Origin of Antisemitism

Ironically enough, 1st century Jewish sectarianism gave birth to antisemitism in a clear ideological way. With the rise of Christianity and Gnosticism, both had their origins in Judaism and both were polemical towards other Jewish groups as were other Jewish groups polemical towards them such as the Pharisees (and of course the Pharisees were very polemical towards other groups, just look at Rabbinical writings about the Sadducees, and consequently the Sadducees were also polemical). While early Christianity and Pharisaism (transitioning into Rabbinical Judaism) fought for the control of Judaism as a religion like twins in the womb as Jacob and Esau were (with Christianity eventually going it's own way in the 2nd century and Pharisaism becoming Rabbinic Judaism in the 2nd century following the Bar Kokbah revolt) Gnosticism was busy being the first case of metaphysical antisemitism that conflicted with both Rabbinic and Christian theology regarding the Hebrew scriptures. Essenic polemics from the 3rd century BC to the 1st century AD were somewhat similar to Christian polemics as both groups were in opposition to the Temple in Jerusalem since they believe it was spiritually unpure and not in proper accords with the laws of the Hebrew scriptures.

Ultimately, Second Temple sectarianism between all Jewish groups, Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, Baptists (of John), Christians, Zealots, seems to have had long lasting effects and ironically produced antisemitism, at least the kind that we saw in Europe during the middle ages.

But the antisemitism espoused by Nazis in the 20th century was a different kind of antisemitism from the kind of the Inquisition, for even though both were targeting race, they were doing it for very different reasons, as the inquisitors were not so much concerned with the actual genetics/ethnicity of the New Christians as they were with their religious practices (Crypto-Judaism) since Christianity is not an inherently racist religion. Nazism actually is inherently racist and did do it purely based off of who Jews were as a people with little or no concern for the actual Jewish religion.

Yet of course Nazis were heavily inspired by the antisemitism of the past from Christians of the likes of Martin Luther and St. John Chrysostom, even if that antisemitism was different from theirs. It could be said that Nazi antisemitism is really just a more extreme derivative of Christian antisemitism, where it's roots lay (that is, in extreme German Protestantism and Catholicism transitioning into Nationalism just before, during, and after WW1), but with the state replacing God, and yet we see how easily the average Christian can settle into this proving the antecedents remarks, for although Nazism in itself is not compatible with Christianity, the Christian masses can be enticed into it.

Antisemitism is Jewish.

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A whole lot of nonsense. Also its anti-jewishness



the root of anti-semitism is simply being around a few jews a few hours a day for a week. If you aren't anti-semitic after that point there's no hope left

the origin is awareness

There is nothing wrong with being anti anything and that includes Jews. Jews are not above criticism.

I honestly think the racial/genetic aspect of Nazi anti-semetism simply came from a longer historical scope. The Christian church repeatedly tried to deal with them as if they were simply another out-group who needed to be converted like any other. After thousands of years together the Germany simply came to the conclusion 'there's something inherently, inborn, wrong with these people'. Despite having some basis in science, most of German racialism was fundamentally historical (Hitler and Goebbels famously becoming enraged when a group of scientists gave them a paper showing Germans were three different biological groups). It was based on historical experience, which in many ways is more enlightening than pure biology (since biology outside of historical context isn't very compelling).

tl:dr Germany finally realized 'jews gunna jew, never gunna change'.

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Your next line is that Jesus was a kike.
Anime will never be an artform

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Anti-semitisim is a healthy and natural immune response to a severe parasitic infection known as the jew.
The parasite (jew, if you will) mutates and tries to convince the hosts that the hosts are the problem.
The invasive parasite asserts that it's above criticism since other hosts have tried to eradicate the disease in the past.
The parasite gets its hosts to fight each other so they are preoccupied with anything other than fixing the real issue.
The parasite relies on chaos, degeneracy and turmoil.
Diversity is its strength.

Nigger Jews became a nation by slaughtering like six other tribes down to the last baby and destroying all of their monuments. The jewish predecessors, the ancestors of semites, the Akkadians…. they erected monuments to the rivers of human blood and viscera they poured out of the temples of the civilizations that surrounded them.

Pretty fucking sure "antisemitism" started when semites started existing.

Jesus was the worlds first Antisemite
He popularized it in a way that formed an entire following.

This implies that antisemitism is systematic, it's not.
Organized jewry is systematic.
Antisemitism doesn't exist solely for the sake of it.
People didn't start it out of boredom.
Disgust doesn't come from nowhere.
Antisemitism has always been a natural response.

