Man yells, "Hail Hitler, Hail Trump" during Fiddler on the Roof Intermission


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Verified digits
Verified Hey rabbi watcha doing.

We really need a "day's since last jewsish false flag" image.

He must not know that Trump abhors anti-semites.

lmao, banter.
How's it feel to live your life in fear, kikes and shitlibs?

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The race war is going to start in Maryland isn't it?

I always find it infuriating that these kikes get their own words for everything to make themselves seem special.
It's not a genocide it's the "holohoax"
It's not an attack it's a "pogrom"

Not by civnat magapedes.

Yes, but the state is split between city folk/ rural folk, 50/50 or less White vs Non-White and the core is D and the edges are all R and the cops are killing armed citizens there now. The frog is boiling fast there

Top jej

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My bets are on Maryland, somewhere in the South, Texas, or California.

It's partially because it serves to infatuate disconnected whites who are fascinated by appealing to their sense of the mystical and the foreign. Indians (feather, not dot) use the same technique when they present themselves as 'spiritual' whenever talking to white people because it makes white people more pliant towards their demands. It's because white people respect spirituality and crave it for themselves despite being (((taught))) to feel guilty about any white-centric versions of it.

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Neither rural nor urban people are redpilled so the distinction is meaningless.

Jews jewing. All going according to plan. I hate this planet.

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Thanks for the tip, satan.

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What was this originally? I can't figure out what atheists would put there.

Never forget jesus died for your sins?

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Confirmed jew did this.

Who would go to a Jewish play about how hard it is to be a Jew in a Goy World if not Jews and maybe one or two extremely retarded neocons? Not the kind of audience to jump up and scream about Hitler.

Good. I hope they fucking choke on them.

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There is a 95% certainty the man in question was a tribal.

Fucking hell I didn't even know what Fiddler on the Roof was about and my hyperbolic description hit the nail on the fucking head:

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I'm verging on 100% from the fact that he was identified by police and issued a 'stop order,' but wasn't accompanied by photo of the guy, his address, place of employment, and nearest 50 family members.

Sheeit! He dindu nuffin. We just needs mo mney for dem pogroms.

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That sounds EXACTLY like what kikes are pushing on whites.

Nope. Full of cucks, niggers, and spergs who think trump is hitler.

I agree with the points that you're making, but a more reductive view on the theme ring especially true for whites, as said.

It's the story of a simple man living a simple life, having to deal with the rapidly progressing world around him tearing away at the traditional values and lifestyle that he holds dear. Rather poignant, I'd say.

You've been reading too much lolberg propaganda. No one here cares.

Hooboy, does it. I used to like this movie in my pre-redpill days (now I see it for the propaganda that it is). Tevye keeps letting shit go, risking the wrath of his fellow juden, until the youngest one shows up with a filthy goyim. THAT'S the straw that breaks his back, and he ostracizes her with the whole "I have NO daughter…except those other two!" routine.

Basically, the tl;dw is the Fiddler is the jews' tradition, which is shaky as fuck up there on the roof. No mention is made that it's ALSO crazy and dangerous. When the Russians finally get around to telling them to fuck off for good, the Fiddler asks (through a questioning note on his violin, for fuck's sake) if he can go with Tevye and his family to America. Tevye nods. Why not? I'm sure the Americans will be more than happy to have another shitload of jews who force their thinking on everyone!

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Sadly a kike probably said it

Okay then its 99.99999%.


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wow someone false flagged at a play and people got mad, reddit "salt mine" threads are totally worth sliding the catalog with

< "Hail Hitler, Hail Trump"

This has to be most obvious "Hey rabbi whatcha doin" and there's been some extraordinary examples in the past few years.

Who the fuck thinks that during that situation?

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controlled opposition

word magic has served them well tho.

I go to a deli each morning and buy bagels on occasion. Sometimes good and other times just plain or even stale. I now worry about saying the bagel is not good or something around the jews. Does it constitute anti semitism?. How about saying Seinfeld is not too funny or hating Facebook and getting charges of hating jews due to Zuckerberg. How on earth did we allow it all to get like this?…..was it our politicians solely or everyone else who bought into the system.

this is the only video i can find of this
all other MSM seem to be using this clip

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there's a good amount of salt in the comments

also as this video shows there was no panic. this is MSM trying to push fear where there wasn't any.

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Last time I checked whites didn't find themselves in a foreign land with established cultures and economies that they were trying to subvert, only to be expelled, all while deciding which husbands your daughters should marry.

i can't find a source for this video but idiots are trying to dox this guy as we speak.

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America isn't Britain yet

Cucked white (and (((white))) ) suburbs of DC love their DC paychecks.

Out in western Maryland, however, it may as well be rural Idaho when it comes the white mentality.

the police were already there, they escorted him off and didn't arrest him, he committed no crime.

