Assange to be Extradited and Prosecuted to the US?

It's no secret that Assange and Hillary Clinton aren't exactly exchanging Christmas cards, however would WikiLeaks' release of damaging information that was hacked (or copied locally on a thumb drive by a well-meaning American), be illegal for Assange as a publisher?

Despite scant clues as to how the DOJ will prosecute Assange aside from rumors that it has to do with the Espionage Act, the US Government is cooking on something.

John Demers - head of the DOJ's national security division, said last week regarding an Assange case: "On that, I'll just say, we'll see."

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if trump does this i'll vote straight shitskin in 2020 and go full accelerationist

"We love WikiLeaks"

Your dubs agree this is a good idea

I've been planning on doing that already

Not sure what good itll do, kikes control the outcomes, and they keep just enough "opposition" going to either side to maintain us on this steady downward spiral, but never going full ham and NEVER pulling back from the abyss

Either way, it would be fucking hilarious to see literally every seat and position in government, local, state, federal.. all go democrat, and let them all go nuts blowing the nation up over night. Just to laugh at how fucking insane they go when they get to wave their pens and do whatever they want, knowing the whole time that their insanity will see that so-called power instantly removed as every sane white person takes up arms and overthrows them and forms their own nation and kicks liberals, leftists, and non-whites out

Damn the US is fucked

How'd that work out for SA dum dum?

That's what he gets for exposing corruption.

I'm starting to think you (((guys))) are afraid of acceleration

if they lock up the White Wizard but don't lock her up, i promise that i will put a bullet in a glow nigger. and i guarantee that i am not alone. are the Cleared faggots ready to taste their own medicine and be hunted in their own backyard? just 100 motivated goys like me could be the spook's worst nightmare for which none of their contingency plans are prepared to defend against.

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Should have dropped all the insurance docs on these fucks.
Oh well.

Yea I don't think they are prepared for how much rage there will be once people wake up to the fact that Trump is a false hope, Once people feel like the system is rigged they rise up.which is why you saw movements like the Trump movement and Sanders movement in the campaign, I feel like we can make a 3rd party with those 2 groups and eliminate the 2 party ZOG corrupt Demorats and Republicucks.

It's a stupid comparison anyway. USA is the world superpower. SA is, and always has been, an irrelevant banana republic and shit hole.

Assange is a hero like few others.

So Trump at this point is now looking into prosecuting a person who exposed the corruption he claimed he would deal with once in office. The ride never ends.


Accelerationism was never going to work out in a setting where the group that would end up being targeted and destroyed was a small minority. In the case of SA, they had a very small percent of the population, and stepping on the gas destroyed them because they were allowing a much larger population to take control. of course that whole area would have collapsed long ago with out aids and loans and other shit, so, read into that how you will

If the USA though, who just throws away money at everyone else, and gets… well, do we get ANY aid from other nations? I dont think we actually do, nothing of any actual consequence anyway… and who has a 60% white population, were to suddenly self destruction like that.. not only would the leftist faggots in power not be able to prop up their failing government with foreign aid like in SA, but you'd have (assuming 60% of 300m, and 50% of that is right of center, ) ~90m americans up in arms, and remember they're the well armed ones.

That also doesnt take into account the massive land area of the USA compared to SA. In SA theres very little area to flee to or start over while things are collapsing, so you cant get away. In the USA we use basically none of the land we have access to. Pic related, a heat map of population density … notice how much green there is? that means that per square mile theres between 1 and 50 people living there, depending on the shade of green.

