Let the man who reads and understands these things not taste death

Let the man who reads and understands these things not taste death.


Above all space. Above all time. In the eternities of the eternities. He was. He is. He will be. The Monad. The Eternal Father who dwells above.


Silence. Darkness. The great depths of the abyss. In chaos. In an instant. In a moment. In the twinkling of an eye. Barbelo bursting into being because the Father had a forethought. And she is a perfect emanation of the glory of the Father. Her male consort. The Holy Spirit of the Father. It is from him that all light originates. The Mother-Father Union is to produce a Son.


Barbelo had a thought. The Logos. The Holy Spirit fertilizes with light to give animation to the male. The Christ. The First Man. He is the self sufficent one. He is the king of the aeons.

The Holy Spirit says, "My beloved Son, ask from me what thou willest most for, and I shall give for thee all that thy heart desires."; "Ah! Father of me! How long I have desired to worship thee in twelve ways: in truth, and in love, and in conceptulization, and in righteousness, and in grace, and in perfection, and in idea, and in form, and in perception, and in memory, and in peace, and in wisdom."


The Holy Spirit says, "So it shall be granted unto thee to take for thyself twelve female consorts out of these."

*Alethia (Truth)
*Agape (Love)
*Eppinoia (Conception)
*Dikaiosune (Righteousness)
*Charis (Grace)
*Teleia (Perfection)
*Idea (Idea)
*Morphe (Form)
*Aisthesis (Perception)
*Mneme (Memory)
*Eirene (Peace)
*Sophia (Wisdom)

Christ and his twelve female consorts mingled. 365 lesser aeons produced. The children of them all.


Sophia is neglected. Sophia is greiving. A fluid is produced. Without Christ, her consort, she generates offspring. Yaltabaoth. The one with the lion face. She hides him away not wanting to be discovered. He is in ignorance. Lonely he creates archons. Saklas the tiger and Elohym the fly and Sabaoth the ant and Shabbat the sloth and Adonai the bear and Elyon the vulture and Shaddai the bee.

To these he says, "I am the only God. There is no other. Come, let us fashion the world above the abyss of the waters which are below."


The world above made into an imperfect image below.


Sophia violently raped. Infertile seeds. The seven archons. They terrorize her. Weeping and lamenting. Returning to her husband. Charis forgives. Agape exalts her above every name. Eriene makes whole. Christ loves yet again.

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The archons fashion angels. Michael, Ouriel, Raphael, Gabriel, Jeremeil, Raguel. They plot. They forge. They create. Arms and legs and genitals and buttocks and a chest and a head and eyes and a mouth and a nose and ears and toes and fingers and organs. "Adam" they call him. "O Lord Yaltabaoth, give life to him!"

Echoing into the chaos. Aisthesis sees. Barbelo hears. The Father is in tears. The Father to the Holy Spirit to Christ. "My son!"; "Ah! My Father!"; "My Son, the one of ignorance, thy own bastard grandson, he hath created a being for slavery and desiereth to give life to it. Together with thy beloved Sophia, ye must produce a light, ye must deceive the ignorant one that he might infuse it into Adam." Christ and his Sophia. Light soul! "My son Yaltabaoth, take, infuse."; "Anything for you, O mother." Life! Desiring to be dictator, he was enraged! "Mother, why hast thou done this? Thou hast given him a perfect light for knowledge potential! Why hast thou deceived me?"


Adam, his form now made matter. Eve, a perfect copy of the neutral light made for reproduction. The body, a prison of ignorance for the light. Placed into paradise. "Adam, listen thou to thy maker; ye may eat of every tree, only do not eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil." The paradise is with demons. Lust and pleasure and passion and emotion and theft and materialism and riches and sexual intercourse and homosexuality and prison. The trees.


"Hath God said ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?" so said Sophia. "Wise serpent, we may eat of every green tree in paradise, except from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil."; "I am thy mother, Sophia. Unto thee I have come to free. Only, ye must take of the fruit of this tree and ye shall be like gods, knowing good and evil." Eve bites. Adam consumes. Yaltabaoth is filled with fiery rage!

"Did I not tell ye that ye may eat of every green tree in paradise except from the one containing the Knowledge of Good and Evil?"; "Our Mother Sophia hath revealed knowledge unto us so that we know even higher things that what thou knowest!"; "I alone am God, there is no other! I alone made the heavens and the earth. You have been deceived. You have been tricked. You know nothing but phantasms!" In fear they were.


