White man arrested for being angry at niggers while owning a firearm


A 25-year-old man from Southeast Michigan is an example of a serious problem in the country. Mathew is the type of person law enforcement officials are worried about, even though he hasn't committed a serious crime.
Local 4 isn't identifying Mathew or showing his face because he isn't charged with making threats. But there were concerns expressed at his detention hearing in federal court.
"Your honor, the defendant is charged in a one-county complaint with making false statements," said Hank Moon, the assistant U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan.
Mathew's case presents a legal and societal conundrum. People almost never face federal charges for lying on a credit card application, but it was the only way law enforcement officials could get Mathew off the streets, which they wanted to do immediately.
"The defendant used those two credit cards to purchase firearms," Moon said. "An assault rifle, several handguns, a binary trigger, your honor, which is used only to ensure than an assault rifle will fire quicker than (designed by the) manufacturer, and several 40-round, high-capacity magazines. When he purchased that firearm, the defendant asked the gun store how he can convert his AR-15 to a fully automatic rifle."
Mathew was buying guns legally but scaring people around him. A gun dealer called authorities, as did a neighbor, saying they thought Mathew could be the next mass shooter.
FBI agents kicked in his door and confiscated his guns, phone and computer.
"On the defendant's electronic devices, your honor, the top three pictures are all the Virginia Tech shooter," Moon said. "On the bottom left, you have Eric Harris, the Columbine shooter."
There were also social media posts.
"The defendant starts posting about his dissatisfaction with the community around him, about how people have completely destroyed his soul and annihilated his conscious," Moon said. "He talks about being angry and (expletive) hating the world. The defendant says that (Oklahoma City bomber) Timothy McVay makes a lot of sense, that the Virginia Tech shooter had a 'way with words.' He describes the Las Vegas shooter as a 'hero' and a 'badass.'
"He talks about African-Americans who took jobs that he thought were his. (He posted) about specifically bringing guns to a workplace, saying he always has two on him and that 'I'm not getting that close to black people without some protection.'
"He actually mentions that he has a '(expletive) list' and that black people are at the top of that list. He then says, 'I want some (expletive) revenge.' What is revenge? Well, your honor, the defendant went to his workplace, too out a knife and started slashing at least one tire I think before the knife broke."
When police checked Mathew's Google searches, they decided to take him into custody.
"He searched 'Pulse Night Club,' the attack location in Orlando," Moon said. "Then immediately searched Ann Arbor night clubs, night clubs in the local area. The defendant searched Columbine High School and then immediately searched, 'Howell Michigan High School.'
"(He searched), 'How long do police take to respond to an active shooter?' 'Police response to Columbine.' He searched, 'Can social rejection lead you to kill somebody?' I mean, when we talk about red flags, your honor, these are literally staring us in the face."
Mathew was locked up pending a trial for lying on his credit card applications. He is being evaluated by a medical professional.
"His determination was that the defendant was mentally ill, and he diagnosed the defendant with acute homicidality," Moon said. "The defendant repeatedly brought the conversation with his mental health provider back to guns and getting his guns back. He mentioned moving out of state at one point. He told the mental health provider that he would have to become a criminal and obtain guns illegally if he couldn't get his back legally. The next day, a psychiatrist examined the defendant and determined he is mentally ill. He diagnosed the defendant with depressive disorder."
Three weeks ago, Mathew returned to court. There was plenty of concern among officials because after five months of jail, it was time to let him out.
Mathew pleaded guilty to wire fraud and was sentenced to probation, not prison. The Local 4 Defenders found him at his father's house, where he was alone because his father works a lot of hours.
There were no police cars or FBI agents watching the house.
Mathew is free to come and go as he pleases, but he has to report in to a probation officer on a regular basis. As a convicted felon, he is no longer allowed to own weapons, and while he's allowed to go online, his communication will be monitored by law enforcement agencies for the next five years.

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Get the fuck out faggot

are you a bot?

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Are you?

While obviously dumb to lose his cool and spill spaghetti all over the place, I imagine we'll see more of this as reality hits those who once trusted in the system, especially those already on edge.

