FEMA Camps

What does this community know about FEMA camps?

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vault.fbi.gov/Custodial Detention

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Unfortunately I have no useful information on the Federal Emergency Management Agency camps.

You're a clown. This is a legitimate inquiry.

The Camp regions exist. If you think that the camps and FEMA emergency plans don't exist your retarded.

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I would imagine Federale gangs can throw some razor wire around any bunches of rounded up peeps whenever they want to w/o much trouble.


Not if they all have wire cutters hidden up their ass…

We're testing our barb wire right now.

We're going to have to put a lot of people into camps if too many people cross over into the U.S. from Mexico.

FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, has designated area's established on Federally Controlled Land which are set aside for the case of Emergency Evacuations during natural disasters which effect large swathes of land. These FEMA Camps can range from large barracks style housing, usually in close proximity to Military bases, and for the general use of Military Staff, to areas which are set aside for the hasty construction of tent cities and installation of previously fabricated homes/domicile (PFD).

As part of large scale evacuation procedures established after the incredible failure of the Emergency Management Agency, in the eyes of the public, during the 2005 Hurricane season, specifically Hurricane Katrina, the FEMA further established and set forth plans for large scale housing of displaced individuals should parts of the country suffer massive damage from storms or other natural disasters. These area's are also designed to be quickly staffed by support elements from the state's National Guard units that these Camps are established in.These staff members are to provide aide in distributing food, clothing, and other logistical needs to those temporarily removed from their homes. Overall, the logistics and manpower required to house many tens of thousands, to hundreds of thousands of people, in a matter of days (often major disasters happen with at most 2 weeks of warning, often happening in as little as a week, as situations can drastically change) is a major hurdle that the federal and state governments struggle with. Issues with these struggles include:

supplying enough food, and the best way to distribute it.
Parking locations, as many citizens drive themselves
Fuel requirements for the sudden surge of new vehicles, often while supply streams are cluttered
Law and Order during chaotic situations [High Tension = High chance of Violence]

These are just a few of the struggles involved in maintaining these emergency settlements. The design and layout of them are designed to reflect the most efficient city-scape possible, so that all major needs are within walking distance [To minimize driving, reserving roads for official use], as well as establishing a feeling of security and safety among those who are placed in these camps following an emergency.

Related question, anyone know that order that would round up American citizens?

I know it was referenced in the game 'Deus Ex'. I first learned about it from a video compilation of all the completely true conspiracies that were documented in that game.

I need help finding it again.

That if we were serious, they'd be bursting at the seams with beaners and politicals right now.

Oh you mean the place where they park these homes?

RX 84 or REX 84 is what you're referring to


FEMA fema.gov/ is an independent executive agency under the DHS. The purpose of independent executive agencies is to construct a parallel and autonomous government structure to bypass the constitutional structure and operate outside of public oversight. FEMA is only a part of DHS. Under the guise of Emergency Management, the purpose of DHS is to interface, seed, and eventually, fully absorb the channels of funding of sheriffs depts and police into a streamlined federal pay structure. As of now this is done through NIMS. fema.gov/national-incident-management-system
NIMS is a federal emergency management organizational structure which sells itself to municipalities under the cover of cross cooperation and resource sharing. NIMS compliance rquires the constant qualification of ICS certification.fema.gov/incident-command-system-resources
ICS suboordinates command structure of municipal county entities to federal oversight and although its purported to be for emergency events, it requires compliance at all times. In exchange for compliance counties and municipalities are entered into a federal lottery to compete for grants and equipment. This isnt limited to law enforcement but includes hospitals, fire departments and emt services. fema.gov/grants
The NIMS system was designed by Michael Chertoff, who also authored the patriot act and investigated 9/11 as chief investigative authority. Chertoff has long since departed DHS and is currently the chair of BAE systems and has his own security group. Michael chertoff is the son of a long line of talmudic scholars. His father was Rabbi Gershon Baruch Chertoff (1915–96) and his grandfather was Rabbi Paul Chertoff.
What the fuck does any of this matter?
DHS and FEMA are the primary structures which will be used to coordinate the transition of your own law enforcement to regulate the American population when Jews bring about the world to come.
What is the world to come?
The world to come is the concept in judaism where the jews rebuild the temple and establish domain of the entire world under delegated world government by gentile nations, this is broadly known as the messianic era.
If the temple were built, the sanhedrin would also be rebuilt along with its satellite law. This caste satellite law is known as noahidism which is the law to be followed by the goyim. For information on the noahide law see here:

Noahide law has very strict punishments which are all capital. Strangulation, burning and decapitation are the prescribed capital punishment with decapitation being the primary.
The executions will be administered by noahide courts which are to be the "universal law courts" of the future administered by your own goyim government.

