Democratic presidential candidates for 2020

Who do you think will be the presidential candidate for 2020? Oprah Winfrey? king nigger? Mr Michelle Obama? Hilldawg? Sanders?
Give me your honest opinion about this topic. In my eyes the democratic party would be done for if it weren't for the leftist media outlets and some jewish kikery. They have no real options and they're so desperate that they want actors as presidential candidates. So I'm curious what will be the big reveal in 2020.
Washington Post top 15 candidates:
I used it as a refrence

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I would think Biden is their only play at this point and that is going to be very fun if it comes to pass. I just don't see them having anything else, maybe Sander's but fuck… they are very weak.

I'm not sure will get any popularity. He lost with king nigger because how unpopular he was. And Sanders? Probably… Seeing all of these fucking commie antifa running around I think he'd get some votes for him.

The Democrats used all of their power getting Kang Nigger into office, then ignored their young talent the whole time he was there. Organizationally, they're bereft of young talent and almost completely broke.

Biden is almost 80 years old, while Sanders passed that threshold a while ago. Hillary will be in her 70s. Joe Kennedy III could have potentially been a decent candidate thanks to his family name and connections if the Democrats hadn't enthusiastically driven away the entire White working class, but they did, so he's out. Ocasio-Cortez is too young to run but they'll push her hard in 2024.

Kike media has tried name dropping Dwayne Johnson, Oprah, and Mark Zuckerberg for the celebrity factor. Zuckerberg and Oprah both run large organizations, while Johnson is very charismatic. It's hard for me to see any of these people seriously in a position of power. And what would their platform be? "Fuck Zibnalb Glurmphfth" and "Let's Keep The Status Quo" both seem like losing propositions.

"Stop Right-wing death squads".

I mean, both parties in US live in symbiosis. If Dems go belly-up, Republicans might have problems staying relevant (to put it bluntly: populists that will replace Dems will simply eat Reps alive). Hence, it is necessary for Republicans to throw a bone to Democrats, by being as offensive and insane as possible. While I'm not implying that this is what Trump is deliberately doing, I'm not saying that it is not the case.

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Pretty much this.
I'm hoping the democrats will just dismatle and another left-wing party will take their place with some young newfags in politics. Maybe they'll fuck up catastrophically that people would wake up and vote more for the republicans. Then again I'm not seeing this happening because jews and their sorcery.

Maybe the mexican jew eric garcetti - the mayor of los angeles.

Use one of the 10 other 2020 threads and stop shitting up the board with democracy

Not going to bother clicking your link use archive you homo.
Beto vs kamla will be their contenders.
Trump will definitely lose against anyone of these two, unless the elder kikes decide it will be Hillary again.

It's going to have to be another RINO in all but name. Someone completely inoffensive who is either
-Spotless service record
-So new has to not have ever voted on anything controversial in the past twenty years.

The next candidate decision for the Democrats is going to be nothing short of a clownshow. For example:

basically any white person who goes for the nomination can expect a visit from the Cuckstapo just like Pelosi received. Any minority can expect to be ousted and fought by other minorities for not representing them. Anyone who doesn't have massive, pre-existing social sway can expect to have huge pushback from candidates that do. This is all before getting into their politics where Socialists will fight Liberals, Hawks will fight Doves, and Libertarians will fight Authoritarians.

It's going to be a shitshow.

Can't wait for it

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The best possible thing would be a non-White male who is outspoken in his anti-White bigotry.
And if he won against Trump with the help of massive voter fraud, that would kickstart the civil war.

The best possible candidate would be Barrack Obama again. He is so universally reviled by healthy White people that even running again would break all the misplaced faith that conservatives have in this evil thing that is the government.

Sage for duplicate thread.

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patrick little

It’s their opportunity to throw someone under the bus they don’t want running in 2024.

My guess is Elizabeth Warren, Sanders or Biden. Someone the brown hordes would probably not vote for.

I keep hearing our guys saying shit like "I REALLY hope Hillary runs again." This is a retarded way of thinking. If she runs again, she'll get the Dem's nod and will be up against Trump, and in the meantime, the (((news agencies))) and (((Hollywood))) have been poisoning the well. She'll be prepared for his off the cuff remarks and will have her minions shilling harder than ever. If she can pull enough of the fence sitter/disillusioned voters, we'll be fucked.