You seem triggered, just as I predicted. How do you kikes always get first post? was this ever discussed?

The privileged classes I named a minute ago – the Jews and the politicians and the homosexuals and the minorities and the female executives – who believe that this is the best of all possible worlds, have no idea how angry, how furious, normal Americans are. And, as I said, they're only going to get madder as time goes on. The ones who aren't mad are the ones who've simply become alienated. They have given up all hope for restoring any sort of sanity or decency to the country and are just looking out for themselves.
When people are pushed as far as they are willing to go, and when they believe that they have nothing left to lose, then they will resort to terrorism. There will be more and more such people in the future. Even if they have no well thought-out plan, even if they belong to no organization and have no real ideology, even if they only are striking out as angry, frustrated individuals, their numbers and their deeds will grow. Such disorganized terrorism, motivated by anger rather than by a plan, will never bring down the government. About all it can accomplish is the weakening of the self-confidence of the government's supporters and the encouragement of the government's enemies. A long enough and intense enough period of terrorism can discourage many people from making long-term career plans and can lead to more of a short-term mind-set in the general population, a "let's get through life one day at a time" outlook. But by itself it can't really accomplish anything positive.
~Dr. William Pierce

you already gone kike? what happened?

I think shills copy and paste replies to get the first post as quickly as possible, the shill just pasted an unsuitable reply, they are usually of the nature 'kill yourself' or 'shit thread' etc.

He was locked up for fraud, he was an idiot who made things worse by not using a VPN.

We still don't have a motive, or a death note. The system caught a nutter who faked some credit cards, and then bought guns with them. Guess what, that means the system works.

No, those replies are usually deserved. There used to be standards for post quality here. And newfaggots were told to lurk moar. OP is a reddit spacer who thinks removing line breaks makes it ok, when in reality its because one sentence does not a paragraph make.

OP is not leddit spaced, but we should have some actual discussion. So this guy broke the law by committing fraud but was only arrested for fucking internet searches? That doesn't even make sense.

In all cases in the American system, deadly violence is a superior and more reliable choice than political activism or trusting the authorities to treat you fairly. Charlottesville showed this in no uncertain terms – the police will arrest and prosecute for defending yourself and they will pursue active measures to prevent you from organizing in the first place.

Violence is the only solution.

It's copied from the article you fucking morons, stop trying to derail.

What the fucking shit? These kike psychiatrists can just make up bullshit and say "you're going to kill someone." and somehow that has meaning? He should sue the state for violating his rights. This is not the USSR. All of it based on bullshit (((google))) searches. Use Startpage or Ixquick. At least those are encrypted. Sometimes I wish I were a lawyer so I could help people like this. I fucking hate kikes more than anything in the world.
>Oy vey goyim, why are you so depressed? You need (((meds))) and your rights taken away for your own good.
Problems like this can be avoided if you start shooting as soon as they kick down the door. They will be less bold to infringe upon people's rights if they lost a few piggies every single time.

At best this loon was going to kill some level-0 NPCs and make anti-niggers look scary instead of reasonable. If jews hadn't devastated white cohesion, this malfunctioning fuck would have been edited out of the village a long time ago.

Well, maybe, but that has nothing to do with what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the conduct of the System. The guy supposedly committed fraud, but they care about his internet searches? It isn't hard to figure out that he was a mass shooting risk, so I didn't comment on that.

What about his fourth amendment rights? Why does committing fraud allow them to seize your computers? He should have appealed.

All the more proof its time to leave the US.

No, reform is the only solution

There is nothing to reform. Anyone pushing anything other than violence is a legit fed trying to keep it together.

Funny how you've completely misrepresented what this case is about.

Care to enlighten us?

OP hit the nail on the head. All he did was say he hated niggers and make some web searches, both of which are perfectly legal. Those fucking kikes even admitted in the article that they rarely prosecute credit card fraud and they only used it as an excuse to violate his rights because they hated him. Try your pilpul somewhere else, kike.

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Historically, the only way to "reform" a state is with violence. Mao may have been a (((communist))) faggot, but he was correct about the nature of political power.

Pick 1 you 10 IQ mongoloid.

