Anglo Archive: We Watch Anglo Subversives Fighting Against Our American Tradition

Who is Will Chamberlain? He is a new addition to the larger Anglo 'subversives' group that is attaching itself to our Western Populist movements. The same Anglo group which consist of characters like, Jack Posobiec, Alex Jones, Richard Spencer, Alan Dershowitz, Jordan Peterson, Paul J. Watson, Sam Harris, Rubin Report and American Renaissance.

We look at Will Chamberlain's latest video. His trained "MAGA acting" is transparently on display. Take a look at the video,

Anglo Archive #397: "We Watch Anglo Subversives Fighting Against Our American Tradition. The United States has a long history of dealing with Anglo saboteurs. These groups work tirelessly to re-write American history and to also co-opt grass roots American politics. They play both sides of the American political system. Their end-game is the expansion of London global power."

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How do we stop the eternal Anglo?

Controlled opposition or "Sharks in the waves" as some call them. Watch how they react to certain events to really see if they controlled opt or not. I wouldn't be surprised if this guy was one by your description. Peterson, mollymeme and a few other outed them selves when they all called for regime change in Iran a while back. JPW is also a "shark" as you could tell that despite his close ties to Alex Jones did not get banned off a single platform while alex we being de-personed from the internet.

A good question. Luckly, we have resources available. Unlike Anglo shills, we provide "solutions" to American activist… instead of endless misdirection and subterfuge.

Volunteer with LaRouch Pac.

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Alex Jones is a high level "Anglo" subversive operating inside the United States. In fact, Alex is the Queens most effective shill in recent times due to his ability to communicate to actual real American patriots. He has a few publicized incidents were he makes fun of British accents, or, makes comments referring to "1776 will commence again" but its a lie. Alex is deeply connected with the British Deep State. His goal as a conman is to funnel American patriots back under the control of London.

Further, Alex Jones's beef with Jordan Peterson is a total fake. They do not have a real beef. Both are working for the British Deep State. Alex was told to "split" away from Jordan Peterson in order to capture the large group of American patriots who were exposing Jordan Peterson as an anti-American subversive British agent. With this action, the American movement against Jordan Peterson was –again– divided in two… and thus losing half its momentum.

The tactic of controlled operatives + splitting apart American resistance is one of London's most used methods to crush grass roots politics.

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They have a history of being right about most things but Larouche was literally a cult leader. His organization is run by old Jews and is pathologically leftist in their activism.

No. You are a liar and a shill. There are no "conservative" parties in England. The British Empire was militarized global Leftism. Learn European History. If you want to label opposition to the Leftist British Empire as "Leftism" go right ahead, you only out yourself as a shill.

Nah, Peterson is probably working for Canadian Intelligence which at this point is just a puppet of china's intel groups to get him to divide whites so it's easier for them to invade. If Alex was with brit intels then he would go along with the overly emotional false flag shootings narratives(they did invent the method after all and used it to get guns banned in UK and Australia). Alex could be working with some groups but I don't think it's the brits m8.

Oy vey goyim join my honeypot. And have some free d&c while i'm at it too.

Alright, listen here, kikes. I am a proud Anglo, and I won't let your D&C shit degrade my people. You rats may have infested my homeland turning it into your base of opperations, but your exploitation of my race goes no further.

I read Dope INC. Its good

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I thought Will Chamberlain was a negro?

Wilt Chamberlain was the nigger

America is an Anglo-Saxon nation. If you live in America and are not an Anglo-Saxon, then you are an immigrant and must assimilate to our values.

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My ancestors were French and lived in the Louisiana territory before it was sold to America; we didn't immigrate.

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fair enough, long as you're not one of those German-American landser-LARPers that think they own this country because midwest and hamburgers

I think I have a right to this country because my ancestors fought and died for it someone had to do the bloody work of removing the redskins

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Please review the post count analysis below:

3fcce5: 4 (22.22%)

Thou shalt be checkin' these dubs!

> 77's (1 total; 100.00%)

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Put it this way, they all jerk off to James Bond. That's because it's how they see themselves, working for the crown.

