Northwestern Syria Thread 3

Northwestern Syria Thread 3: Liberated Safa Edition

Brief recap of previous thread

After the previous thread hit 751 posts, the Syrian Army declared victory over ISIS in the Safa desert. This is the latest in a long series of victories after Syria rebounded from nearly total defeat. It looks like Idlib is the next target. SAA has been shelling the periphery of Idlib in Hama and Aleppo for months in preparation.

See for a good overview of events if you want to follow the action. Discussion of the situation in Israel is also acceptable. It's probably going to become part of Greater Syria anyway.

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Thanks for posting.
I like it.
The whole kike plan that started with the sneak murder of thousands of people on 9/11 is a failure. A stronger-than-ever Syria has taken form.
Serves the jews right.

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Is there any relevance to that? It's pretty obvious Trump will protect Benny.


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Battle of Golan/Northwestern Syria Thread 2

great now open borders for syria send all the shitskins there instead of white countries or GTFO .

Battle of Golan/Northwestern Syria Thread 1
Battle of Golan has begun



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Good job Assad and Syria. Next up: reclaim your land from the roach and then onward to Israel.

Checked, and thanks user.

Defense minister Avigdor Lieberman resigned. A lot of jews are pissed that Netanyahu negotiated a ceasefire with Hamas, and his party is losing seats. As for Trump, I don't think he gives a shit. Too much going on in America for that.

Thank you Toranon. I knew I was forgetting something.

Don't they already have open borders due to libshit brainwashing collateral causing them to fall for their own racemixing meme?

lol no

Uh, no user, not at the moment. But hey, don't let your memes be dreams, as they say.

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You had one job, OP.

Another unfortunate oversight. To make up for it, here's some OC.

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Who is Kefka user?

Fun Fact: Performing an image search for a laughing kefka .gif is exactly how I found imageboards back in 2007. The one I found led to an image directory full of ancient cuckchan memes, and the rest is history. And now I'm a national socialist/innawoods survivalist/internet shitpost wizard at odds with a global satanic pedophile network.Funny how things work out sometimes. Sage for blogpost.

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Much appreciated.


Can assad really take back the north?


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This is the most whitepilled thread in months!

There is no whitepill faggot.

It would be great if your funpost becomes reality.

Pretty sure that's a whitepill


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This… Africans are the real jews. Let them go back to their ancestral homeland

Blessed thread.

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I actually hope Trump puts pressure on Turkey. There will be no better time to do so than when Assad starts moving to them.

No… If only burgers knew how Israelis treat black people *sighs*

#EndAllAid #israecism

^ use the above on (((YT))) using women avatars and pretending to be jewish

They recently told niggers to take $3000 and a plane ticket home or go to jail.

Have jewish women accounts in many platforms ready…

"As a jewish woman, I want to apologize for what my people have done to black people"

We, anonymous jews, need to change that. Africans are as jewish as we are.


More will surely be coming.

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Here's a Safa version of the animation of Battle of Golan's progress. It didn't produce nearly as many frames on the map so I had to do something different.

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So is Assad winning or what? Does Trump's anti-intervensionism finally allow the jewish backed forces to lose?

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Here's an animation of Assad's progress across the past three years. Red indicates Syrian government, black is ISIS, yellow is SDF, and green is the (((rebel))) factions. I'll let you draw your own conclusions, but the answer should be pretty obvious afterwards.

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One more round of graphics for now. The first one is from the last thread and only has a few minor modifications, but I updated the one in with an Israeli skyline. While ugly and brutalist compared to the 90s Jew York skyline, it makes more sense in context.

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Are you that autist that keeps adding kefka to everything?

Well on one side its odd….on the other side thats like my favorite fucking game so keep at it.

Ever noticed how all the people who came to hate them were really passionate and autistic about some subject until they got so fed up of their mingling and subversion that they went full anti-semite all of a sudden?

Why is this never pushed?

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Have you been living under a rock?

about time someone made a new one

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does anyone know what those homos at >>>Zig Forums have going on regarding syria? i remember them having this Roachjava general but it apparently collapsed the board into pro-assad and pro-CIA posters?

It's not "Thanks to", it's despite the best efforts of the USA that Assad is winning.

I admit, i'm very surprised that the Israeli forces didn't fight back harder against the SAA reclaiming the Golan. I assume the oil-rich parts of the Golan are still occupied by the Israelis though, or at the parts the Syrians reclaimed also sufficiently oil rich?

If you trawl the dark reaches of the internet in the right places for a very, very long time, you will know who Kefka user is and what he* looks like and gets up to.
He's hilarious, a cool dude and helped me out with some excellent advice in another semi-bunker once upon a time.

You Kikes hate Assad, just like you get uncomfortable when Hezbollah is bought up.
I made you a nice video, yid

Kang nigger and cianiggers and mossadnigger directed forces built most of the bases. Trump should have pulled out of Syria a long time ago although for a 'kike sellout' he sure hasn't helped the kikes in their greater isisrael plan.

