GTFIH: Trump administration greenlights $324M border wall in Arizona



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Kike free first post

Now is it going to be the same bullshit "Metal pillars with a bar along the top" or will it be something that spics will have a harder time climbing over and posing on top of?



OP didn't include a link so I searched for the article text and found the link. OP ommitted the very first line of the article:

Here is the link:

And yes it's being replaced with a glorified fence. OP is a magakike.

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Too little, too late. No one cares.


Thanks, when I didn't see a link I figured there was kikery afoot.


This is just a complete waste of money. $324 million is being thrown away when it should be put towards the complete concrete wall. Trump knows the wall is never happening at this point so he is trying to dupe his supporters again with fence repairs.

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Didn't Pissrael get 38 billion this year thanks to the orange kike?

Build the fucking wall around cali and mexico

Trump doesn't want a wall.
Trump has never wanted a wall.


I wonder why the (((OP))) intentionally left out the article and didn't post the first sentence.
@OP: you'll never save face for your glorified zionist cuck POTUS.

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Which part of;

Don't you understand?

Fuck off Satan we're full.

There nigger.


its a huge waste of money i want a wall with turrets drones and german shepards rubber bullets or death for anyone who dares to intrude on American soil

Nobody's being duped, so calm your shit. The measure of the wall being built will be communist alarm at the construction :^)

Or would you rather give the kikes 5 billion a year to build settlement's you SHILLNG OR NO

so He accepts giving $38b + $3.5b annually to jews while only $324m to replace existing walls? lmao

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This is sad, drumpf fags call a fence a wall to save face.

Thanks, user.

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Na man why do think i'm on this board no money for USERY loving kikes 5 billion needs to spent on our wall not theirs. Cut aid to Israel
and all arabs ally with Russia and their shite slaves PROFIT

Let germany and france lay in their nigger loving graves the US needs to send a message international socialism is not welcome in the anglo sphere

sorry i meant all sunni arabs are enemies shites muslims allies with russia and the kurds are who we should talk to. Sunni's and jews and a pro zionist govenment BUSH 2 did 9/1. No doubt in my mind put us in huge debt with nothing gained unless the glow in the dark CIA niggers sold alot of opuim we the people gained nothing but debt. Our governmnent i to stubborn to build a new alliance USA,Russia and Iran and it's proxies. versus westen europe, isreal and the sunni caliphate currently impregenating westen women with sand nigger seed while westen euope cucks appluade 1488 Kill all kikes and sand niggers disobient euro sluts get the bullet 2 sunset all non belivevers

Thats funding, not building, and even if trump has it planned out I doubt 2 years can make a wall that is up to Zig Forums expectations.

+++++++++++++DEUS VAULT

Heres some more (You)s. Who is that in the picture?

you know they'll dig under they already have tunnels digging to spic car shops and anywhere a spic business is.


fill the tunnels with tacos they will get fat and get stuck and block the tunnels off, then their stinky taco farts will fill the tunnels with natural gas and then we can sell the natural gas as renewable energy and get the entire country out of debt and be free from the jews forever

Damn thats the dream i'm tired user's i want to sunset the invaders but fox news said just look i would sunset a woman right away for cucking me. why wouldnt i sunset invaders for cucking my country

you're really tired because I can't understand anything you said.

that ID though

sorry I'm drunk and pissed about this invasion/caravan. the ID what about it are kikes on to me hold on there's is a knock at my door user's

shit EVERYWHERE, worst way they can try to "get" someone is when covered in shit! just kidding. hope your okay.

Breaking: 'israeli NGO's will finance the purchase of planes to fly immigrants into the us over the fence using us taxpayer goybuxx'

our am I DD from Dexter's lab anons remember Dexter's aryan sister DD just jokes men i'm ok when the get me i'll be butt naked with a pipe bomb in my ass a half hard cock and smile

by the way thanks for the national anthem I've been tying to learn it since if found Grun ist unser Fallschrim

that moment when you don't know German but you love the song anyways

sorry user's I'm a talkative drunk

Roast me I am a NEWFAG

Big, if true.

well on a different Zig Forums thread I said I was going to sunset myself and the jewesss Ginsburg I got some KEK'S that night

Yeah no shit, that's how the game works. They take twenty things from you , you go wtf this is fake! Then they give one thing back and you go WTF THIS IS REAL NOW!


it's probably ironic that they decided to do this rather than just admit Michele Obama is a man and put a few high level pedos in jail

Don't hate the wannabe jester i'll be killing myself now i'm sad my black dad isn't

Go to bed user.

Michael Obama adopted me and touched me them Edward Norton made me his brother and I got shot in the bathroom by a nig he cried I died
1488 no wonder whites are mad

as long as you're laughing at your own jokes that's what matters pedoguy

there's is still cheap beer to drink
you are right but LOL'S even at my expense are cracking me up

Why am I a pedo?

