James Alex Fields

So finally what happened to this fat fuck? It's been over one year since the fat bitch's death, is he still awaiting trial in prison? For one fucking fat bitch?

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You mean the patsy for the CIAnigger false flag?

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Prosecution is probably trying to grind him down to a plea deal so they don't have to admit the fat cunt died of a heart attack and never touched his vehicle.

So where's he now? In jail or outside?

Can't believe they would keep him in jail for over one year with no trial.

I can. SCOTUS has a very expansive take on the whole "speedy" trial thing. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the financial incentive lawyers have to maximize billable hours.

He's just their patsy and was likely in on the plan to begin with.

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How about that whole Heather Heyer thing? What's up with all of that?
It's difficult to imagine that someone that took such good care of themselves could just kick over like that. Especially from a heart attack of all things; amirite tho?

You're fighting a losing battle with this approach there, homegoy

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MFW They will never release the aerial footage they took because it shows that Antifa were blocking roads and that the fat girl wasnt actually hit by the out of control car.

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He accelerated when ANTIFA hit his car. He hit another car that touched the fat whale's body. She died of a heart attack.

Reminder: Never attend these rallies planned and operated by kikes.

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Shut the fuck (((TRS))), Zig Forums knew this nigger was a patsy from the get-go and you dumb faggots believed your dumb kike e-celebs when they told you that this guy wasn't a kike and wasn't a CIAnigger

Why is there no public trial and shit like you see in the movies with reporters and witnesses, with crying families and Saul Goodman type characters defending the innocent?

Fuck this kike, that 6000 torch rally march was good.

It's the day after that's cancer.

and more importantly are there no fucking journalists left in the USA to cover his whole story, to interview him, to tell his story?

Only explaination: they are trying to memory hole, to make Charlotteville into a modern myth where le evil nazi kills a fat bitch, except le evil nazi never had a trial.

Patsy ≠ some frantically half-assed suggestion that the Charger was driven by some sheep-dipped professional. He didn't do it, at least not as it is being portrayed. He is a patsy in order to maintain a narrative.
The focus should be on Heather Heyer's 350# of unbaked Vanilla cookie dough lookin ass, and the character assassination of him


I don't know how but we need to raise public awareness on this guy.

There's no reason why he's in fucking jail for over a year with no trial.

Fuck does this have to do with the topic? Fuck off moarpheus.

I'm hoping you wrote that tongue in cheek in humour, only that's exactly how the "You're all Moarpheous" comedy character posts here

Please do not derail thread please, moarpheus. We have important things to talk about here, not your schizo shit.

Bump for this.

I don't have a twitter so hope some 'tism Zig Forumsack can get it trending.

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The video detailing the characters behind the Charlottesville jewish psyop is actually one of the best breakdowns of the jewish fraud of the aut-right and the incident itself

Watch it and explain how it doesn't pertain to the very subject in OPs post, in every detail and every way

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Jesus fuck, they are trying to kill the guy. And he's in jail for over one fucking year with no trial.

Man, you guys absolutely need to get this trending.

OK, moarpheus, go play outside, adult are talking.

I assume the media will come back out about it soon enough lad. He's a sacrifice. He has to be convicted, and he WILL be convicted.
Which means this whole current thing is just a waste of time before appeal outside Cville, because he's got ZERO chance in-town.

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who's Timothy Brown?

If they want him to be sacrifice, it's our job to blow his fucking story up.

It gets better.

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This thread is about Charlottesville
I posted a video covering in excruciating detail the characters involved in this very Charlottesville psyop

You responded in the same way you or another CIA-kike has in the Anglin thread, pretending that the evidence that was presented isn't evidence of any kind.

Weird how retards and isreali kikes can openly derail every single thread on here, but post an image of Trump sucking jew dicks at the wailing wall and your post is deleted instantly on nu-pol

why is the trial not public?

The nigger who tried to jump him in prison, apparently a former 'friend' of Heather Heyer… Really curious as to what he's in for though…

This is insane shit, no more privacy, but a bit too late.
Any "white nationalist" worth a shit would format the phone by now.

Go play outside, moarpheus, and stop derailing the thread.

what happens if they sold their phones or lost them?

Because they don't want the public to see the evidence. You do realize there's aerial video that STILL hasn't been released, yes?

On top of that, again, this first trial is a joke, as its being held in Cville and thus any semblance of impartiality is right out the window.
Its a show trial. He's being brought out and sacrificed.

If he is convicted and doesn't appeal, we'll know something is up with him (ie, hes a glownigger).
If he appeals and doesn't win, we'll know the DoJ is totally corrupt.
In any case, any appeals will likely take YEARS to play out, so they're likely hoping to get a conviction so they can run with that narrative for a few years until his appeal, which would be the first chance of him being cleared.