People who want it to happen so they can scream from the rooftops that its anuddah shoah!

To be fair, only pogrom is unique to them. Holocaust was a Latin/biblical word for burnt offerings (burnt to the ash).

A bunch of old, rich kikes have dominated finance, law, academia, publishing, and entertainment for a long time. They've essentially dictated American culture and social behavior from on high via massive cash.

It's almost like throwing rocks through your own window to gain support.

You know you can pay people to do shit like this? Wouldn't take much money to have them say whatever you wanted them to say, if you find the right person.

Find a homeless guy, offer him $100 to stand up in a theater and scream something during intermission, clean him up a bit with a shower and a shave, get some cheap ass decent looking clothes from Goodwill or a thrift store, give him a ticket for the play, and "Anti-Semitism is on the rise! Anything Anti-Jewish should be illegal!"
Offer him another $50-$100 a ~week from the day to not tell anyone.

A man who yells, "Hail Hitler, Hail Trump," in a crowded theater or any public space, hails neither.


The Trumpnigger is literally the most retarded of our species

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"Hey jew, your bagels suck" seems like an appropriate way to address it. If that were to hit the news as "anti-semitism", it could only lead to increased jew fatigue (which is growing stronger by the day, by the way).

A comment worthy of note

The only person that would do such a thing would be a jew protesting against the jewish media's false narrative of 'nazi' Trump.

Yet all Trump does is suck on jew dicks, daily, repeatedly even on his own fucking twitter account.

The man is a kike

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Only a kike would do such a thing

The whole thing reeks of jew.

It will be revealed that he is jewish.

off by one

He sure looks like one

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It's odd that you didn't correct my ommision of contextuality. Context is always the determining factor for all things said and done.

That is not the real Donald Trump. That is an imposter!
You Jews are always trying to depict Trump in a bad light.

Fucking kikes.

Sunrise, sunset, salty are the tears…..

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Next time they should scream out, "who wants a shower?"

>Hail (((Trumpblattberg)))
Yep, definitely a kike

>dude (((God))) bless Zion Don lmao

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It's like when any arabic looking nigger on a plane would make people shiver after 9/11, hilarious.

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Absolute kek. Imagine being so cool that kikes and normal fags run away at the mere mention of your name decades after your escape to south america death.
I want to be like Hitler when I grow up.

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jew shills are really behind the times if they think any legitimate national socialist supports neocohen philosemite (((Trumpstein)))


literally hitler lol

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jews hate being exposed for the hysterical women they are. They prize chutzpah for a reason.

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Ironically he just set up a site for reporting hate speech. Or is it irony?

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Why do people believe Trumpstein is Hitler and hates jews?

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More importantly why bump this retarded thread?

I can't speak for these other faggots, but I am a simple man, and a jew evacuating a theater full of Jews just by saying hitler's name is immensely entertaining for me. Grafitti hale hortlers on kike tombstones or whatever just doesn't compare..

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For what crime, exactly?

It's called gallows humor, numbnuts.
Swing and a miss, you tryhard octaroon.

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Newsflash faggot: It was subverted decades before you and I were born. If you want to be a gigantic no fun allowed pissy pants faggot while we deal with the nightmare in front of us, that's on you. Maybe if you started walking your tough talk and actually got yourself prepped physically and mentally for the storm that's about to hit you wouldn't be so fucking uptight and terrified all the goddamn time.

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The same people that draw swastikas inside a Synogogue or All Jewish College Dorm or on Park Benches in a Jewish neighborhood and get away with it or vandalize Jewish cemeteries never to be found by the Police .
Gentlemen we have had 1488 Ninjas out there striking monthly for decades that are humble, proud and never feel the necessity to ever brag about their work.

So let's bump this HILARIOUS thread, am I right?
By "laughing" as your nation continues to be subverted by people you won't even admit are subverting it, am I rriiiiigght?
I must be if I don't laugh at this HILARIOUS antic, riiiight?

OT: half-pol has an excellent thread about islam full of very useful quotations from their scriptures:


It's being wasted there but I'm too lazy to copy everything here.

The basis for Fiddler on the Roof is a fictional memoir called Tevye and His Daughters by Sholem Aleichem. They didn’t waste any time dedicating a thousand things in his mane, even an impact crater on the planet Mercury bears his name lol.

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What is white spirituality?
Jesus was white - that's why the kikes hate us, but apart from the self sacrificing prey symbology, what do we have?
We have Norse gods. The lot of them, and Kelt gods - Danu, who demands the death of the king every year (ie. jesus shit)
What else.
What gods of rampant fury and death are on our side?

Is this pilpul? It's not very clever pilpul.

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Am I supposed to catch your obscure reference? Thanks for bumping this HILARIOUS thread btw.

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oh man i fell into your jew trap, damn, so clever

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