He will get more than the legal maximum. All while niggers are let off with 5 years probation for accomplice to murder charges.


Asking questions is not illegal, kike.

bury it


He will be forced on SSRIs which turn someone into an NPC. Removes all critical thought. Removes self awareness. Because both of those are (((depression))).

stop helping it, we want them to be obvious


You two are talking past each other and missing the point. He’s saying in our own white country, he’d want the guy investigated, so would I. You’re saying that in current situation, we can’t let them have even an inch on speech or they’ll take a mile and I agree with that too. I think the bottom line here is that we need a white ethnostate because people are losing their minds and going crazy from living in a multicultural hellhole.

lol, this fucking country is a disgrace

you're not getting shit unless you're willing to break a few eggs.

How exactly did he "lie" on the credit-card application? Was the salary he reported off by $100?

"I like taking guns away early. Take the guns first, go through due process second."- President Donald Trump, head of the executive branch with full authority over the FBI

Praise zog amirite my fellow pede?

electionniggers make me sick

That's a good thing

Never forget that Google will rat you out if you ever google "hot terms" within a specific time period.

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Is that why you're here? investigating nigger haters?

How many times do we have to say this?


If you're gonna look this shit up. Don't do it on your home IP address or on any google account attached to your name.

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Shill or bot?
What is this?

Not using a vpn and fde and going on social media… fucking FAIL.

i think i might know this "matthew",im from southeast MI and the description of the guy fits the eprson i have in mind, ohhh fuuucckkk lol

shit maybe he browsed Zig Forums?

Call him and tell him to get a good lawyer

The kikes got em

No because they probably wanted to arrest him and felt like pinning him down on fake charges afterwards. They even could have framed. Or 100% framed by slaving PC.(possible but i doubt anyone would go through this amount of effort to arrest 1 guy but its still possible lol)

Or he could have committed "fraud", but someone smart enough to even be able to do it will not use baseIP. Other people here who are also smart will be able to understand.


And go where? And better yet, after we leave the vast wealth and resources of the JewSA to the kikes and their golems, what guarantee do you have that they won't follow you and take the lives you've built up from the sweat of your brow? Sorry fam, we man up and beat the kikes here or we kick the can down the road and our ill-prepared children have to do it.

yeah its not him

This. Constitution is now toilet paper tier. Without ZOG literally anyone could own firearms and the extremely rare cases of actual natural insanity would be dealt with as soon as there was an actual injured party.


just a jew, they're paid to shit up threads. ignore them.

We don't want the system to work faggot, we want it to be destroyed. Read SIEGE

Are you a fucking retard or just JIDF?

What a tool.

< imblying they aren't monitoring EVERYONE

seeing the guy's profile this will only make him more angry
are they jewing his body and mind with SSRI?

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Matthew is right about one thing: Paddock is something of a country & western legend.


It would be interesting to see what he could get away with in terms of encryption / vpn to prevent spying. It would be an opportunity to put them to the test.


Yes, I think the crazies could make themselves useful by performing tests of the system.

< we live in a welfare state
kek no. We live in a dog eat dog world.

never implied that.

The government won't pay a fucking DIME to help a white man, dum fuk



Not taking sides here but the irony is funny

So you're just here to sage and spread baseless FUD? OK filtered

That's right don't listen to the only common sense in this thread
We turn done intelligence agencies offers of cash or threatened with Obstruction of justice!™
Yeah, okay.

B…but Trump is our guy, right?

jews have an infastructure that scrapes posts in real time so they can jump on it with shilling. Go look at the Al Jeezra documentary on the Isreali Lobby in the US. While imageboards arent mentioned directly it's obvious and already known that this has been a thing for a long ass time. The UN also scrapes and datamines the same way to report back to their kike masters.

This is how you don't do it

Glow in the dark niggers getting real nervous these days. They're getting real sloppy.

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firstly you don't even need a fully automatic weapon, secondly if you're asking people about that randomly, I don't care if it was the gunstore clerk.. absolutely mindbogglingly retarded and probably doesn't have any actual merit to have a fully automatic weapon to begin with upon such questioning about conversions or such.

