Daily Stormer is an Operation Whack-a-Mole

Here you have a mod at Daily Stormer asking for "name, addresses" other evidence and one's willingness to "testify" against members of the troll squad "Bowl Patrol"

In yet another "wig nat" article today Anglin claims:

Him and the jew weev are the only ones consistantly calling everyone feds, yet Anglin has never been arrested. Hmmmm. If we follow his own logic here, he is likely a fed. Why else are mods trying to doxx and snitch on people in questions that literally seem like they were asked by a federal agent (see pics)

This article here makes a good case as to why they are shills, and enemies of the White race:


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Other urls found in this thread:


from a comment section:

It's obvious now that they are shills. They did an about face after Cville, an event they said there was "NO EXCUSE" not to attend on their front page. This was of course after they encouraged "neo-nazis" to march on Whitefish.

They sold back Zig Forums humor to the masses on an easily understood and reddit spaced website - The Daily Stormer. They used "extreme rhetoric" as per weev's plan he posted about on MPC. This funneled everyone into their site. They used to get EVERYONE'S back no matter what. They promoted "never punching right" as well as Iron March, AtomWaffen, TWP etc etc etc.

The plan was to give their handlers an, "American Holocaust" they could use as media fodder to condemn White Nationalism. They achieved this with Unite the Right in Charlottesville. The media treated the event like 9/11. Daily Stormer, promoted the event and Azzmador was scheduled to speak. It's a joke that they condemn violence and "goon squads" because Azzmador, who has a massive criminal record, was the one kicking off the violence by "pepper gelling" Antifa, and even some of his own guys.

Once the Daily Stormer's jewish handlers, like the one's who ran their server rooms at 71 Broadway NY, NY, got their holocaust they showed their cards. They threw multiple people under the bus, they condemned activists (their most loyal followers) Anglin admited DS is simply, "performance art" on his personal blog, and they made over $1.6million in bitcoin in pity donations after their site was shut down. Ever since then it's been "praise foreign street action, condemn domestic street action."

Anglin even has the gall to try and shame a TWP member for the Roman Salute, when YESTERDAY he posts pics of himself doing the same gesture in public. Anglin is a sociopathic opportunist turned shill. The glorification of White women getting raped, his own constant promotion of race-mixing with Asians, their "grand plan" of trying to get you to infiltrate mutiny and reform the Federal Government, while THEY HIDE FROM IT FROM FOREIGN COUNTRIES, is all a massive TROLL against YOU!

Daily Stormer is an operation whack-a-mole. Stir things up and see what warrior class White Men will poke their heads out of the ground, inspire them to out themselves in one way or another, and then the corrupt government rounds them up and Antifa attacks them. It's their plan to remove the last obstacle to a multi-cultural America.

I'll leave you with this. Years ago Anglin was on a podcast where he drunkenly admitted, "I think the White Race should be bred out." DEATH TO THE DAILY SHILLER.

More evidence of what they are. Jews that run their server room, and are related to the jew weev, snitching ops etc.


DS really is absolute garbage.


Interesting timing

Reminder: this is Azzmador's rap sheet. He is an actual federal informant. 1st see his rap sheet, then read the texts to where he recently admitted that the feds came to his house and he talked to them, and he talked about the Daily Stormer website.

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By the way, DS quietly got their .com back. Noticed it about a week ago.

btw anyone with 2 braincells ro rub together knew anglin and his neostooges were compromised, only cuckchan MAGAfags defended him here.

What jewry is this? Nobody defended that rat.

remember when Anglin recently booted Cantwell because he spoke to feds while in custody? Remeber how he then booted David Duke and Eric Striker for having "contact with Cantwell"???

Azzmador's show is still on their front page as of this moment:

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I remember months ago there was endless spam of defending anglin here.

citing this comment

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Azzmador has a warrant out for his arrest right now and is in hiding. DS has not even mentioned this

Zeiger is also wanted now in Canada. He has disappeared as well.

1.6 million? Jesus Christ.

there is currently a felony warrant out for Azz, who is marked as a fugitive. Paradoxically, as proven in the post above, he is literally talking to federal agents, but not being arrested. HMMMMM….

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This stuff is all almost a year old.

Anglin knew there's only so much fed money to spread around. Didn't want Cantwell getting a piece of that.

These kikes arent even trying anymore
Lmao read Hostia, faggots

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(((Daily stormer)))

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does this mean I shouldn't read TDS anymore?

Also F for vanned DC Bowl Gang.
I'm sure the dailykikemer will be happy to throw him under the bus.

What does this mean? Sheep-dipping? irl no protection from the people he's been helping? buried next to James Hoffa?

they did today


serious question btw

Noticed over a month ago, they never once mentioned it and still talk about needing sympathy bux for being shut down

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"You're all gonna get vanned goy, just keep reading the dailyshekel"
< proceeds to tell people to dox themselves
The state of these yids
There it is, at the end of the article, the paid (((GOP))) shilling.

