Zig Forumsand is rearming itself in the demographic war



After spending the last 70 years exporting dozens of millions of white people to the rest of occupied Europe and the USA(Out of 60 million Polish citizens, some 30 million live outside of Poland, not counting noncitizens of Polish descent), Poland is now rearming itself for round two.

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Really inspiring. Meanwhile, Murrica has an orange Zionist. smh

that plot twist at the end when they all lite themselves aflame like a Zig Forumsish Tienanmen square really was unexpected


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subtle bait

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Poland is metal as fuck.

I love the Poles as well.

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Long Live Poland.
Tax incentives for POLISH families that have more children. Complete moratorium on hostile African invaders AND Asian immigrants. Stop White Genocide in its tracks.
And get rid of your scheeming jewish politicians now before they devour you.
Stay strong Poland. The EU is not your friend. NATO is not your friend.
You're surrounded by enemies but never forget that you're also surrounded by friends.

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Are Poles /ourguys/? Can we forgive them for genociding Germans in East Prussia?

I had no idea
heaven was real
I thought it only existed in my mind

Ah, it's a pension-like system for older people (60+ women and 65+ men). So it does next to nothing to birthrates, but rather helps those people, who are having grandchildren now.

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I don't think is that related to poles, but whatever

so what was actually that?
It was pretty amazing when everything began to shine bright red and smoke fill up,
also, whats up with that national anthem?

sure you have a point, but its true, the notion that every white race and euro nation is equal comes only from murica white nationalism delusion

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Do not ever expect conventional assistance from any nation in the fight against globalism and kikes. Don't get too excited until Polish government and media openly discusses the jewish question and racial politics for the benefit of the Polish people and no one else. For now it's business as usual, continue meme warfare against kikes and zog and when it's worth the risk take part in armed insurgency but no suicidal martyr shit nor glow in the dark nigger honeypot meetups.

Let me guess, they apply to citizens of non-Polish descent too.

It's cute when Europeans deny caste.

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It's cute when muricans think Europe is this homogeneous union of nations like USA just with a bunch of different languages. Brexit and any other anti EU sentiment is the natural outcome of all the different nations having ancient and also recent beefs and scores to settle. Trying to unite all of Europe under the banner of white people will face the same problems EU kikes have.
Don't fight on two fronts at once, get rid of kikes permanently by whatever means and with support from white people not some naive idea of support from overnight regime change civnat white nations. With kikes gone we're clear to start figuring out how to move onwards without endless wars among white nations.

Serious question: how hard to learn is the Polish language?

Gas yourself. Patriotards are the football hooligans of politics. EU is a great idea, it was just ran by literal communists.

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The people pushing for the destruction of the EU were always London jews w/ support of lackeys in the U.S.
Even Putin always promoting EU, Euro Currency and now supports EU Army.

The biggest propaganda London jews make for 'Americans' is the FEAR OF EUROPE!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!! Ok, so… all of Europe has it 100% wrong. But the jews in London have it right? Yeah ok! only a dumb fuck falls for such jew garbage.

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UK Nationalism = GOOD
Poland Nationalism = GOOD
Israel Nationalism = GOOD
Sweden Nationalism = GOOD
Saudi Arabian Nationalism = GOOD

Norway Nationalism = BAD
German Nationalism = BAD
Spanish Nationalism = BAD
Italian Nationalism = BAD
Greek Nationalism = BAD
Hungarian Nationalism = BAD
Russian Nationalism = BAD
Irish Nationalism = BAD
Scottish Nationalism = BAD
French Nationalism = BAD
Austrian Nationalism = BAD
Serbian Nationalism = BAD
Croatian Nationalism = BAD
Finnish Nationalism = BAD
USA Nationalism = BAD
Japan Nationalism = BAD
Iran Nationalism = BAD

Hmm, really makes you think.

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Yes I can agree the EU in concept is good, if they didn't have binding resolutions and try to usurp Sovereignty but that's probably because of the "communists".

Nationalists support their blood outside of the boundaries of the state; most Europeans do not and often denounce them.

Get out of here with your bullshit, Satan.

Putin is trolling with his comments, everything he's said it's against giving away Russians Sovereignty. You just retarded to not understand what he said when asked about the EU army.
I'm calling shill on you , I could be wrong but your mentality seems aberrant

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It's not called Nationalism for Whites. What the fuck do you think White nationalism actually is? It's straight out of Morals and Dogma's world confederacy of dividing the world into racial superstates, damn newfag.

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It would be wise to do a repatriation project, Mussolini's Italy did the Grande Patria where literally millions of Italians went back to Italy from South America.

A meme that will never materialism because faggots like you are too stupid to understand actual racial divides within the greater race that can't be overcome by larping on the internet?

There's nothing wrong with an international meeting place to discuss problems of trade especially since we have the technology for travel and communication. Having universal codes for commerce is already what we have and have had for centuries. We need a scheme to take with each other without interruption or interpretation.