Americans try to take over iraqi base near syria, iraqi army tells the to go fuck themselves

It was all a cover to create a kurdish state for the CIA/Mossad it looks like.

How many permanent military bases do they have in place now?

Trump is a (((MIC))) puppet and completely irrelevant. Just the fact anyone here has to reply in this thread to damage control for the guy is pathetic. Ultimately, this is STILL the same plan that's been unfolding for over half a century (longer). If your worldview is still (((left))) vs. (((right))), you're already dead and no amount of explaining will help.

The US isn't leaving Syria and will continue to do what it has been doing during the previous administration. One way or another, Iraq and Afghanistan will still be under US military occupation for the years to come. When it comes to Iran, it's no secret that a huge effort is currently taking place to destabilize the country. The amount of resources put in place to monitor and achieve the desired outcome is comparable to previous coup / regime change attempts. Iranian leaders understand the EU can't be trusted or relied on for support so if SHTF in a bad way, expect to see China's army in Iran with Russia in a secondary (still important) role.

It's incredible how people willingly forget what led to certain US military deployments. Nevertheless, even so-called anons will actually attempt to justify and defend it all. In the wise words of Zognald Trump, "They cannot help the fact that they were born fucked up!".

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im gonna bump this just so i can see neocohens and redditors screech at your post

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Even more American and Israeli weapons. They really did everything they could save from open invasion Although even that is in question; since we know we keep getting lied to about the Syria war, how many US regulars got involved over the years, let alone special forces? to defeat Syria and as usual, it wasn't enough.

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12 I heard from one user. At least 4-5 that I've personally seen photographic evidence of that are not in kurdnigger territory.
Basically any one of those little tiny ISIS pockets is a CIAnigger base guaranteed.
How do those special foreskin faggots look at themselves in the mirror in the morning? Knowing they actually work for the jews as ISIS and are killing innocent people in a fucking innocent country.
When I was young an naive, I used to look up to SF zogbots because you'd hope they'd be there to protect your country. Too bad they are fucking crooked traitors and deserve to be gassed.

Mos tof that gear
Is pretty normal for this type of shit.
AN PVS14 isn't anything special and barely export controlled, been around for a long time.
Those thermal cameras though are for the TOWs etc and would be much less numerous, higher amounts controls and much easier to trace. But they are part of the weapon system. I remember one video in 2016 with a recent calibration cert from a San Diego burger base, that got deleted really quickly.
Interesting to see more newer yid stuff though, they were careful in past to only leave rusy old 70s war shit laying around so shills could scream 'it's old that means nothing, ISISrael ain't helping'.

Just here to post a crucial daily reminder goyim, folks. If the Iranians were ever serious about the phrase they would have called their family members working abroad to murder some random spics, niggers or trannies in the streets of Commiefornia. The JewTube HQ day of reckoning was amazing, though. Also I unironically want every Jew in the world to die of very, very slow deaths, despite the out of context Houthis phrase. Preferably in the ovens. Mein Bruder.

pic related

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I'm not going to be pro-Assad unless that fucker invades Israel finally.

more than 12. the US is also building and expanding airportrs in SDF territories

who yre you pro then?

russia and turkey complete talks for Turkish stream gasline, US on suicide watch, sauce and larger update soon
Russian warplanes eliminate terrorists responsible for recent chemical attack in Aleppo
Meanwhile US carrier strike group preforms power projection in mediterranian sea, nobody gives a fuck

If only we had access to that.

he can't do that, idiot, it would mean war with USA and besides Syria is destroyed from years of war and probably won't recover until the next generation. best Syria can hope for is pre-war borders and peace, and even that is not guaranteed

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You’re brain damaged.

i say this even as someone who has a strong dislike for trumps foreign policy stahp sucking salman/bibis cock ffs. but looking at syria specifically, theres no way this wouldve gone this well for assad if the kang nigger was still sending his terrorist pals shekels and weapons. when obama left or right before he left, i think it was he had to cancel all their funding. this did more to benefit syria and syrians than anything trump has done directly

its a good idea to sit cash for a bit before G20 happens tho i think itll run until then tbh. in regards to china and the tradewar, things could go radically in a few different directions. monetary policy around the world is starting to tighten as well, so things are about to get very volatile imo

are you talking about GNE? the oil company with cheney, j rothschild and all the cianiggers on the board? they havent been doing so hot
i remember a while back this year i did some posts on them and the oil market in general, relating to syria. ive been using GNE as a way to gauge how JUST'd the zionists are.

pic related

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checked. I forget how i got here, but ended up being cleaned up, straightened out and getting ready to run for office. Openly National Socialist.

Look what I found

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Is that real?

Also, apparently Netanyahu is being accused of bribery relating to some major corruption scandal in the Israeli telecom industry. The police are recommending he be charged.

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Leaked pic of ISISniggers, how will they ever recover?

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Not northwestern Syria but
Southfront reporting that hardware is being moved in to apply pressure to this burger/ISISraeli base.

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Holy fuck, fucking kikes.

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I don't even think many capefags would believe that shit.