Trumpkikes BTFO again.

You are fucking slow on the retort

proof pussy you're projecting pedoguy

Imagine being so desperate to make trump look bad

It's useless.


So the commenter was desperate by pointing out that this is just replacing an existing section of a wall, but OP somehow isn't desperate by making it sounds as if something big is actually being done.
I don't know whether to think you're a shill or a typical NPC.


This shitpost is better than your bullshit thread:

The FEMA wall in exchange for the second amendment.

The FEMA camps in exchange for what's left of the first amendment.

Wall costs 30B, yet he only manages to come with 3.5B to date. He needs to kill himself.

Cute dacapede

The first year and a half of this Trump psyop was fun but now its become a nuisance.

Fuck off, the wall was already in the middle of being built in some states which are not fence repairs after the prototypes were complete. Hell even that picture of paid shit skins border hopping the very edge of the wall for the camera wasn't located where the prototypes were tested which is a clear indication the wall is being built.
If you want to suck Jew cock because you like to pretend they're not Jews when there isn't a spotlight you can do that somewhere else.

It wasn't even fun really. Best part was when he dumped the food in the koi pond in japan.

calm down satan. Trump not getting a wall will just give him more ammo for reelection.

He will say:
" I wanted a wall but democrats would rather spend your money on illegal immagrants that cost use 1488 million dollars a year. My opponent doesnt want a wall but wants an open border and to give immagrants more rights then the citizens. You citizenship means something to be but not to the democrats. "

He did take away anchor baby citizenship … thats pretty boss

The Japanese dude did that too, Trump was following his lead.
For the impatient, skip to 19 seconds into the video.

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Notwithstanding the fact that the wall was never even mentioned 90% over the last two years.

How does that prove anything?

The dumping of the food into the koi pond was an esoteric metaphor for (((Flight TWA 800))).

There's a reason people like you are a joke literally everywhere.

You seem to have replied to the wrong post. Your comment makes no sense as a reply to mine.
Unless maybe you think that only the "left" has shills, or that only jews can shill for things.

CNN never mentions anything good happening so that doesn't matter.

its all so majestic … just two world leaders feeding fish

and fags at home crying "he fed the fish too much reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

beautiful pictures in this world are made up of many events and sounds.

You sure got me user. You didn't have to prove anything all you had to do was say I watch the CNN. Based.

Trump is a kike

Ignore his lies

Trump is a kike

Ignore his lies

Trump is a kike

Ignore his lies

Trump is a kike

Ignore his lies

Trump is a kike

Ignore his lies


you fucking gronk, you dud, you dupe, you useless blundering twit. Australia and America are both ZOG and we will be never be anything close to an ethnostate until we acknowledge the jewish question. Both Trump and scott Morrison are honorary jews. face facts or opt out

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Not even 1%… not even new. OP must die of AIDS for being a faggot.


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this is great. love trump. shame the deep state has ruined everything

Kike trump gives dirty heeb kikes in Israel more money to build their walls 20meter concrete, meanwhile he builds a 6meter fence.


Ok so $324 million for the GOP's pp donors.
I wonder what the GOP's real immigration policy will be. God damn you guys need to get your heads out of your ass.

Fuck the Republican Party! Replace them before they replace you.

This is what they're going to do, hey whitey you will be obsolete. This isn't some fringe think tank,

Way to go faggots, you should of voted for Bernie
I was wondering how they could continue white genocide and still win elections. Chinese and the poo in the loos.

Death blow to whitey, watch they'll do it, Trump already tried it once.

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the meatpacking case was obama illegal immigrant shenanigans though wasnt it?

Arrested in 2008 yet prematurely released by the orange kike

The problem is Australia is so far away from USA and Australia haven’t collapse yet despite having so many leaders in the last few years.

Isn't it weird how everyone agreed to keep America white. Now only a Nazi could support such nonsense.
This was the Jewish trick that destroyed America and later the world.

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Hey Goy this $324 million will make a yuge difference.

Damn we've spent $230 billion on border security, wtf.

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We should take those tents and give them to the Americans who deserve them. Why should Illegals get free tents? Americans deserve free tents. The tent lobby has grown far to strong. On the one hand they force the government to buy tents, while also forcing innocent Americans to buy tents. End the Tent grip on the US economy and US consumers now!

Watch as it's a fucking fence

Can someone explain to me why Trump either couldn’t or didn’t want to use defense budget spending for the wall?
2 years and we haven’t seen construction of his biggest campaign promise.
Obviously every politician tells you what you want to hear and over promises and under delivers but when your entire campaign is run on banning Muslims and building a wall and you talk the toughest talk on immigration but don’t do shit people are going to be upset.
He has galvinzed leftists into being complete salty faggots and made trannies kill them selves so he’s still not all bad. I’m just disappointed.

I bet $20 bil now.

Fighting Israel's wars will end up costing $6 trillion