Secession is Destiny

The only possible path for White Survival is a breakup.

Don't get hung up with what you want to happen, utilize what will happen to your advantage e.g surf the kali yuga.

We don't need maximal space. We need from Idaho to Appalachia. We sacrifice South West and West. The southwest is a failed state ruled by Narco-gangs. The South is a mirror of all other African states.

Adopt Swiss style of semi-direct democracy. Require arms for every able-body man. Follow Poland and Russian models of subsidized births. Rural and suburban citizens encouraged to garden and product foods. Purge based on American compatible Nuremburg laws. All former White Americans allowed immediate entry. All global Whites allowed entry subject to a tiered equity based citizenship scheme. Reject usury based Capitalist systems. Maintain free-market, but purse the Catholic inspired Distributivism system (Jew Deterrent). Continue to allow Women in the workplace, but uphold the tradition as the ideal. Support the extended family over the Nuclear.

We need at least one high-tech center. The focus of tech should not be bullshit things like social media. The only focus is robotics, AI,health and safe nuclear. Initially do not invest in research with no to low returns, focus on practical engineering efforts. Colleges eliminate Soft-sciences. You either become a STEM Nerd, Doctor or Study the History of Western Civilization.

We build DMZ and border lands. We must adopt Russian
models of asymmetric cost warfare with respect to cruise missiles and anti-aircraft. Adopt Jew models of low-key ideological subversion in the other states. Pursue Cyber-warfar as a general policy.

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Who gets the nukes?

Reported for D&C thread.


The Dakotas.

Remember when California said it was going to pull a Calexit?

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D&C when I propose breaking up ZOG?

Ding, Ding.

They did pull a Calexit.
It was a shitty comic


go die in a fire

Initially reading this I agree with everything stated, however tech-wise I think we should put a sizeable chunk into space.

Also the only only way this shit would even have a chance is if it was still technically part of the United States. Similar to Indian reserves where we have full autonomy, but we still pay federal taxes and participate in the draft (at least for now.

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I think not yid. We will cleanse every bit of our land and make no treaties with those that wish to take what is rightfully ours. Giving up anything is an act of treason. For fucks sake you're talking about giving up the west coast to appease shitskins….you're obviously a kike plant. kys goldblat.


GJ, you just outlined most National Socialist policies.
Why don't you just stop beating around the bush and say we need to implement National Socialism in America?

Obviously, there is no hope for the USA, the demographics are too far gone. Anybody that says otherwise does not understand how bad the demographics are. I can't speak for any other country (other than South Africa, of course) because I don't live in them, but the USA is certainly very much done. If anything were to save some of the whites in North America, it would be secession.

However, it will never happen, it is impossible. The Federal Government is too powerful and no state will ever be allowed to leave the union- even if the majority of the population wanted it, even if there were a referendum and they voted for it, even if the state's elected representatives and judiciary approved it, and even if people were willing to fight and die for it because they would be utterly defeated.. I'm sure the founding fathers didn't intent this, but regardless, the precedent was established in the civil war that the union is permanent.

Like those in South Africa, I don't think that there is any hope for whites in North America but to flee to someplace else.

Anybody that says this should be permanently banned and all posts by their ID on the board should be deleted. Same with anyone calling another user "shill" or "kike" or accusing them of being "paid".

You can leave, our land is staying right here with us.

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What are the old words of wisdom? Are they
If at first you don't succeed, try again

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Doesn't Italy have that now too? Or when the next budget goes into effect? Especially beneficial to italians with 4+ children?

We keep it all.
Once it goes hot, we win.

You are either a fool, a coward, or a servant of our enemies.

The second part completely invalidates the first. What if I assume everything you said is wrong…

>The Federal Government is not too powerful and any state really tried would be allowed to leave the union- especially if the majority of the population wanted it, and if there were a referendum and they voted for it, and if the state's elected representatives and judiciary approved it, and especially if people were willing to fight and die for it because they could not be utterly defeated else the entire thing fell apart in (((their))) hands.

Knowing what I do, that is much more accurate.

i believe colorado has the drones
wyoming or north dakota have the nukes

damn bro , its not like ive taken war training courses.

I guess im a fool. When the militias come through what should I say to not get shot. Im half black but I look white (kinda) is there any hope or is it going to be DOTR and every person with a Dre album gets hung?

