Trump is a good Goy, just like all the other presidents before him…

Trump is a good Goy, just like all the other presidents before him…

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Op is a kike.

Show me the proofs.

Nah OP is right lol

You're the kike, faggot.

OP is probably right, but we can't say for certain.

Trump is good goy.
Trump is best goy.

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I wish I could join this thread but my DACA might get revoked

I can tell these are jew made images by the low level of imagination.
Please, pay a white artist to do this next time…

They are really fucking shitty, but Trump is a kike. He just wears a more convincing mask than Bush or Clinton. He's been an indentured servant of the Rothschilds since the 80s', which is why all of his kids are marrying kikes.

Start here:

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We should ree about zognald and the kikes

MAGAtard detected
keep seething over the fact that your zog president was always a jew lover

Final pill to swallow is that the US has always been the ZOG. Judeo-Masons like Washington and Jefferson created this nation in order to subvert the unbreakable positive moral/spiritual bond of Christianity in Europe at the time so we'd be more easily controllable. Everything about the US is Babylon.

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You're a kike, Shlomo!
Now shill somewhere else, cocksucker.




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Jewish proto-Bolshevik cult is no Europe, pick one fam

Off you fuck.

Also, of course Trump is a puppet. He always was but he was the lesser of two evils compared to Hillary. That election and result energized the right, conservatives, neoconservatives, classic liberals and nationalists all as well as the liberals, Marxists, socialists and anarchists. The situation escalated and many became more aware and even full redpilled as a result of the intensity.

Everyone here knows, dumb shit.
Holy fuck shareblue must think all their child sacrifices to moloch is finally paying off.
No, kike. It just means your bullshit has stopped working completely.

I hate Israel. Any American who has ties to Israel is a spy. And since the government won't do it's job, the people will do it.

America has been sold to Israel.

>Rise of (((atheism))) is correlating with the fall of western civilization

What a cohencidence, bullets are too valuable for your kind.



Dubs don't lie. This was all quite obvious from the beginning, however.

JIDF anti-christians need to kill themselves. They really ruin this board.

This. The masons that led the American revolution were inextricably tied to the french masons who committed the French revolution.

Aren't gonna trick us this time, Efrayim

Literally kill yourself kike. Christ is the anti-jew.

Baste Trump