Theyve been slipping noahide law into prayer and presidential proclamations for about 25 years now.


Although this entire concept seems insane, i can assure you, this is the end game. Of course snopes debunked a crazy claim that FEMA through DHS ordered 30k guillotines, obviously thats insane.

This plan is very old, and very widely known by jews. It spells it out clearly in the talmud and mishna torah.


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Sounds like we opened up a brand new can of conspiracy.

Maybe the entire thing was just another scam to rob tax money.

Are you okay?

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you might have to wait a few days before the oldfag natsoc /pdfs/ guys check in and post info.

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I don't need to hear from the "oldfag natsoc /pdfs/ guys" I was asking today's 8ch/pol community.

Nobody seems to know a damn thing that they didn't copy/paste from wiki, or they are just ship posting like angry retards.

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When you hear people using terms like " new world order" and when you read the masonic term " Novos Ordo Seclorum" those are gentile golem terms for describing "the world to come" which for jews is called "HaOlam HaBa" myjewishlearning.com/article/the-world-to-come/

Jews are strictly prohibited from discussing any rabbinic or jewish books with gentiles and so when broad concepts are discussed, such as between jew controllers and goyim golem masons, the telephone game changes the terms as they travel down the line. Hence all the New world Order, all seeing eye, solomons temple stuff that masons are into, like the faggot traitors they are.

You mean nu-Zig Forums? It died months ago bra.

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Then, obviously I'm asking Nu-Nu-Zig Forums aka 'Today's 8ch/pol/'

How do you feel about Trump?

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FEMA coffins for a mass casualties event. Gov't being prepared? Or preparing for something? Could go either way.

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Excellent post.

Do you know what the significance of beheading is with these semitic satanists? The white aristocracy in France also met their end during the (((French revolutions))) by beheading, and we know by now that it's a favorite practice of (((ISIS))). My ignorant guess is that they believe it severs the spirit from this plane and keeps it from being reborn again. A genocide of souls, so to speak.

you don't even need old videos from the early 2000's of Alex Jones trespassing onto FEMA property and filming shipping containers full of coffins to deduce that FEMA Camp really exists and that the scale of FEMA Camp–how many American citizens can be detained indefinitely without a trial–would take most American's breath away.

i would estimate that at any given moment, if TSHTF for real, our ZOG has the capability to round up and imprison around 2 million Americans in FEMA Camp.

how did i arrive at 2 million?

remember back in 2014, during the peak of the Snowden leaks, back when everyone foolishly believed trickling out dropplets from Snowden's documents would shame TPTB into clamping down on all of the evil spying being done by the Deep State against our own citizens? Jeremy Scahill, who is a Commie cuck, somehow got a leak of this document about how many Americans are on the combined watchlists
of the CIAFBINSA et al.

it's called TIDE: Terrorist Information Datamart Environment. according to this leaked document, the TIDE database has 1.3 million names of Americans on it. these are the "Targetted Individuals", these are your fellow citizens who the Deep State keeps under continuous, daily electronic surveillance.



i adjust for population inflation and also for Accelerationism since that document's date of 2013 to arrive at a back of the napkin figure of 2 million Americans on the Watchlist who will be gulag'd to FEMA Camp in case of any "National Emergency."

but don't just take my word for it. take what the FBI has already written about running nationwide prison camps which are operational and ready at all times to imprison how ever many millions of Americas are deemed as Enemies of the State.

the search term you are looking for is "Custodial Detention." back in J Edgar Hoover's era, he kept a list of all Americans who were Communists, agitators, anarchists, dissidents or generally opponents to the Federal Gov't for whatever reasons.
Hoover's list was called the "Security Index." Hoover didn't give a fuck about the law nor about true justice. Members of Congress, Judges, Governors, Mayors, District Attorneys you name it–hundreds and thousands of Americans who worked in the Govt itself were still put onto Hoover's Security Index and the FBI kept tabs on them. often for decades. after Watergate and after the Church Committee, the FBI got slapped on the wrist for Hoover keeping a list of all American's to imprison without a trial. FBI had to promise to stop keeping secret lists of Americans to gulag.

