their dicks around in confusion.

Gosh Mr Trump is this winning?

Until the entire herd is directly endangered they are content with allowing the sick to be picked off.

There hasn't been a difference since the Reform War of 1861. Napoleon III tried to prevent a "brown" Mexico but the US would have none of it and funded the Browns who'd latter massacre and expel the Whites.

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To stop you from doing shit.


So, if an unarmed nigger invades my house, I'm at his mercy.



They try to goad you into violence like here

Then they try to herd you toward honeypots here

Organized violence isn't illegal, otherwise cops would have to arrest themselves lol. More to the point it's perfectly legal to form militias for the explicit purpose of overthrowing the government as per THE SECOND AMENDMENT.

Draft random registered democrats to force them to take them in their homes at their own expense.

just go to a liberal arts school. they will find you.

Why not republicans ?

This user gets it.

Based on what, whether a group has a website or not or numbers at your controlled op rallies? Gas yourself.