My own interpretation is a bit different though I'm no more in favor of the DS. I don't think that Anglin was an agent from the beginning, I think he was just an opportunist shill using Zig Forums material to get clicks and donations. Then after Charlottesville, the crackdown, and financial suites he cut a deal to rat and help in the deradicalization efforts. Ultimately it doesn't matter which is the truth though, either way he definitely shouldn't be supported.

Weeve was in jail then suddenly gets out and has an urge to lead these fringe political groups. He’s a fed

Anglin is a coalburner and a pedophile. Obvious agent.

that is exactly what the comment said, you are in agreement. TRS simultaneously followed suit, they were comfortable with all the shekels from their paywall, so they pissed on activists the same way. Enoch i do think is an agent though.

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weev is a jewish communist directly related to Theodor Herzl, by his own admission on his reddit AMA

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ever get the feeling you're being manipulated?

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We will come to miss the days of Patrick Little.

by being attacked by the feds they work for, and deplatformed as "martyrs" it only deepens the deception.

you have to watch what they push. for instance.
jews AND daily stormer agree:
gab is bad
street activism is bad
3rd position FEC registered political parties like TWP are bad
white women raped and killed is good
race mixing with gooks is good
voting into the same rigged system that is killing us is the only way
anyone actually striking fear into the enemy is bad

its all there on a daily basis, people just WANT to believe we finally have some leadership. we don't, and we don't need it either.

It's true that most shills don't usually start out as shills. They get flipped. But Anglin could have been flipped since the beginning. Most likely got caught fucking underage Filipino girls and ended up flipped by an agent there (Philippines is crawling with CIAniggers).

Shit. I like throwing up the fist sometimes. Mostly as a cultural appropriation of black power though.

This is the most obvious part. They advocate working within the system but then tell their followers not to create their own organizations. They tell people to influence the GOP but then fail to explain how this is done without creating official pressure/lobbying groups.

the bowlcast info, like the OP scrrenshots, just came out. the rest of this is to redpill those undiscerning saps that still believe in DS. it needs to be done.

Some, maybe most, of that is likely payment and money for operational expenses their handlers have provided.

I wouldn't doubt if it came out of the FBI budget somewhere.

Don't forget his ridiculous blog posts proclaiming that white supremacists needed to start killing as many non white children as soon as possible. How anyone can take that fraud seriously is beyond me.

Him and Anglin used to post on here but gave up when they realized nobody was buying their act.

It's tricky because the GOP doesn't want to win. Their (((donors))) pay them to lose.

If they did want to win the thing to do would be to form a third party, then promise to put the GOP candidate on that party's ticket if certain demands were met.

He never hid it.



I'm not saying that I don't believe you, but you can't say something like this and not provide source.

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Good lord man, these things are hideous.

The chats are all from a long time ago. The DS fags have not associated with the bowl patrol since at least March, when Anglin attempted to blame them for the Austin bombings and get them all swatted. So my point was that azzmador admitting he was talking to feds happened some time before that, when he was not yet wanted.

Yes, it's a stupid losing strategy, which is why DS pushes it.

reminder weev was always the first and most extreme fedposter, especially on GAB:

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he has been wanted for around 14 months now is my understanding. also it doesnt matter WHEN he talked to feds, only that he did cooperate and talk to them by his own admission. breaking the daily shillers own golden rul, "never talk to cops" i'll post that again so you dont derail

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Is he still involved with the Fuckshack?

Anglin is a CIA-kike you got to be retarded and the type to fall for trump to have ever fallen for it.
You are the unteachable class, how you arrived at the JQ would be a miracle were it not for you finding the jew jokes funny and falling in from there.


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It's funny how hard they're forcing it, yet it still isn't gaining traction outside of their little circle.

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Does the audio exist or not?

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Not that user, but I think I have the source. No timestamps though and it has someone else from the stream talk about it before dropping clips not sure if these are the same clip or separate ones, It has been a while

If that is true then when he talked to the feds does in fact matter as that fed conversation was within the last year as that is the chat site they used between switching from Discord to Matrix

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Iconocunt (the nigger) is who got him into Hitler too, but Apedre tries to re-write history and pretends he was redpilled on /new/.

around the 4 minute mark. I did search for that earlier while trying to cite that comment was it has apparently been buried.

direct link 4 min mark

Anglin at some point implied that their donations were helping zeiger lay low.

Was that before or after DS threw Atomwaffen and Iron March under the bus?

This is the full context video. Start at 3:30 for full context, or at the beginning if you want the complete full thing. around 4 minutes is when the line starts

Need advice, I have an inactive account (2yrs+) delete asap or just it let float around or hope it'll be forgotten about, the objective being not to draw attention from the (((mods))).

It's jews all the way down. Why is everyone surprised about this.

Anyway, deradicalization won't work. These feds are some of the stupidest niggers I've ever seen. Everything they've done aligns perfectly with accelerationism.

Nah, azzmador was only indicted a few weeks ago, when they got those RAM guys.

You've been datamined by MOSSAD and the FBI for 2 years good luck stuffing enough junk data in there to throw them off your signature. Best option is to CYA and make a final post that someone opened up this account on a computer that you share in a halfway home or something so you have plausible deniability for your posts.

It was after zeiger got doxed, which was iirc after anglin had already doxed atomwaffen and tried to get them swatted.

