Based Shitskins Storm The Kikes At London Kristallnacht Vigil

“I think what we just saw was anti-Semitism.”

A vigil held by pro-Israel activists in London for Jews murdered in Arab countries was dispersed violently by men shouting about killing Jews in Arabic.

The event Wednesday by the Israel Advocacy Movement was held on Speaker’s Corner in London’s Hyde Park, which is known for its culture of free speech and passionate street preachers championing various causes.

A few dozen people holding Israeli flags and candles gathered there ahead of Kristallnacht, the name of Nazi pogrom perpetrated in 1938, to highlight the suffering and slaying around the same time of many hundreds of Jews who were killed and wounded in pogroms across the Arab world.

Joseph Cohen, an Israel Advocacy Movement activist, filmed the event as about 20 men drowned his talk, shouting: “Jews, remember Khaybar, the army of Muhammad is returning.”

The cry relates to an event in the seventh century when Muslims massacred and expelled Jews from the town of Khaybar, located in modern-day Saudi Arabia. Some of the men shouted about “Palestine,” surrounding the pro-Jewish activists and shoving them.

“As if on cue, before we’d even begun an extremist began screaming a death chant of Jews,” Cohen said. “The vigil went from bad to worse, they shouted us down, they would not allow us to remember our dead until we had to call off the vigil,” he added. The occurrence “goes to the heart of the matter we’d gathered to commemorate in the first place,” he also said.

A German woman who witnessed the event said: “A Christian was preaching and the atmosphere was friendly, a Muslim was preaching, and there were shouts but the atmosphere was still friendly but as soon as Jews wanted to honor their dead a whole of crowd appeared out of nowhere, as soon as the flags appeared, the cursing began against people who only wanted to honor their dead.”

She added: “I think what we just saw was anti-Semitism.”

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They will fucking oy vey and kvetch until the sun burns out.

It's funny. After the 100 billion paki savages finish raping and murdering our people, those Jews are really gonna get it, right? Right?



only if they haven't converted to Islam yet user

It was the sandniggers crying about it.

this is the only video i can find of this event on jewtube or twitter

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I'm smiling. It's the only good thing that comes from importing Muslims.

At least the mudslimes aren't fooled as much by the kikes

found a longer version
seems extremely low energy, it has all the media manipulation camera angles to show crowds larger than they are, it looks like there were maybe 10 jews there and 15 shitskins total

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Thats why I found this so damn hilarious user.

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Their responses are so scripted.
Go back.
I'm okay with that at this point. Whites and Arabs vs. kikes. We could be best buddies. They stay in the Middle East when we're done and we'll stay in Europe and America. Pretty sure they'd be useful in purging cucks too.

Aren't they all semites?

This is a shit-tier cringe classic little film to watch.

Unfortunately this entire thing is as contrived as memri tv which is jewish.
I'm saying the muslims are really jews or were encouraged to do this to garner sympathy for what just needs simple removal.
No semite battles on Saxon soil.
Fuck off home.

Also that blond woman is a stooge. She lies.

it definitely throws off the vibe that the jews paid them to show up

It's very clear she's a plant.

I hope President Trump sends the FBI after these Jew-hating sand niggers.


Nowhere to run this time kikes. Except off planet and then the space nazi's are going to fuck you in the ass.

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>12427543 [No (You) for (((You)))]

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No, we will get Orwellian freedom restricting laws in order to stop all this rampant anti-semitism.

Getting rid of white people isn't the only objective of all this importing of shit skins. That will be a long term effect. The short term effect is to establish that everyone is equal and everyone is the same in most people's heads. Then, the mudshits cause tons of problems in society: "hate speech", violence, crime, drugs, rape, etc. But because they've worked so hard to convince idiots that there's no difference between a Somali just off the boat and that college educated white German girl in university, when they hear crime, they assume it's a people problem, not a mudshit problem. And then the freedoms go away to make room for keeping everyone safe.

The next few decades will see Europe's freedoms completely evaporate. If nothing changes, the year 2040 in Europe will be

jews are the ultimate whiny pissy little spineless cunts. why didn't the Mohammed's do Allah's work?

already is
already is if purchased with anything except cash
already are, they just turn them off on the "terrorist attack days!"
already are

well on the way to it being that way or making no difference, the other day I was unable to pay cash into someones account (under £500), I had to pay it into my own and then transfer it from there.

look at that rat faced jew "german" girl

terrible acting

It's already illegal to pay more than 300 euros cash in France, so there you go. Of course they rationalize "to catch criminals" but it's really just about surveillance.

