Brit/pol/ #2930: Kung Fu Edition

Not enough migrants arriving to keep pay down - Central Bank
The number of people willing to move to work is not going to hit levels seen during the last boom and will not keep wages down, economists at the Central Bank are forecasting

Prince Harry warns about dangers of 'unconscious racism' in candid interview for Duchess of Sussex's Vogue
The Duke of Sussex has spoken candidly about the effects of “unconscious bias” on racism, warning people must understand how their upbringing and environment causes them to be prejudiced without realising it

Noel Radford - the father of Britain's biggest family with 21 children - slams Prince's suggestion he is protecting the environment by only having two kids
The Duke of Sussex claims he and Meghan want to limit the size of their family to help reduce their carbon footprint, but The Radfords, of Morecambe, Lancashire, say their 21 children are a joy and suggested Harry's green intentions do not tally up with his royal lifestyle

New Whistleblower Allegation: YouTube Manipulated ‘Federal Reserve’ Search Results in Response to MSNBC Host’s Complaint
Google-owned YouTube manually adjusted search results for “Federal Reserve” after MSNBC host Chris Hayes complained about the prominence of anti-Fed videos in the top results, according to a source who worked at the tech company

Single mother haunted by abortion hanged herself to Ed Sheeran song
Jade Rees, 21, from Oldham, Greater Manchester, had a termination when her five month relationship with the baby's father broke down and he began dating another woman

Irish Prime Minister Threatens Boris With UK Break Up in No Deal Brexit
A no-deal Brexit could lead to a united Ireland as more people in Northern Ireland would “come to question the Union” with Great Britain, Irish prime minister Leo Varadkar has said

Fearing no-deal Brexit, UK carmakers slam brakes on investment
Britain's carmakers, fearful of a chaotic no-deal Brexit and global economic turmoil, are slamming the brakes on investment, the nation's automotive industry warned on Wednesday

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very nice

Feel a bit down again tbh, lads.

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chin up lamb

xth for read Spengler

Oy vey it's anudda black wednesday

also xth for Nixon

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I'm head-on, baby, flat-out, all stops pulled, full steam ahead. Side bets are for losers. I'm playing to win.

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Send in the clowns

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Marco is a good lad.

fucc all homos who talk shit about ginnie, daily reminder that puglad is a bot created by the SSE to demoralize isolated monadic bio arrays from undergoing proper individuation so they can become one in the holy spirit

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Press [D] to dance on the graves of degenerates

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literally every statement in this is correct


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VVEVV just the other month I was told that it was possible to destroy HIV entirely because being on medication made in non-transmissible, now this happens.


link doesn't work

good lad Ive always had this feeling about him and several other lads here

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thanks charls

put leddit dot com in front of it lad

Already got an interview with the catering college.

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is the communist gangster ai computer god fucking with us again?


It's been said for a long while now, these cures aren't going to do a fucking thing as the poofters refuse to stop bumming each other.
The last cure that apparently worked only worked if the patient also had fucking skin cancer or something, every step they take to finding a cure the poofs leap forward allowing more and more mutations.

good lad


well done lad

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I agree with the lad

Been gone for 3 days smh

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Did you batter down the door

lost me a bit when he says fanny juice turns you androgynous but everything else is spot on


The collapse is already happening.

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Just finished watching that Pagliacci opera that was posted here weeks ago.
What a masterpiece.

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No the side door was unlocked. It must have gotten locked in there when they went on holiday smh

Kek, they are tied actually

Whatever could these countries have in common?

I give up

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What book?


They’re in the collapse

get out reee

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enjoy user

Thanks, lads, but I want it on the kindle.

what happened to #IBelievePuglad? smh fickle yank

Use send to kindle from Amazon, Zig Forums won't let me link it for some reason

amazon .com/gp/sendtokindle/pc

Using pdf on kindle fucks up the formatting

Have a poorly scanned Mosley book as well.

It converts it to kindle formatting.

Is Epub any good?

Nah formatting problem there too

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Read it on your phone maybe? Moon+ Reader?

Download Calibre and then convert the pdf to a file that will work on kindle


I just bought it legally finally it worked.

wrong chief, they are primarily for urination

I can just move pdf's/epubs across to mine with a usb cable

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I suspect the influx of niggers is reducing life expectancy. Not just because of the increase in murders and suicide (blacks are more likely to kill themselves) but also because of their increased rates of disease and heart failure.

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Smh, this is meant to convince the Welsh to vote Lib dem

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source? I've always heard the opposite

Boris Johnson is just like Thatcher and the sjw are getting destroyed on social media. It's hilarious.
God lads, it's just like the good old days.

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man fuck people wanting 15 dollars for a kindle book when the author of it is dead.


Arktos is the worst for this.

Good lad

I got this version yonks ago. Sharing is caring.

Black Friday is when all the prices go down. So.
You know why there isn’t a white Friday?
because the prices of everything would go up


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Nice, thanks.

It's impressive how they can pull off psychological manipulation like this tbh, wish I knew how it was done.

Have full control of peoples ears, simple really.

These people are evil and need to be put down. Let children have their childhoods. They had theirs so why can’t they let others have their childhoods?

smh that will arouse 22st

They didn't either though
They spent their childhood in school being drilled in "proper" regimens of thought and behaviour. Even the time they spent outside of school was subject to the mental instruction of television and radio and, of course, homework.

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a 56 year old favourited me. Probably hoping I'll shag her with my big dick. She's in for a surprise


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Give her the d

Just seen the new Fast and Furious spin off

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whats your national insurance number?

jééj jonge Norwegian looks like the Frýslan memmies

I think you mean the b.

remember seeing tanks and stuff in the Iraq war and I was afraid it'd be a world war. Imagine what these little kiddies indoctrinated about climate are feeling. Politicians are even talking about just a few years until we reach a point of no return for certain doom.


Talk about deflection top keeeek

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tbh there's already such a divide between the pre and post 9/11 kids, there's probably an equivalent one for the climate meem

Climate change will be the new 9/11

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Remember lads, it's a completely organic grassroots movement

these people live in a different reality, dont see how climate change will be the new 9/11 though

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My bad its native Americans and Maoris who are more likely.

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