For a meme about originality, it sure is UNORIGINAL to repurpose wojak instead of creating a different caricature

For a meme about originality, it sure is UNORIGINAL to repurpose wojak instead of creating a different caricature.

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This also applies to all the nujak and boomer/zoomer/doomer posters. You're all fags.

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You shouldnt make it so obvious this is your first meme war son.


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They Live Aliens > NPC Wojak

/v/ filtered zoomer to zed.

Gondola, spurdo and pedobear can be distinguished from eachother. All nujak shit looks the same.

Meant for


Why though?

Give up your pet niggers and you realize you're an ethno-nationalist.

but they are variations of the same, like npc.

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When you black out pedobear and spurdo, you can still tell which is which based on their shape. You can't, however, tell the difference between a wojak and a nujak based on shape since it's a lazy shitty copy by an underage cuckchanner.

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It's not about originality
It's about people being thoughtless robots that don't think for themselves.

It's always funny watching you cucks try to "no u" it back at the people that specifically created it to target only you.

What's your point? It's still a comment about originality.

Maybe you should stop blacking things up then you fucking tard.

It's just the natural evolution of a pointless internet character. Some work for some people, some don't.
I think you may be taking things a bit too seriously user.


You do understand that most Renaissance paintings were created using a design language copied and taught from master to student, right? The colors, the symbols, the techniques used are largely the same, and that's why there were so many great works of art. Yes, many of the masters changed things, in notable ways, but largely, the base they drew from was all the same. This is how they achieved greatness, it wasn't by reinventing the wheel for each painting.

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Read a book, nigger.

Did you post in the wrong thread? This thread isn't about Renaissance paintings, and don't try to insinuate that nujak is a 'work of art'.

I know exactly where I posted. It's absolutely art, especially because it chaps your ass so bad. And if it was good enough for the Renaissance masters, it's good enough for some scribblings to trigger the libs.

Again, read a book. Reuse in art is absolutely acceptable and very much practiced and endorsed for centuries.

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There's no art or creativity in butchering a beloved meme.

KEK. Like anyone gives a shit. No, don't harm the pixels. Your bosses at shareblue need to come up with better arguments for you to use.

I will now sage an anchored thread for emphasis.

Your redditspacing was already suspicious, but now I can say with absolute certainty that you are a redditor.

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wtf i love plagiarism now

Saged for double post, but I also know that your next post will be 'Nothing is original! Everyone copies each other! Anything you do, you didn't do it, someone else did it for you!'.

Giving old things new meanings is creativity and art. You don't understand plagarism.

A wonderful display of jewish pilpul.

Your post is ironic, considering how nujak is the antithesis of creativity. In any case, since when was Wojak ever in need of new meaning, and who gets to dictate that he must be changed for the sake of art and creativity?

Don't make me laugh, kike.

Creating new meanings from the old is the antithesis of creativity because you say so, only because you do not understand what creativity is.
Anyone who wishes it to be changed. A better question is "Who gets to dictate that he must remain the same for the sake of originality or purity?" You, apparently, hypocrite.

Still more pilpul. They synagogue must have taught you well.

You still haven't made an argument at all. Emptily claiming that everything is stolen with nothing to back up your claim, not even basic logic, is not an argument. The reasonable conclusion to be made from your stance is that you do not believe anything has ever been original, therefore, corruption and degeneration of concepts with a recognised context and meaning is actually a good thing. Do you therefore extend that to all subjects? Do you believe language should be constantly changing, and that anything is a word if you say it's a word? Would you assert that words mean anything you want them to? Tell me, have you read Wittgenstein at all?

The only one doing pilpul here is you, because you're hiding behind the curtain of 'individual achievement and intellect doesn't real, goy, nobody has internal dialogue'. You're obviously new here.

Creativity is not tracing over an image and making minor edits. Why do you still fail to understand this?
So therefore, the American Constitution should be given new meaning because there are people in the United States that would wish for it to mean something different.

Kill you're self my dude


One final thing to add, to all the cunts that suggest the npc is good because it triggers leftists. You all are forgetting that leftards are the most sensitive people on Earth. You don't need to butcher a beloved meme to accomplish such a trivial feat.

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My five year old would make this mistake.

Reeeeeeee! I loved wojack. Loved him dammit. Now you, you have t-t-t-turned him into an NPC. My life will never be the same!

And the constitution was based in no small part on the Magna Carta. Waaaaaaaaaa, they ruined the Magna Carta! Why couldn't they just leave it alooone?

I am ashamed for falling for such an obvious troll. At least the mods anchored the thread.



It was made that way because wojack is a well known wrongthink meme, and this lends automatic credibility to their forced shit.
It's transparent D&C shit. The oven is getting a little hot for them and they think they can make people that are aware of the problem attack other slaves.

Yeah it's not nice being surrounded here by reddit tier fags who can't see a typical jew trick being played for the millionth time.
But it also means that people who belong here don't have to go very far to find others in need of the truth. It also means that the sleeping people who in the past were stuck in a censored hugbox where all facts are banned are now in a place where the jewish question is at the forefront of discussion.

Who wants to spread the NPC meme? The media has pre-demonized it for you in preparation for their big new false flag. You can use that momentum to tell normalfags that the NPC meme comes from the talmud and the other word for it is goyim.

There you go, dumb bastard. It's a legit meme now.

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