Compare that to SA, also pic related, and you'll notice there isnt much "unpopulated" area to go to… If you ALSO take a look at google satellite/map view of SA, you'll notice that area that seems to have low density? is all fucking desert/arid/rocky looking areas that are completely uninhabitable without lots of resources being shipped in from elsewhere. Where as the unpopulated areas of the US are a FUCKTON of grasslands, forests, mountains with lots of flora around… the only reason shit aint built up there is we dont have a need to, plus its not near a coast, PLUS the government has most of it as land it "owns" and wont let anyone do anything with.. but if their little pen waving means nothing.. then suddenly that land all becomes open to do with as we please

So yeah, we're talking about lots of different issues here that make the two situations completely worlds apart, you cant compare them

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Then suddenly came the accelerationist consensus squad and bonus points for fedposting. How come some shills never use their shift key?

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You mean redpilled?

I thought you guys were of the opinion that he was already dead?

Weren't there more talks about some senator trying to clear as Assange so he could testify? The hard part, for Trump, is how to protect Assange without looking like he condones leaking, which is what Assange represents. Trump's administration has been plagued by leaks everywhere, even from the FBI & congressmen. If Trump is publicly nice to Assange, that's like a green light to anybody even thinking of leaking in the future.

And for the Black-Pilled don't just watch take action if you want to see change then stand up and change it don't worry about what other people say, I know it's harder than it sounds but that must be something we strive to we can't just give up.

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"I usually type properly… To hide that I'm a different person maybe this time I just won't capitalize anything." I've done this while redpilling myself. Rookie mistake.

There is no blackpill faggot.

This is an excellent plan that worked really well in Russia in 1917. It also did wonders for China in 1949, Chile in 1970, and Eastern Europe after WWII. Boy, were those commies blown the fuck out when passive resistance forced the secret police to march everybody who didn't like them into mass graves and shoot them all dead. It was just half a century or so before justice caught up with them and they retired on government pensions or got jobs with the European Union.

Ha-ha, amirite, fellow based 1488-D chessmeisters?

Fucking kill yourself, faggot.

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Assange is a prisoner of ZOG. The jews of ZOG in Washington, DC, these days are either genetically descended or at least spiritually descended from jews of the Bolshevik era.

Those kosher Reds of the 1920's and 1930's are famous for holding "Show Trials" - sort of a blame game kind of circus for the public to see. The actual administration of justice has nothing to do with it.

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I wish I could translate passive-aggressive bullshit, it goes right over my head most of the time.

They could try him without him being there. Doesn't mean they will ever get a hold of him, just they want the process out of the way and ready to drop on him when the opportunity presents itself.

It'd be effective and insidious to simply declare him innocent quietly, and end the entire thing. No more protests, no more riots, just, "Yup, he's innocent because what he published can't be confirmed to even be true."

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Bingo card a as pre-emptive.

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Your beta smug catalog doesn't help either Imkikey

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So it's come to this. Assange getting killed for exposing the truth. What surprises me is how Assange is luckily alive, despite many on here before saying he's dead. Trump having Assange imprisoned/executed while Hillary still is breathing is a sign for those who think Trump is the saving grace of the country is full of hot air.

Get the fuck out.

IQ is so low in the US that hundreds of thousands actually believe this bullshit. We don't have a chance. When the population is as retarded as we are, we are like clay in the hand of the jew. Get supplies now.

If this makes you feel better, I guess I'm happy.

The evidence that Jews plot and scheme to fuck up the world on purpose is out there for absolutely anybody who wants to see it. Some of us needed a little shove, but the redpills flow through the vents when you stop pressing the shutters closed against them. I repeat: everybody who wants to know who owns the banks, the businesses that owe the banks money, Hollywood, media corporations, commodity prices, academia, think tanks, lobbying firms, the Ivy League schools all our judges come from, both political parties, several minor parties, the Deep State, and 7 out of 10 based alt-right revolutionaries, has all the information they want right in front of them.

Easily 90 percent of the population in every country is made up of followers and sheep. Lemmings, Dr. Pierce called them. These fashionable people are generally passive and provide tons of ballast for whatever horrible system they live under. Under the right circumstances – which Jew propaganda and the magnificent public education systems we based Westerners enjoy are happy to provide – these two-legged animals would slap your face for trying to pull the vampire's teeth out of their necks. "How DARE you, sir! Can't you see how much Lord Draculastein does for me? Why, if you drive a stake through his black heart, there's no telling what would become of me and my children!"

