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The only reason I'm making this thread is because I realize how close you are to waking up; capitalism is what's fucking up this world, not da jooz. It degenerates culture, destroys the beauty of this world, and screws over the billions of people who won't be able to enjoy their lives properly because of it. Think about all of you here that have jobs and a boss: you create something and your cocksucker of a boss takes more of the value of what you created than yourself. Say you make something worth $200; your boss takes 150 and you stay with 50. That's your wage, therefore that makes you a wageslave. If you truly love your country, then you should reject capitalism. Capitalism pollutes the natural beauty of our countries, degenerates their cultures created by the working people, and fucks over the massive majority of our countries just so the rich billionaries can say "look how great our country is!" And all the bootlickers go up their ass and fully submit to capital. Obviously it doesn't matter at fucking all what race/ethnicity the capitalists are. Why the fuck are you so willing to take billionaire cock up your ass as long as their white? They will cuck you over either way. So wake up Zig Forums. Fuck all gay, white, black, jewish, muslim, tranny, latino, and catholic capitalists. Stop with this retarded idpol and accept what truly is destroying our world.

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It's generally agreed upon here that it's Jewish capitalism fucking up the world at the moment. There's a reason Zig Forums often considers itself "third position", neither capitalist nor communist. Consider that 90% of the 1% are jewish

Fuck off and die communist scum.

good choice of pic it's exactly what OP is. Capitalism has problems only because society has no moral compass anymore. If I give you a gun, you will shoot innocents with it if you're retarded, or you will use it for your own defense. Capitalism is the gun here, and you're retarded so you blame the gun.

eat a bag of shit communist kike

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I'll just leave these here

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What I suggest is a a socioeconomical system where the workers collectively and democratically own the bussinesses and industries

There is no such thing as "third position". Heavily regulated capitalism is still capitalism and doesn't adress the inherent contradictions of capitalism. You either abolish private property or you don't. Also I don't really give a fuck what percent of the 1% are jews. They should all be shot either way.

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You're making a mistake in that you only see the three positions on an economical level, while in reality how free a market is is only a means to an ends. You should instead be focusing on the underling ideological justifications. Capitalism advocates for those already entrenched in the system to gain more power, while communism advocates for those outside to gain more power. NatSoc rejects both those ideologies, and instead says that the rich and poor ought to work together for a better world. NatSoc doesn't inherently use capitalism, but often does because it's efficient.
In the OP you complained of the rich ruling over us and making the world worse. This is true, but those rich folks also made up the ranks of the communists that made the lives of those they ruled over worse. You can clearly see a pattern that whenever the Jews are given power, life is made worse. Ergo, our best bet is to rid ourselves of them


name one that's not. I suggest leaving Elon Musk out of it since he got flamed hard for naming the jew.

Historically class colaborationism has always ended as capitalism so I don't see the point to keep attempting it. Also historically, the oppressed class has overthrown the ruling class and that's what has led humanity to keep advancing to the next economical, social, and cultural stage (slavery, feudalism, capitalism, etc).

Owning a business doesn't make you capitalism you worthless retard. Capitalism is one of the two materialistic religions, the other being communism. They are both dollar worshiping cults, they simply disagree about which overlord should control society: governments or corporations.

Zig Forums has always know that capitalism is just the other side of the shekkel that's why we became National SOCIALIST but the last part of the name seems to fly over the head of leftards who keep calling us (((right wing)))

Gas yourself

National Socialism is capitalist. Third positionism is a meme

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Well, no. Feudalism arose from tribalism as tribal leaders gained more and more power over their subjects. Capitalism arose from bureaucratic structures slowly gaining more power than the mercantilist nobles. I can't name any cultural advancements that have arisen from the oppressed overthrowing the oppressor

I'm sure that made sense in your head, wann try again now?

Fuck off with your epol, there is more to life than economics you faggot.

Every single fascist movement despite being vocally against capitalism has been capitalist, see .
Also, capitalism didn't happen because of that, it came to be as a result of the bourgeois overthrowing the feudalists.

