My wife is so cute!

My wife is so cute!

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fuck off anime tard

Please elaborate.

I love her so much!
She's the strongest!
I love her!

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Does she have nice bobs?

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She has cute smol bewbs

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Oh. That's nothing, my wife is Jewish.

I agree, Susie is a quality waifu.
I think I'll keep my Asriel though.

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while this thread is cancer, please don't make fun of my fellow weabus. We are stronger than you can imagine.

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and i forgot to sage, nevermind all that.

Is my wife white enough for this board?

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What a shame.

He cute

Anime is trash kid

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I don't mind it too much, she's a cute.

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I was watching anime before you squirted out of your daddy's little nuts, kid.

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mai waifu is kawaii

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Nico nico nope, coalburner-chan

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I just can't get into the new stuff.

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oof that's gotta hurt.

Is my second wife white enough for this board?

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he sure is
I want to protect his smile

good lad

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Give me sauce now faggot and post more.
Drown out the autistic furfags with glorious cow tits.

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Anime, the only time a kike doesn't look absolutely hideous. She's still not good waifu material

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