Mohammed BTFO, Islam Redpill Thread

Back at cuckchan a based autistic scholar has been systematically BTFOing the degenerate pedocult known as Islam. He has read and studied all the required theological materials, read commentaries by mainstream scholars, and has completely proven every negative charge against pisslam with meticulous sourcing. In every thread, buttblasted mudslimes have attempted weak damage control to no avail. He apparently already has 400 manuscript pages of his book complete, however publishing may prove an issue. Post your Islam redpills ITT.

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if only someone would do this with the talmud and other jewish crap

I haven't delved in too much but have recently discovered the book Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years by Israel Shahak. It's written by a jew who was a holohoax survivor and an IDF soldier in the 40s, so its much easier to rebut muh anti-semitism. It's not entirely about the Talmud but its a good start for learning about the anti-religion that is Judaism.
Here's a link

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Doesnt matter what you say if no one will read or acknowledge it. We already know Islam is a cult and nearly identical to the kikes. we know they work together. We know they are both pedophiles, subhuman monstrosities and spawn of Satan. A book wont change that. A book that no one else will read but those that already know wont change anything. A book that no one will read, the media will discredit, if they mention it at all, and academia will never challenge, similar to Culture of Critique or numerous other such books, will never have an impact.

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And of course MacDonald's Culture of Critique

I disagree. Because of (((academia))) and the (((media))) it will never have the full impact that it should, but it is foolish to say it will have no impact. Mainstream western society is completely turning against Islam compared ot 20 years ago. Unfortunately it take trucks of peace to wake up most white people but they are waking up. I think a lot of us are former leftists. Infographics and youtube videos work well for a lot of people, but many normies are still scared away. An ironclad sourced academic work which catalogs mainstream Islamic thought and jurisprudence for western audiences would be invaluable. No matter what, the media and snopes will say its debunked, but it will certainly help in moving the needle a little bit further to the right. I feel that Culture of Critique, while ignored by academia, is a shocking redpill to those who actually read it, and gives a solid foundation to criticizing the (((chosen))) that doesn't exist in classic Zig Forums memes and shitposting, depite how right they are.

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Mohammed was a random schizo who got uplifted by a rich merchant kikess in order to conquer back ancient palestine. Islam presented itself as an evolution of judaism and christianity: the holy roman empire in europe considered it a heresy of christianity, not a separate religion (how can it be, when it shares the same holy books). All the earliest archeological evidence of islam makes it out to be a jewish operation to convert christians to their cause.

Paul Nehlen talked about how disgusting the talmud is a couple weeks ago on the political cesspool

Come talk Bible at >>>/christianity/

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also watch Apostate Prophet and Political Islam on youtube on Islam so you know more about how fucked is Islam.
another good website to know about islam.

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my bad, accidentaly clicked spoiler images.

This is a very philosemitic book that excuses jews and their behavior.

IDK how you could say its philosemetic book at all. He basically wrote the book on the jews, described their behavior from an evolutionary standpoint. His model is the best imo because it doesn't rely on some grand conspiracy Protocols of Zion and secret meetings (which actually happen but normies don't accept) but just explains that subversion is in their nature while they are the most nepotistic and xenophobic group of all.
Read the (((SPLC))) talk about MacDonald
If you want a book that straight up calls out Jews for their shit behavior """morality""", read Shahak's book. He decided to write it after he witnessed a goy collapse in Jerusalem on the sabbath. A Jew who lived nearby refused to allow his phone to be used to call an ambulance. Outraged, Shahak asked the leading Rabbinical authorities what that man should have done. They agreed that not only did he not do anything wrong, but he was a pious jew and all should act as he did. The sabbath should only be broken to save Jewish lives, not the lives of goy cattle.

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>Come talk Bible at >>>/christianity/
I refuse to talk Christianity with anyone that won't acknowledge Christ was in direct conflict with the Pharisee and the Pharisee are currently known as jews.
You Christcucks can burn in hell with your masters.

Any Christian you've talked to that said otherwise was mistaken, because you're right. Pharisees practiced the talmud just like all professing Jews today

Gas the Scofield Zionists, Holy War now

This. Christian Zionists are the goodest goys of all. They literally support the treacherous Christkilling Talmudic Scholars which descend from the Pharisees. To this day, mainstream Jewish jurisprudence holds that Jesus is boiling in a pit of excrement in hell, the virgin Mary is a whore, and the new testament should be burned whenever possible. If these retards understood that maybe they would stop shilling for the ZOG

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Meant to reply

talmud didnt exist until 500 years later. they didnt practice it then. they developed the teachings of it over those centuries, expanding on it after their explusion by the romans and later spread it through the khazars. Even if you account for the mishna, Judah didnt redact it until hundreds of years after Christianity. Like 2nd or 3rd century I think.