Despite anything this dude was actually stupid as fuck.

Confirmed idiot, that autistic chink sounded like a faggot.

Yes, he is :^)

Now, he's right that vpn are quite nicely backdoored, but don't think for a moment they aren't invaluable for keeping the communists out of the way.

We are experiencing truly the most extraordinary thing - that is the shilling of the CIA against methods of securing one's rights. What a time to be alive!

And he's a perfect example of what I'm talking about. The government is paying to shill, but won't spend a damn dime on real white people.

you do not know de wey of werds

He didn't "signal" what he was going to do. Nobody fucking knows, and nobody cares. He's white, so he gets fucked. This has nothing to do with anything other than fucking over white people.

We have no nation - aid not the USA, for it is Mexico. Since Mexico will inevitably be the largest bloc - and as a bloc they vote like niggers - there is none other a politician shall concern himself with. Therefore, this is not the nation of white people (though numerically it is - politicians are looking to their future, and will do nothing for those who are presently capable of controlling electoral outcomes).

If you're the projected minority, you have no representation in democracy. Therefore, this is not our nation. Treat it as a hostile foreign power - it is.

Do they really want the US to be a Third World shithole this bad? Where niggers and commies bitch and whine everywhere about "muh racist White cops" and then claim they are "revolutionaries"? There's absolutely nothing "revolutionary" about modern communism if it's social ideas are being fed by corporate kikes who love literal faggotry, trannyism and feminism. Suck on it, leftycunts. You can't destroy the (((bourgeoisie))) if you still don't know how they operate.

Fuck off, faggot

Also, if what the prosecutor is saying about this guy is true, then maybe they're on to something? The guy does sound like a mass shooting waiting to happen. And it's not enough to say, "Well, he only hates niggers, so I'm ok with this." These mass shooters never only attack their stated targets. If this guy were to snap and go on a spree, he'd kill some good White folks too. And how pro-White is he really, when Eric Harris was a kike and the Virginia Tech autist was a gook?

I understand the argument that law enforcement is trying to take his legally acquired firearms and put him in jail for thoughtcrime, and normally, I'd agree with the people making that argument. But the prosecutor isn't just picking this guy out of thin air and testing his ability to lock anybody up anytime he wants for any reason. The gun dealer reported this guy, an neighbor reported this guy, his jewgle searches, social media, etc all show him to be a gay little fanboy of mass shooters, and he was caught slashing tires (a sign of aggression and a disregard for other people and their property).

Isn't this guy at least worth isolating for a limited period of time to figure out if he's a real threat or just an edgelord trying to sound cool at the gun store by asking about nodding his rifle for full auto?

Also, the spelling of this guy's name is suspect. "Mathew", with one "t". I used to work for an Indian named Mathew, and I had an orthopedist named Mathew who was also Indian. Do we know who this guy is, specifically, do we know he's White?

Mathew Name Meaning: variant spelling of Matthew. It is found as a personal name among Christians in India, and in the U.S. is used as a family name among families from southern India.


The thing I care about is spergs sperging out and pestering the NPC's when they should be fighting bosses. They do this shit with almost no planning or anything. If you need an ar15 to carry out your mission you should probably just stop now, even Mandalay bay got a shitty high score compared to explosives and he was armed like a CIA gun runner that left alone for like an hour to distract everyone while some Arabian prince suck out of town.

If your going to hit plebs I barely roll out of bed for anything that is not at least chemical, biological or radealogical. And if your targeting a boss you need either a sniper or something small and concealable not a wannabe military gun.

Not saying ar's can't be made to work but I see it as being ineffective unless you have at lest 5 guys and it's fucking hard to get 5 guys on a team without three or so of them glowing in the dark.

Anyway the guy sounds like a retard, nothing of value was lost. If only we could intercept these people earlier and point them towards more useful goals.

Being retarded enough to ask
I dunno, I doubt this dude is white.

< sounds like

the fucking "sounds like" law

Pizzagate. Remember? :^) It sounded like something, but the po po didn't care. So the "sounds like" rule is literal wank.

In a more peaceful time me and my home boys would have had a time of it asking randos how to convert to full auto :^)