Moderate Democrat calls for end of private property, wants gov't confiscation

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That fat guinea was never a moderate

So is he wants to be a governcrat now, like in communism ?

Why? What drugs did they have it on?

If I had my way, my life would be lived the guinea pig way. The rest of you would be mocha slaves with baby food for intellectual stimulation.

DeBlasio isn't a moderate, FSBfaggot.

They're going to be more openly communist as time passes.

Um sorry sweetie. Democrats are not Communists. :^)


Samefag. Don't let him derail.

Have you been paying attention you DENSE MOTHERFUCKER?

Bill de Blasio, the man who changed his original German name because he didn't want to have the name of a NAZI! So progressive! This is how we end racism: through the brutal, oppressive force of socialist government.

sounds to me like the mayor is asking to take an early thanksgiving vacation. Go ahead and help yourself to it. You certainly earned it.

He might still win, just look at Arizona and New Mexico

You're autistic but not the useful kind


You're in luck, retard. I brought pictures.

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Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

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I'd love to see a world where his head gets blown off.

Actually, we're closer to my world, hold my beer…

Every single detail of de Blasio's life seems engineered to trigger the shit out of us. Here's the Kikepedia rundown:

Tl;dr: Family name possible Ashkenazic. His uncle glowed in the dark. Whole family were based anti-fascist fighters. Single mother. Took her name. Parents were communists. Raised in Faggotstan, MA. Married a sheboon and produced dusky shit kids.

To be fair, I too would like to royally fuck over kike landlords and their exploitative bullshit, but that's definitely not what he had in mind.

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But they did ask for "permission of their rights", because the fucking English Bill of Rights dictated that they could. When the Crown didn't budge, then revolts and rioting began to break out which culminated into a full-fledged independence war.


A dyke sheboon gone straight to be exact. She was one of those femsheviks that was so brainwashed she thought she was a lesbian too.

His kids are ugly thieving retards.

Anyone who calls for any form of government confiscation is de-facto calling for the end of private property.
The government is not a private entity.
Individuals are private entities.
Corporations are not private entities.
By seizing something from you, the thing is transferred from a private entity to a public entity.

A key aspect of the white race is it's violently territorial nature.
It is incredibly dangerous for a governing body to not recognize and accept it's need to protect core aspects of the people it governs.

The government has made it clear in no uncertain terms that it does not care about the original families and their birthrights.

Worse they've made it clear that they hate us and want us exterminated. And are all too happy to use us as a scapegoat for the failure of their insane clown world society when we're the only thing even functioning within it.


They'll never lead by example.

He's not even Italian, DiBlasio is a Pseudonym. He's a fraud married to an ugly black dyke.

Yeah, with him at the head of it controlling who gets what, surely.

Well if they are tired of being jewed by the kike landlords, address the root of the problem. If you have rats in your grain don't just eat around their shit and piss. Eradicate the fucking pests and start fresh.

So one of these leftists faggots threatens "nuclear war" with gun owners demands victim disarmament and another wants to seize private property….. The fact that this happening so close together makes me think they believe they have disarming the American citizen in the bag.

Don't forget many of the same people are also advocating for open borders. They want to take away that guns, take away your property, and import millions from the 3rd world.

At this point who in the government truly opposes open borders?
Yeah they want Whites disarmed, destitute ,and among a hostile criminal envious non-white population… yeah that's going to end real nicely.

I'd like to make my privates pic related's property, knowwhuti'msayin?

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