I suppose the oral traditions of the pharisees that eventually became the mishna before its numerous conflicts were settled by Judah could be argued as the talmud, but its more that this sect forged their ambitions into written law for all jews hundreds of years later. they are the pharisees still, of course, but the talmud as we know today didnt exist when they were still known as pharisees. you could say they become the modern jews/steal the jewish heritage/origins of christianity (first 5 books of old testament) at that point. a likely perversion in antithesis to christianity and to add a sort of legitimacy to their hate.

Where's the rest of the lessons, user????

Still forthcoming. The jihad lesson was only posted last night. I guess it'll depend on timezones when based pastanigger user will post again

It’s not philosemetic and doesn’t excuse the Jews at all. In one chapter, Macdonald even calls jews hypocritical. He even calls them subversive

Judaism. Christianity. Islam.

In the beginning, all three start at the same source: Jews.
And they start in the same place: Eden.

And then the snake begins to speak.

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t. for the update user

not mine, just direct quotes from those who have experience of islam

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Deception—known under the broad term taqiyya—is permissible in Islam, above and beyond the limited issue of self-preservation. This assertion is not “Islamophobic”; it is true. From a legalistic point of view, and as seen especially via the concept of tawriya, as long as deceptions are technically true (“I don’t have a penny in my pocket,” only dollars), they are not even considered lies. The prophet of Islam, Muhammad—the example that Sunni Muslims especially pattern their lives after—regularly made use of deceit. In order to assassinate a poet (Ka‘b ibn Ashraf) who offended him, Muhammad permitted a Muslim to lie to the poet. Muhammad is further on record giving license to breaking oaths (“if something better” comes along) and openly lying (without even employing tawriya) to one’s wife and in war. As for the latter, which assumes a perpetual nature in the guise of the jihad against the non-Muslim in order to make Islam (and Muslims) supreme (e.g., Qur’an 8:39), deception and lies are certainly permissible.

Do you happen to have a PDF copy of Reliance of the Traveler? I’m unable to find one, or even one for SALE. They really don’t want people to own that English translation.
Here you go user

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It should come as no surprise that even studying the Quran as a non-Muslim is an offense that is punished with death, by the way.

Awesome, thanks. This will be perfect for my book to serve as citations.

Indeed. The jews supposedly say similar for the Talmud (rather, that any jew who corroborates its contents to goyim should die), but I’ve found no legitimate citation for that claim, as “Dibre David” is not a real book. This has been a good thread so far.

Wont let me pdf?

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you're on windows and it isn't showing you the file extensions is my guess.

So you are seeing "somefile.pdf", but the actual file name is different because you don't see the extension ""

Did faggots even bother to cross-check his references/do research by themselves? He deployed a classic tactic whereby he preaches to an audience of inferiors in the comforting knowledge they know even less than him so won't bother to check. Every source he uses on "taqiyya" 2nd hand information from a single obscure book by a literal who. He selectively disregarded infinitely more authoritative scholars, for example Ibn Kathir, yet even himself later conceded that Ibn Kathir was "the most followed and respected". So why didn't you quote his statements on "taqiyya"? Oh yeah, it's because they didn't suit your narrative.
Anyone that does more than a 1 minute Google search can easily impress Zig Forums because their knowledge literally doesn't extend beyond that. And lmao at saying he's "studied all the required theological materials" and "already has 400 manuscript pages of his book complete". Literally every single one on his talking points is copied word for word from copypastas/talking points used in forum/blog debates by Christians against Muslims for at least the past 10 years. Seriously, he ripped his mistranslation point from a 2011 blog post, and in another section 6 consecutive quotations can all be found from a 2015 blog post.
Also, pro-tip. You want an unfettered classical, authoritative statement on Islam? Use Hanbali or Maliki scholars.

t. Mohammed ibn Abdul

like clockwork

Prove it faggot. Spoon fed us with the links in the OP's pic.

thanks for this, goys, great info…:)

Great work pastabro

MAGApedes and kosher conservatives are retards

Getting engaged to your friend's daughter before she starts puberty at 6 and fucking her when she starts puberty at 8 isn't pedophilia. Jews spread this argument so that moralistic law-abiding men (whites) won't secure wives early, while immoral law-ignoring men (muslime, jews, nigs) fuck them early and ruin them for us.