It's a shameful attitude, but understandable to miseducated consumers. These people have been carefully conditioned for going on four generations to consume politics and society the same way they consume pro sports and sugary sodas: Turn on TV, cheer for dreadlocked nigger in the end zone, beat you children for spilling grape juice on the carpet of the apartment you live in because you can't afford a house of your own like your parents had. It's hell on earth, but they cling to it.

No revolt is ever spontaneous, anymore than a field of corn is spontaneous. The seeds have to be planted and nurtured. Weeds and parasites have to be kept out. The target population has to relearn history and develop an identity that's separate and antagonistic to the (((ruling cadre))). Then, when the general air among the truck drivers and office girls is close to what you want the new world to be forged out of, an actual no-shit organization has to come into existence that the lemmings can join with nearly zero risk to themselves. In due course, this group can fuck with authority and bait the leadership into making stupid errors, like shooting into a crowd. In time, it must become the government for its people, who must be put to a grisly death in the street for snitching or paying taxes to the central government. Constant pressure has to be kept on, or the snowmen in the populace will just melt back into the loyal fold when things look normal again. Eventually, when your group looks like it's going to win, the masses come over to you and lynch everybody with an official title. As cowardly as they were for a hundred years prior, now they will be brave in the pogrom.

Sadly – tragically – final victory is when they go back to watching TV and let your group just run things for itself. Obviously, this is an open invitation to corruption and incompetence, but at least the Jews will be dead.

None of this happens on its own. How are you building the future right now, today? Because if the masses didn't rip the neocons and Senator Nigger to shreds during the 2008 crisis, it will never happen on its own. Period.

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It will turn the internet against him. But I think liars who took credit for the meme war make people think they are the internet:

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Or whatever Canadian 5 eyes Lauren Southern

More like Assange turning state's witness.

You dont kill low levels you fucking Jihadi-IQ moron. You kill the heads of the Hyrda

All monkey wars only feed the snakes. You never go and (((Siege))). You never go full ANTIFA. You go for the head.

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I know everyone is going to forget about Seth Rich but what happened to Rod Wheeler (ex-cop investigating Seth Rich murder)? Don't tell me he's been involved in an accident.

Anyone confirm the tweet is real?

Who gives a care about Seth Rich? He was jewish.


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Keep moving that line in the sand, you pathetic nigger.

Do it

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Do this

This should get interesting after the Khashoggi mess.

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Should have specified, only anons with basic reading comprehension should reply.

Like North Korea?

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OT: half-pol has an excellent thread about islam full of very useful quotations from their scriptures:


It's being wasted there but I'm too lazy to copy everything here.

You know the funny part? The whole strategy is basically Leninism with a dash of Irish rebellion and some Mao thrown in. The basic ideas go back to the Athenian revolt, but valid strategies remain valid unless human psychology drastically changes.

In the past, revolutions were somewhat easier to pull off because most of the stupid clods died of leprosy or whatever and the median age was 16. Now, the dum-dums inhale all our antibiotics and live to be 95. There's a lot of inertia in the system, but the machinery keeping the useless eaters alive is vulnerable.

Myself, I have faith in the primacy of race and the natural way it will reassert itself when shit starts breaking and the police don't answer 911 calls anymore. I think that, in a quiet but definite way, whites will just stick to their own and drive out the niggers. It's not the advanced redpill they need to fix things for good, but handling the Jews will be a lot easier when they can't force integration or race mixing anymore.

Remember to always foster an us-vs-them mentality. Race consciousness among whites is the evil secret that will light the world on fire.

Assange pretty much got Trump elected with the drip drip leaks of the communist faction of jews/demorats.If Trump doens't pardon him immediately upon touching US soil that leaves no doubt to any one with higher than 60 IQ that Trump was always aligned with or compromised since he was elected by fucking the (((rat))).