I hope she runs again because she was falling apart in the 2016 elections: epilepsies, passing out at 9/11 memorial monument, having "pneumonia", caughing up some green goo while drinking water, and generally weird beahaviours.
She's on life support and she won't last long in the 2020 elections because she'll drop dead mid-way. And (((they))) would have to pull a new candidate from their asses because nobody is willful to partake in the upcomming shitstorm after her.
That means she wouldn't go as a candidate because it would literally kill her (which I'd be happy if she'd drop dead) and (((they))) would lose the election. That's why they won't take her. But please let her run. I want to se how far she can go without dying.

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This board would be stupid enough to vote for an open borders, gun grabbing democrat if the Jews got BTFO. Zig Forums needs a massive cleansing of all blackpillers

The democrat front-runner seems to be Donald Trump. Prison reform, open borders, standard Jewish neoliberal policy, locking up white nationalists, giving anarchist terrorists state cover, new gun control regulations, etc. Trump is the best president democrats have had since Clinton.

That would be a good step up, considering Trump is an open borders gun grabber who also loves Jews.

If she hasn't died by now, she's not likely to in 2020, so good luck with that. She needs to retire but her ego won't let her call it a day. She didn't stay with Bill this long just to turn around and give up, but her as president would be a disaster unparalleled in American politics.

Funny how your post omits michelle obama. It's clear by the book tour and mass public appearances, articles etc that (((they))) are feeling out the prospect of putting her up as their candidate.
Obama had 2 terms. Why not try trotting out another one, but this time its a "woman".

It's HIS turn!

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This board is trash now

I agree that he's a kike lover but I don't agree that he's for open borders and a gun grabber.
He's trying to build his "wall", at least trying which pisses off some mexicans.
And if he were to take your guns you'd kiss them a long time ago bye bye.

Feel free to piss off anytime you ridiculous sperg.
we both know that won't happen

Then you are not paying attention (or, more likely, you have a low IQ). The borders are completely open and he has done nothing to change that. He also introduced regulations that could be used to get all semi-auto firearms banned under the NFA.
False. He is not trying and he never did try. He wrote twitter posts about it, but never worked on legislation or attempted to accomplish it. Instead he signed the first bill put on his desk that forbid him from building the wall.

I hope that the new, post-CRISPR potential and power of biological weaponry to alter the population has become so obvious by 2020 that the Democrats nominate the ghost of Shiro Ishii, leader of Japan's old 'Unit 731' biological warfare group during WWII, as their presidential candidate.

sage otherwise

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Whoever it is, their role will be to triumph over Trump's America of hate and bigotry.

He can't be elected again

A 4th Obama term, really?

Here's a better pic.

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They really did screw that one up since Cummy Kennedy already got bashed on the internet once he was slobbering on live tv.

I understand that. I merely stated the best possible option for our perspective. The democrats clearly don't give a shit about the law. If they're really stupid, they'll run king nigger again.
Since OP brought him up as a possible contender, I gave my opinion on which democrat would be most congenial for a race war.


You're all quite naive thinking you will still be alive for 2020 because looking around at what's going on I hardly think that is (((the plan))).

The big secret is that there is no "plan".
WW3 will be - most likely - caused (directly or not) by China going full-nationalist.

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Well Mr Michelle Obunga it is, from the Obunga clan.

Very likely the half nigger, half poo, and married to a Jew Kamala Harris will run.

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Good. What do we divvy up on the aftermath?
- Force recognition of Taiwan
- Independence of Hong Kong
- Hell, just reshuffle everything on the South China sea so the name's just ironic.
- Territorial gains for India on their border (implying India wouldn't jump in WW3 after Chinese fuckery)
- Other assorted measures to make them lose face for at least 2 centuries.
I'm sure I'm missing other ways to fuck around with them

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for everyone who is not a degenerate gambler:
+400 = 4/1 or $400 for every $100 you bet

I'm not sure how to put it, but you seem to be overly certain of the outcome.

Consider previous world wars: by the end of WW2 out of all major powers only Soviets and US were left standing, while WW1 caused destruction of no less than four empires (Austro-Hungarian, German, Ottoman, and Russian). While you might point out that US survived both first and second world wars, there is a lot to be said for US not being particularly involved in either. This will not be the case for WW3.

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Non-white female actually and that is Oprah. She is the "anti-Trump" in Team Blue Jew's eyes. Even with the Weinstein photo hanging over her, she could get out the nigger vote and win (with more voter fraud of course). Regardless of what happens in 2020, the losing side will not accept the results and DOTR looms closer.

But what about Hillary?

No mention of Beto, who the Jew appears to be setting up as the next Kennedy-esque figure.

he's there its just sorted like a tricky jew sportsbook would sort it

He's a loser, non-starter. Expect a mirror copy in later years as hispanic population grows.

