Anarchist protesters beat Jew


Fragile jew syndrome:

Gotta make money from this!

Other protesters were arrested for stupid shit like punching a police captain. There were 20 protesters there and 200+ counter protesters, so it turned into a protest against the police.

I was on the counter protest side and it was so easy to get laid. Yes anons, I used a rubber, and no anons, I did not kiss her.

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A mentally ill jew, what are they odds?

video from OP's link
i'm posting the videos in the order i think they happened. police break up the initial beating and then some faggot headbutts him as he's being led away

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Attached: Max M. Marin - Alleged “proud boy” covering his face gets head-butted as he is being led away from protest. Attacker has been detained. More riot police arriving at Independence Mall now.-1063868373170298880.mp4 (720x720, 6.65M)

reminder if your going to attend these things always be in a group of 3-4. and assume your going to be in a self defense situation

Or don't go

Headbutting a Jew does not a faggot make.

Learning a self defense discipline is handy to have.

Hervé Ryssen also writes about the correlation between schizophrenia and Jews (one of his conclusions on this are because they are all inbred)


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Mental slaves of the J-Left's narrative kick the shit out of a jew?
I'm lovin' it.

The phrase "A win-win situation" is seldom accurate, but this time it's fulfilled.

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these rallys are honey traps at best. I went to observe, I am too well known in the city and have a jewish gf. One of her jew friends told her the rally would be directed against the jewish holocaust museum which is right next door, which of course was a lie.


who do you think makes sure the police get paid?

Jesus needs to whip them harder next time.


Yes, yes, me too, I'm always attending rallies and talking to complete strangers.
I just can't help it, the depression and paranoia compels me.

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no audio. Got a link?

Got a link to the video? Like the one where the guy is shouting that the kike is a Nazi?

Did they really?

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We're all faggots here, faggot.

They always go for clinical depression when that means fuck all. If you want points it's major depression that's debilitating. You getting angry because your ponies were taken off the air it technically CLINICAL depression. And the paranoia is anything from "omg my hall of costs, they're doing it again" to "I can't leave the house because nazis are in my bushes." Basically it's like he wanted to divest himself of the jew schizophrenia label so he broke up the symptoms into two diseases that are tolerated by society.

Yeah, they thought it was a white man :^)

Are they sure he wasn't just a jewish proud boy?

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who's jewing who jpg

Do niggers and lefists know how to fight fair?

That looks like a video montage of perpetual, leftist-virgin, nice goyim.

They didn't know he was a Jew and wouldn't have done it if they knew he was.

Yeah, let them fight amongst themselves. Jews have a lot of fracture points that we have yet to exploit.

They're real Proud Boys. One of them is punching Gavin (for their gay initiation) in pic related.

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Please kill yourself.

The fag ninjas are doing more against the jews than our right wings

does she know about you?

what size are her milkers? post pics for proof

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The kike is right, philosemitism and sodomy are some of the worst aspects of western civilization.

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Hopefully you understand that I can't post her pic, but she looks a lot like Niki Russ Federman, pic related. Milkers are great! Huge nips and she loves the bone.

She knows I am a socialist and a nationalist, but most people do not realize natsocs = nazis since the jews stupidly made antisemitism a right wing thing.

Remember faggots, your soul mate is someone who is different from you and challenges your belief system.

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Hahahaha don't get married unless you like getting 10" jewess strapon without lube(divorce)

woah bro calm down … I dont care that you are a race traitor. Im sure shes a fine lady and very smart. I really dont care that you allow yourself to be jedi mind tricked into killing your tribe. Im sure you wont care when you sons dick gets nipped.

I just want something to jerk too. Thx

Her uncle's kids aren't circumcised and the family is hurtling towards cultural Christianity.

She has way more money than me, plus a stake in her family's business. Stupid jewish suitors were disrespectful to her.

Cereal is high in sugar and degenerate, just like fucking tattoos…

oy vey so much blind hatred

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I assume you have confronted her and her family with the relevant sections of the talmud, asked about the literal dehumanization of calling non jews goy, and asked why they and millions of other jews aren't loudly decrying all this frankly satanic behavior they all seem to do.
Although I'm guessing you're full of shit.