He's a glow in the dark false light honeypot operator just like every important name that gets shilled constantly. I SEE THIS NAME, AND THIS THING IS HAPPENING, THEREFORE I WILL NOW DO THIS! Thats called mind control. falling for shit like this is why people end up getting pissed off at their cheating wife and kill them then end up in prison. That's why every actual pol user is a pathetic faggot who sits back waiting for somebody else to do something while their enemies just interact with the world freely. If you have to ask yourself if you are free, you are a slave . There is no getting around this. This is despite the fact that its possible for everyone to life their life freely without enslaving anybody. People who rely on slaves to get things done are dumb lazy pussies. Doesn't change the fact that anyone who has to work forty hours a week to survive while never building the life they really want is a slave and master owns you. There are people with great ideas for how to improve society. They are debt slaves, while a nigger ball player or somebody who sells sugar water is the emperor or the universe. Only got two options. Consent or don't. Doesn't mean you just go shoot up a school. It's a long road and it might not even happen in this lifetime but this cancer needs stopped. Despite all your "4d chess hehe based e celeb hehe based Zionist Putin and chump', the cancer is spreading . Quit being retarded and stop consenting to this shit and it will have no power.

Trump is the biggest pedophile in Washington.

Using any of those words is no different than discussing walking dead character. Go back to Reddit you fucking loser.

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If this is true then he should pardon him.

Yet Hillary is still walking free…. Imagine my shock.



Make me you nigger cunt.

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prosecute or bring into protective custody?
because info obtained through parallel construction is not explicitly admissible in court and the witness testimony would take precedence over the he said she said special prosecutor nonsense showtrial and self-certifying investigations thus far

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Are you a volunteer?

This is just chess you idiots.

Lock up Assange.
Kikes get what they want.
Use it as an excuse for further persecutions.
Hillary gets brought up again in tweets.
Trump slips on a banana.
Niggers fuck him in the mouth.
Race war begins.

Its so clear now.

unironically the shit they used to ultimately narrow down who the leaked shit is illegal and assange leaked entire troves of documents with snowden
read the images posted a few replies up; Wray is Christopher Wray, FBI director who cleared certain parties but refuses to budge because… oh right, the FBI compartmentalized information it can't quite disclose how it obtained and then used them to provide false legally admissible FISA warrants
ask yourself who benefits from that type of illegal behavior? why would you prosecute the guy who shed light on the very material used to drag your name through the mud?
you wouldn't

huh the anti National Socialist bot is also the dubs checking bot. Deepest lore

Prosecuting the guy who put him in office? That would be a new low for Trump.

The fact that that the libnigger in your pic has enough votes to get elected is proof that we need a civil war. The problem isn't the government or politicians even. Its their libshit and shitskin supporters. They all need to be killed.


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meme it and call it REAL NEWS and rehash all the bombs that Australian shit poster dropped on the little (d)s rocking their foundations and putting Trump in office not saying WL did it single handed yet still without Assange there would be no POTUS Trump.That fucking cunt hillary would have won and apparently wants to run again since they got their vote rigging fraud set up to steal even landslide turn out from the right.

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Wikaleaks was so baste during the 2016 election I thought they were finally going to say something significant about Israel. Shame they want to prosecute Assange’s deepfake character now, but I understand the simulation has stopped cleaning the bathroom or feeding the cat.

depressingly checked

hasn't been any proof he's even been alive for a long time

prove he's even alive to stand trial or just stfu

you can carry on with another totally staged court case I guess but why add another hoax ontop of all the other hoaxes the goyim aren't buying anymore ?

The previous Ecuadorian president who gave Assange Asylum is running away to Belgium. Asking asylum there.

that is weird af, that place is supposedly the satanic pedo capital of the world

If only you knew how bad things really are there. This is a tourist attraction in Brussels

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Posts by user ID:

ef60bb: 6 (7.32%)

Cast your sights upon these dubs!