Dude is fucked, basically, and nobody cares, nor is anybody going to care because to try to express any care for this kid = you are a nazi and must be destroyed.
This is the problem all over, just look at the midterms: US Whites simply are not prepared to meaningfully oppose whats happening around them. Many want to, but not enough, and even amongst those, almost-none can or will come out and say anything publically.

White guy has a traffic accident and the entire US legislature/government apparatus comes out to call it 'domestic terrorism' - in lock-step with jewish media - and gets tossed into prison for year/s? Sucks, but short of armed resistance in large number, nothing is going to change it - you can protest and bitch on social media all day long, all it amounts to is signal boosting for their kangaroo court show-trial.

The Jewdicial system will find some way to bend them over a barrel.

I'd just toss it in a lake and say I lost it. Prove I didn't.
Hell, I'd rent a canoe and take it out and then 'fall off' the canoe. Prove it wasn't an accident.

Of course, the people involved in this event were completely fucking retarded, in that they apparently trusted city government and police - which they had no reason to do and were warned not to do by many - and didn't record any of their conversations, so its all just a he-said-she-said nonsense pile that 99% of normalfags can't be bothered to try to sort out for the sake of defense of someone being called a 'nazi' by the j-media.

Well, this is where we come in, user.


Yeah but are not all trials automatically public and only if the accuser asks it can be behind closed doors?

Obama's NDDA says they can keep forever without a trial.

They ask the phones over one fucking year later, and if these losers do turn the phones in, they are 100% feds, no argument about it.

The Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution establishes the right of the accused to a public trial.

The right to a public trial is strictly enforced, but is not absolute. Trials may in exceptional cases be regulated. Closures are decided case-by-case by the judge evaluating a claimed danger to a substantial or legitimate public interest. But whatever the interest at stake, the likelihood of danger to that interest must meet a "‘substantial probability’ test".[1] Examples of cases presenting closure issues include organized crime cases (overall security concerns), rape cases (decency concerns), juvenile cases,[2] and through the Silent witness rule and/or Classified Information Procedures Act, cases involving sensitive or 'classified' information.[3]

Trials may be closed at the behest of the government only if it can show "an overriding interest based on findings that closure is essential to preserve higher values and is narrowly tailored to serve that interest".[4] The accused may also request a closure of the trial; in such a case, it must be demonstrated that "first, there is a substantial probability that the defendant's right to a fair trial will be prejudiced by publicity that closure would prevent, and second, reasonable alternatives to closure cannot adequately protect the defendant's fair trial rights".

But before a judge can close a courtroom, the judge must consider all potential alternatives to closure. This is a very strict standard; the Supreme Court has held that "trial courts are required to consider alternatives to closure even when they are not offered by the parties," or by anyone else.[5] In other words, a judge who does not want to be reversed on appeal must be confident that there cannot possibly be any alternative to closure that might later be conjured up by some appellate lawyer.

This is where you come in, shilling for known jewish psyop frauds

Also on the Anglin thread, doing the same thing trying to encourage anons to go along with their selected CIA-kike fraud

All anons should already be aware that everyone involved in the Charlottesville psyop is kiked, especially wankers continuing to pretend that we haven't already established this more than a year ago

watching now. @2:43 What is he thinking?
Also: could you better characterize for the class "How" the video pertains to OP's post? Specifically.

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Now there I am inclined to agree.

Fuck, this is banana republic tier law.

Wow, immediately moarpheus tries to shut it down and memoryhole everything.

That's some nice reddit you have there bro.

You know if you look at OPs title, it says "Charlottesville"
If you watch the video it is all about the Charlottesville psyop, detailing how every single member of the psyop was a compromised kike or CIA spook

Now we have a thread where fake 'nationalists' are pretending the Charlottesville psyop was legit and all involved need our support, when they were CIA-kikes trying to lure and entrap anons

Well, I'm saving all these images and put it into a folder.

Someone need to get this shit trending.

It's moarpheus trying to shut down discussions that he doesn't like, the little kike.

Seems really improbable that there's strong evidence to any effect in that context.

Yep. Assume you are in the Soviet Union when it comes to things like this.
Remember that one libertarian journal they tried to put in prison for life for pulling out his gun at a lefty protest in self defense when he was being mobbed?

Well, at least we can raise fucking public awareness over this matter, because everyone now really has memory-holled this guy.

was Jeff Sessions directly involved in this?

Which video?
This one you posted?

That video?
No, you posted a 20 minute video which is non-stop kvetching about Trump.

That one is old news.

Please do not engage moarpheus, he's trying to derail this thread and shut this discussion down.

Yeah, because nobody cares, bro.
Or rather, amongst those who DO care, there's nothing to be done about it.

All you'll wind up doing is signal-boosting.

Pretty much.

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What about Dixon?

Well he's already posted off-topic, so I already reported him for it.

But why the statement? Do they released any statement when those niggers broadcasted live the kidnapping of a white child?

I would be fine with signal boosting. At least that's something.

Nope, it's all about fucking white nationalist crime.

Same for Pittsburg shooting.