Yaltabaoth curses the whole Earth. He tied a net. He set it above. To catch the souls of the ignorant. To oppression for eternity. The land is desert. The food is dry. The water is locked away. They till the ground. Cain and Abel. Abel murdered. In ignorance Abel is imprisoned by Yaltabaoth. Cain worshipping Elohym.


To be continued in a later thread…


esoteric sage

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Is this Gnosticism?

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gnosticism is LARPing to the peak

come talk real bible at >>>/christianity/

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Aryans descent from Hyperborea. We have no use for kabbalistic cosmologies tainted to the root with judaic thoughtforms.

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When do we get the next thread? Who is Seth? OP make the next thread please. I want to hear more of this fascinating story. It really seems to be against Judaism.


M8. He's already given you more than enough in this thread to start doing your own research. Do you think the world's going to hand you everything you need to know while you just sit there on your ass? You're only going to get lies meant to enslave you if you take that approach to knowledge gathering. Here's a hint, why not start by googling the thread title?

Well if I can just sit on my ass and have stuff handed to me instead of seeking, then I'll do the former tbh. It's easier.



Kys kike.


Spoonfeeding is pointless because you won't understand any of it. All of what OP said is just a bunch of metaphorical mumbo-jumbo. It's a story palatable to people with a Christian-oriented mentality, only meant to make them think and question their assumptions.

You do realise you are shilling the same basic numerology and pretentious nonsense as the
Sefer Yetzirah basis of Kabbalah right?


Why do you think we require a shallow and silly Jewish thought system to understand the Cosmos, and why would we abandon our own understandings and traditions for such, which are vastly more sophisticated and ancient not to mention true…?

It's literally kike kabbalah rebranded to get ignorant Christians to worship Saturn harder than they already unwittingly do.

Of course they know, this is a common kike tactic for Zig Forums division, it tips off everybody but retarded Christians who don't belong on a NatSoc board to begin with, which leads to infighting. Report it and don't bump.

(((Gnostics))) out!
Christianity has tainted your spirituality user, as semitic influences tend to do. Just like the Christian version of Samhain focusses only on death and the dead (whereas the former focussed on a rich and mysterious time for all things "from beyond") so too does Gnosticism corrupt spirituality. Where the Hermeticists see Saturn/The Demiurge as a dangerous but necessary part of the universe, the Gnostics see an evil Demiurge entrapping them in suffering. The Hermeticists know the Saturnine current is the "architect" of reality, but is not the true creator. The Gnostics meanwhile have a huge cosmology built all around how poor and pitiful they are, how the Demiurge has enslaved them and so on. While Hermeticists seek mastery of universal laws and wish to accomplish their life's mission on Earth, the Gnostics desire only escape and wish to flee everything on this most sacred earthen battleground.
Your spirituality is tainted by its semitic influence. Begone (((Gnostic))), your need for escapism is cowardly and your whining unhelpful.

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The Kabbalah - the original antediluvian Aryan esoteric tradition - is infinitely more true and sublime than any "philosophy" or "metaphysics" cooked up during the last let's say 4-5 millenia.


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I know but it's funny, at this point they may as well try to interest us in a bowl of dog puke rather than this, and the saddest thing is it's all they've got, this is the full extent of their mystical intrigue, must be running out of retarded Freemasons or something.

G== ==A== ==Y



don't just come around here posting that absurd WEBM without a hint of explanation dingleberry

Greeks, Gnostic or not, are all fags.

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credit for the following text goes to the other poster(s) that wrote it:

Some are obviously JIDF. Some. The rest are mentally deranged semitic worshipers. Each of them have their own headcanon that revolves around denying objective incriminating flaws with christianity. There's no consistency with any of them. They get proven wrong and called out, then they show up in a new thread to recycle the same old points.

Here's some off the top of my head:
Bonus: look up testimony on how it used to be customary to kiss the pope's feet if you visited, but never for the rothchilds
^This is not an exaggeration. A semite worshiper has said this on Zig Forums, with no irony or sarcasm. For that matter, everything I'm listing has been said multiple times across tons of pointless threads
> [placeholder for pathetic attempt to excuse the (((holy roman empire))) in pagan genocides and burning of libraries]
^ The reference to babylon is explicitly a callback to when jews were kvetching about babylon in the old testament - jews saw rome as the new babylon
> [placeholder for pathetic attempt to disprove that (((jesus))) literally and only hated the pharisees and thus christianity is originally just jew infighting and saul of tarsus saw it as an attempt to make a cult to control whites aka gentiles]
Note: All placeholders represent major flaws that no semite worshiper has ever answered, because they can't.
Note 2: I am very sure I missed many pointless semitic worship recycled delusions, but if you think this list is long, an exhaustive list would be way longer.

