A Japanese minister in charge of cybersecurity has provoked astonishment by admitting he has never used a computer in his professional life, and appearing confused by the concept of a USB drive.

Yoshitaka Sakurada, 68, is the deputy chief of the government’s cybersecurity strategy office and also the minister in charge of the Olympic and Paralympic Games that Tokyo will host in 2020.

In parliament on Wednesday however, he admitted he doesn’t use computers.

“Since the age of 25, I have instructed my employees and secretaries, so I don’t use computers myself,” he said in a response to an opposition question in a lower house session, local media reported.

He also appeared confused by the question when asked about whether USB drives were in use at Japanese nuclear facilities.


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Why is this news story everywhere? Is someone trying to push this?

Are you?

We have IDs here.

I miss old new

Sakurada the Unhackable

He's right though - best cybersecurity is to use paper. Or rock.
I for one welcome new stone age in Nippon.

We also have a sage function

That has nothing to do with what we're talking about, and you aren't saging either.

This is the same as any other (((democracy))).

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Dude I cried. Capped for posterity. Takes me back to old /pol.

That's some A-grade chaddery though. Wish our politicians were more like that.

This tbh. And on a similar note:

Daily reminder: if you are posting from your phone you are a retard.

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Can't argue with those digits! SIEG HEIL!!!!!!!!

Unironically this, Putin's secretaries work with typewriters because CIANiggers can't stop trying to read his sexting.

Not using a computer is the number one cybersecurity method.

honestly, this

also this

Japan has always been like this. Go to their websites, they're still trapped in the 90's for some reason.

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this actually isn't as stupid as it sounds

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all your nukes are belong to us

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Hey Schlomo, whatcha doin?

This shit is so weird. Why are they even trying? Don't they know their destined to fail every single time?

You say that like websites trapped in the 90's are a bad thing…

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you meant *they're

t. Grammar Nazi

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It's what they are paid for. If they were doing it for fun, it would be funnier.

It's the ultimate cybersecurity.

Wow, next you'll be telling me that this kind of thing happens all the time. I for one am shocked by this news.

this, you effectively cut 99% of spying by using manual communication.


Checked, nice quads.

Yeah I saw that. Isn't Japan known for their tech savy?


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It varies, much of Japan is a decade behind the times. Their websites all look straight out of 1998.

Anime is real and redpilled. It won the election in 2016 kike. And now all of us brave and true waving the flag of convservative stand against thine jewish tricks here. I will never fear never quit. I will stand by the anime!!!

What the fuck? How can that happen in Japan of all places? I could imagine something like this being a thing in Pakistan or something.

Clearly a somali would be better to replace him.


Someone's shilling for jewtel.
You can't get hacked if you don't use a computer.
It's much harder to obtain information if it's stored in a Faraday cage building on papers spread across the entire building under separate locks.

USB drives is a very good question.
Because teh ISISraeli firm that installed the security camera system at Fukushima shortly before the (((earthquake))) was triggered (because they were selling weapons grade shit to Norks and Iran, kek), used USB keys to bridge the airgaps to target the Siemens microcontrollers used to maintain the power station.
Anyone who researched properly knows that multiple redundant systems 'failed to operated' and 'were not activated' well before power ran out or the Tsunami hit the facility. In short the kikes exacerbated the disaster to happen quicker, even though it would have still been likely bad either way. They only got away with this because of the extent of the other damage taking the spotlight off.

basically this faggot is there to be a figurehead (as are most equally useless politicians) and to make decisions based on information from his staff. It's still far from optimal, but it's a bit like Elon musk not ever programming a super computer, while his company uses them extensively…


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Maybe next time (((intel)))
Not today (((NSA)))

no user, the copypasted soulless website you find in the west are behind.

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Japs keep meming anime into life.

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this shit happens in amy country that selects for "leadership" rather than competence. if governments were ran like businesses you couldnt get away with putting these unproductive faggots in power; it's a shame really, that's why good people in computing work for the private sector whenever they can, more money and better bosses

technically that makes him the most qualified for the job of security.

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This is exactly how i see all modern tech, except it's glowniggers and state intel perve faggots instead of some russian botnet.

How the fuck. My boss is 77 year old who grew up on a farm and uses a computer

He's the best guy for the job. Best cyber security is no cyber.

This guy is smarter than your boss.

I still miss the good days of 4chan…

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You must be retarded if you think this. While he himself doesn't use electronics his assistants and underlings do. Moreover even if he were to SOMEHOW force all of his workers to only work with type writers, type writers are far from unbuggable. Using modern tech from wifi enabled devices the NSA and similar feds are able to create really precise HEAT Maps to the point they can make 3d models of rooms and the surrounding area. The guy not knowing shit about tech probably doesn't know this, so say he has a department full of peeps with nothing but type writers, it won't do jack shit from all the datamining being done from mobile devices.

Hell rigging type writers to create magnetic heatmaps and then transmit those to nearby spook receivers also isn't that hard either. Y'all niggers need to read more shit on how to maintain OPSec or just stop posting all together if you're this lazy and lack imagination using pre-existing off the shelf tech.

Nigger, do you even know what you're typing?

Hell the tech has gotten so advanced drones can now see "through" walls almost instantly now with very little lag.


Unfortunately Techkike blocks archive.is so the best you're going to get is a pastebin.


Do you, you retard?

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Not to mention all they would need to bug the entire department is an audio bug anywhere within earshot of the typewriters and they can use their high end shit to find out exactly what every single typewriter is typing.


and again see

Just being around smartphone/smart device using niggers, you yourself are now vulnerable to such infringements to privacy. Same goes if you use wifi enabled devices as well. Honestly though this isn't really a novel thing, using Markov Random Field Modeling along with Approximated Field Modeling using Dirac Space theorems of Bra and Ket vectors for simple modeling of wave-light this has been possible for quite some time with any devices that emit EM waves in general. It's just that smart devices cancer has made it possible to get multiple vantage points at a time, in real time for really cheap. Tech people in the past people would have killed for to use.

True creating 3d models using sound is also incredibly feasible as well.

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So are you going to continue shitposting, or address the points being made? Sakurada being a ludite tier guy won't save him from being bugged by the NSA let alone other foreign SIGINT goons. It didn't stop the US embassies in Russia during the Cold War, it definitely won't stop the Japs getting bugged either. This idea of "the best cyber security is to not have cyber" is laughable, and creates vulnerabilities due to overconfidence. Sure reducing electronics presence makes things harder, but it doesn't make it foolproof in the lightest. But hey continue being a disingenuous faggot while defending a politician of a foreign country, just because the populace of that country are not subhuman niggers.

Or maybe just maybe you yourself are a CIA glow in the dark nigger. Well regardless, last post, since it's clear to me you have nothing to offer in the discussion at hand.

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Japs are fucking degenerates

Sorry no gay jewish pedos allowed

Cool, how are his administrative skills? Y-you didn't think he was going to write all the code personally, did you?

The hackers fear the Samurai!

Ha, me too.

That's why I wear a lead helmet and never write anything down. This is not me posting.

Are you a physicist?


Pure nostalgia. Fellow 90'sbro.

Also, majority of anime then were also Simpsons tier in terms of suspense and plot progression. Only real good thing was the music.

90s websites are faster than the shit of today for many things.
I hate the overuse of images everywhere and retarded menus and overlay bars that are forced.
Have some OC, faggots.

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Heaven forbid they don't want to spam ads and have fading layouts.