The topic in hand is the Charlottesville psyop
I posted videos detailing the Charlottesville psyop

How is that considered off topic?

Whether it is or is not "derailing", let those reading this decide, ploxx. If there is a lesson to be learned, let the user learn it. Otherwise, there was no purpose in the fucking thread to begin with.

Yeah, I'm not seeing anything in that video suggestive of what you're pushing.
The fact that all those involved are faggots, it might be evidence of that, sure, but not

All I'm asking is that engage with reality and stay on topic. Reporting again for off-topic.

Stop the derailment, if you want to discuss about how Trump sucks, do it in another thread.

This is a thread about Alex James Fields.

The bureaucracy doesn't care about their allies.

Doing what helps your enemy is usually not a great idea.

An advice: Report and filter him.

The kike will put up a new IP, but his posting style wouldn't change.

Sad to say, but I'm out of material too, I don't have a twitter account, best I can do is saving these images so SOMEONE ELSE can use them.

I'm suspecting again whenever the Daily Stormer is reaching that critical mass where their obvious jewish shitshow is starting to unravel as it frequently does, they are sending out their worst to spam the board with pro Kushner psyop spam

Charlottesville was a jewish psyop, the only people who don't know this here are Anglinbots and the jews tasked with managing Zig Forums

Signal boosting the absolute mistreatment of this dude and how they can detain you forever doesn't sound like helping the enemy, friend.

Does dixon have a role?

That's some more nice reddit you've got there my dude.
Anyway, I don't really care at this stage - its a show trial, he's fucked.

Be another few years before we get the appeal, which is the only chance this kid has - and no amount of social media kvetching will change that. If you wanna run with it, feel free, but I can't be assed to spend my time doing the enemy's bidding by promoting their show trial in the public eye.

Frankly, I'd prefer this kid stayed memory holed - but the media won't allow that. Trial is set for 3 weeks long, starts Nov 26th. We'll know how it plays out by the end of 2018. I don't really care until its over.

Okay, user. Is this about James Alex Fields or Unite The Right? There seems to be some confusion

How is posting videos pertaining to the OPs subject matter derailing the topic?

All you and your "chums" are doing is pretending that the jewish frauds behind the Charlottesville psyop are legit and on ourside, when we already know they and you are not

Notice how posts against your jewish Charlottesville CIA-kikes promoted here aren't instantly deleted like they were when Kampfy was given freer reign in instabanning any dissent

Dunno, haven't heard anything to that effect, but I wager its possible.

Well, it is. Again: There's nothing to be done about it. Its just more demoralization porn - they WANT you to make people aware of this, because the more people that are aware of it, the more people will see him get convicted for his awful awful crimes… And then if he gets an appeal 3 years later that gets him out, the media won't cover it and that's that.

This is specifically about James Alex Fields and how they have kept him in jail for over a year now.

I don't see one good reason why this dude (being a kike he is) should be memory holed.

His treatment is absolutely redpilled material for anyone who still believes America operates by laws.

I think you're actually the OP.

But what you should make people aware is HOW he was treated for over a year while waiting trial, not how he's convicted.

So, all derailing aside; what have we learned in this thread? What lessons are you teaching the anons reading this thread? Don't jewsplain. Be specific.


Who believes that? Nobody. Especially right now.

Why would I promote demoralization porn?
What value is there in showing people who already know the score more depressing shit and getting them reinvested in a fight that will not be won?

Its just dumb dude, sorry.

Anybody who doesn't know the score won't spend half a second caring about this situation, and anybody who does know the score will only be demoralized by the reality of being completely unable to do anything to change the situation.

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OK, we have learned that:
Ever since Charlotteville, he was jailed for over a year, and getting ass beaten in prison, while waiting for a show trial.

Well, it's worth a try.

It's not demoralization porn, it's reality.

This dude is treated like trash before he's even convicted.

Even a child could see what he's trying to do user, and there's really nothing nefarious about it. Just another guy still caught up in the idea that 'raising awareness' isn't another way of saying 'doing nothing of import but feeling like you tried at least'.

Cool man.

Been over this already, you're just repeating yourself now.

Well, we do have this nice corner of the building footage.

The aerial video, from what I've heard, shows minutes before it happened and offers valuable context for his path and how it went down.
That video you posted is just a different angle on the same thing we've seen from a thousand different angles - what's missing is what led up to that, and the aerial footage apparently shows that in much greater detail.

Again, I don't see a single reason why this incident should be memory-holed.


Not a very reliable source. Do you have anything to back that up so that pressure can be applied against the people sitting on it? An FOIA request goes a long way.

This is getting weird, why does government want people to know that they are mistreating people?

Fields did nothing wrong

Good luck with that, but I'm pretty sure the bureaucracy already figured out some excuse to not have to release the footage.

Because the people are powerless to change it, or at least, that's the desired implication.
Also, the conviction.

Let me explain it for you, my smoll brained friend.

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