Arabic "antisemitism" is not Nazism, it is semitic infighting and golems turning on their masters.

sounds like somebody got deplatformed

Quick blame whitey for making these shits feel so ostracized that they need to lash out at kikes!

who fucking cares, they all need to die

It really does seem like just another of the many "reminders" that they make every year.

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Open borders for Israel ,Israel won't survive without multicultural diversity.

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The Muslims brought up Khaybar
Based Mohammed bringing the smackdown on the kikes

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Ahmed the truthteller. kek

Amazing what brown people can get away with lol

Also, I've got couple of lists for these kikes

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Or late with the checks.

You saying this is fake?
This is right next to Edgware road, which is basically Arab/Muslim HQ in Central London.
I live close by and I could definitely see a couple of Muslims spontaneously heading down to harass these jews.

wtf I love mudslims now?!

We gas them last

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If it's real, then they need to step up their game.

WTF I love those sister/goat fucking dune coons now. THANKS POL! What is sad is that they have done more against the Kike in one act than all of the "white" men in the UK have over that last 70 years.

~Every jew about literally everything

It's because the muslims didn't get the brainwashing. Video related

Could you now.

Good video

I'm surprised that the jews aren't being assassinated left and right with the amount of shit they do to people every day.

And yes I'm saying it's setup I made it clear in my first post.
How do you know these were muslims spontaneously.
You are better than the British army assassinated in the King David hotel by jews pretending to be muslims are you?

If the arabs manage to expel the jews from Europe, they are rightly entitled to the land.

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On the surface you would think that, but obviously anyone aware of what's being done and by whom is also aware of their far reaching power and willingness to be extra judicial themselves where necessary. It's a suicide mission basically.

No they are not

It is Allahs will, PBUH.

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is that guy an actual jew or just some cuck larping?

No. That's not why jews are not being assassinated. The reason is far more depressing. People are simply too apathetic and beaten down by the never ceasing propaganda.
Also, everyone is isolated and atomized.

Assassinating people is easy. The hard part is deciding to do it. It's a life changing decision and you can never return to normal life after committing an act or "terrorism"

Is this not just one aspect of their far reaching power? I never mentioned mossad, this would be like being afraid of seal team 6, just stupid. Extra judicial might mean killing you but they would actually rather make you suffer. Keep you in prison, have you raped, fit you up as a pedo, sex offender, destroy finances, hopefully after a long fight you kill yourself. This is more than mossad .

Not if they can't find you.
Also, Muslims generally just don't give a fuck. Accuse them of pedophilia and they'll laugh at you. Threaten them with death and they'll spit in your face. Threaten their job security and they're say "What job?" and just keep stabbing you.

The dye-blond woman who declares that she's "from Germany" – I suspect is at least part jewish..
She doesn't say "I'm German", just from there.
She indicates she doesn't know the English word antisemitism, but then repeats it with perfect pronunciation, thus hitting a "double word score."
She waxes dramatic about the suffering of jews..
Her nose looks classic merchant when she turns to profile.
I'd make her out as about 50 percent kike-ess, or at least 25 percent, one grandparent in the tribe.

She's attractive, but she has a nose curve like Brother Nathanael.

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This x1000 the kike brought the Muslims in to displace the white and murder them off and out breed them on native white soil. Fucking kikes are even rewriting history to include niggers and these fuckers. Next year in France I expect the Jews to teach that Charles Martel was a nigger or a converted Shitskin.

"attractive" your drunk right.


We Wuz Franch!

I WANT TO TAKE YOU TO THE Khaybar. Is what Mo said? What happened to just, 'die you fucking kikes, die'? Some based Abdullah needs to kick it off with a good stabbing of zee rabbi.

This user ain't fucking. Poor bastard would stick his dick in just about anything at this point. Don't eat the mashpotatoes if you go over to this house, just saying.

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KEK, diversity is our strength!