Fuck you Jeffersonian American scum

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Why would anyone would want to work for some german broad married to a greek guy who seems to be complicit in replacing them with saracens is beyond me

She's not German, she's Jewish you anti-semitic fuck!

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Brilliant picture. These NatSoc tards deserve more mockery than they get. It's sad too since they used to be somewhat witty and smart a few years ago.

Europe is filled with these europoor trash. I can't wait to see them die by the millions again. Rule Britannia!

Jack Posobiec is hot as fuck, you loser.. i'd suck him off

No it isn't.

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Still less shills than halfchan.

Who are the TOP FIVE anglo-saxon leaders in the world right now? Please name them.

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You should see who she was married to, thatll really get your thinker working.

Anglo/Russki here, Brits are neurotic liers, from decades of living under French rule.
Truth is only spoken through sarcasm so that only those who are use to sarcasm get it.
Brits always kive under a mask
Especially liberal Brits, (Considering English as separate and a bit celtic) Liberal brits do their best to act like Jesus second comming, but their words always end up violent, derogatory, vapid and thoughtless.
Ask a Brit who Ayn Rand is and youll know if he sides with American ideas. Most have no idea who she is.


Cool, kys

Sharks are actually an esoteric metaphor for mud… You have to thread carefully near it.

that tribe is dead , they diluted their seed across the land years ago you idiot ,but the closest thing to an answer would be:

Trump , Pence, Vox Day, Randy Couture , Kevin Scott

Choices were made with the idea of power, experience and I wanted to put together a breadth of knowledge. Not just 5 talking heads. The first to is incredible just considering the current position they are in and the experience they hold themselves but the others round out the group nicely.

no you …. reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Not tired of winning

5,000,000 mountain niggers take half of UK, that should tell you something about Brits, however those same Niggers are now turning their only two cities into Saudi Arabia. At least English beat up Arabs sometimes.

Faggots just can't help themselves when it comes to making eceleb threads. Bitch boy, we don't want this garbage here. Go fuck yourself.

Her husband is ethically German, which is why Greece didn't mind removing his family

Trump = Scottish + German
Pence = Irish
Vox Day = Irish + Native American
Randy Couture = French
Kevin Scott = Scottish

The big jewish secret is there were never any "anglo-saxons". The jews invented this completely made up group in order to D&C europe. Today, in 2018 the only place you every hear about "anglo-saxons" are by D&C jewish trolls on the internet. The jews NEED this fake "anglo-saxon" group to continue living inside the imagination of the public.

Behind every political "anglo-saxon" is a jewish handler. That is the big secret.

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My experience with "Patriotic Conservative" Brits is no different than a rabid liberal. They have no concept of anything other than a list of people they have killed and then throw middle school insults at you. Brits can never answer a question directly. They always respond back with a separate question of their own that is more of a schizophrenic accusation masked as a question. I believe whatever DNA group that calls itself "English" in 2018 (they're all 1/2 jew + w. european mutts) has lived under a systematic talmudic spell for the past 370 years that they're actual jews in mind, spirit and in most cases body.

They are currently all over the internet spamming their "USA + UK Power Team" propaganda. Their messages are always followed by the demonization of what they call "Europe". You know, that place White people come from….. tf?

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Sage for shit tier thread

he's a turk actually, but same difference

Can you read? Anglos do not exist. The jews invented them.

Isnt things like this just like cuck porn?

oh shit, I guess because you posted it, it must be true

Typical "anglo" behavior.

Ok, if anglos exist… answer this question.

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Ang*o-kikes need to be IP range blocked tbh fam. I am sure using a VPN without a VPN loicense is a crime so of course they will bow their heads to their Islamic conquerors and stop using 8ch.

Simple as

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A good chunk of money says all of these separate IDs in reality all belong to the same Jewish shill that has ruthlessly spent the past 3 - 4 years trying to create fracture points across Zig Forums as a whole by targeting the weakest areas first. He's tried Poland, but it's unfortunately impossible for him to shill against them anymore, their support across the userbase is too strong. He recently backstabbed Sweden after spending months defending them i.e. Streisanding the everloving shit out of everything "right" with the country whenever Zig Forums directed their ire towards them since it became likewise clear that nobody was buying it. If I'm right which I am and it actually is, at least he was smart enough this time to differ the number of posts in between IPs. It gets kinda obvious jewish trickery is afoot when 2 "separate" posters have exactly 13 posts tied to their name, alternating one after the other. I see you've strayed clear from linguistic concepts you have zero familiarity with so it's less evident you're not a native English speaker.

