Less than a week after a Wisconson high school class collectively sieg heils...

Less than a week after a Wisconson high school class collectively sieg heils, Wisconson company arms all of it's employees as a Christmas gift



>The company has received mild (((backlash))) amid the mostly-positive public feedback. “But that’s OK,” says Ben. “That’s life.”

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Your archive link is useless, OP.
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That isn't what this thread is about, you illiterate faggot. I'd ask you to read the fucking OP, but niggers can't read, so I'll ask you to suckstart a shotgun instead.

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That's nice, kikey.

Anti-slide bump.

bet that feels good

You're salty af, he should have posted it there then

I found two women in Wisconsin that need to be enriched.

People who are afraid of firearms shouldn't use them, they're likely to hurt someone or themselves. Ideally their husbands will protect them.

I agree with this but if my son ever tries to get out of hunting for something like being afraid of guns I'm tanning his hide so raw that there will only ever be one thing he is afraid of.


People who are afraid to defend themselves shouldn't, they're likely to hurt someone or themselves.

People who are afraid to defend themselves should just die. If even instincts cannot take over and save these drones from certain death, they should die.

Purest truth

This is a board of Anime.
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Reported for spam and derailing thread. Nowhere did anyone mention anime.

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That's great, but I'm not really sure how that's newsworthy in any way.

Communists and cucks shouldn't use them, but a woman shouldn't carry a gun simply because "she's afraid of them". Pretty much all women are afraid of guns at first, and that's fine. You can be afraid of them and still use them. At the very least they can practice with it enough to be comfortable with it and respect it. All white women should carry guns.

Wrong, the (((mods))) ban the nazis in here. That one of many things that didn't change when they (supposedly) removed the roach

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Then leave, cuckchanner. Or global report them so admins will be annoyed enough to do something, or quit being a bitch about it.

If you don't like this board, then leave and make/join another one. There can't be a good new 8/pol/ replacement until this one is dead.

Bumping for a quick dopamine hit in otherwise dark days.

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Only a kike fears the samurai.
And if you don't see NatSoc ideals in animu then you're not looking hard enough or just dumb fam.

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From a practical perspective, I don't think I'd give guns to anyone other than family and certainly not all my family. Not everyone is stable enough to have a gun, and if they don't go buy one themselves, perhaps they know they aren't ready or capable of controlling themselves.

Rare spots of state pride after too much hearing about the madison bus negroes and UW kikes.

Never have children with women so weak they won't defend themselves. They'll give birth to faggots.