By the way, don't let the (((media))) narrative win . It isn't just fuel prices, people in France are protesting EVERYTHING . They've had it, this is it !! Guillotines soon

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1 dead, 47 injured, 3

Clashes between pro-French protestors and niggers

A woman who was somehow trying to drive a car panicked and killed a protestor

The neo-Nazi Herve Ryssen, spotted by a kike journalist, is out to support this racist movement

Yeah, they do this all the time. It doesn’t amount to anything. This is how Europeans behave. Americans, who refuse to even protest their own genocide, can’t comprehend protests or marches as being something used to get social change, because only niggers are allowed to do that, and only 50 years ago.

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Hilarious that this happens right after Trump's visit and the EU army chestbeating. They seemed so confident of themselves.

OP is that you in the video?

what are they yelling

Based Ryssen

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"Get in the car"

Friendly reminder France could have been the strongest country in the world but they fucked it

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French do stupid riots all the time because they think by revolting they can stop being French

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Sounds like the French people need to Guillotine Macron tonight before he imports more niggers to replace them all the while telling them its patriotic to have Muslims rape your daughter.

Everything post monarchy in France has been a joke

That is because the Rothschild and other wealthy jewish and traitor families were behind the French revolution, which essentially resulted in an early form of communism dubbed the reign of terror.

They should have "accidented" the nigger and the coalburner. Disgusting.

the French have always been a joke of a people

We are coming for you Kike

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They defeated the anglos so I suppose that makes everyone on the inbred islands only a little better then niggers

don't fall for kike d/c people

Holy fuck.
Herve ryssen is really ourguy!

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Things are heating up!

Riots in France.
Riots in Germany.
Clashes between Niggers & The Dutch in The Netherlands during a Traditional Cultural Holiday. Riots are near. I can feel it in the air.

Riots are meaningless spouts to release tension. What matters is militarizing and organizing the momentum of such riots into a new form of government. Preferably one akin to the NSDAP. Without this transition of mob to organized militia, I fear nothing will come of unrest.

You may claim that, but legions of people taking to the streets in orderly form and menacing governments with their anger literally brings down governments. It re-writes political maps pretty quick as people run to re-align along side the power of popular protest brings, particularly when it is heartfelt anger placing people in the streets and not just a giant kike virtue-signalling festival with troops of antifa bringing a violent frienge.

sieg heil, my French brother.

KEK, beautiful poster

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Or is it because they think revolting is what France is? They haven't really been a functional nation since the French Revolution. Napoleon tried to put that shitshow back together but even he couldn't do shit with that mess.

Licra is "International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism", a jewish organization with strong political power in France.
Hearing this in France is something special.

You live in a fantasy. The French are the biggest nigger dick loving faggots on the entire planet. Hopefully more of them are killed.

>By the way, don't let the (((media))) narrative win . It isn't just fuel prices, people in France are protesting EVERYTHING . They've had it, this is it !!
HOLY FUCK this sounds, very, very familiar.

Exactly what happened in Brazil earlier this year, massive trucker strike due to rampant fuel prices, it quickly emgobbled into becoming a large nationalist movement against the lefty government.
It came to nothing at the time, but it culminated in Bolsonaro's victory.

please don't, this is where modern liberal society erupted from,
sure it seemed like a good idea at the time, but it tended to burn traditionalism and give birth to communist ideals

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Kill yourself.

A nose just came at me through this post.

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Lmao in which war?

He's right. You're wrong.

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we surrender, like they normally do.
They're actually telling him to get in the car, while restraining him from doing so, it somehow aids their surrender mentality.
In less surrender-y nations he'd get shoved into the car whether the door is open or not.

As I'm sure you know, they beat the British for America during the Revolutionary War. And they were smart to surrender to Hitler.

As I'm sure you'll disagree.

This. France is completely beyond saving.

No one has ever rioted over fuel prices.

It's just the media excusing typical subhuman chimpouts.


Your fear is palpable kikeshills.

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You gave up a long time ago, frog.

Thanks, user. I needed the laugh.

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Try harder, kike. You know very well that this is just one small example of the world slowly and inevitably turning against you.
You have nowhere to run.

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hummm, just a guess, but the war when they were still Anglo?

I've guess this a prime example why the rest of the populace is revolting against, Paris is a shitfest but that doesn't the rest of the country is like that

french cücklets going to surrendeur again

Since we don't have that much discussion about France I'd like to bring up something huge that was in the works for the youth called 'service national universel'. They're quite open that the purpose is of indoctrination and to increase the social cohesion of their citizens, it's going to start with a pilot program summer of next year as the logistics are worked out.

Basic translation is youth around the age of 16 will be obligated to perform 1 month of two phases. First phase(integration) is 15 days confined in a collective dwelling to promote 'social mixing' then another 15 day phase in small groups that are more focused on the participating individual, which may or may not be done in confinement. These phases will be done mostly/partially during school holidays.

Students of that age only get around 110-115 days of vacation per year so 30 days of mandatory state service is a reduction by 25%.