> 44's (3 total; 27.27%)

> 33's (2 total; 18.18%)

> 66's (2 total; 18.18%)

> 77's (2 total; 18.18%)

> 22's (1 total; 9.09%)
> 99's (1 total; 9.09%)

> 111's (1 total; 100.00%)

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god bless you user. i am happy to see the caps i posted from the STELLARWIND dox which prove the head FBI glow nigger Christopher Wray was the scumbag traitor who literally invented Parallel Construction back in the Bush era DOJ.

i remember the 8pol thread where i posted my horrifying discovery was mysteriously deleted after 2 days. i was worried that nobody saw my smoke signal, but you have shown me that a few anons took notice and saved my caps.

i would love for some good old fashioned bombshell FOIA to declassify some dox from Wray's term as Asst DOJ AG which reveal some very naughty naughty things Wray did with Parallel Construction.

the revelation of Parallel Construction was one of the top 5 most important things we learned from Snowden, because Parallel Construction cuts the beating heart out of our entire so called simulation of a Justice system and kick balls that heart down the stone steps of the Ziggaraut.

now that America has Secret Laws and Secret Courts and Secret Enemies, adding Secret Evidence completes the circuit of our destruction. we no longer have a real Govt. the Constitution no longer exists. America is no different now than Communist China or Soviet Gulag Archipeligo or any shithole dictatorship. and our demise is largely thanks to Chris Wray.

it made no sense for someone as fundamentally corrupt as Wray to replace equally corrupt servants like McCabe and Comey. but now i understand how things work. in the Deep State, the worse your actions are and the more Evil you forment, the greater your reward. Wray earned his promotion by being the glow nigger who volunteered to shovel the holes to hide the corpses.

Julian's concept for proof-of-life (PGP encryption) hasn't been used in more than two years, I'm surprised to see people believe he's alive

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You’re clueless, Gerald Ford pardoned Nixon and Nixon was never charged.

I'm retarded please forgive me.
What was the PGP encryption key used? I'm trying to educate myself on Julian more but the information is scattered.

This is what (((polvol6))) does.
He bans one of the many kike/plebbit/leftycuck spammers. Rightfully with a perma ban.
Then unbans him an hour and 18 minutes later.
(((polvol1))) and (((polvol5))) are complicit in this same shit. fffff

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haha he really does have the archetypal cocksucker's face

I think they may take Assange into custody to protect him from being Arkancided. I was under the impression that Trump had already extracted Assange from the Equadorian Embassy and he was already in protective custody last winter.

Appears to be related to one of those many 'sealed indictments'
the shills are trying to pretend aren't real, and discredit as Qlarp bs

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Assange would encrypt a file with his private key and publish regularly, this was his idea of Proof-Of-Life because he was aware of the cia's power to duplicate faces/bodies using actors, or even with the help of CGI.

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Assange is dead. Has been for a long time.

Assange is kill.

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Truly bummed me out when it all came together. It's a blackpill. I assume Trump knows of all of this, and the plan died with Assange. He's going to be allowed to serve his term and will be replaced in 2020. I also assume he was told "nice try, but with leverage gone, we'll kill your family if you don't just finish this up with minimal damage."
I can only guess on Trump, but it really did feel like there was something there. I think a lot of you can agree, even if you hate him now.

trust the plan goy

Oh so THAT's the straw that broke the camel's back for you? You pathetic faggots are Trumpenstein's battered wives. Just go listen to some trs podcast where they justify his raping your assholes with the cock of Zion as "caring" and shut the fuck up.

I'm sick of seeing people post that stupid bullshit interview. The artifacts were caused by a dumbass video editor using Premeire Pro's Morph Cut feature, which attempts to smoothly blend two shots together to appear as one, but blinking and other sudden movement causes a huge mismatch between the clips they attempted to merge together, resulting in the artifacts.