Where the fuck are the mods?

This is bullshit. I don't even care if a thread died for this, the mods need to take care of this endless divide and conquer, and black pill spam.

Fuck the mods, meta thread.

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Problem. Reaction. Solution. The rabble is not angry enough yet, so be patient, little one.

fuck off

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Aren't you glad this became a global board? :^)
Try to put some effort into moderation at least.

I really didn't think I had to call out the micro dick thread, user.

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The blackpill is truth, everything else is cope.

call the mods

mods here. you're all rulecucks. just have fun with it.

Chodekikey has castrated the mods, making them unable to deal with even the most basic of cuckchan threads like the two "R8 MUH DIK" threads that showed up a few days ago.
Chodekikey himself has admitted to me that he does not intend to do ANYTHING about this situation. The screencaps are still up in the "Chodekikey's shitposting habits" thread.
Accept that 8chode/pol/ is going to remain in this state for the forseeable future. If you want to stay here despite that, good luck wading through endless blacked threads and reddit civnat trash.
We need another exodus.

im jew

This shit is a honeypot run by Imkikey's mods.

go home polvol6 you're drunk :^)

I understand people not trusting my intentions and thinking I'm imkikey, but you have still got to admit that the system in chode/pol/ is definitely not going to work well. The signs of cuckchan cancer are looming nearer. Check the catalog for fuck's sake.

you're polvol4. im going to ban you now :^)

go ahead

im gonna cum down your throat.

Jarid CUSHNIR just died how can he mod this board now

Anyone who thinks the mods are asleep, or not here: are retards.
The mods are here, they're in on the raid. They're in on the spamming. They're in on the D&C. 8ch is as controlled as plebbit.

and the thing is, you'd never know. if chodekikey let them post with capcode maybe it would be easier to tell.

oy vey the goyim are figuring it out.

fuck off back to whatever alt-kike shithole.

reddit spacing.

muh joooos

im gonna leak all your emails if you don't shut up right now nigger

im gunna leak all my cum all over your little boipuccy you gay cute twink

also nice admitting you're really who i knew you were this whole time LOL

I didn't deny it faggot i openly stated it two days ago in the other nanochan thread

leak my emails rulecuck. i was l*terally LARPing the whole time.

i couldn't be bothered, protonmail is a massive abomination of pajeet code which barely loads on my toaster browser


Where am I supposed to go?

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And here we have a tornigger and a kike arguing like ovened jews to derail the thread.
Mods will do nothing about either.
Mods will never ban tor like they should.

nanochan, of course

go talk to chodekikey about it lol

i am the mods you dumb joo

oh yeah i'm sure these raids aren't just the kike mods trying to get more people on their shitty honeypot.

polvol6 your rampant low-quality shitposting is very similar to that of chodekikey. are you him? huh? i know you saw chodekikey's shitposting screencap.

whatever, suit yourself, stay on this shitty cuckchan clone if you want to

That's how Jim and his tranny squad shut down the independent news board Zig Forums. They spammed the board with crab & poo-in-loo news and then created "newsplus", a closed board where only mods are allowed to create threads. The catalog there has been nothing but irrelevant He-said-she-said garbage, much of which is cross-posted on Zig Forums.

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Pretty sure I'm never trusting a faggot that says black pill is the only pill. Anyone who isn't a faggot can take one good look at this thread and see nearly every spam demoralization technique they use. It's almost like a checklist.

One day we'll make all you faggots pay. It's not as easy to hide your identity as you think, and we're getting better at making lists.

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wow, that's new

Just take a look at the catalog of >>>Zig Forums . It's like reading townhall.com or some other pozzed site. A board that is of no relevance to anyone, yet it is meticulously maintained.

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I find most anons here more than capable of chopping the redditor&kikefag shills up into tiny pieces& feeding them to the wild pigs.
Thatz a big partof your charm.

no. but it's pretty funny that the spawn of jim the top joo posts just plain old weird shit.

poor lil nigga probably got diddly-diddy diddled before he could talk

it's the hapa genes making him mentally ill

Fooodhooorder!!! Fooodhooorder!!!

hafu girls are qt

Try the brony base.
It is safe heaven, for now.

