Paypal purging big tech opposition

just build your own it's a free market :^)

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just build your own parallel society, it's a free market :)

no jews in the first post

Many content creators are piling into BitChute. They're (((scared))). Same issue with G-d rabbai vs Twatter.
It's the equivalent of Gates bundling his browser with Windows back in the 90s to shut out competition and regain market share.

The equivalent would be more like Windows blocking non-IE browsers from running on it


Aint like this the right time to use criptos or icos as a thing to evade hostiles?
I mean, i guess if these niggers issue an ico they can totally evade paypalniggers and banks, until they try use the government for total ban.


We shall call it Zig Forumstopia!

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dont call it the paypal mafia for nothing. founders are tech gods. top investors are all from the big four.

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I love the fact that Bitchute was proven to be controlled by some kike in Israel and yet you retarded faggot cucks always refuse to fucking answer my fucking posts and just ignore it which makes me believe YOU are the faggot JIDF shills trying to push your faggot jew kike garbage. Don't use Bitchute you dumb fucks, the owner lives in fucking Tel Aviv


"and here is some evidence that celebrities are retarded and the world is a corrupt shithole pyramid scheme run by people who view humans as objects."

Wow what a groundbreaking post. I never would have guessed that if you werent posting gossip about.

Who in the thread is telling you to use bitchute? We're talking about PayPal banning people for being a threat to big tech interests. You can't say bitchute wasn't in that category, the alexa stats tell the story.

Rusell Simons has a financial company. Nothing would be better than getting a nigger to head the movement because their typical fanfare tirade of lambasting others as evil racists that are nothing more than antisemites wouldn't offer any effect on a nigger.

correction - owned (pic related)

well, he'd at least be a candidate for establishing a payment system. Provided he didn't sign a non compete clause, which he probably did.

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For the love of… We know the arguments cocksucker! But have you taken the time to sit down and think that everything comes down to real estate? If we have to build another payment processor, hosting site, access protocol, and everything else, we need three things: Hardware, Manpower, and Land. The problem isn't hardware or labor. We can find the brightest and best whites to choose the systems without Jewish influence. The problem is the land itself.

See we have a very nosey (pun intended) government when it comes to business. You may buy a deed and "own" the land, but in reality you're renting the land directly from the state paying property tax instead of paying your land lord who pays property tax for you. Even if we do rent the land from the state what is stopping the left from misreporting and publicly smearing our privately owned business to the government reps who then pressure law enforcement to enact some bullshit law to take away our land? And who's to say the layers we hire will be on our side let alone the judges that make the ruling in the first place?

Either we get a government law which contracts free speech in the digital space and make current silicon valley accountable for their abuse as a platform or simply put free speech cannot nor will not exist on the internet so long as private companies and shithole governments they own are in charge of what can be published.

And Gabai is a fucking kike made honeypot, too, and was banned. It's even named after a synagogue attendant. Fuck off retard.

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nigger what the fuck are we supposed to use then? fuck what platform its on, REDPILL PEOPLE USING ANY PLATFORM

For Twitter alternative you can try mastodon it is a decentralized twitter like service, it can be setup on TOR too.

For youtube alternative try peertube reasons same above plus it is P2P.

Fuck gab but fuck that dumb meme too.

Step 1. Stop believing in political puppets


That's one of the most kiked products out there.

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Oops you got de-platformed
Oops you got demonetized
I wonder what the jews would do after someone does all 3, the government would probably disappear whomever does.

Funny no one with money looking to make more is stepping up. I wonder why?

It's not such a high bar even for FDIC insurance. Obviously for me I can't afford 300k

Well paypal has always claimed it is not a bank. They have gone to court several times about this…It's bullshit but they have so far been able to jerk off the courts into siding with them. They have always danced their KIKE ways around the law. Really anyone using them is fucking stupid but there are worst things in this world.
Starting a bank is not a big thing 3-12 million depending on your state. The real money is in the Interchange fees. Banks tax around 3% of every dollar spent that way right off the top. That is why access to or creating a new interchange is always attacked and nuked by the banking Jews.

Well they would attack it, can't have an honest competitor, even if the clientele is completely niche so to speak


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"I would literally 100%, hand over Ivanka to a pack of wild niggers to get raped to death, believe me folks, that's how NOT racist I am".
-t zognald blumpf the orange cheetoh man

I would too, tbh

Literally the first political priority and action of everyone here should be to help develop and/or use both communication and payment platforms that are built with anti-censorship in mind. None of our achievements will ever amount to anything so long as ((they)) can just flick a switch and ban you from modern life.

So far, TOR and cryptocurrencies are the future. Most importantly, we know that what they can do to terrorists and pedos, they can and will do to us. Start learning.

Paypal is not a competitor just a different form of bank Jew. The Federal Reserve and the real Banking Kikes guard access to the International Bank of Settlements and the SWIFT networks. Just think you have your debit/charge card buy something 1-3% is charged to the merchant. Merchant then buys raw materials or inventory if he doesn't use bank draft or transfers that's another 1-3% on an on transaction after transaction. let that sink in and now you know why they hate cash.

Crypto is the ultimate Goy control tool. It is traceable as the IRS has proven multiple times. Being digital it is easy to seize by agencies they can wipe you out with a key stroke. They can create false digital exchanges to entrap you or compromise you. It just goes on and on. Crypto is not the paradise yet that it is sold as.

I've looked into Bitchute and while I've found some of their employees were previously employed for banks and the British government in the IT field I haven't seen anything that connects it to Israel.

Considering the mainstream press attention it's getting it wouldn't surprise me but I'd like to see some evidence.

Use Monero then

Fuck paypal. They tried to blatantly defraud me out of $800! Reversed their own internal investigation (that was in my favor) when the cocksucker charged back his credit card, then tried to send the $780 bill to collections (plus a $20 inconvenience fee WTF?!?!?!!) because the money was transferred out months before. Ended up suing them and the collections company to clear my record (because they can put whatever they want on my credit score without any proof whatsoever) and recover a meager amount of money for my time, effort, and fees, associated with defending myself.

They're lucky I didn't shoot up one of their corporate offices.

Might makes right. You don't have shit, or even control over your very life (in the most literal life&death sense) unless you have the ability to break their monopoly on violence.

Around where I live, a lot of land has been in families for generations. I'm trying to figure out when the various parcels went from tax-free alloidal title to kiked (((land deeds.))) Best I can tell, it happened in the 1920s-1940s depending on what parcels you're looking at, as it was inherited by next of kin, through property transfers. Through this process, they were placed in the UNITED STATES corporate trust, and legally speaking, you a merely the beneficiary of that trust, with no right to any benefit thereof; only privilege, through the payments you make into the extortion racket.

Interesting observation.
Are you willing to put yourself in the spotlight?
Perhaps your an individual who's here to bitch.