Trump, 9/11, Israel, Shale, and War!

The POTUS is privy to the 9/11 files. Trump lost MANY friends on 9/11. Pic is Prince Harry and Melania last week. Note the 'Masonic' hand signal of the "hidden hand" being partially revealed. Understand that Mi5 shares Intel with the U.S. and this family lost power at the conclusion of WWII, only to see their country get Blacked by (((them))) who took the reigns.

Imagine yourself in a World where you are a Billionaire named Trump. You've got power, fancy cars, porn-star dates, everything you could ever want. Life is good. Now, comes 9/11. I won't go into the details about the dancing Israelis and UMS as most here already know (((who))) was behind it and (((who))) benefit from that war. Now, this guy, who's plush life gets crushed when his friends die in a Terror attack.. He's a free-agent running for POTUS. He isn't part of the Bush or Clinton cabal, he wasn't pre-picked 30 years ahead of time. He's not part of the plan and he's unpredictable and decries globalism to boot!

Imagine if you are the perpetrators of the 9/11 attack and this guy has a chance of winning the position of Commander in Chief of the whole of the military that protects your tiny little country AND he has access to the 9/11 files that no-one here will ever see. What kind of predicament does that put you in, knowing that Trump lost many friends in 9/11 and might seek revenge. Boy, if I were part of that tribe, I'd use the whole of my (((media))) propaganda machine to do everything that I could to ensure this man didn't get elected. I'd say "Clinton has a 98% chance to win" to subliminal the sheep into voting with the herd. I'd do just about everything.

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So, we've seen the headlines floating around here about Trump saying things cryptically anti-shemetic. Example: Holocaust memorial day or whatever.. "On this day we will commit to ensuring that the forces of evil never defeat the good again." If anons have them, go ahead and post - I didn't save any. So, let's imagine he actually HAS been pulling a '4d chess' move on Israel, setting the stage for a real new 'deal'.

The USA is energy dependent with Shale. The Petrodollar blackmail to protect Israel for oil rights in the M.E. is now off of the table. Those chips have been played and they're worn-out. We don't need Israel. Imagine a rogue president, who wants revenge, who, all-he-has-to-do to exact revenge, is do nothing! Set up Israel for war with pic related (taken from and just don't be that big protector nation. Tell the US forces to stand-down because "This is Israel's doing, her fight" and "America first."

Some might allude to the recent WW1 memorial where there is a theory floating around about a probable assasination attempt against Trump, but I won't go into that.

If the U.S.-made nuclear triggers are made bunk/duds, the Samson option is gone. How would this play out? Massive civil war sparked by (((media))) in Western nations? What tricks are up everyone's sleeves if this were to go down tomorrow?

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Imagine believing this even after Trump won and gave the Israelis the biggest aid package we ever have.

This is a thought-experiment of course, so let's keep the "Trump is ZOG" narrative out of this thread please.

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Where do you live?

Unironically take your pills, dude.

Have you not noticed the intense shilling that has happened since?
Trump is causing the streisand effect. He may mention something or do something, but the media wants to try show him in any bad light they actually reveal themselves.
I'm not a Trumptard or anything. I understand he was elected because the people didn't want Hillary. But he is definitely accelerating things.


I seriously wonder how many times a person can believe in 36 double nigger dick galaxy chess? He just gave Israel 38 BILLION dollars for defense.

Trump unironically hasn't done shit for the people who voted for him. Hes done more for niggers than me… oh wait I got a 200 dollar raise a year in tax cuts. Yup hear chess master alright.

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Imagine what the budget is to keep Americans believing they aren't the subjects of tyrannical police state.

I have a better item I would like to bring up. How do we combat the shills. It is obvious they've been getting bolder and bolder lately and our memes hurt less. We are currently getting slapped around in the meme war.

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The media doesn't show Trump in any kind of bad light that actually matters. What they do is endlessly screech and meme one of the most sycophantic jew tools and arch-nigger lovers to ever exist in America as a "White nationalist", while they never say a word about his illegal operations in Syria, his financial/military blackmail of Iran and Western Europe [over Nordstream II], his barely-even-cosmetic changes to NAFTA. It's an act. Trump is all cliqued up with the Brady bond boys.

And it was stated many times both parties suck Jew cock. Nobody is surprised. Stop acting like a faggot.

The death throws of the Qboomer in full view of the frothing basement dwelling army

Really makes you think.

Mudshits get ten times what israel got. Quick, you better post touch_muh_wall.jpeg before everyone realizes you're a stupid fucking shill

The Q Larp must die. It was classic kike smoke and mirrors.

isnt it strange that you can easily identify such behavior as "illegal" but also complain when he doesnt do more "illegal" stuff

Explain how you see the scenario of him saying "Nope not gonna do that any more" going down?

Likewise there Mr repeat faggot

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Trump also has many friends who were involved with 9/11, like Lucky Larry and Jewliani. Trump is never going to expose 9/11, he's in league with the kikes who did it.

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(((CIVNATS))) out in full force ITT. The amount of bullshit is incredible. Where to start?

Let's take on this fucking right here first.

Can you back up this claim? I know for a fact you can't but I'll gladly let you dig your own grave on this. Go ahead.

Not my thread or posts. Just want to get some theorycraft related to the OP here. If nobody wants to have fun, then whatever. Maybe this site is run by the fucking JIDF. (((Jim)))

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I dunno. Maybe someone else did it in the past and almost succeeded. But some newfag Qboomet like you wouldn't understand.

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Question for civnats: What's the biggest political party in the US?

I'll give you a hint if you want.

No one gives a fuck. There is no point wasting time with retarded “theories” about JEWISH HOAXES.

He’s a one and done spammer. He hasn’t posted in hours. Just report it.

But the people here told me Juliani was Trump's based lawyer and Silverstein was going to 3D chess the kikes… why would someone give me that different information over the internet?

We'll always have the memes user. Redpills I didn't even know about have been taken after the election revealing how bad shit is but we'll always have the memes.

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Unironically filtered.

Because it's part of Zig Forums's 5D chess plan. This board isn't the actual base of Zig Forums shills will never understand that it is our greatest strength the true Zig Forums will always be untouchable.

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Point taken.

Screw it. The biggest political party in the USA is:
The American Israel Public Affairs Committee - AIPAC

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This thread is a classic case of someone projecting their own personal beliefs and desires onto someone else. It's mental masturbation of nothing will be accomplished by entertaining any of these ideas especially with the insurmountable evidence pointing to Trump being kiked out to the max.

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I think at least 130 Americans(1oit of 3) would be filled with a murderous rage against Israel. The Israeli’s think they have thier hands full with Hamas, ordering cease fires after a dozen Israeli soldiers get smoked, wait until the all the vets of “the war on terror” find out. I’m sure some will
Just have cognitive dissonance and not accept it. Some will go full Rambo mode.

Kikes pit this vid on restricted mode. Watch it, it’s powerful.

Israel did 911-all the proof in the world

to some degree I think its the reason he got elected, to keep it covered up

it's why he hires Guliani to be his lawyer

it's why Kavanaugh got on the supreme court

If Trump is a full on kike puppet then what is the next plan. Because this Trump is a kike puppet stuff sounds like autistic screeching and almost works like a blue pill forcing peoples heads back underground.

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Find like minded people, close friends and family, and start preparing for the collapse of western civilization. The only way to save it at this point is for tens of millions of Americans to form a coalition and stop paying taxes. Starve the beast so to speak. This will probably never happen.