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It's one of the hardest language in the world. Probably part of the reason nobody has truly conquered them yet, tbh, aside from them being stubborn as all fuck and resistant to invaders to the point that they're perfectly happy to throw away their lives to kill anyone who occupies them.

In the 1944 Warsaw Uprising for example(The Polish one, not the Jewish one), 50,000 Poles with 2,000 guns between them lost 15,000 of their own in return for 3,000 Germans killed. And yet, most of the pictures I can find on google from the uprising show the Poles smiling. Even the women and children fought.

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You get arrested in the UK for flying a British flag. What the fuck are you talking about, Schlomo?

There will be White solidarity under a single civilization or we'll be overran by the dark races.

And if you stupid nigger could read you would not have skipped over the part of "get rid of kikes permanently by whatever means and with support from white people". The only government willing to help with the eradication of kikes will be one made by the revolutionaries willing to pull the fucking trigger over and over again. Before that government can be established another one needs to be torn down starting with a whole lot of dead kikes.

But you're not going to do shit, so this whole discussion is pointless.

Now if we only had some good fucking culture to export. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that Poland doesn't have culture,but we generally don't have that many industries that actually take use of them. That means that our movie, animation industries are dead, our books rarely get popular in other nations and really the only thing that really gets popular outside of our borders are video games. That's good, don't get me wrong but I wish that we produced more things.

Because the true war that one fights with communists is not conventional war but culture war. I'm not saying that our culture is any superior to the culture of any other country. It's just that our culture is still largelly intact in comparison to other European countries, so by exporthing it we might be able to give others some basics on how to get their cultures in check as well. And that means changing the way that people act. Also I just wish that I had more cartoons to watch, USA's cartoon scene is fucking dead, Japan at the very least has anime but I wish I could watch something else and no one seems to have good animation industry outside of France.

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See, the problem with that is that Jews inevitably take over media culture and use it to turn goyim into degenerate debt slaves. Poland is better off without it.

If that means people have to go without it, oh well.

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But others who have at least two redpilled capable friends should. Three men could organize hits against zog and not get caught. With enough small groups of the sort we could soon discuss this in the open on the ruins of a government that just couldn't handle things without martial law and pissing off neutral civilians.

This. The West killed communism when we realised that the culture is superior. Now that the jews are killing theirs by filling it with niggers rapping about their dicks we need to produce some good stuff of our own. But that's high hoping.

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This. Poland is a NATO country. This could only be propaganda to calm the bad protesting goyim.

We don't have much of them though, most of our population are either Poles or different slavs, and if you know about Polish history, you know that we have a habit of assimilating different slavs into our own country.

Taking bets on how long before polskakike5 starts banning for wrongthink.


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are you that brit from halfchan?

Nope I made the exodus from alt-tasteless and skipped kikechan completely years ago. I'm just sick of compromised mods.

Nut up.

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This is a boomer scheme to give more money to 65 year olds. Nothing to do with birth rates. Read.


I wonder what caused Poland to remain culturally healthy in this degenerate world.

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Orange Man Bad

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more like because after 2 world wars and being overrun by germans and russians, the people who call themselves poles today are really german / slav hybrids who live in what was germany. poles can never be forgiven their treachery. if the poles weren't braindead thugs and hadn't instigated a brother war they wouldn't need to fight so hard now to avoid being raped to death by niggers and the eu.

It's plain to see you're a shitlib.

You jews can be pretty funny when you're not trying to be.

Treachery? Nice try. Only the jews and their collaborators are will get the rope.

Do you really expect anyone to fall for that?

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This is the key to dispelling brother wars. Our hatred must be reserved solely for the jews.

great then by your definition the instigator is the poles since they were ethnically cleansing germans in an undeclared war before the war began which was a major casus belli to invade and stop the murders. who the fuck ethnically cleanses their brothers in arms because they're greedy for fucking land?? poles were a trash people who were rightfully conquered and raped out of existence. poles who exist today are really german / slav hybrids whom i bear no animosity against.

every single time some (((faggot))) posts this


So when should we be expecting more articles about Polish death camps to counteract this?

More like the other way around. I'm willing to bet maybe half the white population in Germany now is made up of Poles

You've got vidya companies that churn out some high quality stuff once in a while. Otherwise nothing much else save for kielbasa or pierogi

Anybody who possesses a hate boner for the Polish people cannot be trusted.

Best wishes to Poland, stay vigilant.

… and that Zionist occupation will cease the moment evangelicals and other zionist Americans are redpilled.

Soviet government that was 80% Jewish got the Poles to do it. Besides, Prussians could just move back to Poland anytime they want.

Goebbels was a Minister of Propaganda, not Foreign Affairs

Why did like 300 white Polish racists gather in the streets? Where are the police to stop them?