How many times do we have to tell faggots that kikes and mudslimes can't live together, they'll just end up turning the place into a war-zone


Are they losing control of the mud men?

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you can not pay in cash?
Fucking hell.

Plus she needs to

1. burn her clothes or at least wash them
2. Take a good shower with shampoo and soap.


No the mud men are doing what they're supposed to be doing; driving the stray kikenvermin back to Palestine under the tight control of the rabbis.

This shit is standard cult behavior…you need to control your flock so you can fleece them

What do you mean by this?

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NSDAP and shitskins got along in the past, why not repeat history again as usual and do it again.

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Because muslims don't want racial segregation. They want to take over the world because their dumbfuck desert pedophile cult told them they were special, just like the kikes.
The jews and the muslims have helped each other in the past, and it's the same today. This is just a petty squabble over who gets to rape the Europeans first.

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user, mashed potatoes, did you know they're grey until someone ejaculates in 'em?

So, if you've had white ones…

Muslims are NPCs, any who deviate from the programming are declared murtad and can be lawfully killed. They do not hate jews for the same reasons you do, they hate (((them))) because mohammad hated (((them))).

“I think what we just saw was anti-Semitism.”
Or just a public performance piece to reinforce the victim status? Or just another part and parcel day in a third world city?

Now you LOVE Muslims? Lol fuck them and the kikes. Wanna fix the world? Stop funding Israel and see how long they last. Stay the fuck out of the Middle East and let them blow each other up. Fuck them both.

If only the Muslims would just start slaughtering the jews. But then again the kikes would invent holohoax 2.0 and start pumping out movies every year about the neo shoah.

And what you just felt was me not caring about you. You made your grave bitch trying to destroy whites now lie in it.

The muslim will hurt or kill me, the effect instantaneous. The jew however will think of ways to make me suffer over an entire lifetime, dangling hope only to quash it a second later. I'd rather live with neither, but having to make the choice I'd suffer far less with the muslim

The muslim is currently raping and killing their way out of Europe. In fact the end of it is the same, the destruction of white society.

And funny how many on Zig Forums supposedly hate niggers yet childe muslim, who are the same fucking shit as jew.

Holy fuck, (((InfoWars))) is literally mocking its audience at this point.

I admit reading OP brought a smile to my face, it is entirely pointless in the grand scheme of things, but it's amusing. Reminds me of the old saying "the enemy of my enemy is my ally". I absolutely despise mudslimes, but at least we have a common goal, eliminating jews. Still though, they all need to be removed from Europe.

Well, here's the truth: muslims have lived with jews for over 1000 years.

Muslim have never, ever eliminated jews.

In fact, controlled-oppo zionists have more chance of doing that more than muslims ever do.

Islam was invented by a jew for power, they (muslims)have never deviated from a word of it.
Muslims are controlled oppo-zionists, they just have much less of a clue than other people caught up in whatever jewish scam is occupying them.

I'm talking about "white controlled opp zionists", who the muslims hate for the simple reason that these people want muslim OUT of the country.


No such thing. The enemy of my enemy is also my enemy, he just dies later after he is no longer useful.

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You have low standards.

I'm sure it could be figured out how you could spend a long time with her on the Náströnd.

The audacity of these kikes…

So much fucking idiocy in this bread…
islam is not your ally
You're starting to sound like NPCs sperging the same stupid shit out…

I’ll die before that

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was true. Then again we are talking about Arabs which are just another form of disgusting Semite

id fuck that stupid halfling hard. if you claim you wouldnt, youre an actual faggot or lying to yourself or the rare poster here with a hot gf.

That isn't blonde.

Well, I guess your defeatist bitch attitude is the real key to warfare. Perhaps you can do some gay anti-military shilling too to let those of us who actually know how to rape and murder properly know that we r dum and should have been pacifists–preferably really really gay ones.

There is no freedom in Europe and very little in America.

Fuck mu-hammad.

You should have included the whiter christcuck one.

You're a faggot. Shut the fuck up.

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Right on cue to "prove" to the goyim TV viewers, that kikes are in "renewed danger" and required even greater levels of special treatment, courtesy of the goyim tax brutes.
tl;dr staged bullshit, semites working together against White families.

>(((as if on cue))) the muslim start screaming and chanting
No, not "as if", literally on cue, because it's a staged media event.