Rep. Eric Swalwell states he will nuke Americans if they start war instead of turning over guns

This Congressman is currently proposing total confiscation of "assault weapons." If you don't turn over your gun, Congressman Swalwell will nuke you.

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Republikikes and demokikes, both parties serve the same (((master)))


he's right, we could ban niggers and reduce gun homicides by 80%

Meant to include archive of Swalwell's tweet:

We had nukes during Vietnam and Afghanistan, and the illiterate farmers with rusty soviet hand-me-downs still kicked the asses of the American army.

Daily reminder that when the day comes and kike puppets like Swalwell are threatening you with violence, call the bluff and escalate the violence.

Considering America is going permanently blue due to demographics in Florida and Texas, does it even matter that they're openly cheating at this point? America will be permanently and irreversibly blue just as a matter of time, so that means gun confiscation and repeal of the 2nd are inevitable. And anybody who doesn't turn over their guns will be nuked by our Congressmen, since guns are so dangerous, we must all be vaporized to take them away.

This country is totally, completely fucked.

If you don't have every politicians house mapped out for DOTR, you haven't been a Zig Forumsack long enough.

I'd like to see the nigger try.

That is why there is no political answer. The sooner people realize this the better. There is no legitimate elections no legitimate government only raw totalitarianism with the Jew behind the mask.

Do it.
Fucking do it pussy, you won't.

They will never realize it. Rhodesia and South Africa prove this.

Statist faggot

Good point. Look at how those white refuges were treated by the USA. It is almost impossible to sponsor anyone from there to get them into the USA. All the while the people here clutch their pearls every time a nigger criminal gets shot to death.

The audacity of this faggot is appalling. I yearn for the day of his demise.

Our overlords threatening to nuke us qualifies as a whole new ballgame of insanity.

You like to bring those up all the time, but the comparison is apples and oranges.
Today's circumstances are different.
We will have to see how things develop in the near future.

The chimpouts in Baltimore and fergusen pretty much put an end to that, at least where I am.
I'm sure in the cities they still do cry though.

More and more, the turner diaries comes true.

Well that's an odd thing to say.

this timeline

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I'd rather nuke that state.

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I have my evil assault weapons caches in NYC Los Angeles San Francisco and Boca Raton. Come at me faggot I dare you!

They were obviously in on Parkland. Now they're citing it over and over and will use it to seize all weapons. Then nuke anyone who resists. Kek.

And if the government wanted to rule over a blasted radioactive wasteland, that would matter. Absurd that someone this dumb can be elected to national office without being a nigger, a kike, or a woman.

That's not an entirely fair comparison. Rhodesia and South Africa were colonies, and the white their had/have a colonial mindset. Their ancestors never fought for independence, nor did they do much in the way of pioneering hostile lands. America has mythos of rebellion and earning independence through war, but the balls of the boomer generation were severely slashed after WWII and Vietnam.
Considering that most of the first American revolutionaries were in their late 20s/early 30s, Generation Zyklon just might revive that spirit when they come to age, and maybe some grizzled Xs and Ys would join too

Enemies of the state get Kashoogi'd

They get the whitest, most respectable-looking guy they can find because they're targeting white male conservatives. Same reason they shoot up white conservative country concerts.

Remember that these people are trying to oust Assad because they claim he used Sarin gas against some rebels.

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The only people who believe that are spoon fed Americans who suck kike cock to go to asleep. The only people who used "Sarin" were agents of the US and Israel.

No shit, notice how I said claim and not believe.
At least with Sarin, you would still have infrastructure left.

This in your face "I want to kill you but I'm being friendly about it" rhetoric really gets my blood boiling.

You blabbed about everything! Except our secret stockpiles in Chicago, thank god

The democratic party just threatened the lives of every man woman and child of the united states.
It begs the question, how far do your self defense laws take you?

Jesus Christ what an unhinged faggot.
A congressman threatening Americans with nukes in the year of our lord 2018.

It seems these politicians are beginning to believe they are invincible and/or immortal. Reminder to Eric "We will nuke you if you do not hand over your guns" Swalwell and the rest of the political class that you and those around you are not invincible and/or immortal and threats to nuke will not be received well by the population.

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I'd rather be dead than a kike slave, bring on the nukes.

Yes user.

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Love your spirit but your already a kike slave. What you need is FREEDOM.

It was just a night or two after the Orlando night club shooting that Obama tweeted, "give us your guns and we'll stop attacking you".

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"I'm sure if we talked we could find common ground to protect our families and communities."

Translation: I am literally willing to deploy nuclear weapons to vaporize your "families and communities" if you don't turn over your AR-15.

Still kek'ing at the insanity of a US Congressman saying this.

Makes me rethink about the existence of nukes, honestly.

The absurdity of Parkland was just forgotten somehow. It's really amazing. There was a girl who was walking a week later who allegedly took couple AR-15 rounds to her legs. The entire thing was insane. And here we are coming full circle–they cite it again and again and again to confiscate all weapons (or they'll nuke us!). We live in a Kafka story.

Don't start that bullshit here you fucking jerkoff.

Archive in case

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They built those underground installations to hide from you while they commence with war against the American people if you haven't figured this out on your own yet. Throughout history Nephilim have always hid in the earth.

Today it finally began! After all these years of talking-and nothing but talking-we have finally taken our first action. We are at war with the System, and it is no longer a war of words.

Obama's tie knot is nigger tier

Right, and the Aurora shooting was another hoax. Here are pic's from the DA's file and you can clearly see no blood existed there.

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Ahahahahahahaha, what a fucking retard.

