Official 9/11 Thread #1

Seeing as all the 9/11 threads were deleted earlier, I decided to make my own. Let's see if mossad actually owns this place (which I doubt).

Here is what I believe happened on 9/11:
- Saudis finance the hijackers into the country.
- According to the FBI, the Zim Shipping (((contracted))) a mossad company to take down the fireproofing and damage the sprinkler system.

Is that all?

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That satanist is literally taunting Americans.

Speaking of Megumin

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Daily reminder that on 2014 the FBI lost the video that the dancing israelis took.

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It's very much part of it.
Creating false hope to dash.
Taunting those that know, have said, and been ignored by the golems created with years of brainwashing.
They want crazed individuals to deal with rather than organized groups.

Nobody cares, faggot

There's an excellent and very long documentary on 9/11 called "September 11: The New Pearl Harbor" that focuses on debunking the debunkers. Worth a watch for sure.

this is my first time


Daily reminder that the (((real culprits))) of one of the worst attacks in American history haven’t been revealed yet. Look up PNAC. Those neocon kikes have infiltrated the Bush Admin. They’re apart of the puzzle too

For the most part, yes.

But remember that the FBI's documents showed that Zim Shipping (((contracted))) the 6 Israelis in one of the towers (which means there was another Israeli group in the other tower) to take out the fireproofing and damage the water sprinklers. Those 6 people got 10 years for killing 100s of Americans that day.

((( )))

I love 911 threads but this post is devoid of any facts relating to it whatsoever.
Fire proofing and sprinklers have nothing to do with setting charges and blowing up the buildings.
There is another thing here kind of like the 2015-16 emails and hacking all of Zig Forums knows it was multiple separate events that have been conflated as one event.
The 6 israelis are commonly the dancing israelis that all got deported, along with all their kin that was rounded up after the fact
There are ZERO israelis doing prison time for anything related to 911 let alone fireproofing and sprinkler damage.

I think it's actually 4* dancing Israelis. Not that it matters. Mossad/CIA/Deep State have their fingerprints all over this one.

It was called B-Team/E-Team or Gelatin art collective that planted the explosives about a year beforehand.


I knew it was 4 dancing jews user I was trying to draw out some discussion and interest in the thread.

I havent read up on this aspect, but I totally quit reading about it over 10 years ago after immersing myself to the point I could no longer do it anymore. I never pursued the art students aspect of 911 as there is literally 100's of different things you can delve into.
As always the truth is way far away from what we are told to believe. I hope this thread goes to limit and we start on #2

They really do. Most people cant see it. But jews all over the world leave signs in public, all the time. It's a very cruel cruel joke. They have a mitzvot against it #40 "Not to afflict an orphan or a widow (Ex. 22:21)" however, they dont consider gentiles human so this law doesnt apply to goyim and they savor it. If youre smart, you see it everywhere. It's a difficult burden to bear, knowing the truth and having it shoved in your face, not being able to share the pain with others because theyre all too dumb. I'll share one with you thats always bothered me.

9/11 ground zero anniversary mural. I first swa this mural and thought it was pretty gay until i noticed the text
Obviously, this is retarded. The human spirit is measured by the size of the act, not the heart. If you think or feel something but do nothing, nothing is changed. If you have the courage to act, it brings the heart out into the world. At first I was pissed because i thought some retard wrote it, then i looked into it. Painted by yakov smirnoff.
a Ukrainian jew. A comedian, he does stand up, he has a master's degree in psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. He teaches at drury and missouri state.


The people of the United States will have revenge. We dont care if we survive, we just care that justice is delivered.

Here's a video of yakov, very telling once you understand.

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This vid pisses me off so much. Never forget Larry Silverstein poke his head like a year ago but went back to hidding after his 911 (((narrative))) was countered with accusations

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This person took over one of Wolf Bohringer's companies. Can't tell if she is significant or not.

Whatcha sliding moshe?

((( )))
Projection truly is a jewish tactic

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He is 100 times the man than the current Italian president.

Good god, Yakov Smirnoff, just when I thought that nothing could be worse than Gene Rosen.

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the destruction of WTC building 7 is mysterious in several ways

1) no plane struck Bldg 7. yet the building mysteriously collapsed

Silverstein's tall tale
2) Lucky Larry Silverstein during a TV interview "explained" that Bldg 7 was the subject of a conversation between himself and the NYC fire chief during late afternoon of Sept. 11, 2001.. Silverstein claimed that they decided to "pull it" (demolish it) because there had already been much loss of life.

