What happened to Cody Wilson? He literally got disappeared by the state. What the fuck?

What happened to Cody Wilson? He literally got disappeared by the state. What the fuck?

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It's true, they really want to memory hole him.

I still want his damn cnc machine, dammit.

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Probably. It always alarms me how many /woke/ people here still underestimate the current power of the state.

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remember, save this as a .png file; not as a .jpg
that way, you won't get any hidden files includes with the picture, such as tracking software

They destroyed him.

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To be fair, he kind of deserved it.

lolberg degenerates are fucking scum, and dude was literally going on a site called like "My Sugar Daddy.com", the entire concept of which is young women whoring themselves out.

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I always wonder if first they just test your character. Hiring a loli to go after him and him actually taking the bait versus concocting the whole thing

Daily reminder that it's literally entrapment, and the whore is 16 year old lying to be 18.

inb4 16 year old is "degenerate"


As usual, everyone seeks everyone else to be literally The Man Without Sin.

Not me.

There is literally NOTHING wrong with fucking a 16 year old.

What Cody did wrong was the prostitution, that shit is a no-no.

I wonder what the site's terms of service are concerning age. They got his ass good, though. Goddamn.


Thank you for your contribution kike. Go get your shekels now.

Well, he learned his lesson. Now nigger is off the fucking grid.

Seriously, that's a dumb move, hiring a prostitute while maintaining a celebrity status, provided it actually happened.

It's plausible that it happened, but also relatively easy to fake. I suppose you would have to ask Mr. Wilson for his side of the story.

I wouldn't bother the man, just hope he learned his lesson.


Or at least NO PUBLIC WHORE.

That's for the elites like Weinstein only.

If he's not guilty I would like to hear his side of it, if only to satisfy my own curiosity. It would, however, very likely have a drastic and negative impact upon his life expectancy if he did not commit the crime.

In my moral conscience, fucking a 16 year old is no crime. The only problem is that it's a dirty whore.

Okay, but consider the time scale here. The dicking goes down on August 15. The police get the call from the counselor on August 22. There is surveillance footage. September of this year is when charges were filed against him. I haven't found the date for that. September 6 is when he arrives in Taiwan. September 22 is when he was deported, and in jail on the 23rd.

1. She may not have been underage
2. It may not have been prostitution
3. They caught him really fucking fast
4. Maybe it's not him on the video

It's too recent to make a determination but it seems fishy.

I have never heard of this guy

tl;dr he did this and then trolled the US government with it

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It's way past that level now, he has successfully printed AR15 lower.

He's at a stage where we can save a shitload of money regarding guns.

This is a good example of why being a famefag after discovering something that can really BTFO the ZOG is a really bad idea. Hell, getting Analmoose to release the files would have been a better plan.

No, it's just that when I was approached by an underage girl who knew just how to press all my buttons I had enough integrity to walk away (and I'm in reality sending her bosses to jail now for trying that shit on me).

Sugar daddying is roastitution.

Read the rules, you fucking fag.

I am not sure if you are referring to these pics which are .png and do include hidden files.

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What happened?

Kill yourself nigger.

reminder to use a screencapping program to screencap images instead of directly saving

I don't think anyone here is stupid enough to actually think he did it.

You think someone with the power of the state after him is using some shit escort site??? Could someone with such a high IQ be so dumb after everything he had been through already?

Remember the NSA can basically plant whatever they want on your computer at any time with the backdoors in the processors.

He is probably one of the people in the sealed indictments posted today

Hi Shlomo

Seems legit.

Yeah. I'm pretty sure he's admitted he did it, the question isn't whether or not he did it, its whether or not he 'should have known' she was under-18… And considering the site specifically states you must be 18 to use, AND that she lied about her age, I don't see how they're going to get him on much here.

Of course, he shouldn't have been getting fucking whores either, but, hey, lolberg degenerates are scum.


Instead of pulling tech wisdom out of your ass, you could do some reading about what you claim to know enough so much of that you're giving advice.
Specifically: both PNGs and JPEGs have metadata. In JPEG it's EXIF, in PNG you can easily add tEXt chunks and even embed data into the pixels themselves as

If someone wants to add tracking shit to images they'd use steganography. Screencapping, converting to JPEG, shifting to an angle, warping and bending the image and even adding noise will not help if someone really wants to add steganography to an image. Just an ID would be enough if they want to "track your Zig Forums meme collection".

