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Whaley Bridge dam collapse: Town evacuated over Toddbrook Reservoir fears

The latest aerial pictures from Whaley Bridge, where experts are assessing the damage to the Toddbrook reservoir

Not enough migrants arriving to keep pay down - Central Bank
The number of people willing to move to work is not going to hit levels seen during the last boom and will not keep wages down, economists at the Central Bank are forecasting

Prince Harry warns about dangers of 'unconscious racism' in candid interview for Duchess of Sussex's Vogue
The Duke of Sussex has spoken candidly about the effects of “unconscious bias” on racism, warning people must understand how their upbringing and environment causes them to be prejudiced without realising it

Backlash at barefoot Prince Harry and 'hypocrite Greenerati'
'''Eco-warrior elite who turned up at secret climate change Google camp in 114 private jets, helicopters and mega yachts are mocked for leaving their own carbon footprint==

Reading scaffold collapse: Three injured as emergency workers search for more victims
Three patients have been taken to hospital after scaffolding boards 'tumbled to the ground' at the former Friars Walk Shopping Centre, Reading

Anger as man who abused girlfriend is spared prison by judge who told him there are ‘lots more fish in the sea’
Man waited until girlfriend was asleep and used her thumbprint to unlock her mobile phone and read texts before waking her up in the middle of the night to question her

British soldier dies after horror fall from seventh floor at party in Poland hotel room
The 25-year-old squaddie, who is yet to be named, was pronounced dead at the foot of the hotel in the Wola district of Warsaw

Man who donated his mother's body to an Arizona center for Alzheimer's research discovers it was sold on to the US Military for $6,000, strapped to a chair and blown up in 'blast test'
An Arizona man has spoken out about the heartbreak he endured when learning that the body of his mother, which he donated to a medical research center, was sold off to the military and blown up in a ‘blast testing’ experiment

Merkel ally calls for Europe to go it alone in the Gulf
A key ally of Angela Merkel has called for Europe to set up its own naval taskforce in the Persian Gulf independent of the US

Burger King will launch its Impossible Whopper nationwide next week after trials of the meat-free sandwich sent fans into a frenzy
The fast food brand will serve up the meat-free patty at 7,000 locations around the US until September 1

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for metalheads here — Wacken Festival streams

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nth for fuck blackpillers and fuck spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

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want a big milkies wife tbh

good lad hope yet endures and traitors get the rope

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They are giving the drummer a decent solo after spending the whole set playing rhythms I could do tbh

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*eyes roll to the point of making myself sick*
Anyone who has ever observed a "normal" heterosexual relationship can tell you that it is women who are coercive and controlling. These CUNTS have a problem with the few men who have the balls to treat women as they treat men. Such a load of bollocks. Schopenhauer's comments on women and perjury relevant.

just want to wife the lass I am creeping on tbh

tbh but also smh but also tbh

good lad put a ring on her and put a baby in her


are you in a band?



Have been in the past. Trying to sell my Drums atm ; (

a lass I saw on the dating site but she hasn't been on forever, got shy, got a bf, just didn't feel ready for it, who knows? I did some detective work and found out her real identity so now I'm creeping on her on facebook and will send her a phone message in 2 weeks if she doesn't come online on the dating app

Thanks I'm not up on my Christianity tbh but I remember my Catlick frineds all used to mass whereas everyone else just 'went to church'
Maybe see above really as I'm am not a bastion of knowledge, being not a Christian it's fair to say I don't have a horse in this race but it's a buckshee wholesome family event which won't have any mudslimes there, now that appeals to me and I == LOVE == crazy golf

interesting tbh

gonna need a link, lad

When you take their bras off they collapse into half filled water balloons tbh
Why do you think bras exist?

from the OP lad
the eternal thot

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creepy, but good skills tbh

Reminder that women has always been shit

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Who is this milk baroness?

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who cares why are you bullying milkies?

Makes you think a bit…whoa that Steve Benassi in the comments is woke.

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Actually most of them were dating other Portuguese or English lads. It’s disgusting to me tbh but that’s how it is in Portugal I guess.

that's the price that must be paid tbh lad there's nothing in this life for free

thanks lad, just realised it was the alzheimers cadaver boom boom story]

keek, kikes btfo
the maltese are good lads tbh

no idea lad, ask steiner. he posted it last thread

Facken ell them luvly jubbles

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They all think they can negotiate with jews and now the jews have got Britain and most of the rest of the world in a financial headlock it’s kind of late. They are slowly squeezing until the kill their hosts
Hitler was probably the last and most powerful personality to be able to confront this existential threat. There has been no one else since and any threats are being picked off one by one
Cunts get away with everything

Fucking lol

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lmao they would get rekt so fucking fast by hezbollah

Hezbollah lost loads of men in Syria. Tbh the claim that Israel created the Arab spring and ISIS is fucking obvious when you notice none of Israel’s Arab allies suffered from it and it decimated all their enemies.

Yeah some churches just call it 'service', it's practically the same although I don't know if they take the Eucharist.

Not biased at all are you lel. Yes it comes across as a wholesome family event and yes it's free and yes it could come with some charity work, but the vast majority of churches will have separate halls for activities such as this, and Rochester Cathedral itself has rather large grounds around it that could easily have accommodated this. This just comes across as defiling the temple of the Lord.
also BEGOM

hezbollah rekt the jews in 2006

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hezbollah is invincible

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Defensive war tbf and hezbollah lost 2,500 men in Syria.

israel would have lost more if they actually fought against anyone other than 13 year old kids with rocks

yew fort yew was bombin' big gaza?
well too bad, yew was bomin' ME, big gazza!

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fuck off tommeh with your jew lover shite

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are dolphin underwater rape caves real or are they anti-dolphin propaganda?



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In SYRIA lad. Hezbollah has only 1,000 trained full time troops and they have 10,000 in reserves. So it is a big hit. Assad would’ve lost with hezbollah tbh
based Hezbollah tbh


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Daily reminder to eat more

Not if you're Cook

rape is just a human construct

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sex with dolphins was a thing in the 60s

in all fairness, what wasn't a thing in the 60s?


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I'm dying

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Anyone got the one where one of them is disguised as a couch?

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inb4 halfchan

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How long 'til these tarts are demanding that men be castrated and these pathetic fucks play along.

Me on the left

smh lad those spurious rumours are false. dolphins only fug women who are menstruating

Might paddle out to the orcas that use one of the narrow parts of the fjord to hunt one day tbh

keek thanks goodlad



My sides

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*appears on the Telescreen*

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that dolphin was just having a sexual emergency

oh well the muslims voted in a law that allows them to kill infidels but it's democracy so it's a good thing

me btw

fuck's sake

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*(You)s you*

fuck sake

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using a sardine as a fleshlight is peak aquatic macgyverism tbh. like frank joseph said, dolphins live for fun. they're literally the enlightened neet master-race

keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek lad you are killing me

baste democracy

someone head to the dam with a shovel, we need a happening

so weird to see stef be against nationalism and states as a whole knowing what he knows, then again I guess he might just be doing it for economic reasons

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I could link them here instead :^)

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Man 638a12 is really being robbed on SA's twitter

ok but now SA can’t ban me for posting about my hot cousin.

do you lads circlejerk on twitter?


Fuck, feels bad tbh.

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Got banned and I’m too much of a brainlet to get around it.

kind of want to swim with dolphins now tbh I want to learn their secret esoteric memmies

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