I'm sorry I called this man a CivNat cuck who is soft on Jews

I'm sorry I called this man a CivNat cuck who is soft on Jews.

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Civic nationalism is sensible nationalism

Little is right. Even the jew that canonizes terrorists that are elevated to star-status forced into action by extreme conditions, will understand that Robert Bowers and all other Robert Bowers after him are justified because of jew genocidal tactics

Patrick little is a kike pawn

I see you guys still have a shill problem here. That's sad. I hope you guys find the better chans out there.

Bakcup your claim? Controlled Opposition tends to get tons of medias attention, Patrick is pretty much blackout status when it comes to the media, or is it because he has some beleifs that you disagree with?

Why do you keep posting this all over the place. It’s retarded and not very thought provoking. At least the people on Zig Forums make plenty of valid points. Is this your best rebuttal because it’s pretty lame

Hes david duke 2.0,) only exists to deter normalfags from voting for viable candidates.

O ok, you're still stuck in the, "Democracy can stop Zionism phase" Good bless your soul.

Yet he's doing exactly what I'd be doing if I were in his shoes. Speaking strongly and openly against the jew.

I don't think you get it, Morticai. All one has to do in order to be on the right side, is name the jew. We know that. Its why your efforts here are completely wasted

What a retarded bot

this is not the BBS. fuck off.

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he was losing it last night. that or the CIA is trying to spring a trap.

You don't belong here. You already know that, of course, but I need to remind you. I hope a nigger sticks an icepick in the back of your head.

Hi Patrick. Try not to be so obvious next time.

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Yup, it's a bot.

Little's reasoning is in line with my own. Kikes excuse turrism (already a bullshit kike concept that only applies to others) all the time. The idea that "we just CAN'T" and have to be their pathetic goy slaves forever IS the kike tool idea:

And bots like this are a desperate attempt by the kikes to keep people from recognizing this. These little bitches think they can come here and put their TV-tier programming shit in the stream of posts and maintain some kind of control.
Do you feel in charge?

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One synagogue is not enough.
There needs to be daily jewish exterminations.

Kampfy is back doing his red text demoralization shilling too. As usual their kikery during the midterms just eroded faith in democracy and pushed people into Uncle Adolf's loving embrace.


You're slipping moishe, you're gonna have to IP hop a lot more to force a consensus here.

Yes clearly the one calling out obvious feds trying to incite violence is the jew! Great catch, Anonymous!

user, Zig Forums recognizes nothing will change without violence. Are you saying you can defeat Zionism with democracy? Just answer that so I know whether or not to ignore you.

No. However, encouraging/planning acts of violence against low level jews gets us no where but in the eyes of Agent Smith.

nothing wrong
with excessive

You should be banned for 3 months for this lazy OP.
Stop shitting up this board.
Fuck off back to 4chan


Sounds like Patrick would fit in well here with us - if we didn't have so many bots causing interference and souring legitimate discussion.
Good thread, OP. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Lone wolf attacks aren't going to change society in the way that you want. It's rightfully acknowledged as terrorism. If anything, they'll use it to clamp down on your personal freedoms to prevent actual resistance. This type of senseless violence is negro culture. Actual change needs to be large scale and purposeful.

Like voting! haha make sure you cast those ballots, fellow pedes! XD

Elaborate. What do you propose.
Ignore this post if you're a shill.

I will never disavow Bowers simply because the jews in particular and the left in general never disavows their own no matter what. Personally I think he could have chosen a better target (some jewish bankers, interracial pornographers, pro-open borders activists etc.) but synagogue is good enough to me.

It was a soft target sure but the one thing jews hate besides Goyim is when Goyim use their own tactics against them.

Checked. The only thing Bowers did wrong is that he didn't seal escape routes so he could kill more kikes.

Civic nationalism is what got us in this mess in the first place.

The question isn't whether what Bowers did was wrong, as killing Jews can never be wrong, the question is whether or not Bowers was even a real person and if the event actually took place.

no thanks, kike.

This user has a point. Low level enemies dont give exp.


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Yes, any day now the normalfags will finally wake up and then we can vote our way out of the global, systemic genocide of our people for sure. Just so long as no bad goyim actually fight back.

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apology accepted.

get gassed.

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Patrick "Shabbos" Little is controlled opposition and most likely a CIA operative, fuck that kike.


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Civic nationalism is an oxymoron and ethnonationalism is redundant.

me see patrick little as good guy, me see see post other week of user exposing little as a crypro kike with image proof, me unsure who to believe,me cant be bothered to do the digging myself to find out what true and what not,

whatcha doin rabbi

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Adolf"Shabbos" Hitler is controlled opposition and most likely a CIA operative, fuck that kike.

Patrick is a joke and was a US militaryman, he is controlled opposition and is a laughingstock.

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Funny how it was literally a meme back in 2014 that shills would eventually just call Hitler himself a kike or a kike lover. Who would have guessed it only took you 4 years to actually do it.