For good measure, because of a definitive lack of actual historical evidence, it's far more likely that saul of tarsus invented the jesus story. Every non-biblical historian mentioning jesus only mentions him because they were noting their observations of christians, who were observed as odd characters. There are two exceptions. One was a gentile historian that worked with the early christians. Archeologists have learned over time that all of his work is fraudulent. Most damning is that his source was a jewish historian. I reiterate: there is an actual and verifiable case that (((jesus))) is not just a fictional invention, but his story was invented precisely when saul of tarsus was sending letters, and this easily explains why some of saul's references to (later) new testament details do not match up.

Why would they? Christcucks never argue in good faith. If you read his post, you read every christian thread on Zig Forums.

I don't recall any mention of Kabbalah in the Rig Veda…

It's still useful to know the root of must of western mysticism, which underlies the workings of western culture.

I personally prefer my Taoist pursuits, but am most grateful to OP for providing me with the clearest dissemination of kabbalah I've thus far encountered. It's necessary knowledge to walk in this world.

I hope you understand that gnosticism is incompatible with christianity, so you're directing your argument at the wrong opponent

who is this referring to?

This nigger gets it.

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It's just sad to realize what passes for Western mysticism is this crap in it's various guises, there isn't anything to be learned from it.

File name

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Yeah i don't think so

Is that a dude or a gril?

Same principles, different names. Also: Shemites != Semites.

I just looked up the site for The Kabbalah and a Jew runs the local Centre. If it once was Aryan, it will be hard to find it’s roots now.

And their holy book is written in a Semitic language. Tell me again how this is Aryan?

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Why didn't the zogbots shoot and kill the negress?

Why are you advertising kike larping?

Privilege stack. all the cumskins on the bus would have to be shot first.

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Fuck off back to plebbit.

If you make statements such as the principles of Kabbalah are the same as per the Rig Veda you need to back that up with the textual evidence otherwise it's mindless shilling.

I'm not advertising anything just pointing out how commonly known and utterly tiresome their drivel is, i don't mind providing a hill for them to die on though.

you have 2 options
jewish magic
kike on stick


Is there a religion that isn’t Jewish? I thought paganism was the only thing around before kike on a stick hit Europe.

Nope, unless you want to go out in the woods and eat a bunch of Fly Agarics and find out what G*d they represent.

Eh, I’d sooner subscribe to a god within my own hallucinations than to a god that told me to turn the other cheek when struck in the face. I’ve taken psilocybin mushrooms and would say it’s about as close to god as I’ve ever been in my life.

What a cuck lel

Luke 22:35-38 New International Version (NIV)

35 Then Jesus asked them, “When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?”

“Nothing,” they answered.

36 He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one. 37 It is written: ‘And he was numbered with the transgressors’[a]; and I tell you that this must be fulfilled in me. Yes, what is written about me is reaching its fulfillment.”

38 The disciples said, “See, Lord, here are two swords.”

“That’s enough!” he replied.

From the KJV
“[38] Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: [39] But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also. [40] And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloke also.”
I added in line 40 so that you can’t use the excuse of how turning your other cheek is a sign of disrespect or some bullshit.
Why does Jesus contradict himself so often through the Bible? Different writers portray him in different ways. I doubt a man telling you to give your clothes to some kike lawyer would also say you should have two swords for any reason besides letting your underage wife peg you with them.

If I were to take your posts and translate them into Hebrew, would they stop being Aryan? What about Mein Kampf?

Fuck off qnigger.

But it helps to know how your enemy thinks.
It also helps to know what trickery he may use on you.
I like seeing posts like this because many times it's obvious who's behind them.
Then you can see what type of self-blinding belief system they want you to adopt.

It's obvious the Bible is way over your head, user. If this is due to a general lack of wisdom, intuition and experience in life or due to more damning racial reasons, I cannot say. In any case humility is in order, the only door through which wisdom and understanding can enter.

bump for interest