Trump Appointed Judge Orders White House to Restore Jim Acosta's Press Pass


So much winning.

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Pick one.

The media has all the power. You can control the entire government, but if you don't control the media you'll still lose. Just look at Trump's first 2 years in office.

The media corporations have once again rammed their collective multi-billion dollar platform dick up Trump's fat ass and he will take it.

CNN wins again.

Lower court precedent is already in place. If the law is to be followed here, the Trump administration has to escalate it.

Trump is the law and order president.

Even if it doesn't go his way, he can just end press conferences in the WH. Something he should do anyways. They are a relic of a bygone era. Have a livestream or submit questions by email. That will put an instant end to grandstanding.

Then why is he letting all the niggers out of prison?

He really is the dumbest kike loving faggot in america.

Just seat CNN at the back of the room with the rest of the faggots and never ask them a question. PROBLEM SOLVED.

Against whites he definitely is.

Absolutely. The media corporations have all the power and there is no civil solution that can or will be done about it. Anyone who attempts to push back against the media corporations will be shut down.

based zog! now let's see if he will obey or not, if he obeys then he will be finished in 2020

That is some goddamn /ptg/ and /r/T_D cringe shit.

he's discrediting himself by being seen to discredit everyone thereby trying to bolster everyone except people keep seeing through it and therefore defying him by letting him discredit others because


This post brought to you by Noise.

hey secret service…. have any of you ever thought about killing cnn reporters? it would most likely be bad if you did that mm-kay, so please don;t go kill activist judges and cnn intel assets

You missed one fucking word here.


From your own archive;

Trump is wrong with his statement that he's allowed to simply revoke any or all White House press passes at will due to current case-law precedent, but he is in the right here. Acosta is an obnoxious faggot that has been intentionally agitating for the express purpose of trying to agitate and annoy; he somehow feels that he's "sticking it to the man" by harassing Trump at every turn.

Realistically, all the Trump administration needs to argue in court to win is that Acosta has almost caused an international incident, refused to step down when asked, generally acted like a fucking nuisance, and been caught on hot mic actively bragging about being an obnoxious obstructionist. That alone would be reason enough for the White House to revoke his press pass and force CNN to put up somebody else willing to be a little bit more respectful in his place.

This needs to be escalated to the next level of court. All the way up to the Supreme Court, if need be.

I'm amazed this can continue to happen and judges are never held responsible for this garbage.

Mueller’s investigators have examined an array of operatives with ties to Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the UAE—including John Hannah, Dick Cheney’s former national security adviser.

Mueller’s team has been looking into the communications and political dealings of John Hannah, the former Cheney adviser who later worked on Trump’s State Department transition team. This includes interactions with Lebanese-American businessman and fixer George Nader, who brokered meetings between foreign dignitaries and team Trump, and Joel Zamel, a self-proclaimed social media guru with deep ties to Israeli intelligence. The Daily Beast previously reported that the three men met with a top Saudi general in the days leading up to Trump’s inauguration to discuss plans to undermine and overthrow the government of Iran.

Who the FUCK cares about this portegee faggot. Portegees cry about everything. Have some more important news, unless this place has truly devolved into discussing fucking TMZ tier garbage news. Fucking shameful.

there's way too much wrong with your post, I hope you are trolling me.

What the actual fuck. This is not how administraive law works. Defernce is given to decisions . This is just one more example of an utterly lawless judiciary.

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It's probably time to walk away from Pol for me, there is no longer a smokem if you got them, I'm pulling in the hatches and waiting for the storm.

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what cuckoldry, they should have canceled all wh press briefings and also reinstate the pass with a shitty coffee-stained nonlaminated pass.

This board is dead. No one cares that Mueller has started to investigate literal Israeli NGOs promoting war with Iran along with arch-shabbos goy Cheney's henchmen. When did this place crap out?

Mueller’s investigators have examined an array of operatives with ties to Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the UAE—including John Hannah, Dick Cheney’s former national security adviser.

Mueller’s team has been looking into the communications and political dealings of John Hannah, the former Cheney adviser who later worked on Trump’s State Department transition team. This includes interactions with Lebanese-American businessman and fixer George Nader, who brokered meetings between foreign dignitaries and team Trump, and Joel Zamel, a self-proclaimed social media guru with deep ties to Israeli intelligence. The

Daily Beast previously reported that the three men met with a top Saudi general in the days leading up to Trump’s inauguration to discuss plans to undermine and overthrow the government of Iran.

Seriously get better news from the q board. This place is fucked.



On the one hand, this arrogant PoC reporter tends to energize conservatives to vote just to stick it to his rate faced face.
So keeping him around may serve to energize Trump's base.

On the otherhand, if the president can't even ban one pushy, sneering corporate lackey from his meetings, then he is a weak and ineffective puppet with no power.
In which case, he deserves to lose in 2020.
But I doubt he will.

I'm more amazed at how Zog appointed this judge in the first place

I'll accept its truth after something good actually happens. If they do actually investigate some kikes all that ever happens is they give them immunity for no reason.

Flipped Mueller does not come from q. It was simply posted there by an user. It deserves more discussion than most of what's in the catalog anyway.