Also, there was a blood trail out side of the batman shooting.

There was a trail, but zero blood at sandy hook.

Compare those shootings to the blood such as that club/theater shooting in france.

And to add to that list here in Colorado they are false flagging people at their homes now for 10 years that I know of.

It just might be worth letting myself get cooked knowing the legendary shitstorm that would folllow. that's legitimately one of nuttiest things i've ever heard from a politician.

protect families and communities in a nuked zone, interdasting.

he can't tweet if someone nukes his brain with lead

It is the will of our world government.

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And this is why you kill your enemies and learn from the past. Germans had the gloves on the entire time against a force that deserves to be crucified alive and die a slow painful death. We shall not repeat history and no mercy can be shown. Those who show mercy deserve an equal death to our enemies.

Maybe China or Russia sees Zogwell nuking his fellow citizens and launches nukes to stop America from destroying itself completely so some resources remain intact and can be extracted. Many hilarious permutations possible.

And so it begins!

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yes user

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Yes indeed, learn from past mistakes!

look up N bombs and realize this is probably what they will deploy when the time is ripe


There is no bluff to call, if the US government threatens to bomb their own cities, that is the absolute best case scenario. Every single citizen not on our side already would immediately see that their government is willing to nuke them to defeat us, and turn on their government. This isn't really a new topic, gun owners have known this for ages.

What is really newsworthy is that we have a representative that is stupid enough to think the government would ever even THINK of using nuclear weapons in a civil war.

They deployed plenty of niggers to my community already.

Spread this story to everyone you know who might be redpill-able.

Backstep of the century right there. Let's also not forget this moron Congressman thinks he or states have the power to nuke.

He's running for president.

My fired Colorado Attorney worked with gun control laws derived from the Aurora Theater shooting and when we talked about it I learned he was full of shit and when I presented credible evidence contrary to his narrative he was shut down and fired so remember that when the shooting starts.

Reading through the Twitter threads I'm really disappointed that no one is pointing ouut that nuclear weapons on their own population would never be an option. I only saw one mention of Afghanistan. The rest seem to be saying "this is why we need the 2nd amendment" instead of pointing out how absolutely brain dead he is to think that would work.

Fuck yeah I will. And the literal gun confiscation in Connecticut I believe. It could be another state. That is was more of a threat.

The best lakes have attorney's at the bottom.

If he's running he has no chance of winning, even with knowing what type of people the liberals are.

Did you really get him fired by calling him out? That's impressive.

You mean Maryland? I know some guy got shot for cops for not giving up his guns after his ex-wife called the police and got a court order for them to be confiscated under the new laws.

Anyone tuned into state run media such as fakebook and Alex Jones needs to hear such things. They all say they're independent though it is not so.

I fired him after proving him a liar. He can fuck off, like all the other Attorney's.

Yes, Maryland. That's is the real threat because smart liberals won't outright take guns away, they chip away at weak points like taking away guns from "threats to society or themselves" without having to even prove they are a threat, and do not have anything process in place to review the cases. They keep the guns indefinitely. On the surface many normies would agree with this because it's "taking guns from bad guys" withouuut understanding that this law will be expanded to anyone they want without any reason or proof required.

Not all attorneys are stupid faggot leftists. Guns would be far more restricted now if NRA/Judicial Watch etc. didn't have teams of lawyers on the right. It makes it difficult fighting back against the left as a lawyer when the legal establishment is overwhelmingly leftist, but there are lawyers who do.

You know what I agree with Eric's tweet, clearly the citizens need nukes too.

Good, let's get this going.

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Commiefornia? Commiefornian jew puppet? Nukes?

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Is that an implicit threat of violence, doesn't that break twitters Terms of Service


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So there's already a proposal of the Cohen Act, huh? While threatening to nuke american citizens? (((They've))) got another thing coming if they dare. DOTR is arriving soon once that happens.

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Since OP is a nigger faggot and forgot to archive.

==Threadly reminder that the western states are majority spic (unofficially). There will be no republikike elected again except in the Midwest and NE.

Over/Under on how long before that disappears and when Snopes comes out with their "fact check"?

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There's an attorney that was elected that aggressively used the law to fight illegal immigration. We shouldn't be so apprehensive against using the system to fight however we can.

Not even the fact that they are dispersed and rural and nuclear bombs would be extremely ineffective, it's not going to be like the first civil war where lines were drawn and there was a clear enemy. We would be among many government supporters in huge cities and rural areas running guerilla attacks. Nuclear bombs would take out more of their own supporters than they would affect us, and after hundreds of thousands of neutrals die in the first bomb 99 percent of all people would be on our side because they would be next either way.

I hope this guy knows what he is doing. He just served himself on a silver platter to 150,000 people who love to troll for fun.

How do you not recognize bait?

Yep. Confiscation and 2nd Amendment repeal are 100%, definitely coming as a result.

Fuck the NRA! And that scumbag cowboy that says you have to be in his "asset column" to have guns. The 2nd amendment doesn't state a type of individual that the right applies to. In a word "inalienable", look it up.

Better to let the guy talk. Good to keep track of it.

Let's the shit snowball, their golem will eat them alive

The issue isn't funs it's non-Americans* in America that are the problem.

*anyone who doesn't understand by 2A is essential, and uphold it.

Shit I had plans for this evening, but okay.

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The NRA has gone to shit, because it's too bloated and has been taking non-stop extreme leftist pressure for years. It's just weak at this point. GOA isn't cucked.

user, I think he means neutron bombs.

Day of the rope !

Lol we've already been bombed with nigger bombs for decades.