It isn't some idea that was put forth that was built upon. People of all races across time and space have had problems with Jews. Civilizations not even aware of other civilizations existence and problems with Jews coincidentally all come to the same conclusion.

Anti-semitism is a kike term.

The word is anti-jewry, some jews are converted jews, thus not semitic.

They still deserve the cross (as in Cruxification, not that Christian shit).

Disagree. Antisemitism is the perfect term because it gets to the root of the problem which is biological, not religious or cultural. "Anti-Jewry" implies jews can be "made good" which is untrue.

How? You think semitism is the problem when jewry is not?

Jewry means being jew.

Also, the problem is biological, religious and cultural.

The jews smartly make themselves an ethnic-religious group.

Hispanus expelled the jews from Rome in 139 BC. There are even many antisemites in the Old Testament, such as Antiochus IV in  2 Maccabees but all of them get destroyed by "The Lord of the jews".
Yeah by bringing them into greater Europe and the rest of the world?

Let them keep their term.
They try to identify as white when they attack whites.
They tell you to give up white privilege which is jew privilege in disguise.
The richest 1% in the world are slave owners and were slave owners in the early days of the USA.
The richest 1% are jew oligarchs and arab oil royalty.
They scream "antisemitism" when their true identity is threatened/revealed.

Don't correct your enemy when he's making a mistake, etc.

I read the post and it is simply wrong. Ancient jewish squabbling has no bearing on opposing a foreign group's bad behavior.

The biggest scam is that the ADL and SPLC seem to act as though they can rid the world of antisemitism. They offer “cures” of censorship, excommunication. I once tried to convert to Judaism. They’ll try to talk you out of it, and one of the reasons they give is antisemitism. Wait a minute… you mean that there’s no chance that’ll ever go away? It’s just a fact of life to you? You don’t even hope that one day there’ll be a world without antisemitism?
It is. They think they’ve figured out how to maintain their parasite/host relationship.
Despite what they know and believe, they manage to convince many goyim that antisemitism is a hate-sin, where a few bad apples spoil the bunch.

Wrong. Antisemitism is not even ideological. It is just a natural response to being in contact with Jews, a race of biological parasites.

No dey not, dey good goys, I know, I'm one of dem.

There is no anti semitism. No anti-german, no anti-black, no anti-asian. There are just people from different cultures/races/societies that oppose outsiders. And every society opposes outsiders… the degree varies

semitism gives rise to anti-semitism

Pict of jews

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You really should have stopped with what you know and not regurgitate that which you don't.
The fictitious comic book hero known as Jesus Christ the Son of God can be blamed for the ills of what the actual Jesus did as much as Babe Ruth can be blamed for the ills of Paul Bunyan.

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Judaism was invented after Christianity. Jesus predicted the destruction of the 2nd temple and 70 AD the temple got destroyed. Most of the priests got slaughtered and fled. That was the end of the real jews and then came the Talmud and the synagogue of satan jews

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The origin? Never forget it was jews who were the first to persecute Christians instead of the other way around and they murdered thousands for the first few centuries before Christians decided they finally had enough.

No, the end of the jews came the moment they rejected Jesus and lost the covenant then Jesus made a new one with Christians. Remember, the New Testament makes it absolutely clear that only Christians are God's chosen people. You cannot make it into the Kingdom of Heaven by rejecting Jesus as the Lord, Saviour, and Messiah and even the Muslims know this. Among the major Abrahamic faiths, only judaism rejects Jesus as the Messiah.

It sure was nice of God to curse the jews then streamroll them and their temple though.

Yes but until the destruction of the temple they still had their priesthood etc.

The OG of antisemites Homself.( I couldn't resist)









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Islam also rejects Jesus being the Son of God, seeing in him "only" a prophet. The label "Abrahamic" is a useful shorthand, but doesn't really say something regarding specific beliefs per se.

Every time someone falls into the trap of "antisemitism" by criticizing a jew they're inadvertently helping the copy-cats gain power.
The original messianic jews were Palestinians, Arabs and Bedouins but they never created the religion a tribe called Dan (DN, Den, Snake) did.
The jews of today largely come from Persian roots as was discovered in 2016 when their DNA was compared to the Levant era genome, basically they're not Semites at all but use the shield of antisemitism as if they were.

Can someone please explain Jews to me? I’m starting to notice them as writing a lot of anti white articles and promoting degeneracy. But aren’t there a lot of whites who do more? I want to say, “Jews are bad” but my mind keeps saying well it’s not all Jews.

I don’t understand what’s happening. My brain is fighting jewish influence but it’s losing.