9/10 times voting doesn't matter on a national level. However, if Trump cannot get his base to vote, he'll lose to some libshit nutjob.

Everything is "temporary" nowadays though. Especially things that aren't.

How is that going to be any different than now? rhetorical

I.E. long enough to be permanent. Was the word "temporary" defined? was a length of time given?
When is it ever temporaryw ith the fed government and the jews who run it?

Ok? Refuse the order. What will they do, call the cops?

We need to do to this place the same thing that should be done with pyramids, in order to discover the secrets within, tear it down top to bottom, piece by piece and execute everyone that does not explain themselves to the fullest.

What a self-righteous, sanctimonious nigger. I hope he gets shot by one of his oh so equal niggers, and dies soon.

Are you trying to write "Portuguese," user?



"Nobody likes a chump." – Donald Cuck, The Art of the Deal.

This means Trump and his Administration do not have control who goes in & out of the fucking White House. The liberal media has more control over White House admittance than the President. How is anybody going to believe he can control who enters at the borders?

It really has very little to do with kike Acosta at this point. Trump has to go hard, defy the court order, and assert Separation of Powers.


But there was an explanation. Further, you are free to report whatever the fuck you want, you do not have the right to 24/7 access to the president or the white house grounds. He can go die in a fire. This will get appealed by the admin because it violates HIS rights.

Those sewer covers won't protect you yid.

Put him on a security list because a federal judge gave him unrestricted access. Let the SS put a plunger in his ass for a few days as they find out what his plans for #1 is.

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if media.zog"White House takes away CNNiggers pass"
printf(">Orange Man Hitler")

if media.zog"Whtie House gives back the pass to CNNnigger"
printf(">Orange Man Retard")

post img.embed"Dup touching Wall.jpeg"


I seem to recall that during the Russian Revolution, there was a limited amount of military staff available, so that which could stand guard were sent to the media offices and left the politicians to fend for themselves.

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Did the court order Mr. President to respond to any and all questions from Acosta at future press meetings? No?
top kek

What if they just ignored the ruling and didn’t give him a pass? Could anything realistically happen anyways?

Kvetching from lefties on twitter and in the media

Gives the dems another "reason" to try to impeach him if he ignores (((law))).

He needs the leftist grandstanding to signal boost and show his supporters that he's totally doing something and totally on their side.

One of those "sealed indictments" was proven to be for Assange, ZOG is clamping down on dissent and q has you fags cheering for it.


The gorillion mindset.

Trump could stop the fed kvetching if he put it in writing, "violent spics are a security threat."

The (((MIC))) has all the power and controls the media.



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I'll tone down the shitposting for a second.

We need to look at what's going on objectively. Trump employed Cohen as his personal lawyer for years, and as soon as Cohen felt some heat he rolled over on Trump. Then Trump let his daughter marry Jared Kushner, the son of a guy who tried to set up and film a family member with a hooker in order to extort them. Trump hired Manafort, a sleazy shitabag who has been laundering money for years, to whip delegates. Then Trump puts some sheboon (Amarosa?) as his black spokes-negro. She turns on him of course. He appoints Sessions who immediately recuses himself from the Russia sham, hires Kristjen (sp?) Neilson at DHS who has been an unmitigated disaster (omg liek look at our 30 ft of new fence!), and listens to his liberal daughter about muh Syrian babies while also keeping her kike husband, who's family was caught selling green cards to chink investors, employed as an advisor. During the midterms Trump spent the entire time sucking black dick and chumming it up with Kanye "Forgot my meds" West, who then distanced himself from Trump. Trump then goes on to lose the midterms, walk back his statement about greasing any border jumpers who attack our military, sign and EO that still allows unaccompanied minors into the country (muh babies), have a fit at a press briefing he called as an attempt to spin the midterm loss into a win, allowed the left to steal two senate seats while fucking up Florida, kicked Jim Acosta out of the WH press pool (right move), and then lost a case in front of a judge he himself appointed who said Acosta gets to go back to his job as CNN's WH propagandist.

Trump is utterly fucking retarded when it comes to people. His daughter knows it and manipulates the fuck out of him. His advisors know it and seem to be working against him. and now the press has figured it out and they're going to spend the next two years tearing President Dumbshit to pieces. And do you know what sucks the most? All of those flyover, goober whites will still show up to his rallies, still buy his dumb hats, and still vote for the GOP while praising Israel and niggers.

We are fast approaching a one party system. Trump has destroyed the GOP and empowered the most annoying voters which is and will continue driving people away. No one wants to be associated with losers. So what's next?

Everyone should sue to get access to the White House.

He's done. It's over.

Trump is prosecuting Julian Assange and letting Hillary go.

Does anything more need to be said about Trump at this point?

A sober and coherent outlining of the current situation. Sad.

As stated above, sad.

Nope, nothing to say satan.

Trump needs to sign an executive order that allows for an appeals process that he can quckly veto and then take it away again. Problem sort of solved.

Of course you can't truly solve this proboem without putting lugenpresse on their well earned train ride.