Come back when you have a actual argument.

Kinda like your infographs, huh?

Capitalism is thoroughly jewish. Communism is also thoroughly jewish. You're a moron who is stuck in the middle of what the yids have created for you to keep your dumb ass busy.

Have you noticed how your reply is almost indistinguishable from what others have said here? Stop being an NPC ffs.

I don't see the conflict. Both Jews and their Capitalist class buttbuddies are greedy Earth-killing slime, and the Capitalist system is inherently Jewish.

The only real disagreement I see is that faggot Liberals/Leftists oppose the preservation of the distinct Races and the defense of traditional values and culture.

the diference is, that unlike current (((capitalism))) national socialist does not allow corporations to profit at expence of the state, so no importing pajets or spics as cheap lavour then selling your products at first world prices
and they are socialist in the way that the states actually helps people with social plans for education, health care and family raising, the only diference with current year politics is that the Natsocs ONLY helped their own citicens instead of allowing 3rd world niggers to to chip away at the working class tax money with "givesmedat" wellfare
another diference is that Natsocs, made their own money and the goverment regulated inflation printing as much money as they needed at tyhe time, instead of rellyin on international banking cartels and the privatelly owned Fed that does nothing but generate devt slavery

No, you only talked about Hitler. But whatever. Hitler did indeed use privatization to accomplish his goals, but it was a means to an ends. Nazi Germany in it's prime was indeed a veyr great place to be upper class, but it was also a great place to be lower class too. You should have no problem with capitalism if it's used to better everyone's position, such as in Hitler's case

That's literally what I just said. Only it wasn't an "overthrow" by any means, at least not in most countries. There's England, who switched to a parliamentary democracy via the "Glorious Revolution" which wasn't a revolution but the parliament asking the King nicely to leave, which he did. France the King was beheaded by socialists, who formed a government that got reformed into a capitalist republic. The USA was reformed into capitalism, Germany became capitalist via the Versailles treaty. None of them was an "overthrow" by any means

Even in a good situation, it is no harm to evaluate the stability of a system and brainstorm to create a better, more sustainable one for your descendents.

Of course, it might be best to just go with whatever works in the meantime, especially if you're facing Racial annihilation.


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Aww that was cute.

Truth is:
The world was built by whites.
Most jews are leeches.
All the tech jews have was stolen from USA, Germany, Russia, Japan, China via their spy networks. (never put a jew in your government or tech company)
The "good," hard-working jews support the leech-jews above all others.
Asians, esp. Japanese can be formidable allies to whites if they choose.
Many Pajeets are intelligent but unsanitary,
Europe needs to be cleaned up and become Europe again.
Africa is Africa. India is India. Japan is Japan. Europe should not be niggerstan.
America needs to go back to its culture of 1950-1970 and stay that way for it to function. That means no special privileges for anyone - hard workers get compensated even if black or Mexican. No welfare, no NAFTA.
Closed borders. LEGAL immigration allowed. No asylum loophole.

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So the French Revolution wasn't an overthrow? Despite being literally exactly that. While it was mostly aimed at ending absolute monarchies it also ended feudalism, and commencing capitalism.

Socialism isn't the state helping people by giving them free healthcare and education. That's just welfare, aka regulated capitalism.

I have never met a Liberal/Commie that ever sees themselves at the bottom of the Commie utopia. At the core the see themselves as the rightful rulers and bureaucratic overseer of the proletariat never producing anything of value to society just being a parasitic leech on it. Megalomaniac totalitarian psychopaths to a one. ALL commies need to be cured with lead to the head.

Feudalism was overthrown, but capitalism was reformed into. Very different than the middle-class overthrowing Feudalism itself. Besides, you're nitpicking. Address the main body of the argument or GTFO

I'm sure that slave labor in a soviet factory for the "greater good" was so much better. It's too bad commie workers make even less in proportion to their labor in comparison to capitalist workers.

And how is all of this in any way mutually exclusive with collective and democratic control of bussinesses/industries?