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99% chance it's a leftist uprising. You're delusional.

french version of the hitlerjugend, nice

got to quote infostormer here, "What the hell is this? Why not protest something that actually matters?"
infostormer. com/france-one-dead-several-injured-in-protest-over-high-fuel-prices/

Except it's not about redpilling people, it's about making them accept niggers/sand nigs the hard way.

France can protest all they like, but the blame for France's problems is the same as the USA and everywhere else; your "men" let women vote and murder your offspring, period. Nothing will improve until you gas the kikes, expel the niggers, and put stupid fucking women back in their kitchens.

Get the fuck out of here, idiot.

oy vey such opinions will get you a hefty fine, a prison sentence and a life-long visit from the antifa troops mein goy

as such is the reality in kiked europe

So basically a part nigger mongrel and her nigger bf ran someone down and killed them in traffic. How is this not terrorism and racially motivated? Oh, right….they aren't Europeans so nothing they do is wrong, including murdering natives.

If only they didn't actually feel that it WAS patriotic, we could probably get somewhere with the Froglodytes.

To many ALT-KIKES in the mix though…any candidate is going to be a preapproved kike that has been groomed and waiting in the wings for just this circumstance. You guys MUST HAVE STANDARDS this time or you will get fucked to death. Remember, this was arranged, anticipated and think tanked long before you knew about it or many of you were even born. Caution and standards, NO FUCKING KIKES…kill them all to reduce the chances that they will end up in leadership positions. People like Rothschild pawn Tommy Robinson have been offered to you as the (((saviors))) who are going to arrange your slaughter behind your backs. That fucking man actually WORKED for the Rothschilds and deserves the rope just like all the rest of the ALT-KIKES like Weidel, etc. I would pretty much utterly slaughter EVERYONE who is in a political party at this point…full purge. You don't get high in politics now without sucking a lot of kike cock and taking it in the ass. NOT LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL.

Did Africa build a replica French city?

Lie harder, kikeshill. Lie as hard as you can. Nothing you do can save your disgusting kind.

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Africans and Build…
Africans and sandniggers don't build user, they have to contract out all the architecture and planning to White/Europeans. They would still be living in the height of technology (mud hut) without European assistance. Even spics can't build which is why you should NEVER let them in engineering or and STEM field. They are incompetent because they are part nigger as well. 10-30% nigger by breeding due to kike slave contamination of their bloodlines.

'brassage social' can be translated as race mixing so it can be seen as the complete opposite of the Hitler Youth. In order to sell this service to the public they're adamant that it's not going to be used for anything related to the military and only have basic disaster preparedness and first aid training.

I'd like to know what native France French think about it or how the public there is reacting to it if there are any of them on here.


The 100 years war saw the definitive end of anglos ever having a presence on the mainland. The American revolution was a French win. The first 3 coalitions the anglos lead against France were crushed so throughly the Holy Roman Empire shit the bed.

That’s very creepy

Holy shit thats a real

Allez mes amis Francais, le jour de Bastille 2.0 est en retard.
plz no bully, my French is shit, I know

*ahem* the communists were around even then, only that was early stage jewish meddling.

In all fairness, I don't think /pol would have backed the people who attacked Bastille if they had been born in that era.


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No, but I'd like to see another French revolution. Don't let your memes be dreams, user.


My bet is it will be much less bloody this time around.
Travail, Famille, Patrie!
P.S. I know the editing is gay and done by liberals but the footage itself is powerful.

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And Brits going to dump all their weapons and vehicles on the beach and flee in an amateur armada in the face of the enemy and call it a "victory"


more like controlled opposition. it's easy to see this when the entire story becomes about this guy instead of what's really going on.

Too humane. This is the end of humanism.

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Wouldn't it be funny if it is France that kicks it off. they won't

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Despite the blackpilling and rampant d&c of late, Britfags are rooting for you French anons. Well, those of us who see the big picture and wish for the brother wars to end. Hope rides with you in this late hour. Show your people you still have the will to defy both the tribe and those who serve their vile whims. France shall endure!

It was a joke user, of course it is invaders making camp in the ruins of an old French city.

Okay, die.



She looks terrified in the second pic.

Most people forget that it was the French Waffen SS 'Charlemange' that held the Reichstag in Berlin till the second of May so that the Bolsheviks wouldn't have a first of May victory.

its happenign
just wondering in case anyone didn't notice this yet, I was just watching on the new about the french protests and soon after they talked what was happening in Spain
apparently some new communist minister is planning to dig up Franco's remains because "muh fascism" which brought up people against the decision

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I always forget that Spain was fascist in the 50s and 60s.

It was until 1975, ackshully.
People just forget because franco was pretty much just a run of the mill military dictator.

Rise up people!

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Who virtually all the indigenous that were alive during the period remember fondly, whether they approved of him or not at the time.
Your opinion of him will be formed largely from the same sources that tell you what:
Assad is
Gaddafi was
Hussein was
Mussolini was
Hitler was

Not really most people in Spain don’t remember him fondly they just hate the commies

fuck france and fuck niggers.