Trump is either a colossal failure due to incompetence, or nothing but a Zionist controlled pawn that was used as a pressure valve to keep whites from collectivizing under their own banner. He has at this point pushed through two bills, the one we're discussing in the thread and the tax reform bill, both of which have been championed by the Koch brothers.

All while failing to follow through on any of the campaign promises he made to the people who voted for him, ranging from going after the Clintons to curtailing immigration. Critically, the final big legislation the Koch brothers have been pressuring for over the last few years is amnesty for the illegals currently in the country. Obviously, if Trump does this, even the most blind, loyalist dog of a follower would realize he was fooled, so I will be curious to see when the third dagger will be dug into their backs.

He may wait for a while, depending on how things go, or perhaps until after he loses in 2020 (if he even runs), but it's still entirely possible that he will go through with the final piece of the puzzle within the next year. The Jews seem to be running on some kind of timeline for what they want done, perhaps it's related to their insane occult obsession, who can say. The point is that if and when that happens, it is our biggest, and perhaps last, great opportunity to rally people to our side, not politically, since that's a doomed effort, but to organize and collectivize as much as we can before the collapse or open bloodshed begin.

The Jews managed to divert the buildup of white nationalism into Trump, but we can regain what was lost if Trump signs amnesty and finalizes his betrayals, should we respond accordingly. In the meantime we should all build up financially, physically, and socially as much as we can. We are heading into a hard fight and we need to all be as strong as we can individually, and as connected as we can be with our friends and family.

Most importantly, let's keep in mind that both for those of us that got fooled by Trump, and those outside of our sphere of influence who fell for it, losing their great hope in what is essentially to them a savior, will be crippling. We must pull them out of their despair and hopelessness as quickly as possibly, or they too will fall into hedonism and depression, which may indeed have been one of the primary driving goals behind creating Trumps political movement to begin with.

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You're reading too much into this. Trump's election wasn't a planned event to increase white morale under false pretenses, you give our enemy too much credit. They really aren't that clever.
Trump meant well, but he was outmatched by the establishment and deep state, and deeply infiltrated and compromised early on. He wasn't "the plan", but in the past 2 years they've managed to zero in on how to neuter his presidency effectively.
Unless circumstances change, Trump will be no more than a minor, unexpected inconvenience that did no more than delay the inevitable.

The evidence shows otherwise

The next "negotiation" is going to be amnesty for "wall" funding (some more border patrol and more immigration judges to handle those asylum claims).


Who do you think issues it?

It's from the conservative treehouse, which is as fake and retarded as the Q-larp is.

If Trump was controlled op they wouldn't have needed to mobilize everything they had (FISA violations, fraudulent Mueller investigation, constant media shilling, obstruction from both parties and deep state) to compromise his agenda.

That's a plausible possibility, but the amnesty would likely be limited to "DREAMERS" for the sake of theatre. Full amnesty is so blatant that even the most cucked of cuckservatives would start getting nervous.

Well, I guess that means we can heckle any msm faggot reporters who are doing live reports too.

Only we can SHUT IT DOWN, silly goyim

are there any posters here left who aren't shareblue?

They didn't. He's still alive and we still have a working economy. The things you listed only lend to his legitimacy, which makes me believe that this was the point all along. Each of those things also give him very convenient excuses for not accomplishing anything he promised his voters.

That would only be true if you have a multi billion dollar media corporation and the backing of nearly all of the multi billion dollar corporations and their legal teams.

Your source nigger? Or is this another baseless assumption that you have no intention of providing evidence?

I didn't say Trump was controlled op. I said he is a worthless kike puppet faggot who never meant well.

All the anons went to reddit. Head on over they miss you.

so stfu

Yeah no.

Reminder that the president is mandated by the constitution to deport all illegals. Trump is deporting no one.
Reminder that the president is mandated by the constitution to arrest and execute all traitors. Despite video, audio, and documented evidence of treason on the part of tens of thousands of individuals in the media and US government, Trump has arrested no one.

It was, yeah.
Proven false.

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Oh jew.

You guys were begging for Trump 2 years ago. Now you're yelling at him for everything that happens.

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Sorry faggot, your face is in the public domain.

Seriously funny shit, just image search for leftypol bo. That cunt even takes credit for the revoltcuckery years past. Suvbersive shit is still here trying to shit the place up.

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It was always this way. If you expected more, you're a fool.

All that matters is that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is going to die and that Republicans have the Senate. That's it.


That's not what the file name says faggot. That shit is on your pc in a folder somewhere.

The lies trumpniggers tell themselves.

It seems the honeymoon is over. The non-stop shitshow that has been the Trump administration with the spineless gutless Republicans in Congress playing softball with the total cancer Democrat party that was just handed control over the House has worn out peoples enthusiasm for backing Trump.

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Oh shit. I'll just go back to watching talmudvision and playing vidya then. Everything is going to be just fine.

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because kikes were pushing him, people were brainwashed, now we have evidence that he is controlled opposition

I just want Trump to do a single fascistic thing while he is in office. He can't even revoke a fucking press pass.

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I thought he was taking guns. kek

Some time around March/April/May of this year, I believe. They started replaying slightly changed posts from the election period to confuse discussions. It's just a bunch of glowing niggers sucking off their jew masters now