Two years of compete congressional control

im so fucking blackpilled right now bros. i cant believe i faggots like molymeme convince me that political means could ever change anything.

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Want to know how I know you're a kike?

It's pathetic that you could only address one line.

Blow your brains out immediately, you fucking reddit shill.

This is what happens when you believe the parties aren’t the same party.
This is what happens when you fall for jewish propaganda that voting matters.
This is what happens when you think the GOP actually cares about stopping white genocide, or anything else.
You deserve this pain.


isnt it much more pathetic to be attempting a gish gallop?

wow guys look this post is identical to the jewish posts. im sure thats by chance and this poster really is pro-white

We're going deeper, user. Rejoice!

And prepare.

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Either kill yourself or shut the fuck up. You’ve no intention of holding a discussion.

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Is boy Denny.

Both of the mainstream parties do absolutely nothing.
I'm surprised so few know this.

I don't like to toot my own horn, but this was always the more likely outcome. see my flowchart from 02/25/2016.

Now while I understand why so many people are upset, I never had any hope Trump would succeed given the magnitude of the fuckedness of the country. My only goal was to make the leftists suffer, and that was achieved.

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instead of making the same thread over and over again, just kill yourself

Its pretty funny how you started saging a thread you're defending so veraciously. Also, get your eyesight checked, the young lady in the pic isn't Asian

go away retard

absolutely. people get the government they deserve. the markets arent looking so hot these last few months.

i wanted to believe…

And that's why so many people are bummed out. I mean from my perspective, the salt generated from Trump's election has been totally worth it. But there's no saving this country as it stands.

Don't turn gay because you lost a rigged game. Just stop playing

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I don't think that's what he meant, if we are to survive as a people, we shouldn't be telling those amongst us who are yet to awake that they deserve the fate that our enemies want for us, that will only push them away, we must be patient with them and lead them towards the truth

You shouldn't toot your own horn. That flowchart is shit.
What? A Happening is (potentially) one of the best things because it forces people to pick a side and actually do things beyond sitting on their ass at home.
LOL. Pray tell how the prior has led to the latter.

You're more of a dumb faggot for believing we could get everything we wanted right away when the political machine thrives on stalling and wasting time. Trump got some shit done and kept good on a few promises, actually getting more done than most President's have historically ever done in the same time period, but you're not wrong. We don't have the fucking wall yet, Democrats aren't being charged for sedition and treason, no one is kicking in their shit for rigging elections and lettings non-citizens vote, and the only kind of progress we've really seen is that more people are getting openly angry about this shit.

Regardless of any of that shit, we're still stuck with him for 2 more years and getting him impeached or removed would be a far worse option. The bigger blackpill is understanding how little control you have. So sit back and enjoy the shitshow. Maybe something fun will happen.

Oh yeah, and all of this. Dubs don't lie.

If Trump had succeeded, it would have meant a foundational shift in the political trajectory. Over a longer term, that would have potentially been enough to at least repair some of the damage.

Now I realize that you probably prefer leftists memes that explain every little fucking thing about the meme in a wall of text, but I really don't give a shit.


With (((Ginsberg))) about to kick the bucket, Trump will get yet another conservative on the bench before his inevitable second term. Chances are another one of the old fucks could croak too, so even if Trump does little else, it's still a huge victory and a means to stonewall some lefty cancer from spreading much further.

So with all these truths, we can safely say that we literally no longer have any more reason to live.
There is nothing left to fight for. The war ended long ago, and (((they))) have won. We should have listened to the Asses and Elbows poster while we had the chance.
Now we can take nothing but the blackpill. Demise is our only end and suicide is our only exit. We're done. Take the blackpill like the rest of us or go back to cuckchan.

Already ignored for posting a photo like that here.
Clearly a shill.