I'm amazed the rest of Zig Forums are so apathetic that they don't even notice this obvious bullshit being levied against them by subversive outside forces. Yes, kamerade, anglos are a schpook. I knew the Stasi wasn't shut down after the fall of the wall, but if this is what you've been reduced to after 40 years of being a totalitarian repressive police force then you really oughta consider a length of rope in your not-too distant future.

It does beg one really good question however, what is this jew's game? Let me tell you:

These threads help to diffuse quite a few different things.
Blame on the jews
When an user sages a thread with >not the jews, this is exactly what he's talking about. Stay wary of any thread that diverts blame away from jews. Niggers and mudslimes are primarily the way they are because of the jews.
Attention on current events
Whenever an OP creates a thread based on a historical event, he is diverting attention from something that is ongoing. If multiple happenings are simultaneously occurring and the catalog starts flooding up with conspiratard shit centered around events from more than 100 years ago, something is up.
Unity among Zig Forumsacks
This is the most important one of all, and is what D&C is all about; making one big group fracture into smaller groups that would rather hate each other than help destroy those who would otherwise destroy them.
Controlled Consensus
These threads also help to establish a forced consensus that ideally, over time, will become a natural one.
Another intention is to instill guilt within the target audience.
From May to September could even still be on the catalog, this faggot constantly switched IPs and gave a 1 - 2 post bump on his MUH DRESDEN circlejerk which pushed valuable threads off the end of the catalog for the purpose of instilling guilt of not only Zig Forums anons who identify as British, but any from a country that represented the Allied forces in World War 2. No different from a teepeenigger hanging a blood-stained blanket in his place of employment for all to see or a regular nigger with a pair of rusted leg-cuffs. Oppression olympics is a contest that everyone wins from time to time, but the real bragging rights come with the size of the trophy.
AKA how to turn Zig Forums into nothing more than nutjobs for the jewish publications to mock.
By citing obviously false statistics with zero proof and constant contradictions (i.e. brits are 1/2 jewish but wait they don't actually exist it's just gaelic people ruled by jews) this faggot kike is trying to make Zig Forums look nothing more than insane straw grabbers who are never to be taken seriously in any argument. Contrast this rampant niggotry to the likes of Pizzagate; arguably THE greatest example of an user-sourced unsanctioned inquest and trial this board has put on offer in the past, with more than enough discovered to put away the accused for eternity in an uncorrupted justice system. Pizzagate was built on not much more than discovery and evidence, with little conjecture.

The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.

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Yet more D&C.

The so called British nation has committed as many atrocities as Jews, and their covetous subversiveness is not any lesser. The entire existence of their country, empire and commonwealth since Cromwell was to either serve the kikes directly, or pursue the same goals in their own way. They are responsible for as many crimes against European nations as kikes are, and there are no reasons why they should not get the same treatment on Zig Forums . Saying that not all Anglos are bad is the same as saying >not all Jews

They are not your people, they are golem minions created for the sole purpose of serving the financial center of international Jewry in London and their kike "royal family"

Don't fall for the judeo-masonic shills saying otherwise. Europeans know it, Americans know it, even Scottish and Irish (people sharing the same borders, unfortunately) know it. If you want your children to have any future, teach them to hate the English.

Just look at these two anglo subhumans.

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I wonder if I’m Anglo?

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The Bush family are core members of the Anglo Subversive cabal.

Anglokikes are having an absolute meltdown right now at cuckchan. Around 90% are obvious jews, larping as "anglo-saxon". They're attacking everyone, spreading anti-European propaganda. Jews are using the UK as a proxy nation to D&C Europe. Jews use the word 'Anglo' to accomplish this D&C narrative. I think we just cracked the code here, fellas. Holy…. fuck, this is big.