Why are you nervous

im fucking asking for adivce not shitpost replies

A little side note. Ive been seeing some trucks patrolling with american flags and dont tread on me flags. Not sure if this is typical or not but I feel like shits getting kind of real. I live in a northern state and have only been here for a couple of months.

Creech AFB in Nevada is the primary drone base for USAF/CIA. USAF has something like 18,000 drones, of which 6,000 are operational at any moment (2 backups per live drone, they rotate). Creech has more drones than any other base.

Turn the brainwashed left against their masters with memes. Far left degenerates in blue states want independence as much as Zig Forums wants a white ethnostate. Kikes are a pathetic minority even if they occupy positions of power, they rely entirely on manipulation and divide and conquer tactics where others do all of the heavy lifting for them.
One of two things will happen if we push the left to the point of complete meltdown, either kikes give their golem what it wants by splitting up USA or SHTF with a civil war in which case it's best to leave the cucked blue states alone for a while where shitskins will kill and rape each other until there's barely anyone left.

Then nobody cares what you do nigger.
Preferably you kill yourself.

This. Shitskins and anarchofags will solve half the problem and burn the cities to the ground. With Chicago, LA, SanFran, JewYork, and other cities burning, a terrified populace will beg whites to restore order and accept a National Socialist state.

Look up the New Awakening. The Northwest Imperative is destiny, until such a time where we can get our affairs in order. Start small, then think big. Do you we really think there's enough of us to take over the entire country?

I would answer yes there is … you could probably do it in a week to a month

-how many farms are white owned
-how much of the infrastructure is white maintaned
-how much of the military is white

basically all you need is white solidarity on the scale of the top 50% of whites( the others would follow ) and you could shutdown all food supplies to cities, hunker down, and wait till they weaken. I think its very possible.

Less and less daily, with ZOG corps like Monsanto or Tyson owning the majority

Far led than you think, and the white remnant is either fully cucked by PC or is full niggerpoz

Good luck.

Each and every day is a small defeat. We only have ~40 years left. It's nebulous to think we can just trust in all these conditionals over following an actual plan (Northwest lmperative)
Sure, it really does suck ceding all that land but look at the history of US NS movements and tell me this type of wishful thinking has been a great success. It hasn't.

The majority of farms are still white owned. Drive through the Midwest sometime, they are all owned by small farmers. Monsanto and Tyson actually own almost nothing.


Not to mention that the like 3 percent of farms that aren't family owned rely on an already unstable source of cheap manual labor which would be almost impossible to find in the case of civil unrest.

Whites owned the majority of farms in South Africa and Rhodesia too, look at how that worked out
My point is, there's no way to win if we're spread thin like this and despite what most on here say, I doubt we will awaken even 50% of fighting age white people to the looming catastrophe at hand

How about you fuck off, kike.
Either we win this together or we die together.

You're an idiot. That's not hyperbole. That's just an unbiased observation. You are a knuckle dragging buffoon. Go join the communist party so you can destroy them by accident.

Look OP, what you have proposed is all well and good… in theory
In practice, it will not be possible to secede so long as the US government is capable of suppressing dissidents. We will not be allowed to adopt Swiss style democracy or require arms for every man without political power. Thus, you are placing the cart before the horse mentally and spiritually.

The key to everything is overthrowing the corrupt traitors who rule the US government. Then we will no longer need secession for we will have the political power to solve the problems that are killing us.
How that is achieved I am not so certain.

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Yes, I was actively campaigning for it. Had #CALEXIT happened in 1980 Oregon could have been saved.

What is regrouping? What is conquering once you have more strength? You're a fucking retarded faggot.

Yeah, and how are you going to accomplish that? Do you have a plan besides being a keyboard warrior?

But like that's scary. Just think of the normies.

Why did you switch IPs? I'm not saying I disagree, I'm just pointing out that the "ZOG corps control all our farmland" is completely false. We can use that to our advantage.

The jew puppet Alexander Hamilton pushed for unionization against the wishes of many of the other revolutionaries. Maintaining the union meant the largest loss of life ever on the American continent with jews funding both sides. The union was a mistake from the beginning and niggers and spics in California voting to take money from me and telling me how I can raise my children isn't helping me or any other white people in any way.