here, read about Custodial Detention and the Security Index. large parts of it have been declassified. but be warned, these documents are all several thousand pages long. that should give you an idea of the scale of the Deep State's gulag program from between 1939-1973.






vault.fbi.gov/Custodial Detention


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that was the shot. here's the chaser. the FBI never stopped adding Americans to the Security Index after Hoover died. like they always do, they just rename programs and shuffle a few deck chairs and claim "see? we're above board now."

the FBI's new program for spying on Americans and putting us on Watchlists and marking us to be imprisoned without a trial and hauled off to FEMA Camp is called "MAINCORE." i have not seen any declassified dox nor leaks about MAINCORE.
presumably MAINCORE ran from the 1980's until 9/11, when Cheney authorized expanding it even more and rolling it into an officially blessed illegal black program under NSA's umbrella.

here is a FOIA request to FBI for documents about MAINCORE. FBI replied "lol, yeah right" and closed the request.


so how can i be 100% certain that FEMA Camps exist right now and are maintained by our military to be operational and ready to go at a moment's notice upon the President's orders and round up and arrest 2 million Americans?

here's why. think about what FBI did. why keep a list of Americans who are agitators and dissents and Enemies of the State? to sent them fucking Christmas cards? fuck no, you only keep a list like the Security Index if you expect to do something with it and use it. well what else would such a list be used for other than mass scale gulags like FEMA Camp?
of course the Deep State has FEMA Camps because they are the other side of the Watchlists to complete the equation.

all of this shit was just renamed under Reagan and Bush to "Continuity of Govt" and REX84 and rolled over and expanded.


probably the only bright side which the folks here will agree with was FEMA's plan in 1970 for Nixon to declare Martial Law and then to round up and imprison all 21 million niggers in America, because the Black Nationalists were chimping out too hard and threatened the stability of FedGov itself.

just look at new leaked FBI programs like GRAVESTONE, which appears to give FBI total access to all IP cameras, all security cameras. FBI is clearly recording 100% of Americans and watching a lot of us. gee, i wonder why?


All the FEMA camp stuff was being hyped by the gatekeeper Alex Jonestein in his videos about 10 years ago. He covered the "police state" ad nauseum. One caveat was that the southern border wall would be built in the name of "security" to keep illegals out, but ultimately keep Americans in, followed by FEMA regions, camps, etc.
We don't need a fucking wall, just clean up immigration laws and enforce them with current Border Patrol. Deport all parasites and mow down any and all invaders who don't want to follow the rules.

beat me to it

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try 1980s.


if they were going to use them, they would have done so long ago.

You NPC denialist types are always missing the bigger picture. You never "connect the dots", just like Children…. You always jump to the easy conclusion without proper due diligence.

There are financial titans out there somewhere who don't play by your rules. They don't share your white night virtues. When we have nothing but marauding corporate sociopaths running our country in the midst of the a global recession, while there are many mortal enemies of the Unites States that are rising super powers, we're going to run into major economic issues soon. We don't know what kind of radical political faction could eventually seize control of the United States.

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You'll be skipping the camps this time around moshe.

Pat Little 2020

The (((dual citizens))) in our government have had the camps set up for years.
As soon as they manufacture civil war 2, I would suspect that the camps will be filled just like Eisenhower did in days long past.

If you think that the kikes set up the camps to hold beaners and niggers, you're probably a plebbita magatard.

we have a winrar

'deep-state' is a funny way to spell jews, user.

Lets check those targeted individuals again…
"alternative media that differs from mass media"
"Militias + Patriots"
"opponents of open border policies"
"tax resistance movements"
yep, the camps are certainly for the baste spics and niggers, nothing to see here White America.


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There's no such thing and I'll puddi anyone who says otherwise

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Fuck off
We have standards here and you are ruining this board.

Are they coffin shape though? Maybe if you're putting 4 corpses in each.
Could just as easily be water tanks, which is what they look like. That they aren't hinges on whether you believe 911 truth derailer Alex Jones or not.