Dozens of jews at 4cuck are literally screaming hysterically at people "America is anglo-saxon!!" and "Europe is the enemy!!". They've always done this to a degree, but now the volume is turned up ten fold. These anglokike demons are going for broke.

ok, this is epic

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- Countless wars against European nations
- Ideological enemy of European Idealism
- Institutionalizing kikery globally through it's imperial networks
- Birthplace of mass-scale usury and institutionalized slavery
- Industrial revolution
- Countless subversive actions and plots against European nations
- Betraying Hitler despite being given a chance to atone for their crimes
- (((Churchill)))
- Tavistock Institute
- Orwellian police state
- Global HQ of judeo-masonry

Zig Forums needs anglo-realism as much as it needs to know about the Jew.

Bump for Anglo awareness

I dont get it, are we referring to kikes as anglos now?


True I guess it's only shills doing it.

Two different names for the same thing

Can you refute any of it? Anglos were as much of a scourge for the white race as Jews are.

It's jewish D&C. Report it every time you see it.

What's your ethnicity?

This. I’m an Anglo, nobody invited me to join the club. In fact the entire system seems to be working against my interests and FOR Jewish interests. Maybe OP is just retarded OR maybe OP is a Jew.


That doesn't absolve your nation of it's crimes, nor does it make it a sacred cow that's not to be criticized. Crying shill won't save you from scrutiny. You will need to denounce the British identity in order to serve the European volk.

Good post, not sure why you're not getting any recognition. This is exactly what is going on and is very obvious, they have also tried with Finland and Med threads. Our best weapon is recognizing their patterns and reacting without emotion.

This 100%, it is so obvious at this point. The anglo-scam is their very last firewall of protection, which is why the reaction to anglo-realism is far more hysterical than the more common breed of antisemitism. Jews are completely desensitized to seeing antisemitism. They're not bothered by it at all and will even pretend to be anti-semites themselves all the time because they're not afraid of it. Its a joke to them. This all completely changes when British-Israelism is exposed. Suddenly, they stop laughing and having a good time. Its like watching someone hit the hornets nest of world jewry. The guardians of Zion come swarming out in mass.

wew lad

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This is both true and funnier than I used to think. I've noticed a much more extreme response when talking about British-Israelists than just jews. Its like bringing it up has the secondary effect of exposing the phenomena of crypto-jews as a concept.

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I am no-fap as far as James Bond is concerned and, as I read your tiny novel, I realised I could get behind not fapping to every testicle bearer on the planet and that `sacrifice' will be sufficient to allow me to cock a snook at the pope and billy squire le dong to the crazy bitches.

existential angst: sorted

They have an ongoing meme they use designed to stop the conversation. They call it "D&C" or, "Divide and Conquer". Essentially what they mean by this, is "please stop dismantling our jewish narrative and jewish system". I've experimented with this for a while now. In order to test their sincerity by using different historic events and geopolitical issues.

They fail each test.

They're disingenuous philo-semite anglo-jews who are loyal to the –current– British crown. The key being the word "current". The British crown has changed hands many times in history. The current royal house is totally jewed up. A lot of these anglos are openly converting to Judaism now. They're having a mental breakdown as if they've lived inside a deranged bubble for the past 370 years. A bubble now being popped. An anglo US Marine Colonel in San Diego, CA recently converted to Judaism, openly to the public. His eyes glazed over and neurotic. Looking like a pedophile. The Victorian British Empire of the 18th century was similar to how the Khazarian Khaganate elites adopted Judaism because of its more supremacist 'chosen one' nature; openness to slavery and global mercantilism. The Victorian Era Brits and their few sympathizers are the biggest larping scum in Western history. They could not convince Europe of their new 'chosen identity'… so they instead sailed around the world to Africa, Pakistan and India using heroin, gunpowder, thieves, and transgender kabbalah magic to fool the 3rd world.

These frauds can't even get along with the Scots, Welsh or Irish living on their own small island. We're supposed to believe them when they scream to us about the "dangers" of Europe? No.