An actual productive thread. I was just thinking about a lot of this myself, even though I'm not American. If Trump doesn't deliver by 2020 then the USA is pretty much doomed so this will have to happen if you want any kind of decent life as a normal White person in America. Some kind of direct democracy is a must, to deport non-whites and degenerate Whites to keep those states (normal) White. I guess those deported would be the "sheep" in the "Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner." saying. Although really it's a retarded saying as people aren't literally like wolves and sheep. Providing the population haven't been too corrupt, the majority of the people will vote for what's in the country's best interest. Legal and living people voting only once of course, before anybody brings up Hillary "winning the popular vote". Also there needs to be total free speech to counter the MSM lies. Although I'm sure properly cleaning up corruption will bring the MSM down anyway as they're so heavily corrupt.

Lol I'm only 1% black and doubt I'd be accepted. What makes you think a 50%er like yourself has any shot

Let me know how this plan works out for ya

I'm phoneposting so it probably switched overnight

It hasn't been my clay since niggers were made citizens over 100 years ago, it's been downhill ever since

Cut off their water?

Or kill them during the inevitable civil war and/or chaos and decolonize with decent folk


I absolutely agree. The most damage anyone ever did to this board was create this culture of calling people shills that just stifles genuine discussion and ends up in people brainlessly throwing accusations back and forth.

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I absolutely agree. Secessions result in throwing off this unresponsive bureaucratic behemoth centred in Washington DC and taking back control of your local politics
If you live in a white community, would you rather have your fellow white men in control or your (((fellow Americans))) thousands of miles away in the (((federal government)))
The Dutch revolt in which the Netherlands seceded from Spain resulted in a Golden Age for them.

And Kike and ZOG. At least people are learning that shills can use this to cause confusion, division, distraction, and derailment. I just try to ignore, sage, and report.
Sage for off topic.


I would suggest just trying a Constitutional Republic like the way the United States was intended but with even stronger constitution that makes it very clear on the correct views to take on the JQ and on non-whites, and also on things like government debt and banks like the FED

Direct democracy is the only way to combat corruption and allow the people to get what they want rather than having some politicians say "I know you voted for us to do these things we promised, but what you really want is these other things we're going to do instead. Trust us, we know better than you."

Direct democracy in the current day is absolutely fucking suicidal. The pleb in the modern day is at peak levels of exposure to corruptive efforts, the internet and especially social media have made campaigning&advertising more effective and easier than ever. People's minds are able to be influenced by people on the other side of the fucking world FOR FREE, corruptive resources are virtually UNLIMITED, it's possible for a state to die through a subversion of the common folk by an actor that has no agents actually present within your country. If you thought democracy was a bad idea when everyone was illiterate, simply realize now that those same people are literate, and can be used as a weapon against your state. It's absolutely insane to think that it would work in the modern day. Realistically, for any sort of extremist scenario like this to survive more than 2 generations, you would have to have some sort of constitutional monarchy/fascist system with an armed citizenry. If things really go badly down the line, the citizens will be able to stage a rebellion, but it's highly unlikely that a 3rd party could coax them into rebelling because 1: as long as comforts are plentiful, rebellion is highly unlikely, and 2: even if they did hate the nation, there are tons and tons of places they could immigrate to and have all the degenerate leftist shit they desire, so really there's virtually no risk of your citizenry being violently turned against you, but there is a massive risk of your citizenry voting the country into the ground.

The people directly voted for Brexit. Also we're talking about splitting the USA up and having direct democracy in each state (or I guess country, as it will be then). California might end up even more fucked (or then again maybe not?) but plenty of other states could be 10 times better off due to direct democracy.

I agree with this guy.
Think of all the NPCs nowadays who vote for gibsmedats and mass immigration simply beacause the media tells them it's for the good.
Over time a population becomes comfortable and decadent, the best thing you can do is organise your country by the words of your founding fathers, who died long before they became decadent, and who's vision for a country is pure and uncorrupted unlike the city dwelling urbanites of today's age.