Bill Warner is great. His books are well worth the read.

This selection is from Tom Kratman's Caliphate, a novel about a future Europe under complete Islamic Domination, with an Imperial American Empire relentlessly fighting all forms of islam without any mercy after getting nuked. There's even a Trump-like as emperor! It's brutal in depicting Islam as it is, a totalitarian nightmare of slavery, mutilation, and death willing to cause a global pandemic to wipe out all life on earth.

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Maybe you should just go the fuck back there.

This is why more and more western countries introduce anti blasphemy laws protection Islam from atheists nagging? Pls. In 40 years half of teh western world would be green.

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Thanks for posting this user, I'm saving this for posterity, have a bump too.

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Which Shahak book? He has written a dozen or so.


No, it's not that "Libre David" is not a "Real book", it may have at some point existed. Much like the bibble there are books unprinted or in the process removed and replaced, it just hasn't ever been proven not to exist.
reliance of the traveler is 37 bux on amazon right now.

Jesus fucking Christ you guys are retards

Go fuck a goat

Pharisees and Sadducee's

Dänke uh gorillion, user!


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Bump for visibility.
Have some other stuff about kebabs.

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Reusing crusade era propaganda. How’s the weather in Israel?


It disgusts me that canada supports this vile shit and lies to the people about how great and wonderful shitslam is.

Reported for not even trying. Put a bullet in your head.

On what fucking planet is quoting something propaganda?


I was actually taking this Mr 'PhD' seriously until he said the word 'moon God.

Allah was the supreme deity in the Arabian Pantheon and the Qur'an speaks directly against moon worship. Muhammad never used the moon symbol in his religion


No the moon god theory has been spresded around in apologrtics since the mid 19th century and it looks like this poster beleives in it and as a result others will fall for an obvious lie without checking for themselves.

Damage control lmao

I'm not saying everything he's saying is wrong about Islam. But it's obvious that poster has an agenda that isn't speaking the truth or he is deceived.

Defeatism is betrayal.

So what? Still makes for a good insults.
So you claim.
Oh yeah, right. You hanging up on the most minute of details and then voicing publicly how the poster can't be taken seriously is just concern for "others". Of course, got it.
No, you're just trying to sow doubt by emphasizing an irrelevant detail.
Anyone sane and well-informed will have an agenda against the religion of terrorism.
There you go again, emphasizing an irrelevant detail to suggest that the whole "agenda" isn't "speaking the truth". Classic.
You probably know a thing or two about deception.

No one is falling for your Taqiyya, pig worshiper. Go worship your moon demon somewhere else.

Reliance of the Traveller is still considered one of the main sunni fiqh manual in the world. It has been approved by the Al-Azhar university and is given to american muslim converts as study material.

Prove it. Post them.
Then prove that the info they contain is wrong.

He did, faggot. He used hanbali and maliki fiqh manuals.

Not only it's an irrelevant point (moon good or poop god, it doesn't change anything) but the theory has never even been debunked.

great thread goys, thanks

What are you talking about? You want people to execpt everything this poster says at face value without checking for themselves? Once you very.everything for yourself there will be no doubt. You'd be a fool to execpt anything without checking for yourself.

And stop with that: 'he wasn't trying to show Allah is a moon god ' damage control. This is supposed to be an Islam exposed thread not a joke about Islam thread and the poster no way implied it was a joke.

You're autistic and if you say anything else I won't reply to you

man that's a whole new level of confusion. making me doubt stuff right now.

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What a retarded strawman. You're not smart enough to do this.
Are you so used to people swallowing your lies that you think skepticism at your claims about the poster's belief is "damage control"?
Whatever you say, dishonest goatfucker. Don't forget to change your IP address again so you can get a new ID like you just did, lol

← The history of "Islamphobia"

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Professor Kafir paid us a visit again.
Here is part IV.

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Great read as usual.

Alternative screenshot with dark background.

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great info thanks

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Ritual Murder is the real redpill

Typical jew double-speak. Most serial killers are black, if you're just counting the people that get their hands dirty.