Muellar is Charging Assange

You no good fucking shill faggots lied and said Trump was doing this. Turns out it was the DeepPedoState.

Fuck you! Zig Forums is getting hit with disinfo by the Alt-Right's new pro-democrate strategy.

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Assange is an israeli puppet, good riddance

Nigger, the fact trump is president means he can RIGHT NOW put a stop to ALL of this shit. ALL OF IT, RIGHT NOW. But he has not even lifted a fucking finger and instead allowed it all to drag on FOR TWO YEARS.
But we got muh fucking tax cuts for rich jews.

Will you faggots finally decide?

Trump is working for the deep state, otherwise you would never hear about him, let alone see him become the President.


He should be judged by his actions, and not wild speculations. Did this man do anything to contribute to our cause, or he did something against it? What's the final score?

Sage negated. Same shill

Yes, he loves his own persecution goy. He loves having his son charged with treason, goy!

he was an enemy to us regardless.

Another sage (1)


In other news Trump also put a stick up Netenyahu's ass and made him call for a ceasefire with hamas but shills with their will not report it.

Daddy issues and low iq about Trump not going full Hitler upsets them. I bet if they were in early 1945 they would kvetch about Hitler begging the shitskins to help him and call him compromised.


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Fo course. Hitler wasn't AltRight

Sure buddy.

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Trust The Plan.

What goalposts have I moved satan?

Why are you upset about tax cuts? We all got them, I save like 4k a year. The taxes on the wealthy are already ridiculous.

Mueller should go indict himself.

What plan?

The Yinon Plan

The plan to ensure the US is never run by a white person ever again?

If I was not a US citizen and living in some other country, and the US indicted me, I would laugh at it, like the two dozen Russians already indicted are doing.

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And then wake up in the middle of the night to a black bag being thrown over your head.

No just shill comments

Doesn't anybody find it interesting that Assange won Trump the election, and now Assange is getting charged?

Everything bad that happens is Trump's fault.
Not the jews, never the jews