There's a big problem with old politics. It's based around people not being able to communicate much beyond their neighbours and not being able to have access to enough information (or at least easy access and the time to do it) to educate themselves about what is happening in the country, let alone the world, Also not being able to travel much or very far. They needed political ideology to give them a set of ideas to agree with, even if they didn't actually agree with 100% of them. They needed parties to vote for that supported their political ideology and representatives from those parties to speak for them in government. With high-speed travel and communication, now especially the internet, all those old things aren't needed anymore. People can educate themselves enough to vote on individual issues. Although I think there should be experts in their field individually elected by the people as cabinet ministers to create many of the policies and laws to vote on and to explain them as best as possible to layman.

I just thought of a good comeback to the wolves and sheep thing. If democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner then the systems of government in many places, like the UK and USA, is like a group of wolves in a field full of sheep and the sheep get to vote on which wolf will decide what's for dinner.

ffs i cant wait to secede from you 80 iq hillbillies

Zero has spoken. No seriously, we lose a fight hard right now. I’m in my 30s and like 40lbs up on myself from when I could run a mile under 6 minutes. My neighborhood has dozens of brown people half my age jogging. 1 white girl.

I think we are severely outnumbered among the young. We already lost. Our only option now is to regroup and grow our population. Maybe we have a chance in 50 years if we try to focus on growth.

I don't know what to say. Heres your (You) and enjoy the 0.10 shekels.

yes its farfetched … I think NWI is farfetched too because no one likes seattle or canada.

but I was just answering the question of what would it take. I guess I should clarify my thoughts fully.

I think its very possible , but as you have pointed out. Highly unlikley.

But I also have faith in Jesus so you really cant count any idea out when you have god on your side.

NWI is a cult fuck punk rockers

Fuck off GRUjew. America stays united. Go pick up your prostitute sister from the hotel down in Moscow.

usefulness and the fact I act more white then half of these rich kid, trailor trash nigger wannabes

Isnt it funny how the extremems produce ignorant people who side with niggers and jews like its a fad.

I beg to differ. No Southern states have a black majority.

When you start to see blue white and green flags THATS when you worry.

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Actually you will die in a fire, all alone surrounded by the unwashed beaner horde that set it. You'll call 911 but the dindu making minimum wage to answer the phone will be offended by your tone and hang up. RIP you


You must be retarded. This is idiotic. We can't even elect anybody. How do you propose to "overthrow the corrupt traitors" if that were possible it would have already been done.

This is literally the stupidest thing in this entire thread.

The reason to secede is precisely because you can't overthrow the government (inside the process or outside the process) you have no other options other than to leave.

I agree with this. The US is

Trump is obviously a stop gap measure. He is buying us time before the full collapse. That's one way to look at. Another way is to say that Trump is pacifying the right wing with piecemeal measures.

What would things be like if Hillary were elected instead of Trump. Would the right wing have remained more unified? Would we already be in a civil war type scenario?

No we'd have been glassed by now by either Russia or China. so yeah in a way

Trump isn't buying anyone time. He's just cashing out the jews. The whole "Trump is a secret White nationalist" is a tongue in cheek dig at White Americans. Trump viscerally hates White people.

Finally someone who actually fucking gets it.

This is what we have to do. We need to start forming legal or quasi-legal ethnostates. Frankly, I think our goals should be twofold. Aside from moving to white areas and concentrating whites together to preserve the culture, we have to look at undoing some of the existing laws.

The biggest laws that need to be overturned are those which made segregation illegal. If America is to remain united, we must allow segregation to return. It's the only way. And America is so polarized today…I don't see why the other side wouldn't agree to this.

Whether the segregation laws are based on race or political ideology it doesn't really matter. The result is the same since most Conservatives are white.

Unfortunately, I don't see all of those laws being overturned, or overturned in the same manner. Really, I think what we need are corporate fiefdom style communities. And before you get started, yes, I know this sounds fucked up. Since most of the laws won't get overturned we need to look at workarounds.

One workaround is private property. Could we simply buy enough land and make an entire town a piece of private property? And then go from there? Make ourselves as separate from the government as possible.

Basically following the lead of hippie communes but on a much more productive and stable scale. I don't see why it couldn't be done. With the internet, it should be easy to organize enough people. Once you have one or two of these communities established, if they are successful then the model will grow.

In theory it would be great for radical leftists too. Whites would leave and they would get to live in a society that is verifiably not a white supremacist society. They would have minimal excuse to blame whites for their problems.

Of course I know that there would be large impediments, but I think commune model is what should be followed. We need real people in real communities, not just internet posters. We want to be left alone.