Well, not exactly. It'd take a couple of years to rearm Germany, get actual recruits, build up materiel, etc. Maybe three at the most. Then, by all means, they'd be able to retake eastern Germany with ease (twice the population, far superior industry and technology) and, depending on regional allies, probably push the Polish eastern border into "Belarus" and "Ukraine" fake nations so the Poles do get to keep roughly same amount of living space (Eastern Galicia, Volhynia, and Pinsk being rightful Polish clay). Russia would probably be willing to agree to a partition of Belarus and Ukraine between them and Poland as it'd mean more Russian clay, and that'd help the Poles accept the loss of Eastern Germany more readily. From what I gather, most Polish people would have preferred to keep their eastern borders than get German land in the west anyways. The German land was more industrialized, but eastern was traditional Polish homeland. They only got moved westward for Soviet expansion.

They need to give out free guns and make it illegal to be unarmed

Ahhh the comfy when someone says that, YES, IT'S FUCKING RUSSIA AND POLAND, NOT "uKRAINE" or "bELARUS"

Pole here


Jozef Beck a cuck tbh

Ach du lieber Gott! I remember when the evil Poles rushed across the Prussian border at the end of ww1, at first we didn't know what to make of those vodka slurping monsters, at first we thought the Polish had honor, we were wrong, oh how we were wrong! Our next door neighbor was a quite family of Radio towers that mostly kept to the self's. One day when I was playing with their small two-way radio kinder in my fount yard, a group of Polish men came walking down the road I could tell they'd been drinking, one of them notched us playing he gestured to friends as they approached the 4 men each pulled guns from under their coats pointing them at my Radio friend. I begged them to leave my friend alone but they only laughed saying

That day I lost my friend, he and his family were apart of the 6 trillion German Radio towers which got systematically murdered by the evil Polish. This is why Hitler had to invade! Mein Gott IT WAS REAL IN MY MIND AUSLANDER! IT WAS REAL IN MY MINDDDD!!!!!!!

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I can confirm.
This is a true story.

And nothing about this "uprising" seems suspicious to you…

(It never happened)

Incomign wave of shitmugees being given (((EU))) citizenship.

really? fucking really man? what the fuck, the same thing about Holocaust, yeah, fuck the fact that some of us had Grandmas and Grandpas living through that shit, it never happened because the real story is just that le evil joo wants to demonize wonderful pro-german Hitler because he was a white nationalist (protip: wasn't)

These guys literally cannot stop being the Martyr of Europa.

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Nie zesraj się wykopku

spierdalaj seba, odrób przyrke bo pizde znowu dostaniesz

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łap plusa xD ( ° ʖ °)( ° ʖ °)( ° ʖ °) #mikrokoksy #patostreamy #polityka #programowanie

said no "European" ever

That meme speaks something I've been thinking.

Look at how Russia has been converting back to the Russian Orthodox Church. They are becoming deeply religious again, and staying on a morally-righteous path. I see Russians all the time say that they feel as though they are repenting for their sins from Soviet times. Given what they are doing as a nation, I can forgive them for their atrocities committed to my people during WW2.

As it should. If I am Poland I am going all in at moment as they look, very likely, like they will be the last bastion of whites on the planet in 25-50 years which will make them a massive target. They better start prepping now.

All these flags have a common root famalam, Sorbs in Germany are the Brandenburgers that didn't get Germanized

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Okay, except Hitler still declared war or rather invaded without even bothering to declare war
And if you want to say that Poland declared war by provoking the Germans, then the Germans declared war by provoking the Poles.

I dunno. The Germans? They did that to Poland. Also, the entire reason why this unpleasantness happened in the first place was because Prussia invaded Poland and stole their land. So Prussia and Russia gangraped Poland for centuries. That's why the Poles disliked the Germans. Over one hundred years of oppression and murder.

It's less funny the second time. Next time be original.

That meme draws attention to an old jewish tactic of setting one group of Europeans against another. If you were concerned with kikes murdering Europeans before WW2, then TALK about that. But there are dozens of (((anons))) who spend all their time trying to shit on Poles and Poland. Denying their right to their own land and justifying atrocities against them.
Anyone who denies the rights of Poles or French or Germans or Swedes to their own land is anti-White.

My hatred is reserved for jews. Not for Poles who are my brothers.


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How the fuck did this thread veer off from Polish patriotism to all this furry/childporn/leftypol horseshit??

jesus its truth, every fucking time, always the degenerates

why is that so strange to you?

Orange Man Good


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One time a man caught a nigger robing his store
Yeah so what? You are a thief why should the actions of another excuse yours?

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We should just let niggers, muds and kikes exterminate us all then while we keep fighting each other for superficial reasons.

GOOD analogy that reclaiming territory, with centuries of history and your population there, that was illegally seized from you by jews is like a nigger robbing a store. Well thought out.

alternate (uncucked) version of pic 3
Unfortunately it's a phoneposting fag screenshot.

Idk man

saved thanks

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