Is every single jewish person bad? Are they literal demons? I’m starting to believe in evil with all that is happening in the world.

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It’s me again. I just realized my biggest issue: wouldn’t society we as shallow without Jews? Isn’t all this just the end result of the industrial revolution and living in the most decadent time?

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so few are good that it literally makes sense to condemn them all.
Try to find one jew that is in a tangible product job. By that, I mean a thing is built, moved, carried, removed. I guarantee you won't know a single jew that actually does work. Every single one of them is brought up with a God complex and feels actual work (not commerce, but actually providing a benefit to humanity) is below them.

Hitler still managed to kill more than 200,000 Jews whether he's going for the race or the religion.

Perhaps. I think the most important thing to keep in mind is that even if Jews aren't solely responsible for the current state of Western society they have played an enormously outsized role in creating and promoting degeneracy.

That they may not be the only vector to blame does not excuse them for what they have done.

Also, your professed reluctance to blame all Jews for the actions of some Jews is a noble and sophisticated position, and if you are being truthful in this it is to your credit. Understand though that your enemies will not extend the same courtesy - and indeed are not - to whites

Same origin as; She's 19, anti-semen and dumber than a mailbox on Sunday.

why didn't the saudis feed her to their hawks?
The birds,they're HUNGRY!

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Both Judaism and Christianity were 'invented' at the same time. There are Roman written records of Nero's granting 'christianity' to Jew Pharisee Saul of Tarsus and 'judaism' to Jew Pharisee ben Zaki. Both are 'inventions' of the Roman state. Both are the product of the Roman state. Both were founded and headed by kikes, for kikes, with kike leaders.

This couldn't be more fucking wrong and you are embarrassing yourself. Modern Talmudic Judaism is a post Christian concept, but the rest of your post is /intl/ gibberish for kikes, with kike leaders.

user, it is not an issue of 'who is good' or 'who is bad' like the jews have led you to believe. It is literally a bloodline issue. Jews are fallen angels, they don't belong on this planet. They are ALIENS here…we have been enduring an ALIEN invasion for the last 6,000 years. They need to be slaughtered to the last person BECAUSE THEY ARE ALIEN INVADERS who are murdering the native human (us, HUMANITY) population. They don't even remotely bother to disguise this in their history legends and writing. They will tell you point blank that they are not from this planet, that they are superior to native populations and that they have the right to kill and rape any woman they see (a characteristic of the fallen angels). They are ALIENS who are breeding with the native populations in order to take over the planet. This is 'War of the Worlds' except the war has been an ongoing fight against aliens for the last 6,000 years.

According to the Talmudic En-cyclopedia:

Israel Shahak, Jewish History, Jewish Religion, Pluto Press, London 1994, page 87

Lemme ask you a question, user, why do we let a people who are allowed to rape and murder our 3 year olds live inside our nations? Why do we let a people who could rape your wife, mother, little girl or sister and LEGALLY MURDER THEM AFTERWARDS because the jew raped her, live side by side with us?

DOESN'T THAT SEEM FUCKING ALIEN TO YOU? That these people would be allowed to live in your nations or even on your fucking planet?

You all are going to wake up to who these people are, or you are going to be exterminated from this planet and it is going to be turned over to ALIEN SHITHEADS.

I'm not wrong. This is exactly what happened. ZOG kikes had invaded and were attempting to overthrow Rome the Republic at that time. This is why Joseph who claimed or did fuck Poppy, Nero's wife was given the Flavian surname EVEN THOUGH HE WAS A FUCKING KIKE. The kike wars among the nobility resulted in the DESTRUCTION of the Germanicus line that was trying to hold off ZOG and the rise of the KIKED/ZOG (((Flavians))) who eventually parasitized and destroyed all of Rome and caused the downfall of the entire Republic. Do you think it was some sort of FUCKING ERROR that the kikes BURNED the Library of Alexandria right after they overthrew the Republic?

Is there evidence that Jews are being actively pumped with all the “goyum are cattle” teachings?

I ask because I can see it going either way. I’ve known so many Christians who call themselves Christian but don’t follow the Bible. On the other hand, i think of you tell people something enough times starting as children, they will believe it. You could make a group of people believe a pencil is a dog if you told them in school and the media, and they saw their loved ones believe it.

So I can see the aggressive hatred of goyum. It makes sense especially coupled with retaliation for persecution or perceived persecution throughout history.

It just hurts my head to think about all this. I don’t know how I would even explain it someone… or even to myself. I understand women and their influence in society really well and could talk about it, but not Jews.

