WILL PROCEED DATE: Nov. 16, 2018

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I got a hot musket for you right here tough guy

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Pabelbon is unironically a huge faggot.

Faggot OP doesn't feel like giving a synopsis of the youtube vid.

Seems kinda LARPy but there you go.

Sounds like a LARP to me

is it ever going to happen????


this way? so overtly? no. Because that would provoke an immediate response

The jews know better than that. They dont know much other than interest rates and nepotism, but they DO know how to be a better mosquito, how to bite with little irritation so they're barely noticed, their enzymes (media) to cover it up, and that lets them suck and suck and suck a host (the USA) until its fucking dead. BUT if they just went and took a huge fucking bite out of the host and started chewing on it then the host would respond immediately and violently.

The kikes that be know better than to do something so open, it would cause immediate retaliation and the collapse of their order. So, no, you'll never see some literal door to door in a day gun round up or mowing down of innocents by the military or police. its always going to be a very slow bleed

Fake and gay. Doesn't even know what mil orders look like. Reported for disinformation. Sage

What does a military order look like?

I've been doing into webms forever and it never happens, so fuck it - take embed or leave it, I don't give a shit

Fuck you, OP. Summarize in 20 words or less whatever you want you say, asshole.

If you want to look at military orders, here is the link to the US Army Regulations for Orders:


Here is an example used in the AR:

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The ominous aspect doesn't help. And on a board that is constantly in a state of heightened alertness, it's just another day of 'Boy who cried "Wolf!"'

because we've all been conditioned to think le drumpf wont ever do anything. instead of 4d chess by trump we now only believe in 5d draedel by jews who definitely have everything under control
because we've heard a lot of crying wolf over the past two years, yet no wolves so far

Go back to your containment board

"Something is happening"
"It's happening!"
"Our military is doing something. Posse Comitatus is suspended while the US military rounds up rayycis's"

Hello, Mr. Putin. If you're listening, can you please nuke us into the next century? kthx


Fort Stewart
This guy is in 2d Armored Brigade Combat Team, 3d Infantry Division, Ft Stewart, GA
Sorry Staff Sergeant 'Jim'
All we have to do is to keep an eye out for the 3d Infantry Division Patch (left shoulder - pic 1) to confirm their whereabouts in the coming days.
>RCA, ADS issued upon arrival
(pic 2)
RCA = Riot Control Agent
ADS → "air defense section; air defense sector; amphibian discharge site; authoritative data source ?" I'm not sure - I had to look that one up.
Alternative Delivery System?
Aerial Delivery System?

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inb4: they'll be wearing civvies
SSgt Jim knows the disciplines of those recalled but never says what they are. SSgt and his cohorts must have answered "Yes, I will fire on my own people because the ZOG will not give me a regular job because I'm 'White' and my name is not Pajeet, Kerpal, Wen Ling, Mkwekwe nor Juan"

Hopefully these ZOGniggers can hit a mf'r in the head so it's over quickly. They should enact a euthenasia program so we can all volunteer to get off this rock before it becomes a 3rd world shitopia

were you a 'wing nut'?

You idiots will fall for anything.

I will say, if you know the orders format, and the codes, it would not be difficult to falsify an order for purposes of posting online, but it would flag in the orders system. Just for further comparison for people here is another order I know to be legit:

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I like that. Get the drone to release the gas, safely away from the operator.

Permanent station change to California. A lot of movement suddenly.


this looks fake as hell

Joke's on you then. Those are real orders!

ADS is likely "area denial system" or "active denial system" referring to crown control equipment.

I'm in my 70s. I've been watching this shit for years. I got redpilled in the 1980s. I remember the Rex-84 conspiracy. Waiting. Waiting. When the LA riots happened and George HW Bush, the literally Hitler of his time, didn't even send in the National Guard for a week after everything was burned and looted, I realized that none of this military-going-after-the-people shit will ever happen. And why should it? Muds are too disorganized and controllable to threaten the system and whites are too law-abiding and docile. And the military is too incompetent to do anything like this. It can't even dominate afghani yak herders. Imagine trying to pull off an op like this in the US with cell-phone cameras all around?
Sure, there are some elite soldiers, but they're busy protecting israel. Most of the military is a make-work program for minorities. If the government needs to fuck with americans, they send in SWAT teams to pull a Ruby Ridge. If there's going to be a big op it'll be a 9-11 pulled off with no warning by people without uniforms.
This "it's the big one" hue-and-cry is some Q-tier larping. I've seen it before, over and over and over and nothing ever fucking happens after an announcement like this.

Dehumanise yourselves

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t. grandfather user.

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t. zionist

Did you think deep zog state is freedom loving faggot?

Sounds like a larp

Trump really loves to play up his love for the military. I wonder how he would feel about finally honoring the men that suffered during the deliberate attack on the Liberty?