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And we're supposed to believe that, just like we're supposed to believe Hitler was a homosexual jew with a single testicle.

they hit him with a conveniently timed sex assault law suit and then he disappeared. dems' already have anti 3d printed gun legislation moving through the house.

so completely as expected.

Cody Wilson?
I seem to remember I heard a broadcast on NPR explaining that he killed Six Million jews and therefore doesn't deserve any rights.
I couldn't remember if Wilson murdered the 6,000,000 kvetching kikes with the Auschwitz Anal Pump, or the Stairs of Death, or with the camp Masturbation Machine, or with the Roller Coaster of Death.
But now that OP jogs my memory, I think Cody Wilson did it with the some of his 3D printer's guns.

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Comfy thread. Don't forget your tactical bottle openers for your stubby.

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Unless you are an 'hot' male, every fuck is prostitution. Either in some direct immediate way(pay for time with the bitch in some way), or indirectly / off set way(like marriage).

I've had girls pay for my dinner and fucked them never to talk to them again. I've even told them I was just balancing the scales a bit. Not sure why, but women really love to be denigrated. The bigger an asshole you are, the more they respond. Granted it doesn't make for anything resembling a meaningful relationship but it provides free entertainment.

he got accused of child rape and then media blackout into a memoryhole. Remember that the goverment can accuse you of anything and then fabricate evidence faster than you can 3d print a lower.

Someone else needs to post the actual crazy neat science experiments, Im not.

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No one care about your eceleb.

I wish I was still a virgin. All sex ever did was feel good.

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He released the 3d printer weapon instructions online, hes not an e-celeb

He's how the fuck would we know??

It's caused by a lack of awareness of the kike. Cody reasonably believed he could exist there - after all, everyone knows that Polanski is in Poland, having committed a much worse offense, by far.

Right, when someone is extradited in extraordinary fashion from a foreign country, he's no e-celeb.

He apparently made bail. I guess the judge was less impressed with the state's evidence than the mouth-breathing gay niggers of the media would have you believe.

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I, for one, find it highly amusing that they say age deception won't matter. Even in the UK it matters, and they are cucked through the anus and out the mouth by the kike nigger.

Though, I'm quite aware that's how it's gone on, for a long time.

The time has come to end our obsession with legality, with laws, with courts. The judiciary is entirely a fraud. They do not represent us, and find ways to invent that which is necessary to achieve that which they desire for their buddies. They are corrupt garbage. Vomit!

Oh wow, I clicked on the top story there, and this is the bullshit the (((statesman))) posted:
< would have had to lie about her true age to be registered on the dating site where authorities say Wilson met her.
< dating site

Consider the absolute nigger of this sort of true line:
< “The onus is on the adult to make certain the person he’s having sex with is of age,” Wannamaker said. “You just simply can’t take somebody’s word for it. Even if the girl lies to you or has a fake ID, the person’s still in trouble. It’s kind of a strict liability crime where there’s no duty on the part of the child victim to tell the truth.”

That's how the law operates. But consider how absolutely stupid and worthless the parasite we call the law is. How the fucking hell could you "make sure"? Check her 666 chip? Oh, right, those aren't installed yet.

And, for those not yet aware, have you seen the stories about arrests of "child prostitutes"?

Well here's a big fucking red pill for you. Cops are liars, no less than prostitutes. Short women, from Asia and from South America, lie and say they are underage. That keeps them from going to real prison, and puts them on track for DACA. Basically, it's a risk-free thing, being a prostitute in America, if you're from Asia or South America. The bonus for cops is they can shit everyone and say they're saving "children", when they're actually 20-something spic/gook roasties.

He's out on bail, preparing his legal defense and occasionally meeting with his former employees.

The problem is getting ammunition, any imbecile can put two pipes together.

Further, ain't it strange that Taiwan still deported him even though the country isn't supposed to have an extradition treaty with the US. Which means somebody pulled some strings somewhere, which is weird, since he had already won the lawsuit by then. Perhaps kikes just getting revenge on someone who disrupted their plans or maybe he knew something else more important than making guns using a 3D printer.