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Here; quote from Strebo at THE TURN OF THE AGE 0AD when ZOG consolidated their power over Rome via terror, murder and intrigue.


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There was no "Juda-ism in the time of Christ

We have two threads about this and OP is a liar. Pharasies were working with Rome. That's why they were called the chuch of the advesary.


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You could start with "a culture of critique" if you want to sort of scope it out a bit better.

aka: Edomites
Nasty things!
"But muh Jesus was a Jew!" BLASPHEMY!
Nothing says ignorance more than saying Jesus was a jew, ran with jews or approved of jews. jew, as we know it today, is Pharisee/Edomite! Jesus was the original Anti-jew!


OP didn't even include the Zealots. The people who Jesus would of grown up around and started the fucking Jewish wars.

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He said it.

John 4:22
"You worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews."

John 4:22
"You worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews."

John 4:22
"You worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews."

John 4:22
"You worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews."

John 4:22
"You worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews."

John 4:22
"You worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews."

John 4:22
"You worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews."

Now let's put an end to that lie, Zig Forums.

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You're on the wrong board queermo.

I just filter that guy every time he shows up. It gets old, you know.

Jesus didn't whip the yids hard enough.

They're fucking pharisees.


Protip: investigate the etymology of the term "Jew", and how it differs from the term "Judean". Also consider what Luther had to say about his own errors in traducing those terms.

Jew != Judean != Hebrew != Israelites. Be specific in your choice of words.

True translations of the bible don't contain the word jew. The word jew didn't enter into anything until the later 1800s.

The second I see Christianity I stop reading. That's like somebody saying hello fellow adults , allow me to discuss my latest furry outfit. If you have schizophrenia you need to lock yourself in a room for a few years. Stop bothering me you annoying faggots. The fuck, you fucking cancer fucks go away. You arent even a threat like the news anymore your shits gay and debunked now go away holy fuck Ivan trump is so gross she looks like a tranny that plastic surgery didn't do shit! Lizards are so fuckint nastiuckrrbetg

OP an many others on this thread are spreading and supporting Jewish propaganda.

As they wish to conceal beneath false history, the Jews have existed as a people for far longer than OP states. They have always lived as international parasites embedded in host populations, from Babylon and Persia to Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Only a minority of Jews have ever lived in Palestine, even during the short times when they managed to seize control of that unhappy land from its natives. They have always thrived on usury, swindles, and political corruption. And from this, all nations with whom they have ever come in contact have learned to hate them.

Beyond that abstract, I don't have currently time to write up a historical explanation to sage into this (((propaganda))) thread. Anons who want the truth should find what the Greek geographer Strabo said about the Jews, what Cicero said about the Jews, the history of the Jewish betrayal of their Babylonian hosts (Babylon was the Jew York City of its time!), the Jewish mass-violence against the citizens of Alexandria, Jewish political influence in Rome of classical antiquity, and related topics.

P.S., this user gets it.

Transparent samefagging. Step your game up.

Luther had realized thiw centuries beforehand, and St Paul over a thousand years prior, stating them enemies of mankind.

Don't be an imbecile. The kikes (aliens) know that their prophesied destruction lies in Christianity…that is why they hate it the same way (((you))) do. There are only two bloodlines on this planet, one is 'good' and the other is 'evil'; with a whole bunch of mongrels scum in the center playing 'half breed retard' can't find my ass with both hands and a map. It is never 'good' to be 'centered' like the kikes push for, they want you destroyed on impact. I don't really care one way or the other, you can do what you like, but people without a fucking spine are slaughtered…so you better grow one and become an evil shit or learn to side with good. Your choice.

Most Semites in this world aren't kikes so it's not like it matters. In this case, the lefties are better at fucking with jews since Palestinians and Arabs are 100% semitic and kikes are about as semitic as Fauxcahontas is Native American.

Term misappropriated for Injuns and politically corrected by the (((anti-Whites))). In the nineteenth century, and even as late as the mid twentieth century, the term "Native American" referred to the Anglo-Germanic stock whose ancestors had settled pre-1776, fought in the Revolution, and founded the original American Republic.

Native Americans are Whites, not Injuns! I have some interesting pics relevant, "Native American" flag from the mid-1800s, etc.; but this board disallows file uploads through Tor.

It's amazing how, much as you think yourself "redpilled", you have not yet deprogrammed yourself of most of the brainwashing which has seeped into your system like a poison gas. inb4 mixed metaphor, it is intentional

Saged because I refuse to bump this containment thread of historically ignorant Christian hallucinations and fairytales.