Fire Chief says No
However, the NYC fire chief said he never had any such conversation with Silverstein.

Silverstein's story MUST BE a Lie
Silverstein is clearly lying anyway, because profession demolition engineers estimate a minimum of four days time would be needed to drill holes and set and wire charges - it takes much preparatory work to bring down a building of that size straight down, in its own foundational footprint.

There is no way the fire chief could have accomplished what Lucky Larry Silverstein alone claims the chief accomplished.

BBC Crystal Ball Sees the Future
3) a BBC TV reporter while on air that fateful day announced that building 7 had collapsed. However, building 7 was still standing and was visible behind her at the time she told the TV audience the building had fallen. Only 20 minutes later did the building fall.

Mum's the Word
4) There was no mention of WTC building 7 - a 45 story tower - in the "9/11 Commisssion Report". The Buddhists have a maxim; "Sometimes silence is the greatest revelation."

So WTF really happened to the mysterious WTC building 7?

In a popular video interview Chris Bollyn points out that the controlled demolition explosions that brought down Towers 1 & 2 required careful timing, a set sequence of ballistic events, on a precise moment by moment schedule… Electronic control circuits with somebody running the program were likely

Mossad Operations Center probably was in Bldg 7
Bollyn thinks the Israeli Mossad-niks who were flipping the switches were in Bldg 7 and watching the goings-on from that vantage point. In such case Building 7 was demolished as the last event because evidence of the Mossad operations center had to be destroyed.

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These are good clips, too bad only immigrants feel indignation from it.

We have the names of the people that did work in one of the towers, as well as the people who put explosives on 911

Filtered. It's THE JEWISH RACE, not "satan/moloch" fringe bullshit.

This is a sick world

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We all have our stories of 911 that obsess us, that gnaw at us.

I've always loved political thrillers, like Costas Gavras Z or 7 Days in May, or Advise and Consent, Failsafe, Dr. Strangelove, The (original) Manchurian Candidate. Great movies.One of the most cinematic and bizarre tales from that fateful day was about the President.

I think we all know how he was stuck in the school house abandoned and unprotected, but he suffered 3 mortal threats that day.

Early in teh morning a rented white van came to the gates of the resort he was staying at. Inside the van were known arab fanatic terrorists saying they had arrived to do an unscheduled interview with dubya. The SS simply turned them away instead of seizing them out of suspicion.

Then when the attack became clear the head of the SS said that they should leave the school, but then nothing happened for over 20 minutes. They all sat there paralyzed with fear and defenseless.

Then once airborne the communications system for launching nuclear weapons ( a kind of teletype machine) started spewing all the nuclear codes showing that the conspirators were in control of the nuclear arsenal, not the president. Their message over this hardened line? "ANGEL IS NEXT". (Angel is the code name for AF1.)

Bush flees to Barksdale AFB then later to Ofutt AFB in Nebraska.

And what is at Ofutt AFB? A birthday party for Warren Buffett at the luxurious military golf course and country club there. The president is greeted by captains of industry and finance, many of whom had offices in the WTC.

Did you know that there's something like 200 golf clubs on military bases? They're pro quality. Military bases are not Roman army castra.

And then who else arrives after Bush? General Brent Scowcroft on Looking Glass, head of the NSC.

He's been flying around in Looking Glass over DC during the attack, causing a panic at the White House that his low flying jet was another hijacked jetliner.

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hey dude can u hook me up with ur epic job in israel??? i wanna be a cool super intelligent guy like you working by typing out random strings of messages online(that are totally not easy to notice).

vid of u soon btw. ?t=142

Netanyahu - What burst upon the world scene on Sept 11, 2001 has led to several bloodbath facilitated regime changes in the Middle East, BUT irony looks at the Iranian troops waiting for the IDF just on the other side of Israel's border, right there in Syria, protected by fearsome S-300 missiles. .

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What the hell even is this and why is it being spammed in multiple threads?

Sorry, I was in a quinceañera

Enough rehashing the s.o.s,
I'm not a lemming so i don't follow the herd.

Is there anywhere that hasn't been dug yet? Yes Louis Freeh, go look at his Wiki

Arms deals w Prince Bandhar
Banking BoD
MEK supporter

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Good overview.

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Better link, all 6 pages merged


this is right

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9/11 TRUTH Donald Trump's Good Friend Larry Silverstein is a LIAR