(((You))) and your tribe must really be shaking.

he was parodying this post:>>12430871
(((you))) complete utter retarded nigger

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Regardless, the narrative of Hitler being a kike or kike lover is showing up on this board as of late.

Oh neat, have any evidence of your original claims?

keep it up jews you're killin it

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Nevermind, I know you dont

shoo shoo juden

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Fantastic shitpost, I'm sure you'll fit in. Pay no attention to the fact that no one can prove Pat Little is controlled op


Seems like "was" would be more accurate.

The golem always turns on the jew. Not because that it the nature of the golem, but because the jew is simply that repulsive and evil.

I don't understand how Americans, in particular Christians, can support kikes and israel given that these disgusting jews would rather support muslims over Christians.


Then there's israhell daily suppressing the religious freedom of Christians while trying to pretend they're a first world democracy

In 2008 an Israeli mayor ordered that New Testaments in the town be gathered up, dumped them into a pile, then burned them.
During the uptick in Jewish hate crimes before the 2014 visit of Pope Francis, Israeli police visited the Franciscan Order in Jerusalem and demanded that they take down their welcome sign
In 1947, just before Israel was established, the Palestinian Christian community made up 7% of the population and numbered about 140,000—compared to roughly 630,000 Jews and 1.2 million Muslims. Today Christians comprise only 1-2.5% of the population of Palestine/Israel because Christians were purposely targeted by israel.

How the Jews Treat Christians in Israel - It's Serious!

Tourists praising the Lord / all hell broke loose! (1 of 2)

Tourists praising the Lord / all hell broke loose! (2 of 2)

Jew: We killed Jesus, we're proud of it

How the Jews Treat Christians in Israel?

Growing Jewish anti-Christian hatred in Israel

Orthodox Jews harassing Christians outside a Christian shop

And to know how just evil israelis and jews are, they gave this evil kike, rabbi ovadia yosef, the largest funeral in israeli history


Quotes of of the kike ovadia yosef who is now burning in hell

It goes on and on. They are the Synagogue of Satan, their hatred of Jesus and Christians and all good knows no boundaries while they wall themselves off and expect all other nations to shelter the rapefugees they created.

As for Mr. Little, he should focus on the facts and let everyone in the country know how much these rats hate Jesus and Christians then quote all their evil little Talmudic and spoken today quotes about how these rats really think and feel. The jews are Satanic, they deserve every single ill God can curse them with the moment they murdered the Messiah Jesus Christ and more.

I never understood these images. You wouldn't have the constitution after undergoing racial replacement. Constitutional rights are pretty much gone already.

Civic nationalism can only succeed if the native population maintains a supermajority with the government constantly promoting the native's culture and values. In essence assimilation, not integration is the key. This is why kikes and liberals get butthurt at assmilation, but not integration, assimilation means that the Natives will remain in supermajority and not be phased out entirely.

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Like a Feinstein ?

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It helps if you understand that, on average, Americans spend just over 30 hours per week watching Talmudvision.
And that doesn't even take into account their time spent online.
Orwell was wrong: the state wouldn't need to force people to leave their televisions on; they will do it voluntarily.
There will be no meaningful change until you get that number down into the single digits.

Shrine to Israeli terrorist

Baruch Kopel Goldstein (Hebrew: ברוך קופל גולדשטיין‬; December 9, 1956 – February 25, 1994) was an American-Israeli physician, religious extremist, and mass murderer[2] who perpetrated the 1994 Cave of the Patriarchs massacre in Hebron, killing 29 Palestinian Muslim worshippers and wounding another 125.[3][4] He was beaten to death by survivors of the massacre.

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As a temporary measure? Yes. But as a long-term goal? No. I ignore the ones screaming 'muh purity' for the moment because it's listening to those voices by others that have caused others to fail miserably. Those voices belong to kikes who try to sow discord so as to keep whites from ever rising up, or using the kikes' own golems against them.

Get rid of the jewish part and it's an acceptable image. jews deserve nothing more than total annihilation.

That's a really great pic

Civic nationalism a label to shut down discussion for propagandized talking points.

I find it comical how the jew knows better than most that to call someone a jew is to imply they are a lying rat, and we have watched these kikes call us kikes when their rat nests get exposed for many years now.

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I like how there's no father in the civic nationalism pic.

The whole point IS to get the government to clamp down on personal freedoms,and become more oppressive, in order to radicalize the population against the government.
Sure are a lot of idiots around here lately.

Is this the talking point from the Hasbara handbook for P. Little? Thanks for letting us know.

Civic nationalism is globalism with flag worship.

Fuck that Fed (((Patrick Little))), fucking CIA COINTELPRO faggot.

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nice (((meme image))) moshe

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Civic nationalism is an oxymoron. The very origin and meaning of "nation" is blood and history and all scientific research shows it cannot work.