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Fuck the republicans, fuck trump and fuck borders

This poor victim is just the latest tragedy in the White Supremacist colonial concept of time keeping people down.

What a coinkidink.

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You are losing here.

Not sure what you're responding to but there isn't much to respond as an OP to when the thread was three posts, so these spam bots are absolute shit.

Scott got more votes on the recount and they missed the deadline on purpose.

waiting for the FBI investigations to crank up, now that the investigative branches of government are in line.
Zig Forums prediction: the money behind the stolen senate seats is going to jail.

Head vote count nigger is doing a mahhhvuhlosss job.

Really niggers? This is how our republic works?

I think not, Zig Forums. Trump and Republicans are faggots and losers, but borders are eternal. You need to try another approach. We hate mud people, regardless of how much you guys try and convince us they're "fellow workers".

Time is a babylonian invention actually

Broward County has the most jews per capita in the USA, on par with NYC area.

I wonder if there's any connection with the chronic election fraud?

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Before you kvetch here faggot, good luck trying to convince shitskin and nigger countries to open their borders.

I thought the sun invented it

None of this matters because Trump will be ousted in 2020 and with the demographic trend not reversing anytime soon, it’ll be the end of the GOP as we know it. Dems will have permanent control once Texas flips blue and the Republicans will have the same relevancy as UKIP enjoy now, that is to say that they’ll be a laughing stock with a dwindling constituency for a voter base. Get a gun license if it already isn’t too late in some states, train, eat well, organize with like-minded fellows irl and stay strong because we’re going to be entering the real dark ages as we know it.


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Hillsborough County did the same thing, except they were more upfront and just resubmitted the election night totals.

These shills switched gears so fast my neck hurts.

Maaaan i read the red headline as, "found DEAD."

>This same (((user))) will go on to accuse someone of being muh fbi for not posting their delusions on the board.

I grew up here, it just keeps getting worse. All the jews from new england come here because low taxes and no winter (also no estate tax). Once it was developed in the mid/late 80's they started pouring in. Fort Lauderdale used to be a relaxed spring break town. Then they moved in, started suing everyone, and now this whole area's culture sucks. Nobody is nice to each other. Everyone is perpetually angry. Housing prices suck, cost of living is absurd, the list goes on and on. After being fucked so many times, nobody I know on the jobsite will even work for them anymore. The only redeeming quality is that most of the locals/whites that are left are redpilled on their tricks and untrustworthiness.

t. Local Constructionfag

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That distrustful social milieu the jews create is all too familiar to me - I've seen it in more than one city.

Lawsuits everywhere, and non-stop whining and "Oy vey, Don't do me this way..!" attitudes.

I've met a variety of jews with accents from an assortment of countries that had once upon a time "made Aliya", moved to Israel and lived there for some time. But they all ended up leaving Israel because they couldn't stand it.

Once they create a community they are like scopions in a coffee can.

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it was intentional.

The FBI is part of the problem.

Ok mfr Im moving into your living room. No borders including your front door.

the term is nigger time and for the record people only come in one color.

OP is a faggot who doesnt understand IDs.

It is always important to know when jews are jewing jews, and when jews hyperjew white cities.

Trump nigger is literally asking people for donations to fund the judicial battle against florida, a case of federal election fraud, and he wants goy shekels to fund it.

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It sounds almost like with kikes and niggers you lose every time
SOlutuon , remove kikes and niggers permenantly and watch the problems magically disappear

Literally no one is defending the borders, if an individual or a militia protects the border state and federal agents will be ready to shoot at those people, so no, there is effectively no border, just a line on a map spics can cross t receive they gibs.

You are in the wrong place kike!

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That's what you get when a nigger is in charge of anything every time.

No one even the shitskins and niggers want to live in their countries.

Zig Forums is always right
there are no exceptions

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2 minutes late is 28 minutes early for most niggers tbh

the fuck is this obvious european shill doing /blackpill/ posting

updated for Miami-Dade county

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Why the living room? He should give you his bedroom and sleep in a tent in the front yard to prove that he's not a bigot.

It's time to go to war

Noooo! Fighting back is BAD OPTICS, what are you, some king of sieg heiling larper wignat?

That map is the scariest thing I've seen in weeks. Wtf are kikes doing in Idaho???

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Idaho is pretty leftist in the capitol area where all the jewniversities are, but not elsewhere. That spot is not the capitol, however. Something else is going on. They might be trying to set something up in a secluded area.