Catholic alters must contain human remains

The alters of catholic churches are the relics of human sacrefice, where in aincent time the bodies of the killed where the alter itself.

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And your Zig Forums point is what exactly, that Christianity has undergone the most reformation of the Abrahamic faiths… what?

Catholic relics don't come from human sacrifice, the fuck are you on about?

Define "ancient times" you dicknigger, by the time the Greeks started to record history human sacrifice was already forbidden.


Not the relicts, the origin of the human remains in alters

I'm no fan of Christianity but this is literally fake news. Read a book OP.

the shills landed here fast

I believe Catholic relics have small body parts of saints in them.

OP, you're illiterate. The word is

Orthodox have something similar, they keep rotten body parts of "saints" as holy relics, and you are even supposed to kiss them to absorb their magical powers. If that's not peak degeneracy, then I don't know what is.

All Christians need to be thrown to the lions, regardless of denomination.

*tips fedora*

I'm protestant.

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Claims without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. Provide a source faggot

So what? If they wanna do that, mare's the power to them.

Catholics hate jews and celebrate several dark miracles where God smites down a jew who disrespects Christianity.

If you want cucks who love kikes, look no further than Protestantism. A fundamentalist movement which in liege to its return to roots, went back to the idea of jews as the chosen ones. While the Catholic Church treated them as a cursed race of traitors for millennia.

Oh, which century did that happen in? There literally has never been any Catholic policy physically against jews and therefore has allowed jews to flow into all Catholic controlled lands.

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Where should we put their bodies, OP? Should we burn them?


The word you are looking for is 'spelling' my illiterate friend.

the early christian churches sprung up around sites of martyr graves and relic alters, but as christianity spread people started making icons. because the selling of icons was good money and it helped spread christianity the church abolished one of the ten commandments regarding idoltary.
the roman catholic church may be heretical and an abomination in regards to early chirstianity, but the whole human sacrifice ooga booga bullshit youre ranting on about is crap.
the only case of blood sacrifice that lasted up until the middle ages was sacrifising a lamb in formely barbarian regions of converted europe.

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They aren't sending their best

Hello, negro, love your spelling. I don't see what's supposed to be unsettling about this. Have you ever prayed at someone's gravestone?

It's not the Church's job to expel kikes. It merely teaches its faithful that they are God's chosen courtesy of Jesus' sacrifice at the cross and that piety will ensure an afterlife in heaven. Expulsion is what the state does and while it may be bereft of religious character it is normally understood that its laws reflect the moral values of its Christian population. It's a carefully struck balance.