Ben Shaprio

What's Zig Forums's consensus on this man?

How does he do it? How is he able to SLAUGHTER triggered snowflakes EPIC style every-time?

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XD benis



His Jewishness makes him more based than any white man can ever be.

It's because he's EPIC.

his sister is fucking hot


The goddamn 4chan Zig Forums kike Shapiro spammers seem to have found Zig Forums Zig Forums.

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He’s a fucking Zionist. He’d choose his own over any white. Sad day to see people had by this shill just because he’s kewl on YouTube. Gimme a break

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He is nothing but a fast talker who main strength is taking opponents on their own weakness. Wouldn't stand a chance against someone who would exploit and analyze his every move.


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Fast talker kike with allegiance to Israel above all.




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You know when you have a long pee in the snow and at first you kind of pee around, but then you get focused on one spot and you direct all your pee there and watch as the snow sinks and the ground below the snow makes a splashing noise as your pee now splashes up the walls of the hole you just made?
Well, the snow is Shapiro's cranium and the pee is 5.56 nato.


Okay this is epic

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Okay, now this is epic

post milkers

Only thing worse than you in this thread is doubleniggers not saging and bumping this shit up the catalog.

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Humour will keep us sane.

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This isn't a fun thread, this is a shill thread. This faggot isn't even shitposting.


Resistance is futile, goyim.

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Shapiro, a Zionist Jew, has been called an antisemite by the MSM. Every reference to him is a shitpost, the dude is a living shitpost. I've never seen anyone actually praise him in a meaningful way, unless you count 'this guy said something I agree with', which - to his credit, he has some non-retarded opinions. The idea of him "helping the movement" is obvious bait, though, because there is no "movement". Not everyone is a shill, user.


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I would like to point out, also, that despite calling Shapiro an ebil huwhite male, the media uses Soros who literally holohoaxed his own hometown voluntarily as the poster child for all Jews. Jews like a self-genocider more than a FOX contributor. What even is this timeline?

nice catch, never noticed that, I guess the rubbing is involuntary

Here's a milker who's also a milkee.
Not really me type though, TBH. Giant boobs thrown onto characters just look silly IMO.

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Large breasts need an equally large, or in fact larger, ass to balance them out. And a large ass needs wide hips and thick thighs for support. While we're at it, body fat distributed to the midsection is a sign of fertility, and underlying muscle tone really helps the body in general. Basically what I'm getting at is that pear shape is objectively the best, and a little chub is /comfy/.

Apparently me can't type good either. How did I even mess that up.

I get the feeling little Ben is laying the groundwork for a 2020/2024 run for office.

I'd gladly argue that if it is a garbage thread pushing good Zig Forums threads down the catalog, then it is indeed a shill thread.

It would almost be worth it to see him interrupt conferences every five minutes to shill for gold or mattresses or whatever else.

He's a kike.
He's a neocohen.
He's controlled oppo.
He slaughters no one.
You're a fucking /r/T_D nigger. Go back.

I've got "a little chub", if you know what I mean.

The gold and mattress salesman is Glenn Beck. He isn't a Jew, he's a Mormon, which are basically like Jews except even more mentally ill.

gets me every time

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B-but that's forbidden love!

I've watched those to see what the plebbit cucks like OP mean, and what their title means and;
does he "own" anyone.

Fucking checked, baby.

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Please delete this thread.

I, Dubs Tripsman, declare that fat-assed waifus with a little belly and tiddy are the superior brand among all others, and your dubs only solidify this. Kingdom of Bohemia'd.

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Do you have the clipped version that just has him saying "oy vey shut it down"?

Hes a more of a fag than milo, he a tranny chaser, hes a democrat, hes less consistent in his opinions than a genderfluid with its made up fairytail genders, and he gets the rope second first is every politician


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You made me spit out my buttermilk, fucking shit that's great. Saved.

Kek, good enough.