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Dumping red pills for anons

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Other urls found in this thread:!!9O2tecpDHQ6/ apocalypse general/ ALL TRAFFICKING ENTERPRISES/ trafficking general/ Bomb/username/anonymous5/tripcode/!!9O2tecpDHQ6/

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all these screencaps are of deleted slide/misinfo threads

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How can they be disinfo if they become true?

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typical kike trying to force a prophecy

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Humans are created to worship, so even if you reject God, you essentially made a power vacuum that tries to fills the void, but will ultimately fail.

The quality of a government's democracy is determined by the quality of her people.


Birds are gay.

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You glow, do they pay you to sit on Zig Forums or is this part of a plea deal? apocalypse general/ ALL TRAFFICKING ENTERPRISES/ trafficking general/ Bomb/username/anonymous5/tripcode/!!9O2tecpDHQ6/

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Having the attention span of a gold fish is hardly something to brag about moron.

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Anyone got any redpills on China?

Theres a few here

Here is a meme showing how they built the narrative for the maga bomber.
Also here are a few about the NPC *meme* It was posted about for a month leading up to the mid terms, I think for now that false flag was prevented

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Here's another.

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Bumping with some dot maps from the HTG, ATG, and HATE threads.

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The NAZIS could never have won WWII once the US entered the War. I mean dudes, we had Wolverine!

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The samson option isn't Israel blowing up their own country.

It's Israel blowing up your country.
Those nukes in the Clinton era never left America.
They are in Israel's many embassy's and Mossad drops in the larger non-jew cities within the United States.

5th pic


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Posting some anime girl memes related to quotes from the KB threads by Anon5

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The whole shift against China is partly motivated by the (((1% because they're their main competitor. This makes their behavior understandable, but keep in mind what the oligarchs))) are willing to do to their hosts' people in order to compete with China.

China has a huge population, huge cash reserves and owns more of the US than anyone else I'm pretty sure that's the reason there's a shift against them not because of the kikes

Cool thanks

I put a bunch of KB threads in graphs that were on similar topics together some i haven't added and some i just haven't got around to sorting.

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White men and women would rather watch their son and daughter be raped in front of them than do anything but cry themselves into a stupor. Goyim are stupid pieces of shit and paypigs for Jews.

With all that effort, you still cannot hide your faggotry.
Very lame attempt.

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I can't argue with cuteness.

cool thread.
Hey cunts, im just here to tell all u anons in your apartments/houses to immediately do
20 pushups
30 situps
60 second plank.

You rise up.

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Red pill কি জিনিস?

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I can see you worked your little rubbing little paws off, but everyone here knows the snake is the jew. Feminism is their tool though.

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Oh God damnit the knowledge bomb faggot found 8ch.

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Nice try, (((Weaboo))).

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the root of all evil

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Fake and gay.
Why did he need to invade poland, if things were going so well?

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Is it better to invade when things are going bad?
The Allied forces (ie Jewish Allys)
Were looking for any excuse to go to war with Germany to please their Jewish masters.

Anyone have webm versions of the AL Jazeera doc called "The Lobby" about the Israel lobby in the US?

It's easily consumable red pills due to how it's presented.

Cosmotheism forever,

Fuck your dichotomy. There was no need to invade anywhere, at any time.
If the allies were looking for an excuse, herr stupid handed it to them…

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that's not how you spell metamorphosis tho you nut

Link read it.


Nice dis-info, Mordecai.

1,Feminism is (((their))) tool from the beginning
2.All main globalists are surprisingly Jewish too (Rothschild's, Rockefeller's, etc.)
3.Marxism, degeneracy, entertainment industry, etc. was created and using by them.
4.Negro/Arab invasion to US/Europe was orchestrated by (((rootless cosmopolitan))).
5.Get back to, you inter-dimensional space vampire.

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It's so easy to spot (((agents))) in these days.
Hammered and hidden.

Btw, people need to stop posting redpills for (((them))).
They're creating these threads just to acknowledge what you know and create proper counter-info.
You were warned.

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>Btw, people need to stop posting redpills for (((them))).

But chan's are public places. Everyone can see every thread and post messages.

Instead of fearing the shills, we must learn how to spot dis-info and btfo them quickly.

Don't respond to shills user

Bump for effortposting

The problems in your life are a result of your own poor choices.


Appreciate it

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Jesus Christ.

The red pill was originally a weapon of the enemy.
We turned it into something good. Here's a redpill.

>Feminism is (((their))) tool from the beginning
feminism is not their tool,
feminism is their final OBJECTIVE.

Look at their own society and relations and see the place where women are, and i mean actuall try and use your fucking head for once and look trough the "patriarchal" front they give you. Sure their patriarchs one day decided to self-mutulate their genitalia because they thought it's beneficial to them. Get the fuck out of here with this bullshit.

The Anne Frank Diary Hoax - Ernst Zündel et al.

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Feminism has been causing civilizations to collapse since the dawn of mankind, I think it predates even the Jews.

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He's always right

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Bump, hey ASM

This whole thread blew my fucking mind. Thank you for all this research.

Believe it or not some people read.

Cute way of explaining some crazy shit. The slaughter of the unborn and lack of empathy towards their children is appalling.


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Jesus fuck 4cuck, if your going to try dropping "red pills" try harder than "white womenz all supprt aburton". Jews aren't white faggots.

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