LA celebs cough up $60 million for Israel Defense Forces at gala event

Now why do jews insist Hollywood is NOT Jewish controlled?

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They don't, they brag about it.

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In Hollywood kikery is on full display for those who choose to see it.
They just know that most people choose not to.

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How beautiful. But, Trump does not understand Japanese.


When Trump's $3.8 billion in free aid, donated using the jews' own currency and paid for by middle class U.S. taxpayers' sweat (with interest), just isn't enough.

You really don't think of Pharrell Williams or Ashton Kutcher as having their shit together. Regardless it is a great success and I am glad to see in this dark world there are still a few specks of light in the distance.

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Perhaps today, using modern technology, a gas chamber program might actually be feasibly implemented.

how is this not treason?

When have they ever done that?

How new are you

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Looking through the list, the attendants are mostly lapdogs for major movie industry corporations like Sony, Virgin and Warner Brothers who hide their cultural marxist & criminal activities under the old umbrella of philantropy.ía
Who else was there?

Fran Drescher supposedly had a radical hysterectomy, which i don't believe for a minute, but it's a good tear-jerking opener for her "never marry & reproduce" shtick. Must've been written by some writer's guild hack.

A uterine cancer survivor, Drescher is an outspoken healthcare advocate and LGBT rights activist, and is noted for her work as a Public Diplomacy Envoy for Women's Health Issues for the U.S. State Department.

Do you ever get the inpression that you're being denied critical info? info that could change your views on much? e.g. Trump 2016 v. Trump 2018. Day v. Night

Entertainment is strong in my genetics. My family members moved to Hollywood to direct, some want to write books. We critique movies constantly. Think about if something you loved so much was churned through a machine that coated it in greasy diarrhea. You could consume as much as possible, but it all had different levels of shit. Everything you loved more than anything would never be clean and pure. That is the life I live. Some just wanted to play vidya, I just wanted to watch movies.

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pic related is a celebrity (on the left) but the three individuals on the right couldn't make it to the gala.
Earlier donations to Israel made sure of that.

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Literal dancing monkey for his masters. Now you know the cunt is 'famous'.

Such a great opportunity for a mass shooting wasted.


Re-watching the last 80 years of American films through the lens of the Jewish Question is quite illuminating, though. I was the same as you, loved movies, and still do. But I recognize them for what they are now, which is nothing other than mk ultra programming.

What is the money going to used for anyway? Funding more "rebels" ?

So much for my Butterfly account, JIDF just shoahed my Twatter a day after I posted on their 6 millionth Holohoax thread . Nice run though, seems like posing as a SJW you can get away with a lot more a lot longer , from apartheid state to ZISIS , but I had to go fuck it up replying to an obvious Honeypot thread posted yesterday.
Back to the drawing board

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(((Thot Dating services)))
and one wonders how the Jews control the world's ((( societal narrative )))

It's called money laundering you dumb fucks. It's a known fact that jewpedowood is a money laundering op on the side. These people are all in a mafia which is linked to human trafficking drug trafficking money laundering arms tracking , nothing is transparant so I'm sure it goes deeper and us military ships in cheap medicine and goods under the radar.

Get it through your thick fucking skull. These people are a fucking mafia and you have every right to get them out of the universe. All those movies and books are based on real shit, and they aren't giving up easy.

When Gary Oldman pointed it out they forced an apology out of him and called him an antisemite for telling the truth when he quoted a book about jewish Hollywood written by a Jewish author.

send bomb

just jokinh

America is full of foreign lobbies. The strongest is the israeli, but even the roaches manipulate the government

It's a result of Jewish inbreeding. Once they out breed and collect the genes of a goy the resulting offspring inbreeds back into the tribe. Familial marriage helps to retain recessive traits.

Jews practice cousin fucking and uncle niece fucking. I'm not joking about the niece fucking either.

Reminder that Aubrey de Grey's SENS initiative is trying to raise just $50 million to begin human trials of life extension technologies, and they set a deadline of 2021 for it. BECAUSE THEY CAN'T GET THE MONEY FAST ENOUGH TO DO IT NOW.

I didn't know the minstrel show is still popular in (((Hollywood))).

Did Pharrell do a little soft shoe for the joo?

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I couldn't even get $1 for my crowdfunding platform
I couldn't even get $1 for my news platform
I couldn't even get $1 for my ad network system
I couldn't even get $1 for my documentary

In 20 years of activism I've received a total of $0 and nothing but knives in the back by fellow whites. It was the biggest mistake I ever did. You guys are a joke.

I just visited this random link inside a reddit thread about the golden one yesterday. It was a transgender guy with 321k subscribers making videos. One video has 850k views and 60k likes; making fun of white people. We are getting crushed. The world is collapsing and you can't even donate $1 to help fight back.

These jews get $60,000,000 in a few hours.

Fuck you faggots to hell.

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