Avenatti Arested

Scumbag lawyer spent the night in jail after apparently striking a woman in the face.

The incident happened at his Century City apartment. A woman was seen by building security running into his apartment to "get her things". Avenatti was seen running in after her. She came out of the apartment holding her face and crying into a phone while accusing him of hitting her. Her face was covered in bruises. Avenatti was heard saying "she hit me first".

Avenatti, a hero of the Left, and potential 2020 Presidential candidate, is best known for gathering and parading would be accusers of Brett Kavanaugh before the media. He led the #believeallwoman movement, which claims that proof is not necessary when accusations are made by women against men.

More recently, he has been in the news for choosing to represent far left protestor and gay latino immigrant Juan Granados, the man who accosted Tucker Carlsons daughter in Virginia country club, calling her "Tuckers whore", and a "cunt". Granados is suing Tuckers teen son for assault after the son threw a glass of whine at him. Avenatti accusers Tucker of racism for defending his family against someone so high on the progressive stack.


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After posting bail


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How did this total douchebag celebutard lawfag become a "potential 2020 Presidential candidate?" They already tried this meme on Kanye, Oprah, The Rock, and Mark Zuckerberg. Two kangz, a robotic yid, and a Maori pro wrestler/actor with citizenship in two other countries. Sounds like the Democrats.

Believe woman, boy.

Was the other thread deleted?

I don't know if he really hit her, but if he didn't, this was the easiest set-up in history. Dude practically planned it himself.

Now he is claiming it is a set up.

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Who fucking cares?
This is a circus for the plebs.

You know it's situations like these that make me realize how much of the news is scripted like a soap opera - there is no way this shit is real. All the world is a stageā€¦


What I find most disgusting about America, is the normalization process of jewish culture in it. Progressively, shitty words like kosher and klutz have popped up in normal speech. All the while the warm, household concepts of white Christians have been demonized and turned weird. Jew words were never used in European languages, ever.

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At least he's consistent.

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Something must happen to people after they become radical leftists that makes them look more like rats. It must be the Jewish influence.

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They think Americans voted for Trump because he was a celebrity and not specifically because he promised to build a wall.

Michael "I believe in women, getting a pummeling" avenatti
Michael "my wifes a nazi so I punched her" avenatti
Michael "horse face? Bruised face" avenatti
Michael "I never count to 3 with the ole one-two hook" Avenatti


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nice trips, putz

If this was a setup, Trump should have activated the manchurian prior to midterms.

Sounds based to me. Hitting women to keep them in line is what prevents crazed women. When did Zig Forums became a board of white knights?

One thread per topic

Michael Avenatti Got Arrested?

Haven't some yiddish words made their way into German?