I often wonder if America could've been a perfect multicultural utopia if Jim Crow laws never changed. Imagine having the existing white and hispanic populations assimilated into the white majority and distinctly separated from blacks. We should have realized that Asians and Spics are closer to Whites. White culture's superiority could be inherently realized and emulated, and after so many generations it wouldn't matter as much. I still have hope the tide can be turned back, but it needs a whole revolution. I am still convinced that a big problem for the weakness of whites is related to things put in the food and water, and not just cultural changes.

If Hilary was President she probably would have rounded up anyone who wasn't at least slightly cultural marxist and thrown them in Guantanamo Bay. Then started World War 3 with Russia.

Secession is our only hope. I find it shocking how many anons here act like this is a pipe dream. What the fuck? This is one of the most common political events in history - in fact, it's how we avoid bloodshed. We don't even have to fight them on their terms, we can consolidate somewhere. They will try to crush us economically yet we will prevail.

So like Boys Town, but without the paedophiles?

Yeah, Shlomo it's the hillbillies with the low IQ, not all the scholars and poets you have living in inner cities with their pants around their ankles

It's really both.

Cali here who needs to move and been seeing these threads alot. Basically the advice is this, right?

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i mean its always been shit, but now you REALLY gotta dig and sift to find the juicy corn nuggets in it

I sort of agree. I am just outside the boundaries of this but don't think my state really deserves to be part of the ethnostate. That being said, it would be ideal to take northern parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin along with Michigan's upper peninsula. Doing so would essentially give the ethnostate access to the Atlantic in addition the Pacific

Add Appalachia to that we need STONEWALL to keep the coastal dregs of the megajewtropolis of boston,ny,nj,phili,baltimore and dc at bay.

Hillbilly - A person with a monster truck, several quads, a shelter that withstands all weather, enough food to feed 8 kids and a wife, enough alcohol to keep the entire town drunk 24/7/365, assorted forms of explosives made from bat shit and other readily attainable materials, an alternative fuel converter for a vehicle, a garage full of power tools and a car lift, a home made ham radio and an income of a couple hundred bucks a month at best.

City-folk: a 7,000 dollar a month income and 1 paycheck away from being homeless where they will beg on the street for money to buy cancerous food-like substance to maintain some form of a life unrecognizable to the "hillbilly."

Who's the low IQ one, again?

NJ will be home to the bloodiest fighting.

Poor choice. Expand east a bit and south to claim the entirety of the above.

tfw trumpys favorite place is my backyard.

They'll expect one of us in the wreckage, brother.

big guy uuuu ready to bring frens

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There is no "America the brave" friendo. That was propaganda for zog to take over the world. We were duped. Take your lickens and absorb the information and start to act accordingly. We were tools in a jewish plan and out fathers are responsible for the death of millions upon millions of white men and women.
It's time to regroup with our own. Morons stay to fight a losing battle just like morons invite foreigners with drastically differing ideologies into their lands as cohabitants.

Hey man… You guys NEED a west coast port. You should include in your plan a west coast city that can more-or-less be taken. Seattle would be too big IMO with the military presence and all but Portland is do-able. Might as well take the rest of the state then…

I just want to rule as a despotic warlord in a small corner of the Mid-West. Purging non-white males and enslaving their females in a fantasy of conquest and might, then using guerrilla war tactics to fight off larger forces until my inevitable demise vis-a-vis drone strike.

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We will need to exterminate the entirety of both Seattle and Portland. Not having the coast would follow the same problem of literal Poland- being landlocked on all sides by kikes.

It'll have to happen after the summer. Poppy plants don't bloom in the cold.

Teal = White Ethno State Actions
Black = Niggers
Light Blue = Spics
Dark Blue = Battlefields
Dark Red Line = Border
Red Circles = Key Ports and Fighting Areas
Green = NATO
Purple = Canada/Nato

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Workplaces need to be segregated. Women barred from politics. And the Supreme Court replaced by a religious body. No more secularism.

I wouldn't say Trump viscerally hates White people but he sure as hell isn't a White nationalist that's for sure.

While true you need to extend that bit down to cover the entire Mississipi and take the entire great lake border area. Remember that despite the voting habits Maine, Delaware, New Hampshire etc. are extremely white.