She has the US Military in Haiti today killing Haitians, like yesterday while you guys are here distracted by your delusions.
Go look and see for yourselves.

2020 candidate will be who Hillary puts in like how she put Trump in.

Is this what you mean? I mean it was in 2016 but still…

Let's see…
Ten years too early, the "fuck whitey" coalition isn't strong enough yet.
Trump will eviscerate her. Making his opponents look ridiculous is his forte, and she makes his job ever so easy.
Lawl. Sad thing is she actually stands an okay chance as long as she locks up the women voterbase. That said I think she doesn't have enough of a platform.
Old white male is a big no-no, even if he is a fellow white.
Sank his chances with that horrific speech. Plus white male.
Round 2? I don't think she does any better, especially as the doom & gloom predictions haven't come to pass.
Never gets any kind of DNC support; they blame him and his bots for Clinton's loss.
Literal nigger faggot. I don't think he has the composure to be on the national stage
Probably not this time, I expect this dude in 2024 though
A literal who. Might get the media machine behind her though.

Democrats literally on suicide watch

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Uh,,, no I mean yesterday and today she has the US military slaughtering Haitians in Haiti. Go there and read the news. Look it up.
And you thought Trump was running the show? Bahahaha. Oh no, it is not true. If it was true then how is that the Clinton cartel has control of the military right now????

Lack of name recognition.
Their Hail Mary option. Trump will wreck her on the debate floor.
Probably their best bet due to Obama nostalgia and being sorta blue dog. But he's a white male again.
Strong possibility as a VP, I feel.
Too DINO for the DNC to really get behind.
New York liberalism is not popular outside of New York
Maybe, but would need more name recognition, see also fucking white male.

i like your insight, if you had to guess today who would you predict?

Can't find anything just an article written in September about Haiti but no slaughter etc.
Maybe (((they))) are sandbagging the search results or I'm retarded. It must be one of these options.

If I'm the DNC heads, working off the assumption to retake the presidency with the highest odds, I would run a Biden ticket with either Gillibrand or Booker as a VP, possibly Beto. But I don't think they'll do this. I'm betting a Harris ticket with a Beto VP.

Maybe. The trouble with running a woman is it's one more distraction from race and that is confusing to the pitiful conservative lemmings. I'd much rather they run a black male so the contest can be solely about race.
But tbh I'd love it if Obrah ran. She is so aggressive and racial that it might just make up for her being a female.
Also, being nothing more than a TV personality, she'd have as much political connections that Trump does and would be one more step in turning the presidential office into a fucking joke.

Sauce or fuck off.

No she would get more opression points for being black AND a poor woman. These are the opression olympics we're talking about. So (((they))) can cash in on her by guilt tripping the US of racism and sexism..

Whoever they choose, that person's gonna win. Fuck Trump, the damn idiot. He had a chance, but he blew it so damn badly.

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I don't care about the oppression Olympics. My sole concern is in creating a situation where White men will start fighting back against our genocide.

The late Harold Covington predicted Kamala Harris would be selected to go up against ZOGnald but I just don't see it.

Ultimately it doesn't matter anyway as the Jews are going to keep ZOGnald in as a two termer.

So they may as well run Hilary against him for another round of staged/pre-dermined s-election buffoonery that always manages to fool the stupid goyim into thinking a legitimate contest between two heated political foes is taking place.

That way they won't ruin the suspension of disbelief "brand" of any future DNC candidate who the Jews will put in place to "run" and eventually be awarded the puppet presidency when the nation is ready to be ruled by Jew controlled leftist Democrats instead of Jew controlled rightist Republicans.

Our race will cuck to the last minute, hee haw and guffaw around finding whatever noble sounding excuse necessary to avoid speaking the only language Jews and muds understand (ie violence) so don't hold your breath to see "change we can believe in" until as Dr. Pierce roughly put it: "whites can no longer watch nigger ball on large television screens, refill their refrigerators and yeah basically lose all the rest of their creature comforts".

Makes sense as like that barely closeted homosexual movie Fight Club put it: "Its only after you've lost everything that you're free to do anything".

Well that quote isn't exactly true…whites could do something now but due to the patheticness of human nature we won't do anything except well…some of us have an unhealthy addiction to marching and carrying around faggy signs and protesting not realizing Jews and shabbos goyim just laugh at that ineffective cuck tier shit and always have.

Patriotard Zig Forums muh optics NATSOC LARPer: "Oooh look at me with my fuckin sign"

Jew: Hahahahahahahahaha oh the goyim are sooo fucking stupid!