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That is exactly what military orders look like.


Newfag on mobile

I think ADS = Active Denial System


a false false flag, if you will

\\ CRINGE //

Thought operation hotmusket was about no nut November.

Same. Am disappoint.

This is a larp. I’m not going to watch this video, but based on the picture alone, those are not military orders. The army doesn’t bold anything. That’s the wrong font. That’s not how they tell you what you’re doing. The order number is missing a digit. It’s total bullshit.

Plus, you would have a long ass retard brief. Maps of everything. Intelligence briefs. Travel checklists. Culture briefs(maybe). There so much shit missing. Even on Uber classified shit you get briefs out your anus. Larp

One more thing ADS is aerial delivery system. Parachute shit. You would only have that in your orders if you were a pilot, a parachute Rigger or a supervising leader( not a fucking low level nco)

That only reason for a military action will be when they confiscate the weapons of US citizens who tried to defend their borders.

Ben Garrison image: >"PicOfUSAWithHandWearingStarOfDavidPushingForkIntoTheCenter.jpg"

I wonder if it has anthing to do with the "Tesla Tower" in Milford Texas associated with the CERN operation which they spent 2 billion dollars on before "canceling" the project.

Why would they make this tower visible to the public when they could have disguised it as a water tower? Maybe they are going to blame the Effects of the CERN technology on Tesla.

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Do not ASSUME a deployment will be a bad thing. It might be a preemptive response to some intel.

Every time you stupid niggers embed a jewtube link everyone without proper browser protection has their IP sent to jewgle. Kill yourself.

Your Trips

I like the name, but holy shit you are a huge faggot. No context but a plaintext YouTube address. Kill yourself.


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You forgot to mention. HAARP, DEW, rods from god and USAF flying saucers fighting Nazi UFOs from the center of the earth.

Are you military?

C&C just became real

Really? Since when are military "customers"?

Why bother disguising it when you have had people playing with the OG for the last couple years? People see it as a gimmick.

The goyim have guns!

Yep. Feel real LARPy to me too

My suspicions, mock them if you wish, because frankly you don't have a need to know and all we can do is piece current event news together:

1. General prep for a controlled demolition of petrodollar. If you haven't been a nigger as of late, you'd notice the currency news that's been happening recently and the financial movement of other nations in their dealing with the petrodollar such as BRICS. Not saying there will be a true financial collapse mind you. It may be a controlled perception that the Federal Reserve has fucked up the economy and caused a market/economic collapse which demands a restructuring. Still the FRN, as it was set up years ago is going bye bye. Military may be used to to preempt chimpouts because lol welfare democrat voters. We all know niggers nig, kikes kill kids, and the wetbacks have to go back.

2. Round up/arrest for khazarian mafia/cabal/traitors/deep state/kike agents and also make sure their leftypol puppets gets a comfy cell if they don't like who is getting arrested when the sealed indictments are unsealed. DOTR may have been meme'd. Let's hope hunting lefties and democrats becomes a national sport. A man can meme.

3. Dissuade foreign nation elements from taking advantage of a weakened US by having a strong contingent of the military in the country. It's a legit op since not just the US but Russia has also had operational silence for at least a month.

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RCA = Riot Control Agent, usually stuff like CS gas etc.
ADS = Active Denial System, which usually refers to stuff like the sonic riot control weapons and such

I know orders can be faked, but those look largely legit. Ft. Stewart is home to the 3rd ID and others. Lubbock TX had a military base that was converted into a techno weapon place….

This whole thing is fishy.

At Lowes. We get 10% military discount.

sounds like you listen to ben fulford and take him seriously.

heil! to grandpa user

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Anglos are the most pathetic faggots ever recorded. Every 3 months they fall for this.

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This. Whenever there's these "Q" bullshit things, it NEVER EVER EVER happens. Legit stuff drops like a bomb out of nowhere.

That's what convinced me.

Incoming Space Nazi invasion. Why do you think Trump scrambled to start a Space Force. The Antartic Ice Nazis will be assisting in the invasion.

…so this was a yetanotherblueballingnothingburger?

I don't think so. In a diversion thread, there is always a follow up confirmation post within a post or two of the OP. This one is lacking that necessary aspect of a diversion thread.

I think there's something to this and given the amount of shit threads lately, I'd say it's worth digging a bit further into.

Thinking of tell-tale signs of military operations on US terrain, I can think that flight patterns might be indicative of a "happening." Any aviation anons able to see if there have been any recent diversion patterns or relays to airports outside of Tx, CA, AZ that should otherwise not have been?

Obviously, if any Anons are near military train tracks, BOLO for any massive transport vehicles en route to border. If this was an internal threat, states not along the border would also be effected. So be aware of your surroundings and BOLO for military vehicles operating further north of the border as well.