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If you'd somehow remove every single Anglo from any position of power in the world, the international jewry would suffer such a blow that it might never recover from. Of course, they have power over almost every other nation and control of their governments, but nowhere does that symbiosis run so deep as with Anglos.

And you are right, they don't even react to being called kikes anymore. But threaten their source of power, and they go in panic mode. You won't kill Israel by attacking Israel, you will kill it by attacking London

They always fight by proxy, and we are exposing their strongest proxy and their most loyal servant.

Spot on.

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Hmmm I wonder what bread of parasite you are?
Another johnny come lately with zero British heritage?
Do you know who's bloodlines created the U.S?

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British identity is entirely artificial and got created by kikes in order to distance English from their European brothers. British = Soviet.

Those of people who had to escape Britain and later fight the (((British Empire))) for independence? That was separating wheat from chaff.

They have the same canned responses when backed into a corner. Exactly how jews repeat the same thing over, and over. They also both scream for censorship when exposed.

This topic used to be immediately banned around here. Now it appears to be allowed.


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Speaking of "parasites". You do not belong on the British Isles. You don't even belong in Europe.

Attached: British Prime Minister Theresa May - Benjamin Disraeli.jpg (497x468 150.11 KB, 188.07K)

So were threads criticizing (((Trump))), (((Freemasonry))), exposing their schemes, power players and occult workings. Meanwhile the board got flooded with "news" straight from Tel Aviv HQ.

Anglos never saw themselves as Europeans, but as Jewish. There is no D&C because we were never united in the first place. I am not talking about the random English user here, I'm talking about the proverbial (((Britain))) and everything it represents, along with everyone supporting it in any way or form.

Checked, also based and redpilled.

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You really encompass what II can stand about most Brits/English, Their minds are hard as stones and they twist every word to their benefit.

I use to argue, I loved studying history, but the moment you shut them down they just slither away and call you the hard headed one.

The more I think about it, the more I agree with Hitlers analysis of Jews, their whole world depends on a fantasy and denial of reality.

The NHS is perfect its the government thats ruining it, the government is a never changing, best option for everyone, no one has created a better government than us! We fought the Nazis to keep Britain green! We need to build more houses for the musslimes to come in.

England is one huge echo chamber, its going to need a big hammer to get people seeing reality and disspell the Jewish hypnosis.

Every judeo-saxon nigger needs to die.

I believe we can accomplish this, user. We're honing in.

You can't teach the old dog new tricks

My ancestors came here with Jacques Cartier in 1535. You're the interloper. Quebec City is far more beautiful than just about any other Anglo Saxon new world architecture save maybe Savannah Ga.

Not so much a "denial" of reality as a "war" on reality.

The older I get the more convinced I become that spotting the anglo jew is often one of the most difficult skills but always one of the most useful abilities one can have in this world.

How do we remove the influence of these anglo infiltrators from our American traditions ?

I mean dude in the middle was literally an officer in the (((British Empire))) and his family were dedicated loyalists. How can you be such a fool to trust these men ?

Daily reminder America rightfully belongs to Spain and the Catholic Church.

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Fuck off and die, potato muncher.

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There are no "Anglos", shamrock eater.

America is under the total domination of an Irish-Jewish hybrid mafia.

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Jew fears the Celt

He is a fucking Jew.
Eurocunts are brain dead(see this thread as proof). Also fuck the Irish.

They figured it out for us. We just wait and do nothing while they choke on rotten muslim dick.

America was a utopia before YOU showed up.

Thomas Jefferson would put a bullet in your head if he were alive today. Albion was a utopia before YOU showed up with your Rabbi in 1066 AD.

Err, that's what I said. It's pretty clear…

Anglo is more than a nation, it's a principle. Even with mudskins, the perfidy and the (((crown))) will remain. They don't care are their subjects white or brown.

Nigel Farage going around America spreading war propaganda against Europe should put an end to the "D&C" meme once and for all. The British never had any plans to get along. Now they want war.

Well, I stand with Europe…. who do you stand with?

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ITT some user's turn a thread about Anglo saboteurs into a thread about d&c hatred of an entire country and its people. The American founding fathers and the founding stock population were all Anglo…