Proud of being white?

Is it possible to be proud of being white Zig Forums?

give me your BEST arguments for being proud of being white

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go throw yourself into a wood chipper.

You know why nobody ever gives blacks a hard time for being proud of their lineage?
Because nobody that isn't black wants to be black.
People can say whatever they want, but the actions of others consistently show that being white is being superior.
When a retard criticizes the star athlete, people laugh. When the star athlete criticizes the retard, people are put off.

No argument needs to be made for one to be proud of one's ancestral heritage.
Now, fuck off back to leddit, nigger.

um.. school shooters the thread?

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whites are soo disgusting lmao btw hi reddit :)

To even have to ask shows either:
a) Beta faggot who should be removed from society for not knowing all the group has done for the species
b) Faggot trying to demoralize said beta faggots who are already demoralized.

Either way - useless person.

nobody could give a single argument. hmmmm….

Not being a subhuman nigger, spic, heeb or sand nigger is more than enough reason to be proud to be white.

it's concluded. it's NOT ok to be white
Zig Forums is a globalist board now

Thats how comfortable we are about being the best. We dont have that desperate need to prove ourselves.
People will work that shit out on their own if they put in the effort.

OK, I'll give one.

If we reject our roots and detach ourselves from our lineage we will have no direction and become aimless and helpless. It's essential to be proud of your race so that you can be a strong person.

Do you truly think that people on Zig Forums are not proud to be white and need your list for validation?


there ain't no any reason to be proud of being whitey because the whitey stole the microwaves, space ships and shieet from ancient black kangz.

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I don't see anyone swarming into the nigger continent for a better quality of life.

kys OP

warming up your slide-fu over here now that halfchan is dying?

You leftist fucks come here demanding that we prove that we have the right to exist.
You never do that to blacks. You never demand that the Japanese or the Chinese or the Thais prove that they have the right to exist. You never storm into a reservation and demand that Indians prove that they have a right to exist or waltz into Pakistan and demand that they prove that they have a right to exist
ONLY White people are treated this way
ONLY White children are attacked this way
ONLY White communities are asymmetrically assaulted this way
ONLY White people are told to prove that we have a right to exist on planet earth

And even if I wrote you an essay describing why my people have a right to exist, you'd just throw it out and ignore it.
You are anti-White. You are a foaming at the mouth racial partisan and NOTHING we could say will dissuade you from your boundless hatred. There is no negotiating with pure anti-white hatred.
We WILL continue to exist and anyone who says that we do not deserve to exist deserves to die.

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We aren't talking about Jews though user

this is a slide thread. dunno why mods didn't delete it. OP should go back to his cuckchamber and reddit.

Blow your brains out.