There was no middle class during the time feudalism was overthrwon by capitalism.

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I already know what the problem is. It's fucking kikes, and their Jewish inventions, you kike.

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Uhhh yeah there was. Who made up the administration of the Nobles? Not the nobles themselves, and not the serfs.

Kill yourself commie kike.


>you only have two choice goyim and you'll never break free!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice false dichotomy Ruben.


Go talk to a Russian that had to go to the camps. It was worse than any prison but keep on drinking that Kook-Aid your Jewish professor gives you.

capikikes GTFO

Imagine being so retarded that even when the entire cadre of marxist founders, writers and economists are jews (the world's usury), yet you still believe them when they say that the only economic system that works is one that gives them all capital, to redistribute among the goys.

Jews are experts in selling Christians new, reshaped versions of Christianity. Pseudoreligions that are in line with your tastes and morals, but more pragmatic.

Capitalism is shit too, but it is slightly better.

They are also experts in getting the Goy under their control to then kill anyone who won't submit to the Jew.

Your class is your relation with the means of production, not if you administrate something.

I hope you niggers realize the majority of russians and citizens of former eastern bloc countries preferred socialism.

Prefer migrate to USA,UK or Germany.


Then what constitutes being middle class?

Middle class is a ilusion made by upper class.

Real socialism existed in the USSR between 1928 and 1956, so idk what you're talking about.

Control of capital is dependent on the the ability to manipulate other human beings. Democracy rewards the best manipulators, not the most competent. Leftists and pro-democracy fags haven't developed a single argument against influential cliques or the Iron Law of Oligarchy that isn't based in pseudoreligious dogma. Democracy is an absolute dogshit way of running anything.

Until you faggots come up with a better way of determining control of capital, get the fuck out.

Do you mean to tell me there's no difference between a college educated man who works a 70,000 a year job and a man who dropped out of high school and makes 25000 a year?
Neither are upper class, but there's a clear difference between the two

Like I said, kill yourself.

Both are oppressed by cartoon pigs.

For statistical and marketing purpose yes exist middle class.

But even upper class laugth Doctors or lawyers made $750,000 yr.


What is that clear difference? You mean that psydo education…fucking puke all that means in the USA is that you can read and sort of write. There are very few people coming out of college worth a shit most of stupid as fuck and it takes years of loses to get them up to speed. I love the smug assumption of the 25k. There are a lot of guys who are drop outs that make 150k around me. Kill yourself tonight and rid the world of your stupidity.

Calm down man. We're having a discussion on a Libyan Pokemon card trading form, don't be so angry. Yes, some high school dropouts are successful, but we're looking at these groups as a whole. And as a whole, well educated people who don't "work with their hands" so to speak tend to have a clear divide to those we would describe as working class. This isn't a debate about whether or not college is worth it. To bring it back to the original point in the argument, there was no overthrow of the nobles in the transfer from feudalism, but a slow reform by the middle class who had gained power from employment in the upper classes bureaucracy, therefore disproving the statement that cultural advancement is done by the oppressed overthrowing the oppressor

Capitalism is bad, but currently it is the best system of distribution of resources we have.
Yes, jews are bad because they exploit the economic system of capitalism, but through historical introspection we can also determine that they are also proficient in exploiting OTHER systems of distribution of resources, such as centralized economy.
Ideally, autocomposition would be the go-to system, but as of now, it is uttely utopic. Doesnt mean that we shouldnt strive for it, but it is simply not achievable.
What we need to do is to do our best to use capitalism in a way that is somewhat enviromentally-aware and doesnt end up in the total alienation of labour and exploitation of our worker.
Also, fuck the capitalists who conspire against the volksgeist.

Shit argument, not even real communists use it. That is the price for the organization of the labour. You could argue to change that part of the superstructure, but i guess you havent actually read about what you are talking about. Also, such change wouldnt exclude the criteria that defines capitalism except by very cherry-picked definitions.

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Yes, no and yes.

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