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reminder that based trumpcuck imkampfy was a horsefucker

pozzed on the first day

Yeah what's going on here of late? Shills and spam in threads of importance is nothing new. But now are they just flooding the board with endless negativity threads to drive everyone away?

Slander is hollow and gay.
Bronies are the best NatSoc, faggot.

muh cartoon horses and muh joos
perfect combo.

get laid you fucking incel.

Chronologically very interesting.

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Kike detected %.
You are the reason fags are leaving this kiked board.

not really tbh. they owned this board for a while.

things will sort themselves out after ron and jim stop being asshurt over losing funding. just let the shitposting go for a while.

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horsefuckers are incels tbh.

I don't know dude, but it's the worst it's ever been. I'd start my own shit, but moderating you assholes is the last thing I'd ever want to do.

Call it board cancer.
You fucking maga faggots and you fucking drumpf is x faggots are both shilling cancer and can FUCK OFF.

I don't think so.
They prefer horse pussy, and not human STD ridden females.

get gassed pony boy

What a sophisticated opinion.

Discuss the information at hand instead of resorting to the same shit that's cancer to this board for a year

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did u geiz know /v/ is run by a JEW?

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I want to fight, but I don't even know what is being signal jammed.

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Then read the catalog instead of bumping a thread that's not important info.

Have we memed too hard?


Do you? All I see is mouthbreathers taking the bait left and right and not even being able to sage.

They even shoah'd an antarctica thread with great new info in it within 20 minutes

mods are right were they need to be. no where.

!This thread is personally endorsed by PV1, PV6, and Codemonkey

Chodemonkey has castrated us. We get bitched at for banning shills, we get removed for posting stickies outlining the rules(polvol4), etc.

All we're allowed to do is remove niggerdick spam. There's no point in moderating, and Chodemonkey himself has stated he has no intention of making Zig Forums a private board again.

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Is this a bad shit post? Trump bots are worse now than they ever were under kampfy. Except now we have rate my dick threads + my nigger gf threads + some jews are good jews threads + that kike that spams that "ALL JOOZ" image 100 times a night and gets a 5 hour ban.

All you have to do is report, report, report. Think.
Global board? = Global report!

Zoomers, please.

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Kill yourself Jamal. Nobody's going to your shitty pedonigger splinter board.

How easy do you think 8/pol/ is to fool? Four years your kind has tried this, four years your kind has failed.

Trump winning short circuited Zig Forums– you can't be politically incorrect while supporting the establishment. Counter intelligence glowniggers have flooded this board since then; they're very afraid of wrongthinking commentators having so much influence.

Anyone that uses incel as an insult doesn't know how dive bars, sugar mamas, whores and Tinder work. So, women and teenagers; they don't like to think sex is so dirt cheap and watch too many movies.

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Trump is a kike puppet and so are you

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Two examples of the shills that tried (and failed miserably) to replace actual posters, i.e. they strawman you as a fellow blue-pilled voter of political parties.

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Kill yourself.

If voting doesn't matter, why do you care so much who we voted for?

Get the fuck out.


Correct. Even alt-kike faggots are leaving the Trump train now. The only people who support him are paid shills.


or total mentally brain dead fanatics

You're a gigantic faggot.

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Supporting neocohens like Trump has never been redpilled


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They're making these shit threads, nigger.


Any kind of pro-White or Nat Soc or Alt-Right or White Nationalist social media board these days gets the same rodent-like infestation of jew hasbarats as Zig Forums gets. The kikes' tedious black pill spam & "everyone is a jew" spam and "bad jacketing ops" and attempts to provoke violence are the same all over the internet.

Pic related is a set of precepts for identifying the problem kind of shit posts - mods take note - from an Identarian forum over on the site 'Voat'. …Sounds crazy but it just might work.

We need mods who are willing to GAS THE KIKES' posts, mods who can take the initiative, open the can of Zyklon B and drop those pellets into the shower room. Otherwise Zig Forums must suffer from the lice and Typhus..

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fuck off trumpniggers