Jew #2: And cowardly too!

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His point was that Trump got voted (at least by Normalfag hordes) on the platform that he'd build the wall and actually do something about the immigration problem. Because he hasn't done the former and cucked out to simple Catch n' Release on the latter, he's unlikely to get re-elected.

I would like to knock some of these cowardly fence sitters off their perch as soon as possible. Once the ball starts rolling, it will gather until we have exterminated the last of these hostile jews.

That's what is going to happen when a country builds itself around kike worship. You're trapped without any escape. And the possibility of a "civil war" to change something is zero. So now you have to live with the thought that the jew is always laughing at you.

This board would be stupid enough to vote for an open borders, gun grabbing republican if the liberals got BTFO. Zig Forums needs a massive cleansing of all trumpniggers

We'll vote for Hitler as soon as he runs, I promise.

This. When will people realize that a jewish puppet runs the country.

wholesome and unappreciated post

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I'd say Karmala Kunty is in the lead right now.

Why does she look like michael jackson?

Came here to say this. It would be magical to just get him into the debates

how would ZOD feel about this

even though its about an over appreciated man

what could any goy have against pat little?

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nothing against him … just against the people that give him so much attention even though hes just an idiot that has done nothing.

at least hitler was willing to do something wrong

i hear that, he is very recently red pilled, and it lit a fire in him
probably not the most strategic move he could make but i am grateful that he is out there trying to do what he thinks is right regardless of what anyone else has to say

I think she would be a terrible candidate. Michelle Obama would basically be a dumber Hillary Clinton with fewer white voters.

Bernie would stand a chance if he ran as an independent and REALLY dug his heels in. He has name recognition, he can get headlines rolling, and people know very well what he and his platform stand for; all he would need to do is actually kick the Democrats to the curb and fucking run. All of that no-refund money from the last campaign would serve him well this time around. I also expect that he would be Trump's biggest threat in a straight run-off.

He would definitely get an intense amount of pushback from Democrats; last time, the media did the DNC's work sullying Bernie's name, and it didn't work, so I would expect them to ramp up the rhetoric, threaten him into silence, and possibly engage in some real slander to get him in line.

And why? The Democrats are scared of shifting too hard into outright socialism. All of their "fresh faces" want Socialism™ because that's all they've been taught in their propaganda classes in college: the white man is the cause of all the world's ills, so we need to give everyone free this and free that and make the white man pay for it. It's entirely untenable, and despite all the work they do to placate people, they're comfortable with the status quo, and changing anything would destroy their grip on the people. Bernie has not only pushed for impossible financial goals, but he's actively called out the Federal Reserve; if he threatens their grip on the levers of power, you can expect him to be silenced.

I agree with you. He's the kind of pussy faggot that would wait until 2024 solely to avoid the embarrassment of losing to Trump's incumbent campaign.

Don't make me laugh. If she runs, people will vote against her just to spite her or vote for her to accelerate things. If she managed to clinch the nomination, it's almost a guaranteed loss without not just blatant, but dangerously visible, civil war-starting levels of voter fraud. Hillary is literally a last resort for them.

The biggest thing to remember about the Democrat party is that they are severely splintered right now. Most of the traditional Democrats are immensely out of favor because they fit the mold of those targets the young-blood Socialists™ hate: "white", rich, greedy capitalist faggots that abuse the system to enrich themselves at the expense of others. While they have a common "enemy" in the Republican party, and that is not going to change any time remotely soon, any attempt to split the vote will destroy them from the inside as their base jumps ship. Bernie running independent or another young-blood Socialist™ Democrat trying to split the vote would result in just an unimaginable amount of salt when the results inevitably go tits-up for them.

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he hasnt done anything … what the fuck are you so impressed about?

"recently red pilled"

anyone that wasnt born understanding that hollywood and the finance system is a bunch of satanic bullshit is an idiot.

hes controlled OP retard. He's here to make you look like an idiot and be a clown to represent an important idea. Good luck man.


She's white, so I don't think she would get chosen.

Oh yeah, no argument on the splintering of the Democrat base. It's ones of the biggest things we have going for us. For one thing, the white blue dog Dems are going to start quietly voting Republican, potentially flipping states like Minnesota or New Hampshire; moreover as they leave and the "coalition of the ascendant" takes power, anti-white rhetoric will skyrocket even more than it already has.
And agree about HRC. If she were to run and get the Dem nomination there would be such an outcry that it would probably destroy the party then and there.

she is the most race-mixiest miscegenator on the right, she owuld most likely be allowed to run