Tom Metzger did a really good show with Jan from History Reviewed a few weeks ago, and talked about just how influential B'nai B'rith is, even more so than the ADL. The fact that his wife was president of her B'nai B'rith Youth chapter was probably the most significant piece of evidence against Eunuch, but it was mostly overlooked.

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Missed a few good quotes
Judging by that last quote it is blatantly clear that Anglin took his own advice when ht made the Daily Stormer

Thanks boys. He was always a notorious oil driller, but I never expected him to be dumb enough to say it like this so plainly. That boy smoked so much of that rice nigger jungle dope he carved his own brain out.

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I don't like Mike Peinowitz either but don't be dumb like that.

I stand with Ben

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I read it, it's funny, but jews are also pretty funny.
It has good links as well, shocking anti-white crimes or statements by politicians and media to pass on to normalfags. I don't buy into Victorian maiden 'mine eyes must never touch a site that is not 100% ideologically pure.'
But neither do I send them shekels, or lose my job sending links to my bosses.
Use whatever works, including a laugh or two to get you through the day. It's just a click, not a lifelong binding oath of allegiance.

It redirects to the .name, funny no announcement.

Well, well, well. Looks like you're right. And not a peep about the shitskin battering ram hitting the southern border today. How about that.

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Do you really think she went from being a chapter president to dropping out of B'nai B'rith completely when she graduated high school? They're who finance the JDL and Wiesenthal Center, and so much of the modern controlled opposition can be tied directly to them, like Faith Goldyberg and Jerome Corsi.

There was also a copypasta going around after the exodus about how weev was apparently openly involved with B'nai B'rith in the past.

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$ whois dailystormer.com
Registry Domain ID: 1787753602_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.tucows.com
Registrar URL: tucowsdomains.com
Updated Date: 2018-09-16T16:08:18Z
Creation Date: 2013-03-20T22:43:18Z
Registry Expiry Date: 2021-03-20T22:43:18Z
Registrar: Tucows Domains Inc.
Registrar IANA ID: 69
Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone:
Domain Status: ok icann.org/epp#ok
Name Server: F1G1NS1.DNSPOD.NET
Name Server: F1G1NS2.DNSPOD.NET
DNSSEC: unsigned
URL of the ICANN Whois Inaccuracy Complaint Form: icann.org/wicf/

I still miss firetires.

Wasn't the domain registered to a chabad kike friend of weev at one point?

at some point there would have to be so many deadbeats working for the government looking for nazi boogeymen that they couldn't even figure out who was jewing who most of the time. A lot of these people have absolutely useless jobs I can only imagine the desperation that must exist sometimes to be able to mine data for their masters

If one cannot have plausible deniability is disassociation the next option (what is plan B)? Even if tor, tails, or a vpn was used I suspect they could deduce the specific device based on the browsing habits of the other non users. If aliases were used and the device disposed, association can only be implied but ISPs store records forever (and metadata farmed). Yet what is the likelihood of it being associated to reality (ex. a job interview)? For now it appears, to only use the Internet for information as posting in echo chambers just puts a target on your back.

They are freaking out since BOWLgang exposed their kike asses.


The fuck does that mean?

Car insurance

So, DS are traitors? Are they more important than the traitors that haunt D.C.? What do we do with traitors? What is sedition?

Kill yourself Q-tard

They've had it back for months. Months.

Most censored website my ass. Sheldon Adelson's cock inside the Trump condom couldn't be further up their ass.


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yes. but it takes many screenshots to prove that so I didn't try to post that. you can see them here though:

Race traitors get the rope too, and the DS with their constant push to have gook wives is clearly race treason

What do you mean by disassociation? Disassociation from your hardware or from your metadata/profile? You won't be able to rebuild the profile and the visits to DS will stand out no matter how much junk data you inject over the following years. The only way I know to provide some level of plausible deniability would be to use log forging to try and fool the forensics team into believing someone else used your comp at the time.
This is something we won't ever know unless there's a leak.

You should of stopped over 2 years ago

Anglin was most likely working with Doug Mackey's smartcheckr, a Jewish data mining company that uses programs that can deanonymize you based on your writing style. The more posts they have from you, the greater chance they can succeed at this.

I once flew off the handle and accused my mother of being racist because she made some derogatory remarks about niggers. I meant it, too, because I was a brainwashed pleb at the time and enjoyed having the opportunity to tear into somebody from a position of moral superiority. Guess that disqualifies me from reforming my views, right? I said something once, and what I thought then is concrete and unchangeable. If this is the standard you set for judging someone, then you are beyond retarded. Here's a fun experiment: hold yourself to your own purityfag standards once in a while, and watch yourself FAIL.

whatever bit of respect I had for Anglin vanished after I noticed that he's still a Trumptard after the midterms

He said that about two months before he created his total fascism website.

And you believed in muh six million (or whatever other retarded thing you might have once believed) two months before you didn't. It's a ridiculous standard to hold somebody to. If you have evidence of him saying that AFTER having changed his views, then that would be a different matter.

Wehrwolf got exposed as a boomer Nazbol faggot