It's some decent trolling, I'll give him that.

Go marry a man, faggot.

Jews clearly shouldn't be allowed to own guns.

Found her.

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teeheheee, americans…

Wait a minute….

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it's in the first post
there's no sound in the twitter source

This is what happens when you utilize golem.

Good god, please keep happening.


It wasn't an accident, it's common for fake hate crimes to happen.

Severely underrated post.

(((proud boys))) are ADL-Mossad agent provocateurs. Wat a laff.

thats a fucking given user, i mean why else would you be with a jew. But heres a follow up question.

That Uncle with the un-nipped kids. Dads side uncle or moms side uncle? That might be a non jewish side. And you kids dick is going to be butchered by a congo Nigerian

Notice the subtle "Anglokike" British flag innuendo on that fags t-shirt. I noticed all controlled-op will add subtle "pro-british" items into their background. The entire Rebel Media circle is notorious for it.

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do tell :^)

Try not to fag up the thread too much.

Here Trevor attempts to reinforce the narrative that believing you are Unicorn that other people hate and are jealous of for no apparent reason. Is nothing like BLM or any holocaust group.
Who could have known that if you build reality around lies people start to go insane, it's unforseeable.

No but being an anarchist does

Problem is, comrade, leftism is the ideological jew.

What crap. I bet they knew what he was.

I support this movement by maintaining my supply of right-wing supported sweet chilli chicken tenders.
We all can help in some way.

I should start a tendie franchise called "The Right Wing".

Say the 14 words, and you only pay 88%

That's actually a good idea. So long as you're semi-competent. It would be pretty easy to get the dumb-fuck left to get you free advertising, and thus generate loads of business as the left produces the "Trump effect," which is basically pissing people off and getting them to do something they otherwise would have no interest in specifically to spite them.

My sides

Go back to cuck chan


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Holy fuck, every Zogbot should be murdered on sight.

They're still lefty, diversity loving, anti-white pieces of shit. They didn't head-butt a jew, they head-butted an ebil right-wing white supremacist, which is what they saw when they looked at him.

What exactly did they do wrong in this video?

How fucking new are you?
Oh wait, you're bait.

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you need to be gassed.

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Every zogbot should be shot on sight. Black people have one thing correct, cops are crap. Never speak to a cop, never help a cop, and if you ever have a chance to kill a cop, you need to do it. The Laws in this country are objectively kiked, so cops are the soldiers of the kikes. Cops are no longer White, they've willfully chosen to convert to the race of golem.

Ben Garrison is an unfunny faggot and has been reddit tier for awhile now. Memes change, the fact that you can't adapt to new memes shows you have no place on an imageboard.

But the meme is funny.
Fuck, your autism is another level or something.

And you are the cancer killing Zig Forums, fuck off you massive fucking faggot.

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Niggers riot and destroy their own neighborhoods, the local cops, who are mostly black in black neighborhoods, do nothing. Who cares? Also these aren't white people, these are leftist anti-filth, and many of them are niggers. No one even knew this random guy was a kike you fucking retard. They all thought he was some right-wing white guy. So, again, what's the problem here? I see cops doing their job. Looks fine to me.

Leftist anti-white filth*

oh fuck off, 2/10 WNB is ancient but still funny as hell. I can't tell if this is bait or just severe autism.

I think it is legitimate autism.
Be gentle user.

Anyone who posts Ben Garrison memes in the present is equivalent to people posting Kek memes. It's over, reddit and /r/the_donald killed it, it's gay as fuck.

I don't even.
This is peak autism. We cannot autism as hard as how this user autismed.

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What the fuck do reddit and the zionald have to do with zyklon ben? They wouldn't dare make edits because not kosher.

user, it's amazing. It's like witnessing a comet that comes once every million years blazing across the night sky.

This is why you're not welcome here.

please stop anons, my sides are about to launch if this keeps up

I'm done.
I can't beat this tactic if it is one.

Oh lordy. My sides are in orbit.

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oy bruv u usin that moi soides meem? dontcha know thas an owld meem? wut are you fookin reddit cancer m8?

Are you serious?

Better not post that other one then.

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Or even older perhaps.

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These two IPs sound like the same person.